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Part 2 | Legacy

Welcome back to Anchor + Waves as we go into Part 2 of our series on Legacy, following Part.1- our interview with Lawanna Busby St. Clair. Today we're speaking with Breez Marker and Kristen Sands, two of our young adult leaders for our High School Bible study, "BRAVE". Listen in as we discuss finding your voice amongst peers, walking with Jesus when it's tough, and how to lean into your family in Christ.

Interview with Shauna Chanda

We are so excited to sit down with Shauna Chanda today on Anchor + Waves. Shauna is a good friend of Danny Oertli's, here on staff, and she truly has an amazing story to share with us today. Please tune in as Shauna walks us through a few tragedies in her life, how she was able to rediscover her voice through those circumstances, and now desires that you are drawn a little nearer to the heart of God and are more aware than ever, of His passionate love for you!


Interview with Robbie Iobst

Today on Anchor + Waves we welcome in Robbie Lobst. Robbie has experienced a tremendous amount of grief and death in her life but has always held fast to the one thing that remains; Christ. Listen today as we look at healthy healing, growing closer in your relationships, as well as relying on Jesus when everything around you seems to crumble.


Part 1 | Legacy

We are so excited to bring you our two-part series on Legacy! It is truly a passion of ours that we reproduce the passion for Christ in each generation. Today we speak with Lawanna Busby St. Clair on what it means to make sure that what you're handing off for the next generation is healthy, good, and Christ-centered. We want to pass along a vibrant, alive faith. Find your "soul-friends".


Ep. 2 | Understanding Your Bible

Welcome back to our second episode in our series, "Understanding Your Bible". In this episode, we're really going to be reflecting on the history of the nation of Isreal, and really honing in on some key characters in this wonderful book's development. As we weave through each book, and each historical character, just continue to remember - GOD IS THE HERO.


Ep. 1 | Understanding Your Bible

We are so excited to launch one of our first series, "Understanding Your Bible". We know that this big book can be daunting, it can contain weird language and imagery, and we're here to help. Whether you've been reading the Bible for years or you're just now opening it for the very first time, there will be something for everyone. This first episode will cover the stories, themes, and characters from the first few books of the Bible as we press into the Books of History.


Interview with Iwona Eifling + Maja Kowalczuk

We are so happy to bring you this interview today with Iwona Eifling and Maja Kowalczuk, our amazing partner's from Poland. Iwona + Maja both work with Josiah Venture, which is an amazing ministry, whom God is using to expand His Kingdom in Europe. In this interview, you will learn about their amazing ministry in Poland, how they came to know Jesus, and how they see their future growth with The Father. It's an interview you won't want to miss.


Getting to Know Janet Carter

In this episode of Anchor + Waves, we're getting to know Janet Carter, the Women's Director here at the Mission Hills Littleton Campus. Janet is one of our reoccurring hosts (with Sharon Sands) and has an amazing passion and story to share with you today about getting to know the word of God and trusting in your experiences.


Welcome to Anchor + Waves

Whether single, married, young or old, we desire this podcast to be a companion on your journey, a reminder of the Anchor that is essential in every season of life. With an anchor that holds fast and steady regardless of what you’re going through, you can rest assured that no wave is powerful enough to knock you off course.