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The ChristCore React-O-Vision is where friends and writers of ChristCore react to culture through the lens of Jesus and our nerdiness.

The ChristCore React-O-Vision is where friends and writers of ChristCore react to culture through the lens of Jesus and our nerdiness.
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The ChristCore React-O-Vision is where friends and writers of ChristCore react to culture through the lens of Jesus and our nerdiness.




Ep. 54: React-O-Vision: Infinite Balls

Bryce attempts to carry on a conversation while Mark embraces the world of VR hook line and sinker (with a lot of screaming). Also we talk about Aliens because the new Alien movie came out. SO yeah, that happened.


Ep. 53: Predestined To Suck

Mark & Bryce get all inceptiony and talk about podcasts on a podcast *head explodes*. Basically we talk about a brief (and wholly lacking) history of communication and podcasting as well as the potential future for podcasting and what podcasts we like and why! Check it out. Oh also we talk about predestination, free and […]


Ep. 52: Phone Stuff Of The Galaxy

Our confusing and meandering discussion about Guardians of the Galaxy 2, likes and dislikes (mostly likes) featuring a voicemail by Manderson where he complains about baby Groot. Also my phone rings a lot and I was tired so Sorry…


Ep. 51: The Versus Episode, Matt vs. Me, Marvel vs DC & More

Well, Mark’s gone, frolocking about the globe no doubt so I brought our buddy Matt (Manderson) in for a battle to the death. Or at least a conversation with no set conclusions. Today we Talk iOS vs. Android, which is better and by extension who is a better human Matt or myself. We also talk […]


Ep. 50: React-O-Vision: Why So Serious Bunny Bear?

Bryce & Mark are back at it again, lucky you! We hope you enjoy our discussion about the Electro Soul duo Honne (Honey?), What’s going on at Marvel and what we’d like to see in the future of comic book movies as well as a probably less than insightful discussion on politics and the like.


Ep. 49: React-O-Vision: Metamorphasis of a Caffeinated Butterfly: It’s Been Awhile

As the title somehow suggests, it’s been awhile since we’ve posted. That is changing our lives have calmed down and we’re hoping to get back in the swing of a weekly podcast. This week may have been a bit messy (sorry). But we’ll get there! This Week Mark talked to Bryce and his new Samsung […]


Ep. 48: Anthony Likes Microsoft, Hates Dr. Strange? Where Am I?

This week on the podcast we get in a unexpectedly long discussion on Apple & Microsofts latest products and the future of innovation. We also talk about the latest tech, tv and movies we’ve been watching followed by a SPOILER HEAVY discussion about Doctor Strange (which Anthony hated). Check it out! Tech Bullet Points: Apple’s […]


Ep. 47: We Have Privacy Concerns, Maybe

This week I’m joined by Mark, missed ya buddy, good to have you back! As well as Mark’s brother in law and my friend Matt! We have a lot of fun tech, tv and movie news as well as a discussion on governmental / private business spying. Does it happen? Does it matter? Tech Bullet […]


Ep. 46: Our Horrors Eve

This week, I’m mostly alone again… But my homie Taylor is going to join me for a quick Halloween movie discussion where we discuss our favorite horror movies, some of the worst movies (seen and unseen) and why we like it horror.Aside from that it’s I'll quickly hit on tech and tv to keep you up to date! Join the convo @christcorenet on Twitter or by e-mailing us at Tech Bullet Points: Playstation VR is out, and people seem to like it! The Verge, IGN, TechRadar Apple...


Ep. 45: #MakeAmericaSaneAgain

This week, I’m joined by Anthony for the entirety of the podcast and by our buddy Ryan for the political discussion portion. Let’s try to keep it civil guys, but take the gloves off, but then put metal pellets in the liner and then put them back on and then go for it. Our candidates are doing it… why not us… This week we’ll talk the election and much of what it entails @christcorenet on Twitter or by e-mailing us at Politics The Current Political Mess: #TrumpTapes,...


Ep. 44: Can You Separate The Art From The Artist?

This week on React-0-Vision Bryce talks to himself about why he's switching to Android and whether or not you can separate the art from the artist. Listen the riveting conversation as Bryce answer's his own questions and heads down the path of complete lunacy. Tech Discussion: Why I’m going back to Android. Eight year iPhone user switches to Android. Here's why. Bullet Points: TechCrunch - Facebook’s Craiglist competitor TechCrunch - Googles October 4th event, prediction The Verge - New...


Ep. 43: React-O-Vision: What did you think of the debates?

Join in on the conversation @christcorenet on Twitter or by e-mailing us at Tech (Anthony): Discussion: Apple announcements Software updates, addressing early iPhone 7 issues Reactions to the iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2 Bullet Points: Yahoo confirms hack, says data from 500 million user accounts stolen You can now save Instagram posts as Drafts Media, polls, and quoted tweets no longer counted in Twitter’s 140-character limit Roku announces new hardware lineup,...


Ep. 42: React-O-Vision: Youtube Has Some #adults crying censorship!

This week we discuss Youtube ignoring the first ammendment and the implications on the upcoming generations life lived on a screen. Also, for some reason Anthony sounds a lot like Mark, Ryan is still watching Bachelor in Paradise and Bryce is questioning (as usual) why he let's Ryan do this. Join in on the conversation @christcorenet on twitter or by e-mailing us at Tech Discussion: Youtube Censorship??? There has been an outcry among youtubers (specifically those...

Ep. 41: React-0-Vision: The Fresh Briefs of Tyg(air) #zebrablood

Welcome to the ChristCore React-O-Vision episode [41] for [August 22]. This week we discuss developing technologies effect on old business models, staying balanced in an increasingly polarized news media and our favorite mind blowing movie moments. Also, for some reason Anthony talked about his underwear, Ryan is still watching Bachelor in Paradise and Bryce judges them both harshly. Join in on the conversation @christcorenet on twitter or by e-mailing us at Tech...

Matt Damon, Our Favorite Chinese Actor?

This week on React-O-Vision we discuss: the role of technology in the modern church, how young is to young to watch TV and is “The Great Wall” starring Matt Damon another example of Hollywood whitewashing? Also, Sorry we’re about two weeks late! Last week’s episode went a little long and had a lot of errors so I’m releasing the discussions as conversations this week! Tech: Discussion: Technology’s role in the church? How much is to much? Don't get caught cheating at Pokemon, or just don't...

Wah Me Pounce Quick on San Diego Comic Con

We've got trailers galore! …plus other exciting news coming out of Comic Con 2016. And if you jailbreak your phone, boy do we have some news for you. We also posted last week’s podcast Ep. 38: React-O-Vision: Pokémon Go Get A Flixtape, as well as some personalized Flixtapes for your viewing pleasure (The Summer Sixteen Flixtape, The Trip Down Memory Lane Flixtape, The Absurd Action flixtape). You can find all of this on our refreshed site (shameless plug: And remember:...

Ep. 38: React-O-Vision: Pokemon Go Get A Flixtape

Tech Pokémon GO becomes a global phenomenon The Good Pokémon GO helped me cope with anxiety Pokémon GO helped my autistic child The Bad Japan issues safety guidelines ahead of Pokémon GO launch U.S. House of Representatives sends letter to Niantic over Pokémon GO cellular data usage Pokémon GO leads players to home of sex offenders Hillary Clinton uses Pokémon GO to identify with young voters Bullet Points: Apple News Apple hit with class action lawsuit for replacing devices with...

Ep. 36: React-o-Vision: Did We Just Solve Gun Control?

This week on React-o-Vision: We talk politics and in doing so solve the gun control debate, Game of Thrones season 6 including this week’s latest episode “Battle of the [Bleep]stards” and how to proactively save superhero movies so they don’t go the way of the western. Be sure to check last week's podcast “Saints & Bleepers” where Ryan solidifies his title as “the bad boy” of By the way, there were a lot of bleeps but no actual swearing, just having fun with our soundboard....


Ep. 35: React-O-Vision: Saints & [Bleep]ers

Tech Discussion: E3 - Electronic Entertainment Expo: News Games: Halo Wars 2, Legend of Zelda, Battlefield 1, Spider-Man, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Crash Bandicoot remasters, For Honor, Gears of War 4 New: Xbox One S, Project Scorpio, PlayStation VR on October 13 WWDC 2016 — iOS 10, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS updates Watch the keynote in 10 minutes Breakdown Points: Apple Watch 2 to debut alongside new iPhone You can now retweet yourself, because you're that important Hillary Clinton...


Ep. 34: Micro-Vision: Bryce Speak Names Good & Lipsmacks

Welcome to the ChristCore Micro-O-Vision episode 35 for [June 10] where we react to culture through the lens of Jesus and our nerdiness. I’m Bryce, the creator of, joining me is producer for ChristCore - Mark [say hello Mark] and editor/writer for ChristCore - Anthony [say hello Anthony]. Feel free to join the conversation by e-mailing us at or giving us a call at 916-572-7185. This week on ChristCore Ep. 33: React-O-Vision: Bryce Has A Terrible Voice...