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Dig deeper into the word and catch fire for Jesus! Christianity isn't about being entertained once a week with a monologue. True Christianity is about having a transforming relationship with Jesus. Inspirational and Insightful revelations are on the way!

Dig deeper into the word and catch fire for Jesus! Christianity isn't about being entertained once a week with a monologue. True Christianity is about having a transforming relationship with Jesus. Inspirational and Insightful revelations are on the way!
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Southaven, MS


Dig deeper into the word and catch fire for Jesus! Christianity isn't about being entertained once a week with a monologue. True Christianity is about having a transforming relationship with Jesus. Inspirational and Insightful revelations are on the way!




#VOTD Ephesians 6:12 Spiritual Warfare

Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Flesh and blood people vs satanic powers; Principalities and hierarchy of government;


Ministry in Biloxi - behind the scenes

Behind the scenes audio from us doing ministry in Biloxi. We were ministering in cold weather and there was a cold wind blowing that day. So please forgive the wind noise. Praying before ministering; Running into two divine appointments; Team Jesus shirt reaction at the casino; Praying for Tommy at the rail road track; John and Robin; Ministering at Lighthouse park in Biloxi; Praying for Kenny; Homeless wishlist :


#VOTD Matthew 5:14 A City on a HIll

Matthew 5:1 And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him: Ye meaning a collective body; Hill - people should look up to the church; Be hid - don't hide Jesus;


#VOTD Matthew 5:16 Letting our light shine!

Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Putting 'so' In context ; We are the light of the world; Good works are signs of a believer; Do not be hearers only James 1:22; Glorify God and not ourselves; Father GOD is in heaven;


Preaching is Publicly Heralding

Listening to Daniel Chapter 3 led me to a journey of "heralding" the gospel. Preaching means to publicly proclaim. 00:42 Nebuchadnezzar makes a statue manipulating the future; 01:20 Heralding the message got my attention; 02:00 Daniel 3:4-6 Nebs example of heralding; 02:33 Music and worship are related; 03:00 Satan is in today's music; 03:22 We are sowing music into our souls; 04:58 Proclaim or herald the gospel in Mark 16:15,16; 05:28 Preach means to herald in the greek as a public crier...


#VOTD Verse of the Day 1 John 4:20

Talking about the Verse of the Day. 1 John 4:20 If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? Saying is not doing; False conversions say and not do; Love is an action verb like faith James 2:14-26; Loving brother and loving God are tied together; How much we treat the least is how much we love God; Jesus talks about hearing and seeing God; Gangles Re-Present God on earth;...


Proactive Spiritual Warfare

Being proactive with Spiritual Warfare. You will be continued to be plagued until you become a kingdom seeker; Aspirin doesn't work on the devil; Being meet for the Master's use; Don't be unequally yoked with unbelievers; Seek Him diligently for reward Heb 11:6; Kingdom Keys are in the Word ; Knowing the Truth to recover ourselves; Mark 4:23-25 taking heed what we hear; It is worth selling everything for the treasure in the field' 2 Kings 5 Naaman had to DO what the Spirit said; Walking out...


Follow the Spirit and Not Emotions part 2

What is it to walk after the spirit verses our emotions? Recap of part one; Saul persecuting Christians using the bible; Paul writes about following the Spirit; The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God; No condemnation walking after the Spirit Rom 8:1; John 8:31 Continuing in the Word for Freedom; Devil starts the ball rolling - we help him out; Walking after Spirit vs Flesh; What are our minds on? Rom 8:5; Being in the Spirit like John the Revelator; Acts 16 to illustrate flesh vs spirit;...


Follow the Spirit and Not Emotions part 1

We can easily begin following emotions such as fear, anger, and guilt. Following the Spirit is biblical. Matt 6:33 seeking God first; Following spirit and not emotions; Fear, anger, and guilt should not motivate us; Casting down vain imaginations 2 Cor 10:3-5; Devil works in emotions and rationale; Bring our thoughts under the Word; Gen 4:7 emotion rose up and caused murder; James 4:7 submit to God; Root of bitterness Hebrews 12:14; The Spirit rules over even hunger; Dwelling on the thought...


Missionary to Africa part 4 - Persecution

Continuing the interview with Glenn Roseberry - Persecution. The names and countries are kept secret for safety purposes; Many people per square mile; Armed forces and their solutions; Radical Islam - Al Shabaab; House churches in Muslim areas; Dressing according to local culture; Staggered walking approach; Saved from gangs ; The dangers of shaving; Attacked for having a bible; Kidnapping and murder; Beaten and tortured; Dangers of crossing borders; Christians turning Christians into...


Missionary to Africa part 3 - Witchcraft , Islam, and the Internet

Continuing the interview with Glenn Roseberry - Missionary to Africa. Internet, Power, Spiritual warfare and a success story. Internet and Electricity; Going into town to charge phone; Solar Panel and sharing; Leading the world in phone banking; Spiritual warfare and child abductions; Witchcraft and prosperity; The police and getting 'disappeared'; Islam and witchcraft; Muslim coming to Christ; Luke 10 person of peace; Becoming a man;


Missionary to Africa part 2 - Daily Life

What is a day in the life of a Christian Missionary in Rural Africa? First podcast ; House churches among the persecuted; Living in a goat stall to building a house; Elephants and other wildlife ; The Luke 10 Evangelism model; Chores on the Farm; Daily sharing of faith; Witch doctors and demonic influences; Ignoring distractions for the Kingdom; Exercise and food; Flouride and malaria; No gender mixing; Roles of women and men; Medical supplies and logistics; Addressing...


Back to Basics in Christianity

We can stray away from the fundamentals of Christianity at times. We need to get back to the basics. My blog was about national repentance 2 Chron 7:14; Fundamentals are important in football and God; The prophetic football dream ; Disciplining ourselves to write our dreams down; Some major revelations are fundamental Christianity; Proverbs 9:10 Fear of the Lord is the beginning; Loving God above all else is fundamental; Dad terminally diagnosed to the exact day; Panic attacks because I...


Ocean Springs Speaks - State of the Church

Interviewing the people of Ocean Springs on what they think about the current state of the church. Going to an art festival but never made it; Getting shut down for interviews; An elderly navy man opines about the church; Politics and religion; People in Military need bibles; A church problem? or a family problem? ; Moms in the workforce and school dropouts; HomeSchooling mom interview; The word of God needs preeminence in the church; We don't need fancy lights or fog machines; Monologue...


Glenn Roseberry Testimony

Glenn Roseberry was once a successful businessman in America. He left all that to live with the poor people of Africa. I had to find out why. Salvation and pretty girls; The monumental time of repentance; Getting pulled out of speech class; Falling away after a business failure; Hearers verses doers - Rock vs Sand; Successful business once again; Jeff the Memphis Missionary Mentor; Worldly Christian and the spiritual tug; Impacted by the lives of the early church; The Radical teachings of...


Transforming Prayer

I have been praying in Word and Spirit over the last few weeks and I have some revelation about transforming our prayer life. Pray first two lines of Lord's prayer; Pray in Spirit; Keeping mind stayed upon Him Isaiah 26:3; My goal is to get into the Ezekiel river; So much in spirit, we forget gravity; Intentionally wading into Ezekiel's river; Bouncing out of the spirit by thinking our own thoughts; God is a Spirit that must be worshipped in Spirit; In the beginning is the Word; Worship in...


Benefits of Seeking God

People seem to be more concerned with escaping hell than with seeking God. In this podcast I talk about some of the by-products of seeking God Adam and Enoch walked with God; Grow in Word and Spirit ; Moving away from hell; Depression is a spirit; God turned it around; God loves the rebellious children; Jerusalem slays the prophets matt 23:37; Prodigal son selfishness vs love; Sin is rooted in selfishness Luke 15:11; Faith works by love Gal 5:6 Benefits when seeking God; Seeking God Hebrews...


Furnace of Affliction

Are YOU a Brand plucked from the fire? Are you being baptized with fire? There is good news! Notes: Spirit sows together a tapestry of doctrine; Downloading info like the Matrix; Bring to remembrance what God has told us - John 14:6; Before they call I will answer Isaiah 65:24 ; Eldad and Medad prophesied in rebellion Numbers 11; Earnestly covet to prophesy 1 Corinthians 14:39; Zec 3 This is a brand plucked from the fire; Satan is at the right hand of the Lord? ; Brands are used to make a...


Stephen Barrett Missionary Interview

Stephen is on his way to bring revival to Kenya all they way from Japan. He is currently in California with signs and wonders following. 1:50 Stephen is in California; 3:45 California is a spiritual hot zone; 6:15 Lance Row Sacramento 8:29 Healings are happening; 9:30 knee issues and scoliosis healed; 11:40 Atmosphere of faith; 13:06 knee healing testimony; 13:30 Scoliosis healind testimony; 15:09 talks about trip to Kenya; 18:45 El Camino Real tent preaching; Links for Stephen:...


Sidewalk Chalk Ministry

How the sidewalk chalk ministry got started, testimonies, and things that i have learned. Pray about what scriptures to put down Youversion and google Not illegal; Truly non confrontational; If we love people we will share the gospel; Started out with homeless shelters; God brings people to inspire to go higher; Started with signs on Beale St; Rejection doesn't hurt; Keeping Testimonies on the phone; Never got beat up for knocking on doors; How this started; FOCA in Strayhorn wrote...