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Dig deeper into the word and catch fire for Jesus! Christianity isn't about being entertained once a week with a monologue. True Christianity is about having a transforming relationship with Jesus. Inspirational and Insightful revelations are on the way!

Dig deeper into the word and catch fire for Jesus! Christianity isn't about being entertained once a week with a monologue. True Christianity is about having a transforming relationship with Jesus. Inspirational and Insightful revelations are on the way!
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Dig deeper into the word and catch fire for Jesus! Christianity isn't about being entertained once a week with a monologue. True Christianity is about having a transforming relationship with Jesus. Inspirational and Insightful revelations are on the way!




Benefits of Seeking God

People seem to be more concerned with escaping hell than with seeking God. In this podcast I talk about some of the by-products of seeking God Adam and Enoch walked with God; Grow in Word and Spirit ; Moving away from hell; Depression is a spirit; God turned it around; God loves the rebellious children; Jerusalem slays the prophets matt 23:37; Prodigal son selfishness vs love; Sin is rooted in selfishness Luke 15:11; Faith works by love Gal 5:6 Benefits when seeking God; Seeking God...


Furnace of Affliction

Are YOU a Brand plucked from the fire? Are you being baptized with fire? There is good news! Notes: Spirit sows together a tapestry of doctrine; Downloading info like the Matrix; Bring to remembrance what God has told us - John 14:6; Before they call I will answer Isaiah 65:24 ; Eldad and Medad prophesied in rebellion Numbers 11; Earnestly covet to prophesy 1 Corinthians 14:39; Zec 3 This is a brand plucked from the fire; Satan is at the right hand of the Lord? ; Brands are used to make a...


Stephen Barrett Missionary Interview

Stephen is on his way to bring revival to Kenya all they way from Japan. He is currently in California with signs and wonders following. 1:50 Stephen is in California; 3:45 California is a spiritual hot zone; 6:15 Lance Row Sacramento 8:29 Healings are happening; 9:30 knee issues and scoliosis healed; 11:40 Atmosphere of faith; 13:06 knee healing testimony; 13:30 Scoliosis healind testimony; 15:09 talks about trip to Kenya; 18:45 El Camino Real tent preaching; Links for Stephen:...


Sidewalk Chalk Ministry

How the sidewalk chalk ministry got started, testimonies, and things that i have learned. Pray about what scriptures to put down Youversion and google Not illegal; Truly non confrontational; If we love people we will share the gospel; Started out with homeless shelters; God brings people to inspire to go higher; Started with signs on Beale St; Rejection doesn't hurt; Keeping Testimonies on the phone; Never got beat up for knocking on doors; How this started; FOCA in Strayhorn wrote...


The Importance of Mentors

In this podcast I talk about the benefits and importance of being and having a mentor. Stephen Barret Holy Fire Japan; Joseph shared his dreams with his family; Elijah and Elisha relationship; Paul and Timothy writing ; Voxer is a great app for mentoring; Marco Polo is a video app for mentoring; We all have blind spots; Building our theology on the Rock; Bible chopping leads to serious error; Doctrine is like a clarinet in the orchestra; Two or Three witnesses to establish; The Sum of the...


Spiritual Warfare - The Biblical Way

Spiritual Warfare the biblical way. Chronology of developing an iniquity. What to do about it. Keeping a warfare journal Seven sons of Sceva Acts 19:14 ; Taking the Name in vain; Night Terror and saying, Jesus; Jesus Models warfare in Matt 4 and Luke 4; Satan looks for a door to get in; Spirit drove Jesus to be tempted; Matt 5:27,28 looking leads to sin; Job 31:1 looking leads to thinking; Matt 18:7-9 eye-hand sin problem; We are what we think in our heart Proverbs 23:7; 2 Tim 2:25 seeking...


Our Goals VS God's Goals

I was meditating on how to make my goals line up with God's plan for my life. How do we get transformed into what God wants us to be? I explored this in a live video. It isn't profitable to fight God; Satan's 'I wills' Isaiah 14:13-15; Moth seeking the light example; Seeking to save our lives Luke 17:33; Matthew 16:25; Fear the One that can destroy soul and body Matthew 10:28; Being saved verses knowing Jesus; Having an encounter with God and THEN doing exploits; Five 'I wills' of Lucifer...


Seek God First

Seeking God first and making His will our priority. I will be talking about how to do that. Devil works in religious hierarchy; The Sons of Korah Rebellion; The 5 “I wills” reveal Satan's desire; Self exaltation permeates the church; Camping out on confession and repentance; Jesus gives us a model to pray in Matthew 6; Entering His gates with praise Ps 100:4; The FEAR of the Lord; Blocking out time if necessary; Jesus manifests Himself those that love Him; Seeking God chronologically; What...


Sons of Korah Sedition

I heard "you take too much upon yourselves you sons of Korah" in the spirit. I break down this prophetic word in the podcast. This is close to Numbers 16:7; Story is in Numbers 16-18; Disclaimer right off the bat; The root of Covetousness; The root of Jealousy; Solomon prioritized God’s kingdom 1 Kings 3:5-13; Lying Liars that lied; Jews which believed Jesus were Satans John 8; Pride is the sin of the devil’ Satan’s desire the 5 “I wills” Isaiah 14:12-15; Being exalted and revered of men;...


Beware of the Scribes 06

I am sharing a method i have learned through trial and error on reading the bible. The only way to the Father is through Jesus John 14:6; We must worship God in Spirit and Truth John 4:24; Jesus is The Word John chapter 1; The spirit guides us into all truth John 16:13; The quickening of the Word - Heb 4:12; Shouting off the rooftops in joy Matt 10:27; Listening to the Spirit while we read or listen; Beginning by carnal meditation on The Word; When we follow the spirit miracles happen; We...


Beware of the Scribes 05

Some words I take issue with in the bible. We will be looking at the underlying definitions and how it affects us. Different words make a difference; Quoting some from ; King James changes passover to easter; Changing not only the name and the date; Early Church celebrated passover; Council of Nicea changed the date; Martin Luther added a word to Romans 3:28; World or aion? Mat 28:20 Mat 13:49 Mat 24:3 ; A period of time and not the world; Taking a look at the...


Beware of the Scribes 04

Why is Unicorn only in the Authorized King James Bible? Digging deeper into that today. Treasuring the Word of God; Unicorn is only in the King James Bible; Unicorn article Unicorn is mentioned 9 times in the KJV; Delving into the ancient word monoceros (one horn); Excerpts taken from Creation Today on Unicorn; Original definition in Webster's for Unicorn was Rhinoceros;...


Beware of the Scribes 03

There is no exact word for word translation in scripture. Getting to the Father via The Word in Spirit; No word for word in languages; Agape, Eros, Phileo is 'love' ; Words changing in our lifetimes; Matt 5:18 law words wil not pass; Matt 24:35 Jesus Words will not pass away; 2Ki 22:8-13 finding the law of the Lord; The King new to repent because of the Law; Isaiah 28:10,11 comparison Message vs KJV; Niv missing passages; Matthew 17:21 Matthew 18:11 Matthew 23:14: Mark 7:16 Mark 9:44 Mark...


Beware of the Scribes 02

Continuing on our series of how to read the bible being aware of the words and why they are there. Beware of the Scribes; Inspiration is In Spirit 2 Peter 1:21; To Know Jesus we should Know what He says; Closer to the original source the better; Presuppositions while we read scripture; Shall the lion lay with the lamb? Isaiah 11:6; Bibles changing before our eyes; What i learned when I judged my neighbor; Contempt prior to investigation; Out of the heart the mouth speaks Luke 6:45; Guard...


Beware of the Scribes 01

There are many factors that impact our beliefs when we read scripture. Keep our Eyes upon THE AUTHOR (Heb 12:2); The worlds impacts us; Using English Websters to define 4000 year old Hebrew words; We live by what God speaks Matt 4:4; Prophets moved by the Spirit 2 Peter 1:21 Let's go to the original autographs; Beware of the leaven - Matt 16:6; Leaven is the doctrine Matt 16:12; What is leaven? ; Garbage in Garbage Out; Matt 10:18,19 Our stinking thinking can block the Spirit; Prov 4:23...


From Homeless to Evangelist

John was once homeless and is now an on fire evangelist for Jesus Christ. John explains how he spiraled down into homelessness and how God saved him. This interview is for his new book - The Lamb and the Homeless Man. show notes Brutal honesty; Addiction led to homelessness; God showed Rusty Beforehand; The Stroke; Panhandling and lying to survive; God rescues those that seem beyond hope; Realization of the need to Repent; God's Fragrance; Encounter with an angel; Mandie Rinehart asks about...


Being Born Again

What is it to be born again? I explore this while on a prayer walk on voxer. John 3 is the most bible chopped passage; Serpents in the wilderness; They had to look to the serpent; Following through with the belief; 'So' in John 3:16 = "In like manner"; Believe in John 3:16 is reliance; Ezekiel and Jeremiah passages; New Creation in Christ in Corinthians; Even the demons believe; John 8 Jews that believe on Jesus;


GodTalk with Stephen Barrett

Stephen Barrett is a Christian Missionary to Japan. He is making an impact in Japan and walks in gifts of healing and the prophetic. An interesting dream; Following the Spirit; Faith - text vs Spirit; Faith and miracles; Different perspectives of God; Holiness; Changing our thinking and faith; Faith in dotctors or God; From faith to faith; My Pitbull faith example; Finger of God Authority; Preaching in public in Japan; Activating Kingdom Seekers; Belief and reliance; Stop sinning vs Seeking...


Sin in the Authority Structure

Satan tries to get into the authority structure through sin. Israel wanted a king; Sin gets in through humans; Author and Authority; Sin crouches at the door Gen 4:7; David worship vs today worship; 1 Chron 21 Satan provoked David; Satan needs permission to torment; Paul's messenger of satan 2 Cor 12; Joshua sought God to reveal sin; God smote Israel and Not David; Adultery in the church; The Father's unbelief; Prayer, fasting, and authority; Submit to God resist the devil; Noncovenant mom...


TeamJesus behind the Scenes update

Recapping some of the ministry in the last week. Ministry at USM in Hattiesburg; Pain in body approach; Apostate Baptist Preacher's Kid ; Keep Testimonies on Phone; Two testimonies from USM; Friend them on Facebook; Tillman's Corner Homeless ministry; Powerhouses of the Faith all met; Jo Jo update; Sadie update; People are on the fence; Homeless Resource Center in Mobile; Greyhound Bus Station ministry; Girl shares testimony; Menge impromptu spirit filled preacher; Blind girl Kelsey recap;...