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I talk about how to get closer spiritually to the biblical Jesus. I discuss what it means to "walk after the Spirit" and to have a relationship with God. My experiences and scriptural exploration will help you to Know Jesus - and not just know about Him.

I talk about how to get closer spiritually to the biblical Jesus. I discuss what it means to "walk after the Spirit" and to have a relationship with God. My experiences and scriptural exploration will help you to Know Jesus - and not just know about Him.


Southaven, MS


I talk about how to get closer spiritually to the biblical Jesus. I discuss what it means to "walk after the Spirit" and to have a relationship with God. My experiences and scriptural exploration will help you to Know Jesus - and not just know about Him.




Socialism VS Christianity

Is there something possibly biblical about socialism? We will be exploring that today. The Shemitah and Harbinger Failed us; 98% of people who support socialism don't have a biblical world view?; I used to engage with people about politics and point them to JESUS; The Government monopoly on force; George Washington - Government IS force; The COMMUNE in Acts 2:42-46; Why Socialists disdain Christianity; What does the BIBLE SAY?; Luk 3:11 Impart stuff to those that need it; Jas 2:14-17 Don't...


Shutting the Door to Demons - Maintaining Deliverance

Deliverance is awesome, but repentance is key to maintaining victory! Show notes: There are open doors to the devil; Jesus says sinning makes things worse John 5:14; The tormenting compulsion thought stops when delivered; Difference between body, soul, and spirit ; If you don't repent, seven more wicked come Matt 12:43-45; A vision of wooden fence explaining matt 12:43-45; Difference between projecting and receiving in prayer ; God speaks to us in the night season Job 33:14,15; Communing...


Blaspheming Jesus because of Christians

Is the world blaspheming Jesus because of our Christian behavior? Inspiration during insomnia; Beginning in the spirit but ran with the flesh; The world hates Christianity; A check in my spirit before doing the original podcast; Zealous for God without the Spirit - Like Paul; Hitler read Luther and hopped on to antisemitism; The wave of revelation; Jenny Dean - blasphemy in the last days; Christianity is a family affair; Thomas - Matt 10:25 ; The world knows some Christian standards and...


Spiritual Dangers of Halloween - Kevin Riordan Interview

Kevin Riordan has a deliverance ministry and has first hand experience when it comes to the spiritual dangers of celebrating Halloween. People do Halloween even though they know better; Kevin's parents taught him Halloween was evil; Anxiety attacks and Halloween; Manifesting a demon because or Halloween participation; Kevin's zoom deliverance online ministry; Demon's get access subtly through Halloween participation; Christians refusing to listen to people with experience; Ex Satanists warn...


Bad Theology Blocking God

We are not aware of our erroneous theology. When the Spirit of Truth guides us, we may be blocking Him by our preconceived bad theology. 1:34 Disciples couldn’t understand when Jesus spoke plainly; 2:42 Jesus says He will be killed and Resurrect Mark 9; 4:13 Elijah is supposed to come first; 7:58 Peter Rebukes Jesus ; 9:14 How I discovered this problem - eschatology; 11:14 Spirit of Truth guides us; 11:54 Paul had some erroneous theology before Jesus; 13:29 Jesus manifests Himself to the...


Church Problems -The People Speak

Today we are talking about what listeners believe are problems that need to be addressed in the church. Show Notes: Angela Goff Gibson - Submission; Bobby Capps - church and State; Elaine Copenhaver - wickedness; Donald Rylander - Distraction; Carisa Carrasco - False Doctrine; Chris Karen Walsh - poor evangelism; Greg Brockman - Sinners Prayer; Mickie Sapen West - Not being the Church; Yochanan - Lack of Love; 2stepcannon - Politics; Nathan Grammar ignoring the Spirit; Bebravewoman_ Seeking...


Biblical Blood Pressure!

Here is How I lowered my blood pressure naturally without a pill in a month. Show notes: I thought I would get around to my blood pressure later; Similar to the time I had high Triglycerides; Find more compelling reasons to change than to stay the same; My diet was unbiblical; Gen 2:16 the covenant with Adam about food; Moses Leviticus 11 about food; Noah covenant about food Gen 9:3; Did research from real experts; I cut out caffeine and salt; I did breathing exercises; I get my steps in;...


Garry Nesbit Healed from Stage 4 Cancer

Miracle healing for evangelist Garry Nesbit. God healed him from stage 4 cancer! Show Notes: Stage Four Cancer; Months to live; Losing weight fast; The moment he got the prognosis; The symptoms; A test of faith; Ready to be with Jesus; Preaching form the hospital bed; The tumor wouldn't let Garry sleep; Getting serious with God; The Miracle; Links Audible link Garry Preaches


Words of Knowledge in Evangelism

There is a moment in evangelism where we are talking to the person and seeking the Lord for wisdom on how to proceed. Sometimes a word of knowledge is the key. SHOW NOTES: Open our mouth and watch God work; Establish rapport in Evangelism; Rapport removes rocks of offense; Banner blindness mentality in evangelism; Different sources for words of knowledge; Not everything in the spirit is from the Throne room of heaven; Our deceitful heart Jeremiah 14:13-14 and Ezekiel 13:2; Demons and...


Remove the Stumbling Block of Iniquity

Is there something that we do that initiates a chain of events that leads to sin? Stumbling Block before Faces; Purposely putting up the block Eze 14:3-5; If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me: Psalm 66:18; Keeping our prayers from being hindered 1Pe 3:7 and Jas 4:3 ; We sow into ourselves Gal 6:7-8; Wigglesworth on staying in The Word; Job wouldn't look at maids Job 31:1; Jesus takes it further Mat 5:28-30; Chronology of sin; Jesus searches the reigns Rev 2:23; Looking...


How to Endure Tribulation

Have you ever noticed how often times the congregation hates the messenger and the message sent to them? Flesh ignores God in the green season; Difficult to hear from God during the Trial; David's testing in 1 Sam 30; Moses Family feud in Numbers 12; Jesus warns that our families can be enemies Matt 10:35-38; The congregation wants to stone Moses and Aaron Num 14:10; People with Evil Report Died Num 14:37-38; Jeremiah was rejected by his people; Jesus rejected by His people; Jesus prays for...


Imminent Death as Motivation

A calendar that shows how much time you have left. Using our imminent death as motivation to hear "Well Done!" Show Notes The imminent Death Calendar as a motivator; Not many blocks left; How long does transformation take?; Hezekiah and his extra 15 years; 2Ki 20:12-18 showing king of Babylon treasures; One day will be the last; Psalm 90:12 So teach us to number our days; Psa 39:4 LORD, make me know mine end; Mat 28:18-20 Great Commission; Baptizing and Making disciples; 2 Corinthians 5:10...


Pondering the Meaning of Life

Pondering the meaning of life during a swim. Lot's of juicy tidbits in this podcast thought experiment. I might actually be on to something here! What is the meaning of life?; People's names that last centuries; Absalom's posterity and a pile of rocks; Making a difference in the world; Mass murderers and history; Achilles in the movie Troy impacted me; Even tombstones fade away; Paul and winning the prize Php 3:14; Obtaining in the race 1 Co 9:24; Love in 1 Cor 13 is the motivation; Wanting...


Consequences for Ignoring the Heart

Show Notes: Not confessing negative things with our mouth can possibly lead to ignoring important heart issues. This has consequences. Think on Good things Phil 4:8; Pitfalls of not resolving heart issues; Torment Matt 18:32-35; Prayers not being heard Ps 66:18; 1 Pet 3:7 hindered prayer; Unconscious mind running the show; Max Planck Institute Study; Heart trumps willpower; 2Ti 2:25-26 recovering ourselves out of the snare of the devil; Johns Hopkins on forgiveness; Unforgiveness leads to...


Purging Iniquity - there is Victory!

Struggling with iniquity even though you confess Jesus is Lord? There is victory. Bringing some scriptures your way today! That check in our spirit is what we need to work on; Thoughts precede actions; Living the Abundant Life ; Get control of our thoughts before they control us; We choose what to think Phil 4:8; Cognitive therapy and the bible; Intrapersonal dialogue like God in Genesis 1; 1Pe 2:24 living to righteousness; 2Ti 2:25-26 opposing ourselves and snare of the devil; 2Ti 2:19-23...


Suckered by the New Age Agenda

Don't get suckered in by the New Age Agenda! I fell prey to the New Age teachings when I was vulnerable. I am a Christian that emphasizes the bible; Raised cessationist went for the new Age; Bible emphasizes spiritual relationship; Rom 8:14) Led by the spirit are sons of God; Rom 8:9 Spirit dwells in the believer; Gal 5:16 Walk in the spirit; Gal 5:18 be led of the Spirit; Joh 14:17 World cannot receive the Spirit; 1Co 14:15 praying and singing in the spirit; Gal 6:8 sowing to the spirit;...


Leading by Example

It takes more than words and a once a week monologue to make disciples. People watch our lives to see if we are worth listening to; Discipling is intimate and takes time; Fruitful disagreements; 1 Corinthians 11:1 imitating Paul as he follows Jesus; Weeding our theological garden; James 3:1 be not many teachers; Paul learned from Jesus and then discipled others; Joshua 3:3-4 Ark crossing the River Jordan; Hebrews 5:13-14 from Milk to meat by exercise; Matthew 24:44-47 meat in Due season;...


Plucking Up the Root of Bitterness

Sometimes we are forced to confront our thought life. It is a good time to pluck up the root of bitterness. Our continual thoughts can form our personalities; Romans 12:1,2 calls for a metamorphosis in our thinking; Unforgiveness and the tormentors Matt 18; Moods can be temporary; Hebrews 12:14-15 root of bitterness; Ephesians 4:29-31 put away bitterness; Unforgiveness leads to bitterness, which leads to torment.; Remembering an emotionally charged event; 1 Corinthians 9:25-27 Mastery in...


Defending the Christian Faith

Does a Christian need to be able to defend their faith? For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. Rom 8:14; Geography and religion; Night Terror groups and unbelief; My Trek into the New Age; Basing belief on a relationship and not intellectual assent; My Sinner's prayer experience; Heb 11:35 were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection; John 6:65-69 apostasy and perseverance; Enduring to the end to be saved ; 1 peter...


Missing God - A good idea or a GOD idea?

How do we know that we are hearing from God? My experiences and some bible experiences coming your way in this podcast. Is it a good idea? or a God idea?;. Psalm 127 Except the Lord build the house we are wasting our time; God still speaks from heaven Heb 12;25; Zeal without knowledge; Follower comments from Facebook; Lori - wanted her husband to change; Christin - wanted to go to church class; Randy and the sovereignty of God; Missing it and getting sick? What?; Paul left Trophimus sick 2...