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A disciplined wife does not rebell.

Episode 7. A GODLY WIFE stop the contentions Today there is so much disorder in Christian relationships. This episode is pt 1. of a series on Christian relationships, I start this first of the series with the conduct of a godly wife. We have seen more and more of women who are taking a stand and trying to take authority over man in families. THIS IS REBELION, as a result we see men who are forsaking the call of God because the wife doesn't agree with or want him to do what the Lord...


The gifts of the Spirit.

Episode 6. The Gifts of The Spirit How are they manifest through us. In order to awaken the lost to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, they not only need to hear the gospel, but they also need to see the evidence of the Truth. We can see from the gospel of John that many believed in His name when they saw the signs which He did (John 2:23). Jesus said ''If I do not do the works of My Father, do not believe Me, but if I do, though you do not believe Me, believe the works,...


Bible Interpretation

Episode 5 Bible Interpretation Why the confusion Today we have so many Christian denominations, and every denomination believes something different. The crazy thing is, is that we all have the same book, the Holy Bible. The reason for the confusion is because many are not aware of the principles of bible interpretation. These principles are very simple but are overlooked or just ignored, thus causing not only confusion but also false and even destructive doctrines. In times past we...


The Gospel part 3. The Holy Spirit.

Episode 4 The Gospel pt. 4 The Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Christ. In this episode I conclude our series on the gospel with the wonderful Holy Spirit. Our teacher, our comforter, our helper, our friend. I begin the episode with a review on what we have covered so far in the previous episodes. There are many today who will not submit to the Holy Spirit because of a lack of understanding of who He is and His relationship with us and the Father. Many born again people are seeking a...


The gospel part 2. The power in baptism.

Episode 3 The gospel Part 2. The Power In Baptism. One with Him and Freedom from sin. In this episode I continue with our series on the gospel. I review what was covered in the previous episode, that the gospel is repent, believe in the Lord Jesus, be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit. In that episode I taught what is repentance and what does it mean to believe. In this episode I teach on biblical baptism, not a traditional baptism or a religious baptism, but the baptism that the...


The Gospel of Christ. Part 1

Episode 2 The Gospel. Part 1 What the gospel is and what the gospel is not. In this episode I teach on what is the gospel of Christ that brought such an awakening to the world. The gospel that the apostles preached that God used to add multitudes daily into His kingdom. Today there is a lot of error on what is being preached to the lost and is falsely called the gospel. When we read what the gospel of Christ that the early saints preached, we see that it is not what is...


Welcome to Diciple Disciplines

Episode. 1 INTRODUCTION TO DISCIPLE DISCIPLINES. In this very first episode, I talk about my journey for truth and purpose and how that searching led me to the Lord Jesus Christ. As I got into the church, I began to grow and gain some experience. It was not to long though that I became frustrated with the church and the lack of fruit in my life. (5:19) I saw that the reason for this was because of no discipleship. How did Jesus make disciples. (6:22) So I began to seek God,...