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Trouble Don't Last Aways

Servant Leader and Coach LaToya Williams gives insight on the Troubling Times that we are experiencing in our lives. It is really the plan of God for our lives or just something we are going through. If you need answers for life issues...tune in to hear God's answer. This is a interactive broadcast where we welcome the feedback, comments, and show subjections from our listener's. If you are in need of prayer, you can send us your prayer request by email to reviveUcoaching@gmail.com or...


Love Reigns forever.....Amen

Servant Leader and Coach LaToya Williams discusses today's climate of violence and reminds us of the assurance, comfort and peace that is in God. He sent his son; Jesus, the Christ and left us his Holy Spirit that we may know, He reigns forever more. He is the beginning and end of our faith. In this broadcast she identifies the "Zeitgeist" of this time so as saints of God we have a better understanding. If you are experiencing feelings of anxiety, disillusionment or fears, tune in as we...


What are you mediating on?

Servant Leader and Coach LaToya Williams continues the discussion on Emotional Healing. In this broadcast she looks at the role MEDITATION plays in our healing. In the previous broadcasts she discussed Confessing before the Lord by being transparent and Forgiveness. This is a continuation and another step in stabilizing our emotions for the glory of God. If you are experiencing bouts of Anger, feelings of rejection and resentment, or fears of all sorts, tune in as we seek God's Answers for...