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4/7/18: 1 Peter

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3/31/18: 2 Peter

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3/17/18: Tribute

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3/10/18: The Kingdom Pill

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3/3/18: Does Seeking the Kingdom Cure Depression?

It's inconvenient to be wrong, The three-part solution, Depression - what is it?, Societal viewpoint of depression, Clinical studies of treatments, Handling addiction, Gathering to serve, "Feeling" depressed, Vaccines?, No profit in free solutions, Diagnosing depression, The "little brain", Chemical imbalance?, Doctors and studies, The cause/effect nature, Looking deeper, What about "religion"?, Doctors disagree, The placebo effect, How does seeking the kingdom of God help with...


2/24/18: Existentialism

Who are the people of Israel?, How was the Early Church organized?, Baptisms, Charity and freewill offerings, The princes of the gentiles, Being priest to all nations, Christ is the denominator of Christians, "called out" then and now, Religion, Pagans, China's one-child contract, What about Haran?, Abraham's sacrafice, Salvation from depression, What is good?, School shootings, Avoiding dysphoria, Corban, Sabbath?, Christ's other "way", Grace and charity, Eating from the Tree of Life, Are...


2/17/18: "Paganism", and Other Labels

How to determine truth, What influences thinking?, "Evil" defined, What drives shooters, Capgras, Lies behind labels, Comfort and the kingdom, Christ's earthly kingship, Levites and The Church, Moses' statutes, Adultery, common sense?, Treating autism, Who will lobby food?, Salvation is spiritual, Rev 2:9 and 3:9, Having another king, Sitting in Tens, Everyone has a religion, Essenes, Herod's baptism, A spirit of violence, People putting on persons, Why go to church?, Traitorous...


2/10/18: Placing Puzzle Pieces

Today's problems same as in the beginning, Adamah, Life's destination is the journey, Catastrophic events, Seeing the Early Church in modern terms, Watering the desert, The welfare of the world, Voting in the kingdom, Why modern preachers avoid the Tens, Hundreds and Thousands, The conflict of Cain, 666 and the SSN, Charagma?, Is taxation theft?, US Code vs Law, Codes within codes, 666 has sisters, Food rationing, Man's government doesn't love you, The Holy Spirit has all the pieces,...


2/3/18: Blaspheming the Holy Spirit

Bible Versions, Why torture the printers?, Why stop?, Testament = witness, Mt 16:17, We won't know truth from reading/studying but it being revealed by our Father, Gates of Hell, Man's opinion of reality (God's opinion), blasphemy, Seeing yourself, Tree of Knowledge vs Tree of Life, Evidence of salvation, Satan can heal too, Universalists, Prodigal son's choice - or what?, Neither works nor opinions will save you, BUT..., Forgive to break the cycle of abuse, Leaving judgement to God,...


1/27/18: Shadows of the Mind

"god" in Old and New testament, Deciding good and evil, Contracts with the United States, Universal laws, You're impaired condition, Doing due diligence, Not given to private interpretation, Leeks and onions?, Jordan Peterson vs Kathy Newman, Binding demons, "The devil made me" is not allowed, Our fallen nature, Things that just ain't so, Greek "law", Stop going to Pharisees to understand Old Testament, Essenes, Merchants of men, Minds stuck in darkness, Men carrying water?, Rewiring the...


1/20/18: "Kosmos"

Kingdom of the "world" and Kingdom of God, "kosmos" = "world" - which one?, Constantine's church was never Christian, Baptism, Salvation, "Threskia" and "Religiare", "Supersticio" caused wars and death, The Cain syndrome, Spotting religion, Why "kosmos"?, To read ancient texts you must use ancient dictionaries, Clinging to the Tree of Knowledge, Belonging to God, Knowledge is wealth, The light of Christ exposes truth, Not of this "kosmos", Pilate's ruling, Other "worlds", Egypt's bondage -...


1/13/18: Money, Money, Money...

A uniquely different message, James' Religion, Modern Church "service", The deeds of the Nicolaitans and Balaam, Prerequisite to Loaves and Fishes, Who are "disciples"?, Companies and Ranks, The pattern Christ commanded, Stop making excuses, Christ didn't say "love your ministers", What about "money"?, The Man Nobody Knew by Bruce Barton, Stock Markets/Exchanges through history, Inflation/Deflation, Copper pennies and silver dimes, SpaceX, Going public, Profits vs Visions, Ancient Roman...


1/6/18: Christ Commanded

Are you peculiar?, Christ the Anarchist, says Mark Passio, God allows man's government, Choosing rulers = giving away your right to choose, Samuel's warnings, God's safeguards, US Constitution not biblical, Liberty is accepting responsibility, Slavery or Voluntary Servitude?, Yes, you signed the social contract, Christ's plan can still save you, Natural Law explained, Joseph and Egypt, Jews: The first Christians, Anarchy and Statism, Rights and States, The pirate example, Organized...


12/30/17: Fellowship

End of calendar year evaluation - am I closer to the righteousness of the kingdom?, No need for works?, Paul and Peter and James and John's view, Saved from what?, Modern Christians not listening to Christ, Are you Paul's "we" and "us"?, Caesar as commander-in-chief, HHC audios augment articles, We connect many dots for you, False preachers tell you saved when on Paul's "list", Two trees, FDR in the bible?, Christ's plan vs Modern church plan, Michael Hudson, Sin and debt, Big bang vs God...


12/23/17: Fellowship

What is the "world"?, Translators have distorted author's intent, Can you hear God's intent?, Why we educate, Greg Boyd's message, Witnessing same events differently, Gregory's turning point, The "Humility" key, The Ten Commandment benchmark, Desiring benefits taken from neighbors, Followers Christ lost, Overcoming, What about the Amish?, Pure Religion, Red Heifer, Corban, What did the Early Church really do?, Parable of the sower, Should the Church be organized?, Davey Crockett's story,...


12/16/17: As Long as You're Happy

Good News of the Kingdom of God at hand: seek it and righteousness, Pursuit of happiness, Facebook "discussions" are horrendous, Interest in politics, Righteousness and children, Who were Matthew, Mark and Luke?, And what about John?, Bible: full of truth but most misinterpreted book in history, Why revelation?, Dispensationalism, Happiness is a byproduct - what is the goal?, Dis-ease vs symptoms, Sorting out mind, soul, brain, heart, body..., Facebook stifles creativity, Rebuking those we...


12/9/17: State of Decay

Sweden #1 rape capitol, Voilators of human rights, How can people excuse that activity?, Socialism = neighbor not your responsibility, foreign gangs robbing in broad daylight, How to stop them, Kingdom solution, You can't conjure the Holy Spirit, Other Benefits of the Kingdom solution, Protecting those you care about, Hue and cry, Unchurching?, Still not in Christ, Some "Gregory" history, God gives the Holy Spirit as our comforter - not the church, "ekklesia", Organization of independents,...


11/25/17: Individuation

"Your Soul" series, Trinity?, Wanting to name God, Barbershop mirrors, Cause and effect, In the beginning, Finding our safe path, Divine revelation, The "still small" voice, Adam and Eve, Multidimensional Soul, Turning stones into bread, Hell - Heaven, Christ's mission, Satan's mission, Tree of Knowledge, Which veil to lean on?, The Way back to God, Seeing no evil, Patterns of evil and good, Being light to your community, Blind eyes, Can Good exist without Evil?, Degrees of darkness,...


11/18/17: Your Soul

Your soul - what is it?, Agape, Charity without love, 2 kinds of love, No Greater Love (Charity), soul = life?, Language distorting meaning, Hebrew - written language, Revealing through your soul, Who's revelation?, Being heard by God, Do you have faith?, Biomimicry, Barbed wire, Love in Nature, Kingdoms not of God, Patterns of mass shooters, Saul's pattern, Soul vs Spirit, What about Body?, The Soul in Science, Heaven and Hell, Man's dominion over nature, "Mother" Nature?, Defining...


11/11/17: The Kingdom Model and Social Costs

This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.


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