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Bobby Lane (Guest Teacher) • "Fish Fission" • 2018 November 4

This week our guest teacher, Bobby Lane, discusses the disciple Andrew, and the chain reaction quiet service can cause. ••• Subscribe to listen each week as the Manna class learns and grows together through their in-depth study of God's Word. This comprehensive, expository series is taught by Brad Hannink, a gifted communicator of the Bread of Life. Manna is a Bible study life group that meets at Valley Baptist Church, located at 4800 Fruitvale Ave. in Bakersfield, California. Manna...


"Eternal Adoption" • Galatians 3-4 • 2018 October 28 • Brad Hannink

Galatians 3: 23-4:7 3:23-25 - The Law is like the never satisfied drill sergeant in boot camp who motivates us to graduate. Vs 26-29 - Those who belong to God’s family can “do life together” because in Christ we are both united and equal. 4:3-5 - Jesus came to earth to buy us from the slave market of sin, set us free and adopt us into His forever family. 4:6-7 - When God adopted us into His family, He gave us His Spirit as the down payment on our future inheritance. ••• Subscribe to listen...


"Bring Your Umbrella" • Galatians 2-3 • 2018 October 21 • Brad Hannink

Galatians 2-3 2:16 God declares us right in His sight when we believe and receive Jesus’s payment for our sins. Justification occurs instantly. Justification is an act of God, not of man. God justifies sinners, not people who claim that they have no sin. God declares us to be righteous when we trust that Jesus took our sins and gave us His righteousness. 3:2-5 We are not only saved by faith, we also live by faith. 3:6-9, Romans 4: 18-22 Faith is acting according to God’s promises...


"Fig Leaf Solutions" • Galatians 1-2 • 2018 October 14 • Brad Hannink

Galatians 1-2 1: 11-17 The gospel is God’s plan not man’s, so make time alone with God your number one priority. 2: 1-5 Never compromise the truth of the gospel since the eternal destiny of people depends on it. Vs 11-12 Don’t let human opinion stop you from doing what you know is right because only God’s approval matters. Vs 13-14 Your conduct is contagious, so be careful that your walk is congruent with your talk. ••• Subscribe to listen each week as the Manna class learns and grows...


"Head Waters of the Reformation" • Galations 1 • 2018 October 7 • Brad Hannink

Galatians 1 Key Idea: The only way to God is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone……plus nothing else. Vs 1-2 The gospel is God’s idea not ours; we are free to accept it or reject it, but we not free to alter it. Vs 3 God’s unmerited kindness to us produces peace in us that transcends circumstances around us. Vs 4-6 The gospel is that sinful man can only come to holy God by faith accepting the salvation that God’s grace makes available through Christ’s death and...


"Unfinished Business" • 1 Kings 1-2 • 2018 September 30 • Brad Hannink

I Kings 1-2 VS 1:1-8 An undisciplined life is destined for disaster, usually self inflicted through foolish decisions. Vs 20-30 Do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, whether you like it or not. Vs 2:1-4 God responds to you based on your response to Him; when you obey, He blesses you, when you disobey, He disciplines you. Vs 5-6 Unfinished business is like an infected wound; it festers until you face it and fix it. Vs 15-17 Do not pursue what God has prohibited; when God says...


"Let God Keep Score" • 2nd Samuel 24 • 2018 September 16 • Brad Hannink

2 Samuel 24 Vs 2-4 Listen to Godly counsel, even when it comes from ungodly people. Vs 10 Ask God to make you intolerant of anything that comes between you and Him. Vs 11-17 When you sin don’t run away from God, run to God because He is merciful when He disciplines His children. Vs 18-24 You demonstrate how much you value God by the price you will pay to honor and obey Him. I Chronicles 21: 26-30 When you are in God’s presence, a healthy fear of His holiness is the right response. •••...


"Serious Debt" • 2nd Samuel 21 • 2018 September 9 • Brad Hannink

2 Samuel 21 Vs 1-2 Take sin seriously because its toxic effects can last for generations. Joshua 9:3-20 Pray before you promise because God judges promise breakers. Vs 3 How you treat others impacts your own relationship with God. Vs 4-7 The debt of sin must be paid in order for justice to be done; either you accept Jesus’ payment for your sins, or you pay the debt yourself. Vs 11-14 Willful sin hinders our prayers, but when we repent, God hears our prayers and blesses us. ••• Subscribe to...


"Testing 1... 2... 3..." • Marty Buck (Guest Teacher) • 2018 August 19

1. Whether God caused "bad things" as punishment or allowed "bad things" as a test, both are designed to bring us closer to God. 2. "Bad things" are from the perspective of fallen humans, not from the creator. 3. Understanding is NOT a condition for obedience. 4. The world may be your location, but it is not the source of your truth. 5. Because of God's testing, the redeemed are going somewhere better than Eden. ••• Subscribe to listen each week as the Manna class learns and grows together...


Pastor Kyle Hogg (Guest Teacher) • Revelation 2 • 2018 August 12

Revelation 2 • Any teaching that divorces belief from behavior cannot be tolerated in the church. • Any teaching that promotes devoting your life to more deities than Jesus is to be labeled spiritual adultery, and cannot be tolerated in the church. • Any teaching that claims to be spiritually deep, but is contrary to the scriptures, cannot be tolerated in the church. ••• Subscribe to listen each week as the Manna class learns and grows together through their in-depth study of God's Word....


"Lost By A Hair" • 2nd Samuel 17 - 19 • 2018 August 5 • Brad Hannink

2 Samuel 17-19 18:1-5 We must see our children from God’s point of view and treat them accordingly. Vs 6-8 Disobedience always produces defeat and death; it’s just a question of when and how. Vs 9-17 God’s work in accomplishing His will is usually invisible but always successful. Vs 32-33 Those who follow God must surrender their personal passions to His perfect plan. 19:1-8 You cannot fix what you will not face: when God confronts you with the truth, obey it. ••• Subscribe to listen each...


"Royal Rebellion" • 2nd Samuel 16-17 • 2018 July 29 • Brad Hannink

2 Samuel 16:15-17:23 16: 20-23 Know God’s Word and refuse to follow advice that disagrees with it. 17:1-4 Good advice has specific goals and measurable outcomes. 17:11-14 Advice that flatters you is almost always bad advice. Vs 14b God uses our choices and shapes our circumstances to accomplish His purposes. Vs 23 “My will be done” is the way of death, “Thy will be done” is the path of life and everyone must choose. ••• Subscribe to listen each week as the Manna class learns and grows...


"Divine Appointments" • 2nd Samuel 15-16 • 2018 July 22 • Brad Hannink

2 Samuel 15-16:14 15: 13-16 True friends tell each other the truth. Vs 17-22 Friends stick together through happy times and hard times. Vs 23-29 God is always in control or your circumstances, so trust Him Vs 30-37 God often answers our prayers by arranging divine appointments with people. 16:1-4 Avoid making decisions when you are “hangry” or in a hurry. 16: 5-13 The truth is always your friend, even when spoken by an enemy. ••• Subscribe to listen each week as the Manna class learns and...


"Like Father, Like Son" • 2nd Samuel 13 • 2018 July 15 • Brad Hannink

2nd Samuel 13 Key Idea: Because God loves us, He uses the consequences of forgiven sin in training us to forsake sin and follow Him. Vs 5-10 Be careful whose advice you follow; advice that helps you accomplish an immoral goal is bad advice. Vs 11-14 Your family is following your example, so make sure your life is leading them to Jesus. Vs 15-22 Sin never satisfies long term; when you sin, sooner or later you will suffer. Vs 23-37 When fathers fail to deal with sin, their families fall...


"Grand Theft Bathsheba" • 2nd Samuel 11-12 • 2018 July 8 • Brad Hannink

2 Samuel 11-12 July 8, 2018 • Vs 1 Like cancer, sin starts small; left unchecked, it will grow until it consumes you. • Vs 4 You cannot stand and fight sexual temptation; if you do not flee, you will surely fall. • Vs 6-27 Trying to cover up sin leads to more sin. • Vs 7-8 God is a generous God; the cure for coveting is contentment with whatever God provides. • 12: 9-14 Sin, even though forgiven, creates consequences that can last a lifetime. ••• Subscribe to listen each week as the Manna...


"Dead Dog Grace" • 2nd Samuel 8 • 2018 July 1 • Brad Hannink

2nd Samuel 8 • Vs 8:6,14: God is our strength in the battles of life, so trust Him before the battle, obey Him in the battle, and praise Him after the battle. • Vs 9:1,7: Be a promise keeper. • Vs 9:2,3: We who have experienced God’s grace should share it with others. ••• Subscribe to listen each week as the Manna class learns and grows together through their in-depth study of God's Word. This comprehensive, expository series is taught by Brad Hannink, a gifted communicator of the Bread of...


"God's Contractor" • 2nd Samuel 7 • 2018 June 24 • Brad Hannink

2nd Samuel 7: • Vs 1-7 When God says ‘No’ to our way, He is redirecting us to His way, which is always the best way. • Vs 8-9 Never forget what God has saved you from in the past, and what He has saved you for in the future. • Vs 9b-11 It’s not about what you can do for God; it’s about what God does for you, in you, and through you. • Vs 12-17 Our salvation through Messiahs’ sacrifice was planned from eternity past, promised throughout the Bible, and will be perpetuated forever in heaven. •...


"A Golden Death" • 2nd Samuel 6 • 2018 June 17 • Brad Hannink

2nd Samuel 6: • Advice before action is essential. • God's directions always transcend human opinions. • Obedience honors God and results in blessing. Disobedience dishonors God and brings about discipline. • Doing God's work in God's way always brings God's blessing and our joy. ••• Listen each week as the Manna class learns and grows together through their in-depth study of God's Word. This comprehensive, expository series is taught by Brad Hannink, a gifted communicator of the Bread of...


"A General Mess" • 2nd Samuel 2 • 2018 June 10 • Brad Hannink

2 Samuel 2: • God works on you while you wait on Him. • It’s not about what you get, it’s about who you become. • We wait for God to give us our wants; He makes us wait to give us Himself. • God uses even our enemies to accomplish His plans for our lives – wait on Him, and watch what He does. • As you follow God, He will show you when to wait and when to act. • When you wait on God, He gives you what He wants you to have, and when He wants you to have it. ••• Listen each week as the Manna...


"A King on the Run" • 2nd Samuel 1 • 2018 June 3 • Brad Hannink

2 Samuel 1-2: • How we respond to God’s grace determines our destiny: obedience brings blessing and life, disobedience brings punishment and death. • God enrolls every Christian in His training academy that is designed to make us more like Jesus. • Always ask God’s counsel before making decisions, and then do what He says. • Citizens fail when they value loyalty to leaders more than loyalty to God. • Leaders fail when they put their own interests ahead of God’s interests. ••• Listen each...