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The Spirit & The Son

Jesus was accused of accomplishing his works based on demonic power instead of Godly power. Jesus responded strongly to the accusations and said a house divided against itself will not stand. In this week's teaching, we learn more about what it means to blaspheme the Holy Spirit and how we should respond to the works of the Spirit.


Yoked in Conspiracy

The Son of Man is Lord of the sabbath, which means we can do anything he sets us free to do for our sabbath. The Pharisees of old and some today seek to bind us with rules and regulations that weigh us down. However, Jesus brings peace, rest, and healing.


Revelation That Brings Rest

The history of the world is about the revelation of Jesus Christ, a revelation that brings us into rest. Yet, our faith doesn't look like rest to much of the world because we've managed to take a beautiful thing and put a yoke on people's necks with anxiety, stress, work, and fear. However, this is Jesus: 'My yoke is easy and my burden is light, and you will find rest for your souls...'


Boast in the Lord

Pastor Ben shares his testimonies of the goodness of God. We dive into Luke 18 as we take a closer look at wealth and trusting in the Lord. You cannot earn your way into the Kingdom by good works, stop trying and let God change your heart.


Pentecost Sunday: Crossroads & Crisis

The secret to life is crying out to the Lord. We are to pray and tell the truth. Pastor Alan breaks open Psalm 30 as he shows us how David does just that. What crisis are you facing this season? Press into the Lord and cry out; contend for your breakthrough.


Just Say Yes

If we're always saying no, how do we know what we're capable of? Always saying no limits us while saying yes reveals who we are in Christ. Anthony Hawkins shares how saying yes now and freaking out later built his faith and gave him new life.


Detour From Destiny

Offense compromises our hearts, blinds us, and detours us from your destiny. No matter what we may say, we all deal with being offended and offending others. In an impactful and personal sermon, Pastor Chuck Elmore shares the story of his mother and how he dealt with anger and offense towards her new husband who tore her away from her family and how God restored hearts and minds.


Offended: Where is God?

The process of being offended is an important process in knowing God as he increases and we decrease. Yet, we often find ourselves becoming offended at God over the problems in our lives. Jesus says, "blessed is the one who is not offended by me," but how can change our attitudes towards God?


Offended: Losing and Gaining Perspective

Being offended is almost a Christian virtue because it's necessary to be sufficiently offended to be righteous about yourself. Christians often struggle with offense. However, the Kingdom calls us to live an 'unoffendable' life because offense prevents us from receiving the blessing Christ has for us. In "Offended: Losing and Gaining Perspective," Pastor Alan attacks our offense and lays out practical steps to counteract the offense we often feel.


The Prophet's Reward

The Christian life is pretty simple: It's receiving and giving. Yet, receiving can be one of the hardest things to do. We've been trainied to be rational, logical human beings, but in order to move in the spiritual realm, we have to learn how to receive. "Water always flows to the lowest place." Receiving begins with humbling ourselves. Humility is not something we ask God for, it's something we do. We put ourself in this small place. We keep on knocking, asking, and receiving.


Faith, Fear, and Following

God has designed you to live above the fear of man, however, we often find our fears and anxieties lead us to live according to fear instead of God's word. How do we live without the fear of man and trust in the fear of the Lord?


He is Risen! It'll Cost You Everything!

In this Resurrection Sunday sermon, Pastor Alan reminds us that Easter Sunday is for everybody who's wept at a grave; everybody who's failed and tried; every believer who's in trouble and struggling and hurting and afraid and wounded and being batted around by critics and scorners. It is for us. We are resurrection people.


Good Friday: The Darkness at Noon

Pastor Ben Stewart leads us in this powerful reflection on the darkness surrounding Christ's death and the light Christ restores. As John tells us, "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it" (John 1:5)


Freedom From Shame

Shame comes from something you've done or because of something done to you, among other things. We often feel shame, but shame is not our inheritance. All of life is God getting us back to Eden where there is no sin, no shame, no brokenness, and no sickness. Jesus will come back to restore the earth to Eden, but until then we must battle the powers and principalites that seek to oppress us with shame.


IRIS Nights: Will Hart

Will Hart joined us for a night where he proclaimed boldness in accepting the calling Jesus has placed before us. The Holy Spirit fell and people were set free from fear, opened their hearts to Jesus' calling, and made commitments from changed hearts. We will not be the same.


Jesus Calling

New Life City is a prophetic church; a church where we look at each other not through the lens of your history but through the lens of your destiny. As such, we long for what God's fullness in our lives and church. One of the reasons New Life City exists is because we saw the gap between what Jesus was saying and what we were doing, and we decided the gap was our problem and not a God problem. We started longing for the distance to be closed between what God was saying and what we were...


The Gospel of the Kingdom

Do you have a gospel? Matthew uses the phrase, "the Gospel of the Kingdom" three times. Other gospel writers use "the Kingdom of God" or "the Kingdom of Heaven." It's the same Kingdom all around. Most Christians say the gospel is believing in Jesus so we'll go to heaven. That's not the way the first century Christians thought of the gospel. The good news is that we have a King and he rules over his kingdom in power and might.