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Join two ordinary pilgrims as they stumble through the post-Christendom wilderness, looking for signs of hope.

Join two ordinary pilgrims as they stumble through the post-Christendom wilderness, looking for signs of hope.
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Join two ordinary pilgrims as they stumble through the post-Christendom wilderness, looking for signs of hope.




10th Anniversary Q&A Marathon (N190)

It was 10 years ago that Nomad first uploaded an episode. 10 years!! So to celebrate we’d like to give you a gift as a thank you for all your support and encouragement. But what to give the beloved listener to mark such a special occasion? A 3 hour 40 minute Q&A marathon episode, that’s what! If you'd like to give a gift back to us, why not leave us a nice review on iTunes, Apple Podcasts - or whichever podcast app you use - and on our Facebook page. And for February only, we have a...


Edwina Gateley - Missionaries, Mystics and Mother God (N189)

Edwina Gateley is a mystic, and a social activist. Her life has been a rhythm of extended periods of prayer and solitude (including 9 months of silence in a caravan in a forest!) and activism (including establishing a mission agency that has sent hundreds of people into missions work around the world, and working with prostitutes on the streets of Chicago). Through both her radical activism and deep contemplation Edwina’s understanding and experience of God and Church has been radically...


Brian Zahnd - Christians in the Age of Trump (N188)

Brian Zahnd is back on the show. This time we’re chatting with him about the themes raised in his soon to be released book Postcards From Babylon. In it he takes aim at the toxic relationship between Church and Empire, and the religion that has emerged from it, which he calls Americanism. This religion has its own liturgies, gods and sacrificial systems, nearly all of which stands in direct opposition to how the early church understood what it meant to follow Jesus. So how are followers of...


Danielle Wilson & Brad Jersak - Nativity at the Edges (N187)

It's that time of the year again! So we thought we'd offer up a Christmas themed Devotional for you all. Brad Jersak talks a bit about how the Nativity is understood in the Eastern Church, we reflect on the feminine in the salvation story, and Danielle Wilson shares reflections on her time spent in a refugee camp in Greece. And of course, all this is woven together with music and song by David Blower. If you'd like to contribute to Danielle's work with Global Aid Network, you can do so...


Brad Jersak - On Charismatics and Contemplation (N186)

For many of us, the charismatic movement has been a mixed bag of bonkers and blessing. The danger is, of course, that we throw the blessed baby out with the bonkers bathwater! Especially for those of us who have been through some kind of deconstruction, we can easily end up rationalising away anything mystical. So we asked Brad Jersak to help us think all this through. Brad is a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church and is deeply contemplative. But he’s also a charismatic. So we ask him...


Liz West - The Enneagram: 9 Pathways for Spiritual Growth (N185)

Enneagram trainer Liz West joins us on the show to talk about this ancient tool for transformation. You may have seen the rather "dodgy" looking enneagram symbol, but don’t be put off. This is an ancient treasure that goes right back to the fourth century desert mothers and fathers who began to discern the things that blocked our relationships with ourselves, with others and with God. And that’s what make the enneagram unique. It doesn’t so much reveal who you are, as the coping mechanisms...


James Alison - Scapegoat: How Civilisation Harms and How the Cross Heals (N184)

Catholic theologian and priest, James Alison joins us on the show to discuss scapegoating. It's a word we're all familiar with, but as James explains, it's through the violence of the scapegoating mechanism that civilisations are built. And, it is through the scapegoating mechanism that the cross heals. It's a fascinating way of understanding the atonement, especially for those of us disillusioned with models of atonement that require a violent God. So tune in for a truly mind bending and...


Elaine Heath - Pioneers, Lightning Rods and Anxious Churches (N183)

Elaine Heath is the perfect person to speak to about the emergence of new expressions of Church. She's one of those rare people who understands and can navigate the institution (she's former Dean of Duke Divinity School and an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church), while at the same time has years of experience in small, experimental, missional communities. She's a pioneer who through her writing, speaking and retreats, has opened up a space for many others to explore new forms of...


Nick Thorley - Recovery, Running and Resurrection (N182)

The founding father of Nomad Podcast, Nick Thorley makes his triumphant return to the show, some 7 and a half years and 146 episodes after stepping down! Nick's been on quite a journey. Having recovered from addiction through the healing power of therapy and ultra marathon running, Nick reflects on the trauma of losing his sight, the changing nature of his faith, the folly of trying to compartmentalise our lives, what the church can learn from the recovery movement, and so much more. It's a...


Tom Wright - The Reconstruction of Paul (N181)

Professor Tom Wright has got another book out! If you found the 1800 page tome that was Paul and the Faithfulness of God a little intimidating, then perhaps try his mere 500 page Paul: A Biography. Or failing that, how about a 50 minute Nomad interview to bring you up to speed with Tom's new insights on the apostle Paul. And fascinating insights they are too. Did you know, for example, that Paul struggled with doubts and with his mental health? No, we didn't either. So tune in for this, and...


Paula Gooder - Phoebe, Patriarchy and Faithful Improvisation (N180)

From just two verses at the end of Romans, Paula Gooder has gleaned some fascinating insights about Phoebe. She was likely a freed slave, who became wealthy and influential. And she was a deacon who carried Paul's letter to the Church in Rome, and most likely explained it to them. From these intriguing details, Paula has written a novel, exploring the life of this woman (and others) in the early church. So we met up with Paula to chat about women in the early church and the church today....


Steve Aisthorpe - The Invisible Church (N179)

You're no doubt aware that the Church has been in steady decline in the West for a number of decades now. In the UK for example, Church attendance has roughly halved in the last thirty five years. But what do we know about all the people who left? Why did they leave? And what are they doing now? Researcher Steve Aisthorpe contacted 5000 church leavers to find out more. And what it discovered revealed a much more hopeful, but no less challenging picture of the Church! If you want more from...


Elaine Heath - Spiritual Practices (N178)

It's summer and we're feeling generous, so with thought we'd share this month's Nomad Devotional with everyone. If you're a patron of nomad you'll be very familiar with our Devotionals. Each month we ask a guest to offer us a reflection. And then we unpack it with music, song and readings. This month we asked the former Dean of Duke Divinity School Elaine Heath to reflect on the spiritual practices she sees as vital for Christians today, and the spiritual practice that has had a...


David Benjamin Blower - Hymns for Nomads (N177)

For those of you who support us on Patreon, you’ll already be familiar with David Benjamin Blower’s music. Each month he responds to a guest’s reflection with music and song. And out of these Devotionals has emerged the album Hymns for Nomads, a compilation of spirituals, murder ballads and campfire songs. It’s a record that invites us to pick up an instrument, to play, sing, join hands and have some hard-won hope. So I met up with David to talk about why we sing together, why some of us...


John Philip Newell - The Spirit, the Earth and the Soul (N176)

Christianity in the West is collapsing. Poet, peacemaker and scholar John Philip Newell believes we can either deny it’s happening, try to shore up the foundations of the old thing, or we can radically reorientate our vision and ask what new thing is trying to be born. So we ask John Philip what this new thing is that is trying to emerge from deep within us and from deep within the collective soul of Christianity. If you want more from Nomad, check out our website, and follow us on Facebook...


Vicky Beeching - From Shame to Pride (N175)

Vicky Beeching was the darling of the Christian worship scene. For a decade she wrote hit albums and toured American mega-churches, leading worship for thousands of people every week. Her songs become some of the most sung around the world. But from the age of 13 Vicky had kept a secret. She was gay. When finally at the age of 35 she came out, the evangelical Church she loved turned on her. Boycotting her music, they ended her career over night. This was backed up with an unrelenting flood...


Sarah Corbett - The Art of Gentle Protest (N174)

"If we want our world to be more beautiful, kind and fair, then should'nt our activism be beautiful, kind and fair?" It's obvious when you hear someone say it. So why is so much activism loud and aggressive? Sarah Corbett burnt out on just this kind of activism, partly because she's an introvert, and partly because she increasingly doubted its effectiveness. So she formed the Craftivist Collective "an inclusive group of people committed to using thoughtful, beautiful crafted works to help...


Kallistos Ware - The Jesus Prayer (N173)

Metropolitan Kallistos Ware is considered by many to be the leading theologian today in the Orthodox Church. He is perhaps best known as the author of the book The Orthodox Church, and more recently the companion volume, The Orthodox Way. Metropolitan Kallistos is also known as one of the great advocates of the Jesus Prayer, a prayer that countless Christians through the centuries have considered to be central to their spiritual growth. It was a prayer Rowan Williams referred to in our 2017...


Rachel Held Evans - Loving the Bible Again (N172)

Rachel Held Evans was brought up in the 'buckle of the Bible Belt' and inherited a conservative evangelical faith. But shaken by the realities of our broken world, cracks began to form, and questions turned to doubts, doubts to cynicism and cynicism to despair. But through this journey she continued to wrestle with the Bible, sometimes exasperated by its apparent complicity with the bloody, ugly, mess of this world, and other times challenged and inspired by it. So how does she understand...


Stephen Backhouse - For God and Country? (N171)

Political theologian Stephen Backhouse believes that the earliest Christians tended to see patriotism as a vice – a temptation to guard against. Now it seems most Christians assume it is a virtue. Many of us, for example, don't think twice about asking God to Save the Queen or Bless America. So we ask Stephen whether the gospel is good news for our nations, what it means for a follower of Jesus to be a good citizen, whether we should be a blessing to our nation, or an unsettling presence,...