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Delegation: Passing The Baton

It’s not until too late we learn to delegate. Often we’re passing a baton, and we discover we have built systems and people that are too dependent on us. If you stop to think about it this is selfish and narcissistic. Instead, developing the skill of delegation means we have to learn how to do it. Jesus was intentional and purposeful in his delegation. Conscious that he would die, he built a system that was not dependent on him. He trained, discipled and invested in others. Think about it,...


Conflict: Master The Conflict Within And You Will Master Every Conflict

In conflict, we tend to ramp up emotionally. In these moments the key is to de-escalate the situation. Stay calm, ask questions, listen, breath, and don’t feel like you have to respond at the moment. In this episode of Man Talk, Vince Miller is joined by David Dutrieuille.


Change: You Might Be Missing An Opportunity

No one likes change. But not everything changes in a change. Some things change but consider what exciting new thing are you missing out on right now because you are too committed to the idea that you are unwilling to let go? In this episode of Man Talk, Vince Miller is joined by Brandon Thrash and Chris McArdle.


Margin: Here's A Word That Will Change Your Life

We all at some point are going to take on too much in our lives. And you have a couple of choices at this moment. You can ignore the load and bear the weight and become ineffective in some area of your life, or you can start using a word that will give you back some life. Discover the answer as Vince Miller and Greg Bourgond mix it up on this episode of ManTalk.


Trust | The Great Commodity of a Leader

Watching the news and media today, I wonder if we trust anyone anymore. Scandals, misbehavior, corruption, and fraud are prolific, and some even work overtime to destroy others trust and credibility by fabricating lies or embellishing untruths. In this episode of Man Talk, Vince Miller is joined by Brandon Thrash and Chris McArdle.


Feedback: Distorted Reality Is Clarified

We all need feedback. And it can come in the form of evaluation, direction, or even encouragement. However, we are scared of it. And we shouldn’t be. We should crave to be better, and the only way there is through feedback. In this episode of ManTalk Vince Miller and Tyler VanEps dial in the topic of feedback, how it works poorly, and how you can best give it and receive it to grow as a man of God.


Spiritual Gifts: The Impact Of You In Community With God

We often confuse natural with spiritual gifts, but I don’t think we should. Every Christian is given them, and some of us are in tune with them from a very young age. However, at the moment we choose to follow Christ these apparent natural talents are repurposed and used for not accomplishing our purposes but God’s. And in a community context, they have explosive application. You see everyone in this room has one and we each look for this contribution in community. Without community, they...


Goals: You Need Annual Goals

Goals are how we accomplish a better tomorrow. Yet so many Christian men never bother to set spiritual goals. We do in other areas of life, but when it comes to spiritual growth - nada. In this episode, Vince Miller and Tyler VanEps discuss the importance of goals and how to set them using Vince Millers 8-F Goal Setting Framework.


Mission: Why We Do The Things We Do

We all do the things we do for some reason, whether we understand it or not. A mission is something that we should understand and verbalize. In this episode, Vince Miller is joined by Greg Bourgond for a robust dialogue on the mission of man and how to find it and live it.


Vision: How You Imagine The Future

Over the years my vision has begun to fade. And I would say this has become an irritating experience for me. Dark places, small fonts, moving my eyes from looking at a distance to reading is now requires more effort. But I meet men all the time who have this very same irritating experience at work, career, home, and in their personal life. This is because lack of vision can be an irritating experience. Visionless men are irritated men. Habakkuk 2:2 reads, “Write the vision; make it plain on...


Values: What a man really values

Values are what drive everyman, but there are two types of value. Real and ascribed value. In this podcast, Vince Miller is joined by Dr. Greg Bourgond to discuss the importance of values in a man's life.


Core Beliefs: A Man Leads From What He Believes

As a man, I retain beliefs that are not true about myself. I remember as a child overhearing my father say he “didn’t want to spend time with me.” This in turn embedded a belief into my mind that my father did not love me. This belief, unfortunately, became a core belief I carried with me for much of my teen years. Until one day I discovered God, my heavenly father loves me. From this I learned that sometimes these sound bites we hear, embraced subconsciously as truth, can become idols, that...


Brotherhood: You Can't Do Life Alone

I believe men prefer to do life alone because in isolation we feel we can do whatever we want. Now while this is an option, it's not the best option. We need brothers in our life. We are even commanded by God to be in brotherhood. Add to this that even the Triune God lived in a community. Father, Son, and Spirit. And inevitably we will encounter a moment in life we need wisdom, encouragement, and accountability and the resources we seek are only found in a community. And by the way, autonomy...


Motive: What's The Real Reason Your Did That

There is this proverb that says, “All a person’s ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the Lord.” In other words, there is this inconsistency between our motive and action. While we present our good deeds as being done for the benefit of others we often do it to get more self-benefit. I think this is why Jesus encourages us to do some things in secret rather than public. Because in secret we cannot hide from God. He knows our heart, and we can know him, and hopefully, we can do...


Produces | Do Something Will Ya

Produce is an outcome of something else. For example, when you walk through the produce aisle at the grocery store you are looking at fruits and vegetables that are the product, or outcomes, of its nutrients and care. We too as men are commanded to produce but we do not do this of our own strength. In this episode of Man Talk, Vince Miller is joined again by Matthew Swanson, Attorney, Civil Litigator and how men are called to produce results in this life.


Fatherhood, Manhood, and the Challenges of being a Dad

On this episode, I am interviewed by Jeff Zaugg from DadAwesome at Substance Church in Minnesota on the topics of living every moment in the character of Jesus as a man and a father.


Self-Discipline | Disciplining the Desire

In this episode of Man Talk, Vince Miller is joined again by Keith TerHaar, Founder of Intended 4 Health. Self-discipline centers around the topic no one wants to talk about – directing our impulses and desires. Our desires are wild by nature and we have to discipline ourselves at the deepest level to produce change. Often we exert a little external force to bring this about; two examples of classic disciplines are Bible reading and prayer. These disciplines are used to provide a redirect...


Obedience | Something We All Have To Learn

Obedience is something we learn to do. This is because we are born with an impulse of disobedience, which is indicative of the fallen world we live in. Good news is that we don’t have to learn obedience only through disobedience. In fact, Jesus did not learn obedience through disobedience, he learned obedience through suffering (Hebrews 5:8-9) and not being disobedient, which is to teach us all that obedience is something we learn. And the fact remains that if the object or person we are...


Sacrifice | Learning To Be A Giver

In this compelling interview, Vince Miller interviews former F-18 Pilot and founding partner of T-6 Victory, Chris Koelzer, about the meaning of sacrifice. While sacrifice may have little meaning to each of us, there is no one better than a military serviceman to teach the world about the meaning of this word. You have to listen in today about to become the giver and live sacrificially for others.


Submission | It Is Not Always About Winning

I think we think submission is always a bad thing. It’s not. When we typically think of submission, we think of losing in a rink where we are wrestling with another guy, and we submit to him only to lose in the end. And yes submission requires and assumes some form of loss. But submission also has a gain. In this episode of ManTalk, Vince Miller is joined by F-18 Pilot and Co-Founder of T-6 Victory, Chris Koelzer, who discuss submission and the tremendous benefits it has in a man's life as...