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Psalm 72, The King

God’s people are to pray / hope in His righteous rule through His King, Who alone will bless permanently.

Parable of the Loving Father, 15:11-32

VIEW SERMON NOTES What are you hoping will bring you fulfillment? What disappointments can you list? Have you considered working for God? I don’t mean going into full-time vocational ministry but working for what God works for? Well Jesus had made the statement that serving Him is a must or life is worthless! 14:34-35. But now He wants to show the attractiveness of following Him. Believers are to rejoice with the results of God’s love and not their perfomance.

Come, Join The Party! 15:1-10

VIEW SERMON NOTES Is there joy in your life? Note the fleeting, short lasting excitement of a new gadget or some event. But there is a sure, permanent, deep contentment and joy to be experienced, even when things are not going the way you want them to go. If this kind of joy is not there, why not? What brings such a joy? Jesus invites all to experience God’s joy when the lost get saved.

The Great Condescension

View Sermon Notes Christmas is to drive us to worship because being Almighty, Jesus lowered Himself to being a servant!

Be Fruitful or Be Cut, 13:1-9

Do you look to the Bible for life’s questions? Do you believe God really knows what He is talking about? Does He really lead us to happiness? Does He know what is really needed? Jesus calls all to repentance and fruitfulness since judgment is near.

Effective Waiting, 12:35-48

What most occupies your mind concerning tomorrow, next week, next month, next year? Is the second coming of the Lord more important than the elections coming soon? Jesus teaches that effectively waiting for His Kingdom menas faithful service.

Exodus 24

The Lord is preparing His people to enter the Promised Land and had finished given them the laws by which they were to live in the land. Relational contract with God means complete obedience, communion but in absolute holiness.

Going for the Real Gold, 12:22-34

Who are you believing as to what is most important? What are you believing is most valuable? What are you seeing are your problems in life? Jesus teaches believers to treasure God’s Kingdom or be ruled by anxiety.

Exodus 23

The Lord is preparing His people to enter the Promised Land and thus warning them about temptations and fundamental principles / truths, to live by. Respecting the Lord in relation to authority, food and divine guidance was the way to blessings while rebellion meant continued effects of sin.

Right Sorrow

There are at least 2 very different kinds of sorrow. In 2 Cor. Paul speaks of them. The prophet Micah highlights the right sorrow, the sorrow that leads to life.

Exodus 22

Along with other righteous retribution laws in cases of injury the Lord requires gracious dealings with the needy.

Possessions and Jesus, 12:13-21

Where are you in relation to things? Is getting things what consumes your time? Buying in the internet or buying period? Jesu teaches that, believing life comes from possession, leads to greed and grief!

Faithful to Jesus 12:1-12

Has Christianity not “worked for you”? Have people who claimed to know Christ hurt you badly? Has the hypocrisy greatly discouraged you in living for Christ? Jesus encourages believers to stay faithful to Him through this tricky and dangerous life.

Apply, Apply, Apply!

How are you representing the Lord and His Word? In the work place? At home? To your neighbors? To your relatives? Do you care about how you represent God? God has a plan to help the world come out of darkness and into His Kingdom of light but how are you in relation to that plan of God? Jesus condemns biblilcal knowledge without application.

Exodus 21b

The Lord required righteous retribution laws in cases of injury.

Wise Perspective: Jesus

What are your perspectives in life that are guiding, determining what you decide and do? Jesus warns against rejecting Him as the life-guiding perspective but promises light to the trusting.

Cosmic Power Struggle

Are you aware you are the prize of a cosmic, titanic power struggle? Yes, your soul is wanted! Satan wants it to use and destroy you for his pleasure, and God wants to use and bless you for His pleasure! Unmistakably stronger than Satan, Jesus warns against choosing to reject Him.

Exodus 20

The Ten Commandments have been used and abused for thousands of years. They are so powerful because the come from God's very nature! But God’s moral will is critical to follow for a blessed life!

Confident Prayers

Context, in the previous passage Jesus was giving the good part; the word of God and Mary was receiving it and would not be taken away from her. Here Jesus is encouraging His disciples to confidently ask God for what is good; salvation! Jesus teaches believers they are to be confident that God the Father will give them what is truly good.