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Episode #11- A Life of Worship with Guest Catherine Mullins

Catherine's Journey It started in a church where her dad was the pastor, it was a great ground for growing to lead worship She went to college and planned on having a business degree, but in 2008 she did an event on God T.V, and lead worship at 21 She was humbly a background singer, but in that obedience God uplifted her to lead singer Her dad told her “If you want to be a worship leader you just serve wherever you can” Spontaneous Worship in the Now Generation God is restoring part of the...


Episode #10- Worship Culture with Guest Katie Braswell

The Bridge Ministry The Bridge has been ministering to the young generation across the gulf coast They want to create a culture of worship on the Gulf Coast The Bridge Culture They started as a young adult ministry called “Anchor” Their first gathering was in April 2014 and had 30 people show up, they had another gathering and had 80 people show up They want to set an atmosphere to give people time to spend time in worship and experience God They are building a city-wide community Bringing...


Episode #9 Radical Resting

Radical Resting is one of the most important things in the Kingdom of God Luke 8:23 *Being a minister, resting is difficult, because you want to help people and there is so much to do yet not enough time 80% believe pastoral ministry has negatively affected their family *If you are not having a clear difference between family time and ministry time it’s going to affect your family all together *If you don’t have a family and believe you can do ministry all the time you are wrong, you still...


Episode #8- Life of a Radical Missionary with Guest Lyons Whitmore

Lyons Journey in Ministry *Lyons got saved in college in the early nineties and was not ready to walk with Jesus, so he found himself strung out on drugs and homeless. *In May 1999 he found himself checking in to a year long rehab, and by the grace of God he is a Teen Challenge Graduate! *God led Lyons to a local church who showed him how to really have a relationship with Jesus, and he has been walking with Christ for 19 years now. *As he has learned to walk out a life of service to other...


Episode #7- Wrestling with the season of Waiting

The season of waiting is never easy, however it is important to embrace. -Embrace your season. -Have Patience with your purpose. -Always seek Jesus.


Episode #6- Singing The Scriptures with Guest Jenny Weaver

*Story of singing scriptures ministry, Facebook Live God completely turned Jenny’s life around by asking her to do something that no one else really does, singing the Scriptures. During this new level in her life God used her to impact thousands of lives because she obediently followed God’s voice. *Overcoming fear of man and stepping out in prophetic worship When you step out in ministry it’s a whole different world from your personal time with God who accepts your praise, but another...


Episode #5 Passions & Priorities

Passions & Priorities Marked For Life Ministries- vision and goal -Texas Recap- Met with Envoy Church and there was a powerful connection of Unity. Why we do what I do -Our main focus is to see students reproduce the kingdom lifestyle. -Students Need Deep Discipleship There are thousands upon thousands in church right now who are full of potential and don't know it . Our goal is to push them to fulfill their potential. -SEEK GOD TO FIND YOUR PLACE- God cares more about you than He does...


Episode #4- Finding your place in the Secret Place

Learning how to have communion with the Father, Jesus, is one of the most difficult things when it comes to Christianity. The reason it becomes so difficult is because the enemy uses confusion to try and stop the relationship between us and Jesus. If you feel like it's hard to pray, hard to seek Jesus, hard to find your secret place, press in harder because there is power and breakthrough available for you.


Episode 3-Breaking Away from Burnout with Guest Steven Windham

This week on the Podcast we discuss overcoming burnout. -Stevens story of trying to manage a sinful life style while serving in the church. -Being who you are called to be and squashing comparison -Not becoming discouraged while serving in the church, learning to say no.


Episode #2 Presence Driven Life- with Tyler Frick and Dustin Holguin

Logan sits down with Tyler Frick and Dustin Holguin for deep conversation about ministry. A presence driven lifestyle is the way to live.


Overcoming Fear- The Purpose Podcast- Ep 1

Overcoming Fear to fulfil our purpose Episode #1 When trying to begin our ministry calling so many times we fall into fear. We are scared of comparison or what people may say. We may make up excuses (or I do at least) for example “there is no way I can do that.” God calls me to do something but the enemy sends fear to try and get me off track. Here is the truth, any dream you have that is Godly Jesus will make it happen if you put your trust in Him. Forget the “what ifs” -What if I fail?...