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The show features a regular roundtable discussion of Christian theology and apologetics.

The show features a regular roundtable discussion of Christian theology and apologetics.
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Escondido, CA


The show features a regular roundtable discussion of Christian theology and apologetics.




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A Rhetoric of Love

Too often in our media-saturated culture, political opponents are invited to spar with each other on radio and television news segments, not in order to actually work through their differences, but instead as almost a kind of blood-sport. The fact that these exchanges frequently produce “more heat than light” is actually part of the entertainment value. But how are we being shaped in the process? Do we belittle our political and religious opponents, and talk over them as if their views...


The Way of the Lamb

Though a “Word and Sacrament” ministry appears to be the main point of Jesus’ Great Commission, it does not appear to be the thing most churches are known for in our time. Why is it that contemporary churches often become so focused on growing their brand that they lose sight of their true mission and purpose? According to Kyle Strobel and Jamin Goggin, this is because many of today’s church leaders have succumbed to the temptations of worldly power. On this program, Michael Horton talks...



According to Jeff Mallinson, we’ve lost the art of being sexy. Sure, we’ve got plenty of casual sex, porn, and sexual liberation to go around, but none of that ultimately satisfies. All that stuff, he says, lacks the joy of transcendence, flirtation, dancing, and genuine intimacy. On this edition of White Horse Inn, Michael Horton talks with Jeff about the rationale behind his new book, Sexy: The Quest for Erotic Virtue in Perplexing Times. Due to the nature of the subject matter, this...


What Is Spiritual Warfare?

Modern Christians often fall to one of two extremes. Either they basically ignore the Bible’s warnings about the hostile “spiritual forces,” or they are overly obsessed with them, seeing demons hiding under every rock. On this program, the hosts walk through Paul’s admonitions to prepare for spiritual battle by putting on the full armor of God—every piece of which relates to the objective gifts that God has granted us in Jesus Christ.


A New Way to Think About Work & Family

On this edition of White Horse Inn the hosts begin a discussion of Ephesians chapter 6, as Paul outlines the proper roles for Christian parents and children. While many today leave religious instruction to their church’s youth program, Paul teaches that it is the father’s responsibility to bring up their children “in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” The hosts also interact with Paul’s instructions concerning the proper motivation for Christian workers and employers.


Applying the Gospel to Our Relationships

On this program, the hosts resume their verse by verse discussion of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, picking up midway through chapter 5. The focus of the conversation centers around Paul’s discussion of the relationship between husbands and wives, as an analogy of Christ’s relationship to his church. Once again, the practical imperatives are grounded in gospel indicatives.


An Interview with Steve Baugh

On this program, Michael Horton talks with his colleague, Dr. Steven M. Baugh, professor of New Testament at Westminster Seminary California, about his recent commentary on the book of Ephesians. In addition to providing a great deal of background information relating to the city of Ephesus in the first century, the two discuss some of the prominent themes that Paul addresses in this important epistle.


An Interview with Simon Gathercole

On this edition of the program, Michael Horton talks with Cambridge New Testament Scholar Simon Gathercole about his various books and articles. Right at the outset, they discuss the contemporary debate concerning “theories of the atonement,” and then they move to a discussion of the views of N.T. Wright and whether his recent book on this topic has under-emphasized the traditional substitutionary view of Christ’s work on our behalf.


An Interview with N.T. Wright

What is the meaning of Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross? Should it bee seen as a demonstration of God’s love, as victory over the hostile powers, or as "penal substitution" in which God’s wrath was actually satisfied? On this program, we’ll be taking a break from our series through Ephesians as Michael Horton discusses these questions with controversial theologian, N.T. Wright, author of The Day the Revolution Began. Whether you agree with his perspective or not, one thing is clear:...


Walking in Love & Faithfulness

As a result of their being chosen and adopted in Christ, Paul now instructs the Ephesians to imitate God as beloved children. In short, Christians do not become God’s children by imitating him, but rather we are first brought into his family by grace alone, and then are called to walk in light of our new identity. More than anything, therefore, thankfulness and gratitude should characterize the Christian life.


Futility of Mind & Hardness of Heart

In Ephesians 4:17, Paul says that Christians “must no longer walk as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their minds.” In this insightful passage, we see the connection between doctrine and life, even in the case of non-Christians. According to Paul, Gentiles pursue lives of pleasure and sensuality because they believe that life is ultimately purposeless and futile. Christians, however, are called to live in light of God’s revealed purposes in Christ, and to put off the old self with its...


One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism

What are the implications of our being united to Christ through baptism, and how does this new reality affect the way we live here and now? As a result of this new union, how should we then relate to other members of the body of Christ? On this program, the hosts are continuing their survey of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, and they will discuss the first half of chapter 4.


Knowing the Love of Christ

Too often Christians in our day are divided into two separate camps. On one side are the intellectual types who focus exclusively on doctrine, and on the other side are the emotional Christians who focus more on love, experience, and practical Christian living. But according to Paul in Ephesians chapter 3, this division does not appear to be justified. In verses 14-19, he prays that the saints in Ephesus would be “rooted and grounded in love,” and that they would also “have the strength to...


In Memoriam: An Interview with R.C. Sproul

On this bonus edition of the White Horse Inn, we're presenting a wonderful exchange that Michael Horton recorded with R.C. Sproul back in September of 2008.


Christ Alone

Many Christians in our day, whether liberal or evangelical, declare that there is hope of eternal life apart from explicit faith in Jesus Christ. In fact, according to one survey by George Barna, 35% of America’s evangelical seminary students agreed with the statement, “God will save all good people when they die, regardless of whether they’ve trusted in Christ.” On this program the hosts will discuss our need to recover the clear theology of a text such as John 14:6 in which Jesus says,...


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