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Episode 008 - How I Became a Real Estate Investor

Becoming a real estate investor is something I believe many of you can do. When you have a truthful assessment of where you stand, reset your thinking by learning from the more experienced, and implement strategies on a consistent basis, you will then start journeying ahead to reach the place where you want to be and beyond!


Episode 007 - When You Feel Undervalued & Unappreciated

The devil robs us of living who we are called to be when are spirits are stuck feeling undervalued and unappreciated. When we can set focus our everything on spirit of God, we will find that it will manifest itself in our lives and others when we can come before the Lord to clean our hearts, place our hope in Jesus, and live transformed to freely give love and appreciation towards others.


Episode 005 - Know Your Assignment

Knowing your assignment comes through having your identity so grounded in God that without striving or being passive, we become and walk as the person that the Lord made us to be. This revelation put me at ease and reminded me of my relationship with God and others is what matters the most.


Episode 004 - Custom Craft Your Career in Pursuit of Your Calling

By the grace of God, I’m now in a position where my current commitments as well as my flexibility of time and ability to work wherever and whenever (thank you internet) makes this possible, so much to where one “hustle” fuels another “hustle” to the point where they all harmoniously work together and even enhance one another. With that, I can say that my devotion to each of these areas are collectively fulfilling, rewarding, and fruitful.


Episode 000: Unseen Podcast Intro

I’m going to be discussing a wide gamut of topics ranging from faith (devotions, testimonials, inspirations), finance (budgeting, getting out of debt, wealth building, real estate), media (videography, photography, storytelling, content creating) and infrastructure (creating effective systems, streamlining, technology) etc etc etc.. I’m hoping to even have some guests here and there so you never know.. you might be on the next show!


Episode 002 - Why I've Embraced a Minimalist Lifestyle

My decision embracing minimalism helped me become more self aware and direct. Though on the outside I had a lot of things, they were really a mask for the condition of my spirit which was attempting to find quick satisfaction and dopamine rushes that could not replace or substitute the true contentment and fulfillment that I could find in God alone.


Episode 003 - My Story of Debt

Proverbs 22:7 states that “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.” Though we might not see it on the outside, the implication of this is that debt, and especially being in it either without the awareness or knowledge to have a plan of attack, is spiritually binding. My passion is to be able to help set the captives free, and through sharing life experience, encourage that reality is our friend, and coming up with strategies for optimal stewardship that many...


Episode 001: When We Lack Heart

When I become aware of the deterioration of my heart and spirit, it’s then where I need to enter back into the heart of worship, take responsibility for who I’ve become, and fight to recenter myself back again on becoming Christlike. It’s only then where we can turn off all the noise, stand up from the bleachers, and become a partaker on the playing field as the body of Christ in thanksgiving and true worship first and foremost through heart and attitude.