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Listen to weekly sermons from the United Church of God congregation in Raleigh NC. We observe the 4th commandment to conduct a sacred assembly on the 7th day of the week to worship God and receive instruction in the word of God.

Listen to weekly sermons from the United Church of God congregation in Raleigh NC. We observe the 4th commandment to conduct a sacred assembly on the 7th day of the week to worship God and receive instruction in the word of God.
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Listen to weekly sermons from the United Church of God congregation in Raleigh NC. We observe the 4th commandment to conduct a sacred assembly on the 7th day of the week to worship God and receive instruction in the word of God.








The Laying on of Hands

The laying on of hands is listed in scripture as one of the most basic, foundational, and fundamental doctrines of Christ. Yet, to many it is an obscure practice… you don’t hear about it in many sermons, nor is it a subject that a lot of people ask to have explained, or have questions about. Hebrews 6:1-2 here is the listing I just referred to. These are what scripture considers the foundational teachings. Therefore this is a list of what the Church of God considers the foundational...


You Can Be A Pillar In The Church of God

A Pillar in the Church To call someone a pillar, for example: pillar of society, pillar of the community, pillar of the church… has been a well used idiom of the English language since medieval times. It basically means such a person is an active and respected member of a group of people… local society, community, or church. Like many such phrases we hear this one is used less often than in the past. Discussions of old-fashioned or quaint idioms of the language are not our purpose here...


God’s Commands Are Spiritual And Stand Throughout Time

There is trouble in our world. Nations and cultures are in conflict… there is fear, anger, corruption at work, in politics… families are drowning in a sea of selfishness, perversion, even violence. What is the cause of it all? The answers are wrapped up in the concept of law… the human mind does not like this concept of law… but we are going to forge ahead anyway. Physical Laws & Spiritual Laws The universe has physical laws… gravity, the laws of thermo dynamics, genetics, etc… these...


The Spirit of Service - Don't Look Down on the Small Things

The gifts God gives through the Holy Spirit are mentioned in several places in scripture. The letters to the Ephesians, Corinthians, and Romans each contain a list of such gifts. Each listing is different and depends on the context, such as: how they pertain to office in the church, or signs and wonders, or functions within the body of Christ. We are going to zero in on the list in Romans 12 which itemizes various functions within the body of Christ. From there we get our subject for...


How Can A Person Grieve The Holy Spirit?

Ephesians 5:30 How can someone grieve the Holy Spirit? The warning in this verse is directed at those who have believed, been baptized and received the Holy Spirit. God is aware of and watching the actions and thoughts of all humanity. However, at this stage in human history He has special care and concern for those He has called to receive His great gift of eternal life. So, this is a warning for disciples of Christ. To grieve means to cause sorrow, distress, emotional pain. The one...


Ruth Redeemed - A Woman Becomes A Bride

The book of Ruth is a story of how a woman became a bride. The book provides inspirational instruction about the steps leading to our ultimate destiny… to be the Bride of Christ at His return. The opening scenes of the book take place in Moab. Elimelech, a man of Bethlehem, and his wife Naomi, have gone to live in Moab to escape a famine in Judah. In Moab Elimelech’s two sons married native Moabite women. Elimelech dies, and in quick succession his 2 sons also die before any children are...


The Work of Jesus Christ is Far From Finished

Many people assume that Christ’s death finished the plan of God. We [United Church of God] do not believe that is so. John 19:28-30 My purpose today is to show you that God’s plan and purpose for humanity is not finished with the death of Jesus… rather His death is the beginning. The beginning of a plan far more satisfying, comprehensive, and complete. What Then Was Finished? John 17:1-5 Jesus completed the work the Father had given Him to do. 1 Corinthians 5:7 that work included the...


Examine Yourself in Preparation For the Passover

1 Corinthians 11:27-32 It is possible to take the Passover in a manner that is unworthy… to take it in an irreverent way, with a wrong attitude. The immediate example we have is of the Corinthians. They were keeping the Passover as if it were a Greco-Roman dinner party, with preferential seating and separate rooms for members based on social status. The wealthy among them would get served first, they would get better food, better drink etc. Some had scraps while others indulged themselves...


What is the New Covenant?

To understand the New Covenant we begin with the Old Covenant. Summary: the Old Covenant was an agreement [a deal] between the God of Creation and Israel [the descendants of Abraham]. God promised to protect, to provide for, and to give honored status to Israel. Israel promised to obey God’s commandments, laws and judgments. If Israel failed to obey… blessings from God would stop and instead they would receive curses [punishments]. Deuteronomy 5:29 God knew Israel would not be able to...


Baptism as Practiced in the Church of God

A review of scriptural examples of baptisms in the gospels and Acts and an explain how we use these to inform our current best practices and procedures for baptism in the Church of God The Baptism of John Mark 1:2-5 it was a baptism of repentance for the remission of sin Matthew 3:6 repentance involves an acknowledgment of personal sins and a conviction to make changes in what we do. Matthew 3:7-9 repentance involves making personal changes in your life. To acknowledge sin, to be...


Video Message: Is There Racism in the Bible?

The basis for charges of racism made against God and His word come from many different directions but revolve around a common theme: the establishment of Israel as God’s chosen people. In this way, critics portray the entire bible as based upon God’s favor of one race over others. Specific examples often cited include: ➤ God’s command to wipe out the Canaanites Deuteronomy 20:16-17 ➤ Religious exclusivity and forbidding intermarriage with other nations Numbers 25:1-3, Nehemiah...


The New Covenant Feast of Unleavened Bread

How do we arrive at our New Covenant model for observing the DOULB? How does the Church of God what to do and what not to do when observing the festival. Where do we get our New Covenant understanding of the Festival of Unleavened Bread and their spiritual implication for us today? The Model For DOULB Begins in Exodus In Exodus we learn that the feast is 7 days long and begins on the 15day of Abib (the day after Passover). The first day is an annual Sabbath on which we do no work and...


What Was The Old Covenant?

The old covenant was an agreement made between God and Israel. If Israel would agree to keep His commandments, statutes and judgments. He would be their God and bless them with land, physical well-being, abundant crops, and protection from their enemies, He would give them special status among the nations. A covenant is a deal, a formal agreement. It can take the form of a treaty, an alliance, a marriage, or a will of inheritance. What is commonly called the old covenant is a deal that...


The Resurrections - From Here to Eternity

Will science ever find a way to allow us to live forever? With all that humanity is able to accomplish the hope that we may one day eliminate death seems almost possible. Each year new breakthroughs and technologies are introduced in our search for ways to prolong life and perhaps even to live forever. The dream of living forever is part of how we humans think. Our creator has put this notion of eternity into our minds. But He has not built into us the knowledge or power to make eternal...


How Can We Be Sure The Sabbath is the Seventh Day?

How Can We Be Sure The Sabbath is the Seventh Day? If you are simply wondering which day of the week is the seventh day you’ll find the answer on most printed calendars in the U.S.. The 1stday of each week is Sunday and the 7thday of each week is Saturday. Note: In 1988 the ISO 8601 calendar was introduced to provide a universal method for transferring date and time information digitally. Graphically, the ISO 8601 presents the week as beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday. This has...

Video Message: How Can I Forgive Myself?

When God your creator forgives you for whatever you might have done… it is to Him as if it never happened. That forgiveness is yours for the asking because Jesus Christ gave his life to pay the penalty for your actions. Still, some of us have a hard time putting our past behind us. ----------------------------- FREE eBook -------------------------------------- If you want to explore this subject as a personal study of your own, request a copy of FORGIVENESS IS POSSIBLE to start...


Listen to Message: Is Lighting a Fire on the Sabbath Forbidden?

God does not forbid you a fire to warm your homes on a cold Sabbath night, nor a cooking fire, nor lighting a lamp in the dark. Let's look at Exodus 35:3. ----------------------------- FREE eBook -------------------------------------- Get our FREE bible study guide on God's holy Sabbath day: http://ucgraleigh.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_9.html ------------------------------- Find UCGRaleigh ------------------------------- Subscribe to this YouTube channel:...


Humble Yourself Today: Day of Atonement

At Christ’s return the people of the earth will not be humble and willing to learn... they will be be angry and defiant. That needs to change If He is to create a joy filled world ruled in peace. But it won't change while the driving force behind their way of thinking is still functioning. The governments, societies, religions, economies, sports of earth are still under the authority of Satan until he is removed. Christ's return begins a transfer of power and authority. Satan is the god...


The Promise of a Coming Kingdom

When scripture uses the phrase “Kingdom of God” not everyone has the same ideas about what the Kingdom of God really is, or when and how it will happen. Some people think the kingdom of God is getting to go to heaven after death… if you have been a good person in this life. I spent an entire sermon about a month ago showing from scripture that this was certainly not the case. I will not go over all that material right now except to remind you that God’s word clearly tells us that no...


The Gospel And The Kingdom of God

How does the message of the rule of God on earth, the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth fit in with the overall message of the bible? How prominent should the kingdom of God and its establishment on earth be in the message God has given the church to proclaim? Is the church’s primary message: Christ’s offering of His life to free people from the penalty of the law? Or, is the primary message: proclamation of the coming Kingdom of God that can only be entered into through the...