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Listen to weekly sermons from the United Church of God congregation in Raleigh NC. We observe the 4th commandment to conduct a sacred assembly on the 7th day of the week to worship God and receive instruction in the word of God.

Listen to weekly sermons from the United Church of God congregation in Raleigh NC. We observe the 4th commandment to conduct a sacred assembly on the 7th day of the week to worship God and receive instruction in the word of God.
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Listen to weekly sermons from the United Church of God congregation in Raleigh NC. We observe the 4th commandment to conduct a sacred assembly on the 7th day of the week to worship God and receive instruction in the word of God.








The Resurrections - From Here to Eternity

Will science ever find a way to allow us to live forever? With all that humanity is able to accomplish the hope that we may one day eliminate death seems almost possible. Each year new breakthroughs and technologies are introduced in our search for ways to prolong life and perhaps even to live forever. The dream of living forever is part of how we humans think. Our creator has put this notion of eternity into our minds. But He has not built into us the knowledge or power to make eternal...


Jesus Went To the Feast of Tabernacles

First lets lay some groundwork... John 3:15 – what does this mean? To believe in Him? Believe in the historic existence of Jesus Christ Believe that Jesus Christ was who He said he was (son of God) Believe that He died for your sin. And because He was who He said he was His death can pay the death penalty for every human who has ever/will ever live. Many stop there… with a message about the person of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice, teaching that is all you need to know and believe. A...


Why Does God Heal Some People But Not Others?

Our Creator can, and does, heal. But not always. Many times God deliberately chooses not to heal. Why would God ever choose not to heal a person? Isn’t health and wholeness in this life what He wants for us? Does He withhold healing because we have unrepented of sin? Or is it because we lack faith? Or is it because we have simply not asked? Any of these factors can, and often do, lead to a situation where healing is withheld. But what about situations where none of these are a factor?...


Humble Yourself Today: Day of Atonement

At Christ’s return the people of the earth will not be humble and willing to learn... they will be be angry and defiant. That needs to change If He is to create a joy filled world ruled in peace. But it won't change while the driving force behind their way of thinking is still functioning. The governments, societies, religions, economies, sports of earth are still under the authority of Satan until he is removed. Christ's return begins a transfer of power and authority. Satan is the god...


Why Fast on the Day of Atonement?

Fasting on the Day of Atonement Lev 23:26-32/ Lev 16:29-31 commanded to afflict yourself on the Day of Atonement Afflict ~ Anah occurs about 80 times in OT is most often translated “humble or affliction”. Used to describe harsh and painful treatment… Egypt afflicting Israel for 400 years… for Sarai dealing harshly with Hagar… to take a woman sexually by force… Frequently the verb expresses the idea that God sends affliction for disciplinary purposes: "... the LORD your God has led you...


What Will Eternal Life Be Like?

Life that is truly life, life that is full, abundant, joyful… is the gift that God wants to give to you. Life with no further fear of death, no sorrow, no tears for all that is lost… is the future that awaits you. Life that is firmly set in a warm fellowship of justice, righteousness, love is… is the promise for the children of God. You who have been drawn to Christ through God the Father, who have entered into a newness of life, You who have received the Holy Spirit, the down payment,...


Listen To Message: The Feast of Trumpets Is The Day of The Lord

The final trumpet signals the return of Jesus Christ, it is also the time of the resurrection and rewarding of the saints. The seventh trumpet is the 3rd woe the final phase of worldwide warfare. Nations and peoples crazed with power seeking will not meekly accept the rule of Christ. Request a FREE copy of our bible study guide: The Book of Revelation Unveiled ➤ The Book of Revelation Unveiled 👓 Find UCGRaleigh 👓 Share this video: https://youtu.be/24QHr3hNIW8 Subscribe to this...


Be Reconciled To One Another

Even though we have all rebelled against our Father creator, disregarded His commands… to the point where we all were considered His enemies… God is graciously willing to offer everyone forgiveness and reconciliation. He makes peace with us so we are no longer to be considered enemies, and He grants us access to the divine nature and eternal life. This happens because of God’s forgiving nature and His loving desire to see us develop our full potential: To grow into the fully mature mind...


The Enemies of God... Who Are They?

If I ask you, “does God have enemies” you might think first of Satan, who popular imagination presents as God’s arch enemy, but what about people? Are there human beings who are God’s ENEMIES! That might conjure up an image of some fiendish villain like Adolph Hitler, or perhaps an angry atheist media celebrity sputtering forth with accusations, demeaning jokes, or sarcasm. The painful reality is that there are far more enemies of God than you could have ever imagined. Romans 8:7 the...


Prophecy Is For All Nations And Peoples

The prophetic portions of God’s word give the nation of Israel a lot of attention. Is He playing favorites? Is He ignoring all the other nations and people on earth? 3,500 years back people believed gods were local. Such gods had jurisdiction only over a particular territory or a particular race. When you went to a different place you had better make an effort to appease the god of that section of country to gain their favor. A mindset that even Israel struggled with. The God of Abraham,...


The Role of Promises in Biblical Prophecy

A promise from God is a prophecy from God. If God says He is going to do something you can be sure He will do it. Not only is your Creator faithful and reliable… He wants you to enjoy the feeling of security in His faithfulness… and He wants to enjoy your confidence in Him. Trust & Confidence: the foundation of a healthy relationship. God’s word speaks His promises to you [and to all humanity]… from beginning to end. Genesis 3:15 God’s first promise to humanity is a prophecy directed at...


Guidelines For Understanding Biblical Prophecy

What is the point of prophecy? On one hand people don’t like uncertainty… where will I get the money for rent next month?... will the stock market crash and wipe out my retirement savings? … will my son get home safely tonight? On the other hand many of us dislike the idea of a future where everything is already decided. Statements like: “I have no choice in the matter”… “its inevitable”… “I can’t change anything”, are statements of despair not confidence. God’s word gives us a way of...


God’s Promise of Life: The Truth of the Resurrection

Job 14:14a People wonder about what happens after this life is over. Humanity as a whole has come up with a wide variety of speculations ranging from grim to absurd. What does your bible say about the possibility of life after death… AND why should you take it any more seriously than the other ideas that are out there? Job 14:14b-15 trials, patiently waiting for the change [khaleefaw], calling, answering, God’s desire to accomplish greater purpose in you… it all there. But not...


The Patience of God

We tend to think of patience as a human virtue, generally expressing a disposition towards some thing or some expected event that we cannot change… which encompasses a lot because we human beings have very limited power over the universe, time, or other people. However, like most good things we understand patiencethrough knowledge of God, the patience of Jesus Christ and the Father are the source… and pattern for your patience. Goal: Why Should We Seek To Understand and To Practice...


What Does Your Bible Actually Teach About Hell?

In the old testament the word hell is from the Hebrew sheol. It refers to the place where dead people go… which is the grave. A hole dug in the ground into which a body is placed then covered up. It could also refer to a tomb or a burial cave. Sheol is found in the old testament 65 times: 31 times its translated grave, 31 times its translated hell, and 3 times its translated pit. The new testament gets interesting… there are 3 different Greek words that have each been translated hell....


Why Do People Believe in the Idea of Hell?

People don’t latch on to the idea of hell it because it’s a feel good notion… My Proposal: Humans believe in the idea of hell because they have to! Hell is the only way to hold on to two other cherished beliefs of humanity. Traditional beliefs about “hell” are the logical outworking of a basic root error... assuming and believing the human soul is immortal and lives on after death. The error is at the core of most religious systems: Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist etc. Where Did Such...


God's Purpose For His Creation

The Establishment of the Heavens and Earth We cannot exist without an incredible array of features to operate properly… and not just properly but nearly perfectly in order for us to survive for the next 4 minutes. Elements that we consider so simple, oxygen, temperature, gravity to name a few. Take a longer view like 4 days and you might want to throw in water or solar energy. Simple… yet each of these is highly complex and moreover interact in ways that compound the complexity in a manner...


Love & Loyalty

Do you value loyalty? Are you loyal to others? Are you loyal to communities? How do you show loyalty? Are there people or groups you should not be loyal to? Are you loyal to those who have authority over you? Are you loyal to God? Loyalty definition: unswerving allegiance to a person or institution. To support, or align your priorities in accordance to… to look out for and have concern for their well being… someone who is loyal who will treat you right even when they have reason not to…...


The Laying on of Hands

The laying on of hands is listed in scripture as one of the most basic, foundational, and fundamental doctrines of Christ. Yet, to many it is an obscure practice… you don’t hear about it in many sermons, nor is it a subject that a lot of people ask to have explained, or have questions about. Hebrews 6:1-2 here is the listing I just referred to. These are what scripture considers the foundational teachings. Therefore this is a list of what the Church of God considers the foundational...


You Can Be A Pillar In The Church of God

A Pillar in the Church To call someone a pillar, for example: pillar of society, pillar of the community, pillar of the church… has been a well used idiom of the English language since medieval times. It basically means such a person is an active and respected member of a group of people… local society, community, or church. Like many such phrases we hear this one is used less often than in the past. Discussions of old-fashioned or quaint idioms of the language are not our purpose here...