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America's College Football Podcast. Because you don't just love college football, you live it.

America's College Football Podcast. Because you don't just love college football, you live it.


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America's College Football Podcast. Because you don't just love college football, you live it.








Hard Sell: Alabama vs. Georgia

Ty and Dan try their luck at recruiting Gunner Simpson, a fictitious, five-star quarterback recruit from suburban Atlanta. Ty makes the case for Georgia; Dan pitches Alabama. The Verballerhood will decide who presented the most persuasive case for their respective SEC powerhouse.


Mega June Q&A: Cheese Smuggling & Conference Switcheroos

Ty and Dan immerse themselves in an overflowing inbox of college football questions, ranging from the plan after Jim Harbaugh to possible losses for Ohio State and Clemson to teams swapping conferences. Plus, Dan's adventures as a cheese smuggler.


So Now What? The Fan Experience - Part 2

Ty, Dan and a trusted panel of Verballers turn the page on 2020, discuss what lessons they learned, and forge ahead into a (hopefully) more normal 2021.


So Now What? The Fan Experience - Part 1

With help from an esteemed panel of Verballers, Ty and Dan take one more look back at the awkward fan experience during the 2020 college football season.


So Now What? Technical Difficulties - Part 2

Ty and Dan learn more about the challenges facing college football broadcasters and wonder how telecasts may change as a result. With help from Anish Shroff of ESPN, a look back at more of the obstacles from 2020 and a brief glimpse ahead at 2021 and beyond.


So Now What? Technical Difficulties - Part 1

Ty and Dan break down a handful of the unique challenges facing broadcasters during the 2020 season with help from Anish Shroff of ESPN. What was it like broadcasting from a remote studio? Where did fake crowd noise come from? What were the challenges of using backup camera operators? In Part 1, an overview of the challenges media partners overcame to put games on TV.


So Now What? Quirks Out West - Part 2

After reliving the extraordinary circumstances under which the Pac-12 played its fall football schedule, Ty and Dan talk with Yogi Roth of the Pac-12 Networks to learn more about what players and coaches will take away from the experience and what we, as fans, can expect moving forward.


So Now What? Quirks Out West - Part 1

Ty and Dan examine the unique circumstances under which the Pac-12 played its fall football season and the ways that players and coaches were forced to adapt in order to merely take the field. With help from Yogi Roth of the Pac-12 Networks, a look back at the stories that made the Pac-12's season unprecedented.


So Now What? Uncanceling a Season - Part 2

After breaking down the circumstances that led to the Big Ten's decision to cancel its fall football season, Ty and Dan look ahead and wonder whether college football can learn from the experience and change, in any way, for the better. With help from The Athletic's Nicole Auerbach and's David Jones, a look ahead at whether college football can adapt and strengthen in any way in 2021 and beyond.


So Now What? Uncanceling a Season - Part 1

Ty and Dan take a look back at the wild, uncertain events of the summer of 2020, when the Big Ten canceled, and later uncanceled, its fall football season amid the ongoing pandemic. Who were the central figures that drove the decisionmaking and what happened that made the conference change its mind? With help from Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic and David Jones of, Part 1 is a retrospective on how the Big Ten inadvertently created a circus.


STARTING THIS WEEK: “So Now What?” a special miniseries from The Solid Verbal

Starting this week, and continuing throughout May, join Ty and Dan as they take a look back at a wild and unprecedented 2020 college football season and what it all means for 2021 and beyond. With help from some prominent reporters and friends, each week features a two-part look at the quirks that made the 2020 season unique. On Tuesdays, a look back to make sense of what happened. On Thursdays, a glimpse ahead at how college football might change as a result.


May Q&A: "M"-teams, Mother's Day, Cryptids

Ty and Dan empty out the inbox and talk about teams starting with the letter M, Mother's Day gifts, Cryptids as quarterbacks, non-conference trips, Oregon-Ohio State storylines, tips for filling tortillas, and more.


2022 NFL Mock Draft Ten-Piece Nuggets

Ty and Dan take a look into the distance future and evaluate ten players from some of the 2022 NFL Mock Drafts that they found on the web, grading each on where they need to improve to earn a top spot. Is Sam Howell or Spencer Rattler the top quarterback in next year's draft class? Would you rather select Derek Stingley Jr. or Kyle Hamilton for your defensive backfield? And how are Evan Neal and Kayvon Thibodeaux even human?


The 7-on-7 Draft

Ty and Dan take a look at this year's talent pool for the NFL Draft and select rival seven-man squads. The rules? No running plays and each player has to play both ways. Could Trevor Lawrence play pass coverage? Is Rondale Moore the ultimate X-factor? Could Caleb Farley play quarterback? Plus, South Carolina announces a partnership and the College Football Playoff hints at expansion.


NFL Draft Preview with Robert Mays

Ty and Dan preview the 2021 NFL Draft with Robert Mays from The Athletic. Is Trevor Lawrence set up to succeed under Urban Meyer? Did the 49ers really trade up for Mac Jones? Are scouts sleeping on Justin Fields? Is this the year of the short-armed offensive tackles? And how do Devonta Smith's measurables translate to the NFL? Plus, much, much more.


CFB Jam: The Finals

Ty and Dan continue on with their bracket, pitting NBA Jam-style college football duos against one another to determine the most electric tandems of the last 20 years. Are Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush the odds-on favorites? What about Andrew Luck and Christian McCaffrey? And is Lamar Jackson good enough to win the entire competition on his own?


CFB Jam: Round One

Ty and Dan channel their inner NBA Jam and put together a series of two-man dream teams from a number of top Power 5 schools before spinning up an impromptu 32-team bracket to determine the best combinations.


This Is 40

Ty and Dan take a look at Iowa, Auburn, North Carolina, Oklahoma State and Arizona State and examine what each program needs to do to get to a more mature state where double-digit wins are even more of a reality. Plus, with Ty turning 40 this fall, a hard look at the things that make us feel old.


Ready for Launch

Ty and Dan take a look at eight third-year head coaches and examine the trajectory of their respective programs. Was last year a bad sign for Scott Satterfield at Louisville? Can we expect more excitement for Jamey Chadwell at Coastal Carolina? Will Geoff Collins and Mike Locksley translate their hometown fervor into actual wins? And is there any reason to doubt Ryan Day?


Coaching Master Classes

Ty and Dan steal a page from the likes of Daniel Pink and Chris Voss, and put together an imaginary roster of master classes, taught by current college football coaches.