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Ep. 20 - ARYU Garbage Men? Yes... Yes We Are.

Ordinarily I wouldn't recomend anyone listen to this one because — well because the title says it all about this one. However, if you are a content creator and need a pick me up or even just a normal person who wants to feel better about yourself, give this one a go. A lot of podcasts don't make it past episode 20 and this is truly why. Twentieth episodes are cursed by some sort of trash goblin. So really, current audience, we are very sorry about this one. New people stopping by, hope...


Ep. 18 - WWC



Ep. 17 - ARYU Mrs. B’s Creampie Facials?

In this completely raw, all sippy episode, we answer some 100% real questions from truly real people that definitely were not appropriated creations from other people's I.P. This week we experience Rob's pilot episode of & Scoob's Your Uncle, 3 separate computer failures, tear down the system, and again help out some VERY real people.


Ep. 16 - ARYU Daddy Virginia and the Mystery Bleeps?

Wastin' away again in StupidDummyVille Searching for our very late episode Some people say thag there's a Rabo to blame But I know, it's all Tyler's fault Well.... We done fucked up and we are sorry! There's a lot of excuses of why we are late and if you want an itemized list, get at us. The importqnt thing is we are here now and have come to whisper our sage wisdom right into your sweet sweet ear holes. A few friends stop by this week to make up for our tardiness. First, Rob brings...


Ep. 15 - ARYU 'Merica Full of Pride?!

Happy Birthday, America! Come on in, Shuga! Welcome to the party! We got dogs on the fire, peeburs in the cooler, and a knowledge bomb to drop. This week we are here for one reason and one reason only. Because we said we would be. ...Okay, two reasons and two reasons only. Because we said we would be and to honor this GREAT country of ours. This week we show a little state pride by talking about county fairs, specifically the Boone County fair. Here in illinois, its pretty famous. NBD....


Ep. 14 - ARYU Goobers?

First, we would like to reach out our hands in support for all of those affected by the passing of XXXTentacion. He was mentioned in this recording just days before he was shot. Our deepest condolences. In this, the most ribbled of episodes, Tyler forgot to compile a normal list of questions. As a result, all of you goobers get your time to shine. Buzzwords for you new comers? How about Disney/Pixar? How about free flowing sexuality and swinger lifestyles? How about Spongebob? How about...


Ep. 13 - ARYU Harry Pooter and the Tetris Weeaboo Lord of the Twilight Rings

Congratulations on downloading this *special edition* descriptionless version of this episode! You downloaded this episode before Tyler came back to update the description! He was a sleepy boy and fell asleep at 2 AM mid URL of our hosting site trying to upload the episode and now he has to go to work. Hopefully you enjoy surprises, because we've got one for you. Suggested Talking Points: Intro? Segments? Questions? I don't know, man... You tell me.


Ep. 12 - ARYU Roddy B. and the

How do you feel about being alienated by politics you have never heard of or forgot about? Well that's not what we are interested in doing. But we are intrested in getting Ol' Blaggy Bones (Rod Blagojevich) on the show as our next guest. If nothing else more than to address him as Roddy B. Best thing about it is Mr. Trump seems to be in favor of this collab and is going to possibly aid us in accomplish this goal. Rob forgets every word he says, Tyler cries for a full week straight for 3...


Ep. 11 - ARYU The Golden Nephew

That's right, internet friend we have never met in the meat space. You've been imortalized in a podcast title as the Prodigal Son Returns! ..again... This week the kids have gone done it again! Uncle Rob throws shade at another celebrity, tries to ruin you anonymity, & writes a love letter. To whom, you might ask? *Crunch* The world may never know... Tyler is also there. Suggested Talking Points: Celebrity Shade • Toonies & V8P1A1?!??!??!?! • Love Letter • Kibber & The Crack Whores


Ep. 10 - ARYU A Double Cowboy Gumshoe

Do y'all like segments? 'Cause we've got segments! Being a little light on questions Rob and Tyler introduce a couple new segments, develop the best technique for security management, and write a few jingles. Suggested Talking Points: Tyler's a big fat phony! • Wasted Topics • unkiHow! • Get A Job • Cuddle Budz • We miss you


Ep. 9 - ARYU Afraid of the Dork?

There is a slightly different dynamic at the Break Time Studios this week. Josh relocates to Rob's, Rob talks asks about your... something nerdy - I can't remember, & Tyler discusses the sleepy time sorcerer we call Bob Ross. Suggested Talking Points: Josh's Self Defense Training • Pyramid of the Dews • Octo-Ross ASMR • Scary Boys • LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK! • Office Non-Romance


Ep. 8 - ARYU Marty?

This week, believe it or not, words were said! We talk family, pets, the dangers of online dating, and launch our new website to submit completely anonymous questions (ARYUsite.com) Suggested Talking Points: Marty • Nasty Nana • Secret Hamster • Get A Job • Noodling • Secret of the Ooz • Punk Ass Pigeon • #SorryJosh We would also like to extend our apologies to our intern Josh at this point. Things got...heated, and we are sorry.


Ep. 7 - ARYU Dick King? with Michael Metcalf

PLEASE listen past the first 20 seconds! PLEASE! Also, Nana? You can just go ahead and skip this one... This one is NOT for you. Look out Mandy Patinkin, Hugh Jackman, & Chris Perkins! Because our guest this week is here to play! Okay, we lied. We set up a joke in the intro that doesn't pay off (You had one job Tyler! ONE JOB!), make up the rules to a mystery game, teach Rob how to find love, discuss not-so-fine dining, & teach artists how to art. Suggested Talking Points: Sergio &...


Ep. 6 - ARYU Cute AF?

You've made it! You've arrived at the latest episode of the international hit podcast & Rob's Your Uncle. Okay maybe not a hit, but we are very excited our downloads aren't all my mom in Illinois. Thank you guys so much for your support, kind words, and sending us your queries! You can send any question, story, or words strung together in any order to ARYUcast@gmail.com OR (413)99UNCLE This week we help you get that money, make that money, and keep that money. Suggested Talking Points:...