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Comedy podcast covering a different Top 10 list every week in real time. Highest grossing films ever, most popular U.S. presidents, deadliest animals, largest corporations, most visited websites, most prolific serial killers, and MUCH more. Plus fun facts, inappropriate banter, deep discussions, and plenty of hot dog talk. Hosted by Nick & Brandon. Laugh & Learn with a new episode every Wednesday!

Comedy podcast covering a different Top 10 list every week in real time. Highest grossing films ever, most popular U.S. presidents, deadliest animals, largest corporations, most visited websites, most prolific serial killers, and MUCH more. Plus fun facts, inappropriate banter, deep discussions, and plenty of hot dog talk. Hosted by Nick & Brandon. Laugh & Learn with a new episode every Wednesday!
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Comedy podcast covering a different Top 10 list every week in real time. Highest grossing films ever, most popular U.S. presidents, deadliest animals, largest corporations, most visited websites, most prolific serial killers, and MUCH more. Plus fun facts, inappropriate banter, deep discussions, and plenty of hot dog talk. Hosted by Nick & Brandon. Laugh & Learn with a new episode every Wednesday!






39) Deadliest Animals on Earth

What animals kill the most humans each year? It's a mix of your usual suspects + some surprises. Nick has the list, Brandon tries to guess. _ PLUS...average annual kill count per animal, deadliest version of each animal, the cold hard facts about the methods of killing, scary animals that didn't make the list, fighting an earthworm, cat bites, Godzilla-sized animals and bugs, man-eating felines, decapitations, George Washington's hippo teeth, parasites, spider fighting a buffalo, Dunston...


38) Most Popular Comic Book Characters

Comic book reader, Brandon, drags Nick, who has never read a comic, back to Nerd-town as Brandon reveals the Top 25 Most Popular Comic Book Characters of All Time, based on number of issue appearances. - PLUS...trivia and facts about each character on the list, Marvel vs. DC, comparing the superpowers of each character, big names that surprisingly didn't make the list, how blockbuster films impact the popularity of comic books, Stan Lee, superhero genitals, what led to the big superhero boom...


37) Top "How to..." Google Searches of 2018

We all depend on Google to give us instructions from time to time. Usually, we start these searches with "how to...". On this episode, we reveal and analyze the Top 10 Most Common Google Searches in 2018 that started with the phrase "how to." - PLUS...what do these Google searches tell us about Americans in 2018, peak months for the Top 10 searches, where in the U.S. these searches were most popular, top Google searches in Canada, marrying a pickle, Prince Harry, why Baby Boomers rely on...


36) Star Wars: Highest Grossing Films

In this episode: Star Wars fanatic, Brandon, leads Star Wars idiot, Nick, through the entire Star Wars film catalog. The films are ranked based on their domestic box office performance. - PLUS...fun facts about each film, analyzing key characters and storylines, Brandon's personal ranking of each film, how did critics feel about each film, predictions for Episode IX, handling spoilers, the target audience for each film, the future of the franchise, Luke Skywalker and the green milk of a...


35) Books: Our Favorites, Famous Books, Interesting Authors, History of Books, More

In this special 35th episode, Nick & Brandon take a detour to talk about their favorite books! - Plus...books that had a huge impact on Nick & Brandon, fun facts about well-known books and authors, classic books from school, books banned from schools, their favorite authors and writing styles, re-reading books, books vs. movies, pro wrestler Mick Foley, blasting bunny noises at Jack Nicholson's house in the middle of the night, favorite books submitted by listeners, koala bears, deep book...


34) Most Popular Baby Names of the Late 1800s

We head back to the time machine to revisit the late 1800s, this time to reveal the Top 10 Most Popular Baby Names for both boys and girls in the years 1880 - 1899. - PLUS...what names have endured even to this day, names that fell out of favor, the meaning behind each name, other statistics and factoids about each name, famous people with these names, Joseph and his damn technicolor dream coat, fish evolving to survive in peanut butter, life in the 1800s, Easybeef, the rapid growth of the...


33) Worst Presidents in U.S. History

Americans can easily name a few of the most important Presidents in history: Washington. Lincoln. Roosevelt. But what about the Presidents that were so awful they are either never talked about, or only talked about negatively? On this episode, Brandon reveals the list of Top 10 Worst Presidents, according to surveys done with historians and political scientists. - Plus...common narrative among these bad Presidents, their biggest failures, fun and little-known facts, which President had a pet...


32) Seinfeld: Our Favorite Characters, Moments, Quotes, & More

The podcast about nothing sits down in their favorite coffee shop booth to discuss the show about nothing...Seinfeld! In this rare opinion-based episode, Nick & Brandon reveal their favorite side-characters, episodes, scenes, quotes, and life lessons from the Seinfeld universe. - PLUS...fun facts about the history of Seinfeld, the business of Seinfeld, behind-the-scenes stories, being raised on Seinfeld, analyzing some of the key storylines, humans with detachable butts, Brandon is staying...


31) Most Popular 90s Songs on Spotify Today

It's one thing for a song to be popular when first released, but it's another thing for a song to endure 25 years later across generations and listening methods. On this episode, we're looking at songs that were released between 1990 - 1999 that have remained popular to this day, with both new and old listeners. Based on recent annual Spotify plays, this is a countdown of the Top 10 Most Popular 90s Songs...TODAY! - Plus...how these songs charted when first released, fun facts about each...


30) Most Common Phobias

Ophidiophobia. Cynophobia. Trypanophobia. What do these words mean? They're three of the Top 10 Most Common Phobias in the World. On this episode, we go through the Top 10 and talk about what each phobia means, effects of living with the phobia, and even famous celebrities who suffer from common phobias. - Plus...what qualifies a fear as a phobia, less common phobias, Maury Povich exploiting phobias, fear of pickles, life before the internet, a love triangle with Harry Potter & SpongeBob, a...


29) America's Favorite Breakfast Cereals

Lucky Charm's. Trix. Cap'n Crunch. Rice Krispies. What breakfast cereal sells the most boxes in America? Nick has the Top 10, Brandon tries to guess. - Plus...major cereal brands that didn't make the cut, the history of each cereal, fun facts about the making of each cereal, cereal mascots, the magical powers of Lucky Charm's that you won't believe, alternate cereal names in other countries, mysterious cream, terrible cereal from the past that never made it big, the price of cereal, Steve...


28) FBI's Most Wanted Fugitives

The FBI maintains a list of its Most Wanted Fugitives. These are dangerous criminals who have perpetrated serious crimes against America or its citizens, but have managed to flee and escape justice...so far. On this episode of the 10ish Podcast, Brandon tells Nick details about the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, and Nick tries to guess the heinous crimes that earned them a spot on the list. - Plus...what do these criminals have in common, details about their brutal crimes, how they...


27) Best-Selling Video Game Consoles Of All Time

Nintendo. Sony PlayStation. Xbox. Sega. Atari. What video game consoles have sold more than all the rest? This list is sure to surprise you...Join us on a trip down memory lane as we revisit every single video game console ever released, and reveal the Top 25 Best-Selling of All Time. - PLUS...the launch price for each console, fun historical facts about each console, standout games, Nick & Brandon discuss their personal favorites, Brandon's inflatable family, ranking the Seinfeld 4, what...


26) Wealthiest People in the World

Who are the world's wealthiest people? Nick tries to guess the Top 10. - Plus...common traits among the world's richest people, their source of wealth, scandals and affairs, unethical business, how they spend their money, who among the world's elite are actually Lizard People, Ponzi schemes, underground bunkers during the end of the world, Nick & Brandon try to understand the fashion industry, the Fountain of Youth, auto insurance celebrity spokesmen, controlling the government, sexual...


25) Special Q&A Episode: Dinosaurs, Time Travel, Spider-Man, Baby Hitler, Hot Dogs & More

It's our 25th episode! To celebrate, we are answering questions submitted by listeners. - Topics include: our favorite Top 10ish Lists to date, drunk sports, our favorite dinosaurs, a debate on untucked shirts, time travel, Baby Hitler, earth in 1,000 years, our favorite video games ever, a whole bunch of hot dog questions, The Hulk vs. Spider-Man, why Donald Trump is the healthiest president ever, mushroom penis, transferring conscious to a household appliance, flat earth theory, The Joker,...


24) Most Frequently Used Nouns in the English Language

Have you ever wondered about the words that humans most frequently use? Wonder no more - Nick and Brandon are here to tell you about the nouns most frequently seen in the English language! - Plus... Examples of how to use each word, the most-used cuss words, a serious discussion on time travel and the JFK assassination conspiracy, multiple dimensions, the origins of certain words, helpful advice on how to bury someone alive, polygamy vs. bigamy, overused words, what if Brandon were on the TV...


23) Most Googled People of 2018

Who were the most-Googled celebrities of all of 2018? Brandon has the Top 10, and Nick tries to guess. - Plus...surprising omissions from the Top 10, Nick & Brandon are extremely un-hip, what would it be like to road-trip with the Top 10, bouncy butts, rapper battles, men giving childbirth, Beyoncé and The Illuminati, Brandon's candid thoughts on three very popular pop stars, a rant on the 80s film "The Karate Kid," the Ukraine's largest industry, sportsball, Brandon hates a certain YouTube...


22) Most Common City Names in the U.S

Springfield. Jefferson. Fairview. What common city names appear most often on a map of the United States? Nick and Brandon count down the Top 25 in this episode! - Plus...how many cities in the U.S. have unique vs. common names, the largest instance of each city name, the evolution of humans and city mapping, Benjamin Franklin and his taste for women, ridiculous city names you won't believe exist, swimming in a pool of human livers, how do cities get named, a discussion on Christopher...


21) Deadliest Jobs in America

What common, everyday jobs have the highest death rate in America? We're counting down the Top 10 in this episode. - Plus...common trends among America's deadliest jobs, the average income for each job, fake jobs and fake news, Nick calls out a group of so-called "tough guys," butt patrol officers, using Pokemon to hijack an airplane, winkies vs. weenies, the little yellow Minions and their anatomy, sexy farmers, follow-up from last episode's "Animorphs" discussion, garbage men and their...


20) Best-Selling Book Franchises

Game of Thrones. Curious George. Twilight. The Chronicles of Narnia. What is the best-selling book franchise of all time? Brandon tries to guess the Top 10 in real-time. You'll be shocked at some big names that didn't make the Top 10... - Plus...surprising statistics and fun facts, Hitler time traveling to read Goosebumps, a discussion about the Bible and the truth about Jesus, the "Animorph" series brings Nick and Brandon to tears (don't skip the final few minutes of this episode!), books...