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Comedy podcast covering a different Top 10 list every week in real time. Highest grossing films ever, most popular U.S. presidents, deadliest animals, largest corporations, most visited websites, most prolific serial killers, and MUCH more. Plus fun facts, inappropriate banter, deep discussions, and plenty of hot dog talk. Hosted by Nick & Brandon. Laugh & Learn with a new episode every Wednesday!

Comedy podcast covering a different Top 10 list every week in real time. Highest grossing films ever, most popular U.S. presidents, deadliest animals, largest corporations, most visited websites, most prolific serial killers, and MUCH more. Plus fun facts, inappropriate banter, deep discussions, and plenty of hot dog talk. Hosted by Nick & Brandon. Laugh & Learn with a new episode every Wednesday!
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Comedy podcast covering a different Top 10 list every week in real time. Highest grossing films ever, most popular U.S. presidents, deadliest animals, largest corporations, most visited websites, most prolific serial killers, and MUCH more. Plus fun facts, inappropriate banter, deep discussions, and plenty of hot dog talk. Hosted by Nick & Brandon. Laugh & Learn with a new episode every Wednesday!






55) Conspiracy Theories: Bohemian Grove, Denver Airport, & More

By popular demand, Nick & Brandon are back and ready to cover some of their favorite conspiracy theories, including both famous theories and lesser-known theories. The theories covered include: BOHEMIAN GROVE, the NEW CHRONOLOGY THEORY, PRINCE CHARLES IS A VAMPIRE, and the truth behind the DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. - PLUS...what makes for a great conspiracy theory, are most conspiracy theories just bullshit?, what do Nick & Brandon believe, the shadow government, the history of the...


54) Adam Sandler: Most Critically-Acclaimed Films

Happy Gilmore. Billy Madison. Big Daddy. ...Grown-Ups 2...Adam Sandler has a lot of films that have been a hit at the box office, but very few films that have been a hit with critics. On this episode, Nick has the list of Most Critically-Acclaimed Films starring Adam Sandler, according to Rotten Tomatoes; Brandon tries to guess the Top 10. - PLUS...Adam Sandler in the 90s vs. Today, does Sandler get a bad rap?, why everyone wants to be in a Sandler film, little-known facts about Sandler's...


53) Smartest States in America

Which of the 50 states in America have a rightful claim in the Top 10 Smartest States? On this episode, Brandon has a ranking of states based on the percentage of the population with an advanced college degree. Nick tries to guess the Top 10. - PLUS...what makes each state so smart, the top universities in each state, smart non-state U.S. territories, notable smart people from each state, notable non-smart people from each state, Brandon hates Toby Keith, what makes people root for college...


52) Most Significant Inventions in Human History

What inventions over the course of history have had the most significant impact on the way humans live on this planet? In this episode, Nick has the Top 10 Most Significant Inventions, according to the opinions of experts. - PLUS...the history and background behind each invention, what makes each invention so vital to the development of the human race, who were the inventors?, the father of nachos, war and violence, solar-powered sex toys, chasing immortality, did dragons actually exist?,...


51) Most Followed Twitter Accounts

Who on Twitter has the largest following (and largest influence?). Brandon has the Top 10 Largest Followings on Twitter, and Nick tries to guess in real-time. - PLUS...what even is Twitter anyway?, what is the recipe for success on Twitter, their most recent tweet, big names left out of the Top 10, who among the Top 10 would Nick & Brandon prefer to be on a road-trip with, "coming out" at the airport, wearing Big Bird, who is authentic on Twitter vs. a brand, following Twitter profiles for...


50) Most Popular Top 10 Lists of the Year

We made it to Episode 50 without killing each other! To celebrate, we're revealing the most popular Top 10ish Lists we have covered so far, based on number of downloads per episode. - PLUS...what do other listeners like you find most interesting, trends and insights among the Top 10, reflecting on past episode side-topics, reading the favorite #FunFacts listeners learned from the 10ish Podcast, sexual attraction to Donald Trump, more on Brandon's inflatable family, peanut butter vs. water...


49) America's Favorite Murder Methods

What are the most common ways that a human kills another human in America? We have the Top 12, as provided by the FBI. - PLUS...the numbers behind the murders, what makes certain murder weapons so popular, how to get away with murder, the U.S. justice system, America's gun violence problem, famous American killers who used each murder method, murder in church, are there serial killers among us now, murdering Rumpelstiltskin, famous murders in history, the "Lethal Weapon" series, happy and...


48) Most Popular Cartoon Shows of the 90s

SpongeBob. Johnny Bravo. Dragon Ball Z. Doug. What was the most popular cartoon series of the 1990s? Nick has a list of cartoon favorites using the votes from tens of thousands of people worldwide. Brandon tries to guess the Top 10 in real-time. - PLUS...what makes these cartoons so popular, fun facts about each series, the people behind the animation, well-known cartoons that didn't even sniff the Top 10, Nick & Brandon's personal favorites, controversial cartoons, holier-than-thou...


47) Smartest Dog Breeds

We're heading back to Dog Town to cover the Top 10 Smartest Dogs in the World, according to petMD. - PLUS...what makes these dogs so smart, the history of each dog, famous dogs, battle-tested dogs, our childhood dogs, the evolution and future of dogs, dog heroes, keeping your dog entertained, talking dogs, robot dogs driving trucks, why dogs roll around on dead stuff, dogs in movies, Snoop Dogg, the mailman, Presidential dogs, a dog leads his blind human down the entire Appalachian Trail,...


46) Pop Quiz: Geography

In this first-ever POP QUIZ edition of the 10ish Podcast, Nick quizzes Brandon on his global geography skills. Play along, little nerd, to see if you can score better than Brandon. - TOPICS INCLUDE: the hottest & coldest places on earth, the world's most populous city, the oldest & youngest countries on earth, state capitals, why this week's episode almost never happened, why Jackie Chan is an asshole, colonizing Mars, Vladimir Putin, being hot vs. being cold, the real reason why Donald...


45) Special Q&A Episode: Peanut Butter, Pokémon, Sex Ed, Dragon Toes, & More

In this special Q&A edition of the 10ish Podcast, Nick & Brandon take a break from Top 10 Lists to answer YOUR questions. - TOPICS INCLUDE...the history of our show, how Nick & Brandon met, fireworks, belly button condiments, fatherhood, "Black Mirror", LOTS of peanut butter talk, sex education in school, favorite movies, favorite comic book characters, a spirited game of f*ck/marry/kill, toenails and toe fungus, biggest pet peeves, "Killer Klowns From Outer Space", hot dogs, the 2020...


44) Best-Selling Physical Singles in Music History

Before the era of digital streaming, people used to have to buy records, cassettes, and CDs to listen to music. This included singles: popular radio hits available in physical format for purchase. In this episode, we examine the Top 10 Best-Selling Physical Singles in Music History. - PLUS...the evolution of music, physical singles vs. digital singles, big hitters who didn't make the list, what makes for a high-selling music single, why your favorite musician is a jerk, Christmas and the...


43) Most Spoken Languages in the World

What languages are spoken by the most people worldwide? Nick has the Top 10, and Brandon tries to guess. - PLUS...breakdown of 1st language vs. learned language, what led to such wide adoption of certain languages, the future of language, controversial languages, Nick & Brandon show off their speaking skills in other languages, foreign keyboards, Brandon's rolling R's, the difficulty of learning a new language, foreign films, Brandon's dog knows David Blaine tricks, HBO's "Chernobyl",...


42) Jack Nicholson: Highest Grossing Films

Jack Nicholson is one of the most-respected and legendary actors in the history of movies. On this episode of the 10ish Podcast, we take a deep dive into the career, life, and films that have made Jack Nicholson a global icon....and a bit of a crazy weirdo. Brandon has the Top 10 Highest-Grossing Films starring Jack Nicholson, adjusted for 2019 inflation; Nick tries to guess the list. - PLUS...fun facts and notes about each film, interesting and little-known facts about Nicholson, why Jack...


41) Most Popular 80s Songs on Spotify Today

There are countless hits from the 1980s, but what songs from that decade have endured all the way to the era of streaming music in 2019? In this episode, we examine the Top 10 Most Popular 1980s Songs Today, based on annual Spotify plays - PLUS...a song's popularity at time of release vs. today, surprising omissions from the Top 10, the legacy of each song, fun facts and trivia about each song, your dad's ringtone, artistic integrity, Michael Jackson's music and his criminal allegations,...


BONUS: Brandon Bloopers

Brandon has trouble speaking, and says UM and UH and smacks his lips for about 4 minutes. - 10ish Podcast Theme Music: Hackbeat by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0


40) Largest Military Forces in the World

What countries can boast the largest military force in the world? In this episode, Brandon has the list of the countries with the largest military in the world, based on the number of active personnel; Nick tries to guess the list in real-time. - PLUS...what makes for a strong military?, military spending, gross domestic product, military secrets, weapons that will blow your mind, military butts, a big update on The Great Airport Hot Dog Debate, "rods from God", interesting trends about...


39) Deadliest Animals on Earth

What animals kill the most humans each year? It's a mix of your usual suspects + some surprises. Nick has the list, Brandon tries to guess. _ PLUS...average annual kill count per animal, deadliest version of each animal, the cold hard facts about the methods of killing, scary animals that didn't make the list, fighting an earthworm, cat bites, Godzilla-sized animals and bugs, man-eating felines, decapitations, George Washington's hippo teeth, parasites, spider fighting a buffalo, Dunston...


38) Most Popular Comic Book Characters

Comic book reader, Brandon, drags Nick, who has never read a comic, back to Nerd-town as Brandon reveals the Top 25 Most Popular Comic Book Characters of All Time, based on number of issue appearances. - PLUS...trivia and facts about each character on the list, Marvel vs. DC, comparing the superpowers of each character, big names that surprisingly didn't make the list, how blockbuster films impact the popularity of comic books, Stan Lee, superhero genitals, what led to the big superhero...


37) Top "How to..." Google Searches of 2018

We all depend on Google to give us instructions from time to time. Usually, we start these searches with "how to...". On this episode, we reveal and analyze the Top 10 Most Common Google Searches in 2018 that started with the phrase "how to." - PLUS...what do these Google searches tell us about Americans in 2018, peak months for the Top 10 searches, where in the U.S. these searches were most popular, top Google searches in Canada, marrying a pickle, Prince Harry, why Baby Boomers rely on...