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Each week, Jeff and Tony sit down to give you a break from boredom with their ramblings on everything from news and current events to the things you might want to cover the kids ears for. With each week bringing new topics, these two try to find the humor in all of it.

Each week, Jeff and Tony sit down to give you a break from boredom with their ramblings on everything from news and current events to the things you might want to cover the kids ears for. With each week bringing new topics, these two try to find the humor in all of it.
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Each week, Jeff and Tony sit down to give you a break from boredom with their ramblings on everything from news and current events to the things you might want to cover the kids ears for. With each week bringing new topics, these two try to find the humor in all of it.




The Calm After the Storm

A much more calm show as we recover from last weeks wild a crazy antics. We catch up with Tom again and see what is new in his life, Jeff and Tom talk a bit of college football, and We discuss how we all prefer to deal with beggars and panhandlers.


Tyler Takes Over the World!

This week Jeff and Tony are joined by a full house of guests including, Joanna, The Creeper, Ryan, and the newest guest, Tyler! Conversations are crazy right out of the gate and as the night goes on, things get a bit crazy. Not much was left off the table this week but trying to keep the show going in it's intended direction was a futile effort by all. It was a blast though!


Airing of the Grievances

This week Jeff and Tony welcome some semi-silent guests into the studio. Joanna airs out some of her grievances with the way Tony is getting things done, And Ruby finds a new love interest in the studio. As always, the drinks were flowing and hilarity ensues as conversation dives down one rabbit hole to the next!


A Packed House! Part 2

Rob and Holly join us for round 2 and Holly brings cookies! The conversation takes many of turns and heads down plenty of rabbit holes. Jeff and Tony discover the MOMO challenge, and we call and have a chat with our friends overat Oh No! Radio Show and Tonyissues a bit of a challenge to Mikey B.


A Packed House!

This week, good friends Holly and Rob join us to talk everything from disgusting soda flavors to the "rose girl" at the bar. The wearer of many hats, Joanna, also joins us to spread her wisdom. Tons of fun is had while we travel down way too many rabbit holes to mention.


Show Prep is for amatuers!

Jeff and Tony have a hectic week and take to the mics to do this weeks show without doing any prep work. Conversations head in every direction possible while they go on rants about all kinds of random stuff.


The Black Friday Derailment

Jeff and Tony welcome Joanna into the studio(officially) to talk about Black friday shopping among other things and the show slides completely off the rails as talk about dogs, Jason Mamoa, and so many other things runs crazy. A great time was had by all. www.Facebook.com/2bcontinuedshow www.thelycanknight.unnaturalforces.com


Mega Church Madness!

Jeff and Tony talk about Thanksgiving, starting their own religion, and Tony hit up the Tom n Dan Bad at Business Beerfest! Tom stops by for a few to chat and we dig into the top gifts NOT to give your loved ones for Christmas.


The Sleeping Sirens

Jeff and Tony interview local artist/taxidermist Heather Clark From The Sleeping Sirens and learn what goes into crafting some of the oddities that she sells. Heather really knows her stuff and it made for a super fun interview. Also this week, where the hell has customer service gone?! Sorry about the slight lack of volume in the voicemails segment. We will get it right nextweek!


Red Dead Ridiculous

Jeff and Tony are back in studio after a short break from day jobs getting in the way of recording. They talk about Jeff's trip to help in the Hurricane Michael recovery efforts and then dive into a long segment of looking at the most recent object of their nerdy affection, Red Dead Redemption 2. After a trip back in time through the old west, they take a stab at this weeks poll results and talk about the future of robots and how they will eventually kill us all! Check us out on...


Short and Sweet and Sour

Jeff is taking off to assist in the recovery efforts after hurrican Michael So we had to record a quick show to for all the great listeners. Jeff and Tony talk a bit about some of the new stuff that is coming to the show, a bit about their dismal fantasy football seasons so far, and Tony gets kicked in the nuts! Thanks for downloading and we look forward to bringing you another FULL episode as soon as Jeff gets back from helping all those in need. Leave us a voicemail! (302) 330 7577


Vigilante Serial Killer Pizza priest

Jeff and Tony dig into another weeks worth of banter. The show goes a little longer than usual but the laughs were flowing. This weeks show covers: -Shower farts -Super Power Poll results -Pizza cults -Increase in internet piracy -Tony Vomits at the fair -New logo design -A Pedophile serial killer ***New logo design Brought to you by: www.Thelycanknight.unnaturalforces.com


Good Times with Bad Beer

Tom is back in studio this week to give us an update on his dating life. The show slides slighty off the rails as Jeff and Tony talk about all kinds of things like: -The Mandalorian -the beer that people home-brew -Kuerig for beer drinkers -charity work -Red Dead Redemption 2 -Things left at airport baggage claim -Terrible bachelor parties Subscribe on ANDROID!


Movin' on UP!

Episode 11: Jeff and Tony finally get moved into the new studio space. No more kitchen sessions for 2 B Continued! This weeks show the guys talk about: -A recent trip to the movies -Tony finally starts watching defiance -poll results that Jeff has clearly rigged Thanks for downloading everyone!


The Past is Tomorrow's Yesterday

10 Episodes down and many more to come! This week Jeff and Tony talk about things from 10 years ago, where they think things will be in 10 years, and lots more including: -Jeff's big hospital story -Billionaire space vacations -Clones -Facebook polls Thanks for supporting us through the last 10 episodes! Check us out on Facebook!


Snap Crackle Popped

Jeff and Tony run into some technical difficulties while recording.This week the guys talk about: -Hurricane names -IPA's -Left lane drivers -What stores make women feel out of their element -Squirrels with a deathwish -5-minute Fantasy football update and lots more! Like us on Facebook!


Microwave Cookies

Jeff and Tony invite Tom back. The guys try to stay on track while they shovel cookies into their face. Tom finally gets to use his batman voice. The guys explain fractions and talk about what they're watching on Netflix and Prime. Like us on FACEBOOK!


The Dog Days of Summer

Jeff and Tony record this weeks show after a few hours at the beach. The dogs chime in a bit more than usual. And a billionaire talk show host is trying to ruin pizza. Enjoy! Like, comment, and subscribe!


Chicken worth killing for

Jeff and Tony talk about the past weeks headaches, the crimes being solved by genealogy websites, and just how serious people get about their chicken. They also touch on the direction of the show and what changes they have made in just the first few episodes. Like us on FACEBOOK!


Planes, brains, and automobiles

A makeshift pilot takes a plane for a joyride, an airline worker runs late for lunch, Tony talks about failing 8th grade, and Jeff talks about a classic car, all before the show goes off the rails. Like us on FACEBOOK!