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What do you get when you combine two Zimbabweans with absolutely no financial muscle nor any real life influence? When all they possess is body odour & Twitter accounts? Welcome to 2 Broke Twimbos.

What do you get when you combine two Zimbabweans with absolutely no financial muscle nor any real life influence? When all they possess is body odour & Twitter accounts? Welcome to 2 Broke Twimbos.
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What do you get when you combine two Zimbabweans with absolutely no financial muscle nor any real life influence? When all they possess is body odour & Twitter accounts? Welcome to 2 Broke Twimbos.






The Chriss Grey & Amard Episode

Creeps and single people! A new episode of 2 Broke Twimbos to titillate your aural taste buds and to increase your disappointment in the Zimbabwean podcasting scene! Dan & Phil sat down with 2 new radio hotshots, Chriss Grey & Amard.


The Don't Be Stupid Episode

Fellow soya mince consumers! We bring you a new episode of the podcast you listen to when you're performing unpleasant tasks like doing the dishes or reading poorly written yet award-winning blogs.


The VeryUs Episode

Friends, countrymen, lend me your money! A new music stable has reared it's EDM-ey head in town, introducing VeryUs.


The Third Anniversary Episode

Somehow, someway the 2 Broke Twimbos have managed to stay broke and podcasting for three years now.


The Doom & Gloom Episode

Boys and girls, gather round and sit down, we have a fresh new episode to spray all over you like a can of toxic insecticide.


The Make The Twimbos Great Again Episode

Paupers, cheapskates and lurkers, we bring to you a new episode of the podcast that you only save for the days you're really craving something less appetizing than a lemon juice milkshake. In this episode, Dan & Phil showcase their alarming ignorance about American politics. And alarming ignorance of most things in general. They also examine the Zim Hip Hop Awards and slam Winky D for his Disappear video among other things. Enjoy!


The Shekhinah And Mohombi Episode

Cadres, Comrades, Constituents and Campers. We come to you again to bring you another episode of Africa's finest struggle related podcast.


The Herolympics Episode

It's a slow week for us. The usual poverty has also been mixed with a generous portion of "doing-nothingness" that is associated with a long weekend. Yup it was the Heroes Day weekend this past weekend, nevertheless, Dan & Phil braved the threat of falling asleep to bring you a new episode. The dollar-less duo analyzed the recent much-hyped Anne Kansiime comedy show, the Zimbabweans at the Olympics, music trends around the globe and much more. Check out the episode!

The What's Next Episode

Faster than it takes to expose the scales, fangs and rattle on a Taylor Swift, another episode is being forced upon you whether you like it or not. Dan & Phil have an update on the Lady Squanda situation, their respective Pokemon struggles, review the One Africa Music Festival , take a look at the nominees for the upcoming AFRIMMA Awards and more. They also analyze the recent events on the Zimbabwean landscape and wonder what's going to happen in the near future.... Check it out!

The Maps Maponyane Episode

Like that annoying guy at the club that is always trying to have an ill-timed conversation we won’t stop shouting directly into your ear! This week Phil continues to beg for sponsorship in Johannesburg, and while he was camping at a building in Sandton he happened to meet up with Maps Maponyane and wouldn’t stop following him until he granted us an interview


The DJ Sphectacula Episode

Phil manages to convince South African celebrity Dj Sphectacula that he should be interviewed by us


The Award Win Fallout Episode

Attention fellow prize-winners, please help me in addressing the riff raff of society who have never won a ZIMA best online media award. Henceforth we are not just broke, we are broke prize-winners, please address us accordingly. It's time for a new episode, Phil is currently begging on the streets of South Africa, whereas Dan is practitioning his own brand of pauperdom in Zimbabwe, however they managed to connect via Skype to catch up on the major events of the past few weeks in both...

The Jah Prayzah Episode

Go and tell on us to mama, because this time, we've gone on and done it. Arguably Zimbabwe's biggest musician right now, none other than Jah Prayzah has officially joined the illustrious roster of 2BT guests. Thanks to cunning promises of payment, we managed to trick the Zimbabwean superstar to getting into the studio then locking the door and forcing him to speak to Danny for over an hour before we let him out. Also in studio was Jah Prayzah's manager, Keen, who calmed down after...


The Mr Kamera Episode

My fellow Zimbabweans, it is with a heavy heart that I must announce to you all that we are still broke. But we as the patrons of struggle are comforted in the knowledge that you as our unfortunate readers and listeners are also reduced to such desperate measures as to look for our brand new podcast. While Phil languishes in misery in some South African prison, Danny managed to sit with one of the increasingly influential names in African music production, Mr Kamera.


The ProVerb Episode

Strugglers, men, women, and country folk lend me your data bundles as we deliver another incredible podcast episode to you! This week, Phil is still avoiding Home Affairs in South Africa and somehow managed to rope in Hip Hop heavyweight, TV presenter and producer Tebogo Thekisho more commonly known as ProVerb.


The Vimbai Mutinhiri Episode

Comrades after what may seem like eternity for some ( in actuality it was a few weeks) , your gran’s favourite podcast is back. In our first episode since winning our very unexpected ZIMA award we are back with an incredible interview with one of Zimbabwe’s most famous exports – Miss Vimbai Mutinhiri.


The BET Experience Africa Episode

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Not because of the holidays , no no no not at all strugglers. It is because your aunt’s second favourite podcast is currently in the middle of a media blitz with a flurry of new content.


The Return of The Struggle - The Struggle Awakens Episode

Just like that herpes on your lip, you thought you'd got rid of us when you hadn't seen us for weeks, only for us to reappear just in time to ensure you don't get your New Year's kiss. Yup, after a bit of a brief hiatus, we bring you a fresh new episode!

The Kenako Muzik Episode

Just like that annoying case of the bubble guts the 2 Broke Twimbos are back again to remind you to never eat that leftover bowl of curry chicken. We are also back with another episode of the nation’s favourite podcast. This week we ventured into the hostile territory of Borrowdale to visit the Kenako Muzik studios to find out who is behind the massive Kenako tsunami that has engulfed us all in 2015


The Nadia Nakai Episode

Attention esteemed strugglers! We have a new episode for you and boy is this one a doozy! The beautiful and charismatic Nadia Nakai, of both South African and Zimbabwean origin (listen/watch to understand) was somehow deceived into sitting in the studio with us for a full hour of in depth confabulation involving large amounts of thirst from Dan and abrasiveness from Phil.