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2KidsFromTheBronx Podcast is a show hosted by two lifelong friends from The Bronx, New York. Every week we come together to give our thoughts on the latest in Hip-hop, sports, politics, and whatever else crosses our mind. We do all this while also bringing in upcoming talent from the NYC area for interviews.

2KidsFromTheBronx Podcast is a show hosted by two lifelong friends from The Bronx, New York. Every week we come together to give our thoughts on the latest in Hip-hop, sports, politics, and whatever else crosses our mind. We do all this while also bringing in upcoming talent from the NYC area for interviews.
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2KidsFromTheBronx Podcast is a show hosted by two lifelong friends from The Bronx, New York. Every week we come together to give our thoughts on the latest in Hip-hop, sports, politics, and whatever else crosses our mind. We do all this while also bringing in upcoming talent from the NYC area for interviews.






Season 5 Episode 78 The Episode About White Rappers

We're back! listen this episode is about Em and everything that has happened to this day becuase of Em and his new album lol. We talk about Kap too. Just press play lol. We in rare form lol.


Season 5 Episode 77 The Episode About Apologies

We're Back! After a week off! Is Summer really coming to a close out there huh? Oh well! This week we're talking about that Birdman apology and look at that...Kanye is doing some apologizing as well! We talk about Nicki's moves since the release of her album...and hopefully that'll be the last of our Nicki talks for awhile....Press Play!


Season 5 Episode 76 The Episode About Nicki Minaj

We're back! You know we got heavy into the Nicki Minaj talk. We give our thoughts on her new album Queen as well as all the outside drama she has going on. We get digital this episode we talk about the effects of streaming and social media on society...fun stuff. Press play and get real introspective with your favorite podcast.


Season 5 Episode 75 The Episode About Travis Scott And Hype

We're back! Summer is coming to an end! The pod is still going strong! This episode is music heavy! We touch on Travis scott's new album 'Astroland' and Mac Miller's new album 'Swimming' we also hit on Dame Dash and Lyor Cohen which means we also got some Jay Z talk by default. Of course we hit on Lebron James and his ground breaking news. Press Play!


Season 5 Episode 74 The Episode About Gannon Nwar

We're back! This week we have music artist Gannon Nwar on the podcast! He comes to us all the way from Brooklyn! Of course, he brings the bars as well! You don't wanna miss this! You can get Gannon Nwar's debut project 'Live From Public Housing' on all your favorite streaming services! If you want the real enhanced experience you're gonna want to head over to www.gannonnwar.com for things like behind the scenes looks, merch, and much more. Press play!


Season 5 Episode 73 The Episode That Was Almost About Music

We're back! This episode was supposed to be about Chance the Rapper, Christian Combs and more new music...we at least get to Chance The Rapper. Press play and enjoy our random nostalgia trip and much more on this hilarious episode. Jus joins us and spills a lot of Dr. Pepper on the floor. Press Play.


Season 5 Episode 72 The Seventy Second Second Episode

We took a lil break! Now your favorite podcast is back! We had a lot of fun this episode and we hit on a lil bit of everything! Some drake talk, but we know ya'll kind of tired of it so we kept to a min! Wiz is back so we touch on his new album! Meek Dropped! Future Dropped! Michael B Jordan got some side-eye from the shade room! We touch on all that and more! Press Play!


Season 5 Episode 71 The Drake Review

We're back! You know its Drake review time! We have Vic along for the ride and we actually go pretty in-depth on Drake's new album and just the mad in general. Somehow we end up getting sidetracked into social media talk and even Netflix's Black Mirror show. Big fun this episode. Press Play.


Season 4 Episode 70 The Carters TAKEOVER Nas’s Weekend

we're back! it is our 70th episode! kinda! Rosa has to title it so you might see the title change lol! This episode we have our good friend Corinthia come thru. This week we talk about the Nasir album! the jay and bey album! Kanye! men and women! and just a whole bunch of randomness don't miss this episode! press play! share!


Season 4 Episode 69Tekashi The Prince Troll

We're back! Another Hip-hop heavy episode! Really getting back to the core of what this Podcast is all about! Of course we dive into the Kidcudi and Ye collab album "Kids See Ghost" and we also dive into 69 heavy this episode and its only right since this is our 69th episode lol! Summer Jam talk and Nicki Minaj also pop up!. We even side step and talk about Brocations! Press play! Lets get it in! Share!


Season 4 Episode 68 The Ye Review

We're Back! It's time for our Ye review....oh we also get that Drake and Pusha T talk out the way at the start of the pod....yeah press play and get this Ye talk!


Season 4 Episode 67 The Episode About Karma

We're back and at the perfect time! Lucky us huh? This pod was originally about Pusha T's album and drake's Duppy track, but low and behold Pusha T finally responded to drake moments before we started recording....Everything has changed, We have a special guest this episode as well, and she goes by the name Karma...that wasn't like a cool line or something we really have a Bronx artist on this episode and her name is Karma. Get to know her as well as her thoughts on this beef! I think she...


Season 4 Episode 66 Don't Believe the Hype

We're back! Another week, another podcast. This week we talk about A$AP Rocky and the amazing ability he has to be a rapper and rarely rap. We def talk about the Kendrick incident and the dreaded N-word discussion. We also talk about when social media comes in handy, shaming people for unacceptable behavior. We're looking at you lawyer guy. A lot of jokes this episode because well a lot of funny things have been happening lately. Press Play! Tell a friend!


Season 4 Episode 65 This Is Hip Hop

You're favorite podcast is back! This week we're back heavy on the music! We give our reactions Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino's "This is Amerca" single and we dive in the Cardi B, Azealia Banks fiasco! Heavy on the hip-hop talk this week! Don't miss out! Your boys are back! Press play! Subscribe!


Season 4 Episode 64 Kanye Kanye Kanye

Another week. another episode! Of course its more Kanye talk. Rosa isn't feeling twitter but Tahch def is. Let's get into the convo we started on last week's pod and really dive into this Ye talk. We also take a deeper dive into Nicki Minaj and here recent moves as well as a umm almost spoiler free avenger talk. Ha! Vic is here for the convo this week as well! Press play! Share!


Season 4 Episode 63 J Cole Is Back And Mr West Is In The Building

Another Week! Another Episode! a day late but always great! it's your favorite podcast! Cole's back with a new project and attitude so let's chop it up! Kanye is also back on the scene and stirring things up on twitter! As always press play! and share the pod with your friends!


Season 4 Episode 62 The Winning Episode

We're back! Also, the interviews are back! This week have our episode is dedicated to digging into the 2 new Nicki Minaj tracks and Triston Thompson's fiasco. The second half is dedicated to Win, a Bronx rapper with something to say don't miss his story and his connection to Hip-hop. Did I mention he's our first rapper to drop bars on the show? Oh boy press play! Follow Win on IG: WIN._ Be Sure to get Win's LP Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Out now on everything!...


Season 4 Episode 61 The Cardi B Episode

Another Week. Another Episode. You already know we get heavy into the Cardi B talk this episode!! That album is out and everyone is talking about it! So Press Play and let's get into it! We also touch on the golden boy, Drake as he also dropped his own joint for the ladies right behind Cardi! Loso gets a few words from us as well! The 12BY6 clan is all here as well it's a party this episode! Let's Go!


Season 4 Episode 58 Tricks Traps And Rap

We're back! You know we had to talk about Black Panther and how it may or may not have actually been trash. Don't worry we don't get to deep into it we'll let one of your favorite hotep podcast handle all that. We gotta talk about this Tekashi69 or 69Tekashi guy because its getting critical. We also touch on the Drake God's Plan controversy and we take another look at this Mo'nique situation. Press play for all that and much more! Let's go!


Season 4 Episode 52 I Think This Episode Is About The Rock, Kevin Hart, And Kanye West

And another one! This week we kinda just go with the flow and started with Jeezy talk somehow ended up focusing on The Rock and Kevin Hart's movie career lol and then at some point we veer into Kanye West and his GOOD Friday drops. This one is entertaining our secret third member Mike pulled up too! Press play for the hilarity.