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Social Justice Warriors

Episode 67! The guys waste no time getting into the Roseanne situation and Chan asks Mike are we living in an "outrage culture." The guys both go deep and have funny and interesting takes on the situation. Next the guys get into a little talk about taxes and come up with a Fun Tax idea. Lastly, Mike tells that sad story of his favorite candy bar getting discontinued. The guys give their top 3 candy bars each and they make fun of each other's choices. Also, Make sure you listen until the end...


Red, White, and Blues

Episode 66! In this episode the guys start off throwing heat after Chan gives an update on everybody's favorite coworker and his girlfriend. The guys go hard on this topic but only to get through to a friend LOL Next, Mike clues Chan in on a story circulating in the news about a 30 year old man being evicted from his parents home. The guys both have hilarious takes on this one and as always Mike goes IN! After listening give your opinion on our takes via the problems box or SUBMIT YOUR...


She'll Be Back

Episode 65! In this episode they guys have sort of a throwback episode with no suggestion box just straight banter. Starting off with some banter about clothes and shoes what we pay for them. Next Mike tells a story of shopping for a new phone which everyone hates! Also the guys talk about a new tv show and ask the question would you pay a ransom for a family member. Lastly Chan gives and update on the story of his coworker from last week. After listening give your opinion on our takes via...


Shore Season

Episode 64! In this episode the guys waste no time talking about the new season of Jersey Shore! Both Mike and Chan are huge fans so make sure if you love some "Jersey Shore" you listen up. Next the guys take a question from the problems box that will sound farmiliar and the guys give the normal advice for the situation. Last, Chan shares some interesting stories and Mike gives some hilarious commentary. After listening give your opinion on our takes via the problems box or SUBMIT YOUR...


Jesus Walks, Yeezus Talks

​Episode 63! After a “best of” Mike an Chan come back with the heat. First the guys do a little recap and Mike tells not 1 but 2 uber stories and asks for our audiences opinion if he was right or wrong. Make sure you hit up the suggestion box to let us know. Then the guys tackle the Kanye situation after getting a few questions in the problems box. Now Mike and Chan are both Kanye super fans but tune in because both their takes on the situation may surprise you. After listening give your...


Best of Vol. 4

That's right! Best of Volume 4. All the funniest, interesting, and off the wall conversations of the most recent episodes! ENJOY!! After listening give your opinion on our takes via the problems box or SUBMIT YOUR PROBLEM ON THE PROBLEM BOX! Link below http://freesuggestionbox.com/pub/bzjlgan Plenty of ways to find us... Instagrams: @99problemspod Vero: 99 Problems Podcast Twitter: @99problemspod Facebook: 99 Problems Podcast Don’t forget to rate us and share the episode!!!



​Episode 61! On this episode the guys start off talking about getting offended and how tolerant we are as we get older. From there the guys get nostalgic about video stores, talk about the 4/20 “holiday” and talk about helping a friend move. Lastly the guys take on a question about how to tell a friend they need to get healthier. The guys have some great insight on this on so make sure you pay attention! After listening give your opinion on our takes via the problems box or SUBMIT YOUR...


Back at Bucks

​Episode 60! In this episode the boys waste no time in talking about the Starbucks situation that Chan likes to think he put you on to 3 weeks before. Both the guys have different takes but both are hilarious. From there the guys move on to talking about taking advantage of a situation and karma. Lastly, the guys tackle a problem from the box about a woman who was “accidentally” snooping and read some questionable texts. The writer asks if they are being too sensitive and should they even...


Black Ghost

​We made it to episode 50!!! This week Mike and Chan get right into the suggestion box where some listeners ask Chan to do some exploring on his ghosting technique from last week lol. Second half of the show the the guys take a question from a listener who is having some trouble finding time to be alone with his girlfriend without her kids and a question about getting along with in-laws. If you have a question or suggestion here is the link to the suggestion box:...


Should I Stay or Should I Hoe

Episode 49! This week Mike and Chan get into the thriving debate of Netflix or HBO along with answering questions from their suggestion box. They offer advice on what to do if your crush is moving on without you and also discuss the most expensive things they've ever bought. Like every week on the podcast you're guaranteed to get your laughs in. Make sure you submit your questions here: http://freesuggestionbox.com/pub/bzjlgan


The Ultimatum

Episode 48! In this episode the boys from 99 Problems Podcast take a topic from the suggestion box! The question is spicy so you know Mike and Chan provide interesting and funny takes. Before that though, the guys discuss ticket prices and the price gouging event companies. They also dip into some nostalgia of shows and holding an actual ticket. Link to the suggestion box: http://freesuggestionbox.com/pub/bzjlgan Plenty of ways to find us... Instagrams: @99problemspod Twitter:...


On My Hustle

Episode 47! This week on 99 Problems Podcast we have a special guest our friend K.G. The three get into the story of K.G. and his rap career. The guys talk about going hard for your dreams and when it's time to hang them up. Also, the guys get into talk about starting a family toward the end. We want to thank K.G. for sharing his story and inspiring this podcast! Check out "Gotta Go" by K.G. at the end of the episode. Let us know what you think via the suggestion box:...



Episode 46! In this episode Mike comes with another spicy Uber story which sparks the main topic of today. The story involves cheating and a confrontation which we know you can’t wait to hear. Tune in and tell us what you would do if you were in a situation like this. Also, make sure you drop something in our suggestion box to make the podcast better! http://freesuggestionbox.com/pub/bzjlgan Don’t forget to rate us and share the episode!!!


Cinematic Elitist

Episode 45! In this episode of 99 Problems Podcast Mike and Chan recap some of the holiday. Chan updates us on the girlfriend gift situation and Mike gives his analysis, turns out to be a classic moment. After there is a little more relationship advice given and the guys move onto a year in review of movies/films. Interesting opinions are given but tell us what you think! Was this a good year for movies or a bad year for movies? At the end is a little talk of music and again more opposing...


Best of Season 3

Episode 44! The boys from the 99 Problems Podcast are here with a best of this week. Here are some of our favorite highlights from the past 13 episodes. You'll here all the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you think we missed any moments definitely let us know on our Facebook or Instagram page. Enjoy and please spread the word!!


The Ultimate Scrooge

Episode 43! Mike and Chan have high energy on this one. They quickly get into some back and forth which leads into the new Eminem album and someone is owed an apology. From there Mike explains a story trying to figure out if he's an a-hole or not. Chan doesn't hesitate to give his opinion but you decide. Lastly, the guys talk holiday gift buying. Who's getting a gift and what do you get? Remember to SHARE and reach out to let us know if Mike is an a-hole or not!!!


Work is a No F*ck Zone

Episode 42!!! In this episode Mike and Chan waste no time getting into some haterade. First the guys get into some talk of movies and both give some interesting takes. Then the guys talk about a legendary rapper coming out with new music. After that the guys get into the main topic about holiday parties. A classic and funny episode. If you enjoyed make sure you SHARE!!


Save the Internet

Episode41! This week the fellas from the 99 Problems discus a bunch of topics. Firstly the guys talk a little bit about relationships and Chan gets some good advice from Mike. The the guys move into some talk on the Matt Lauer situation, and some interesting pov’s are discussed. Later on the guys get into some conspiracy theory talk and Mike does what he does best educates... everybody on net neutrality. Lots of different things talked about on this one, don’t miss out! And don’t forget to...


Goin' Catfishin'

Episode 40! This week the guys catch up on all the Thanksgiving Day festivities along with their high school reunion. From there the guys talks about what it's like to be catfished and Mike explains how stupid you have to be to fall for it. They also talk about some Black Friday shopping gone crazy and what it be like to go speed dating. Enjoy and SHARE SHARE SHARE!


America's Week!

Episode 39! On this episode the boys from 99 Problems podcast start with some talk about their upcoming high school reunion... Chan wants Mike to go, Mike doesn't want to go and hilarity ensues. From there they guys move onto some talk about Thanksgiving and explains how this week should be known as "America's Week" Lastly, the guys move onto some talk about money and Mike gives some stock tips. If you listen to him we hold no responsibility on your loss. Enjoy and don't forget to SHARE!