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Weekly comedy nerd podcast covering TV, video games, pop culture, and science with a unique spin: hilarious fake commercials.

Weekly comedy nerd podcast covering TV, video games, pop culture, and science with a unique spin: hilarious fake commercials.


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Weekly comedy nerd podcast covering TV, video games, pop culture, and science with a unique spin: hilarious fake commercials.




128 - Keep Your Joy Inside Yourself

What was Star Wars bad at, and why are parents bad at watching movies, what mead is, and who survives the coming nuclear apocalypse? This week on ALN!


127 - Everyone is Hamburger

How do you know if you're a ghost? Do ghosts have safe-words? What CAN'T you do on a holodeck, really? Just some of the critically important questions asked and answered this week on ALN!


126 - Binocles, Bionicles, Bonicles! AKA Purple Burglar Alarm

This week we learn what Joe does for a living, and propose some cyberpunk eyewear. Sean gives a rave review to a show eight years too late, and we tackle the import questions regarding Star Trek TNG.


125 - Pippi Longstocking was a Demigod

Mike's out sick this week, so Joe and Sean have a fundraiser for him. During it Joe learns about Pippi Longstocking, and both boys talk about The Book of Boba Fett.


124 - The Nature of Cans, AN GAH JHAY!

What kind of person is the most bat-like? Do fanboats actually have captains? Speaking of captains, STAR TREK! More holodeck fucking!


123 - Do You Mind if I Set Up My Bees in Here?

We talk about the two types of zombies: the magic kind and the science kind. And for some reason, Ian Ziering is heavily featured in a lengthy, bee-centric discussion. Finally, more video games should make you feel like a badass.


122 - That’s Some Good-Lookin’ Urine

Space is all fun and games till you realize what you’re drinking and eating. Equally disappointing, Mike learns that beloved shows from his youth were flagrant cash grabs. And finally, we talk about gaming’s biggest developers and the arc of either overreach or redemption commonly seen in the industry.


121 - Sneak-Attack Sax aka Extravagantly Laserbeam People in Half

We’re asking the important questions again! Like “What is Numbers?”, “What kind of incest is better?”, “Is taking over the world too much admin?”, and “Do you remember tapes?”


120 - Golden Instruments, Golden Showers

Joe witnesses something scandalous, which leads discussion into familiar territory, such as the pros and cons of being the front end of a human centipede. Also, why is smoking still bad for you? We can make self-driving cars but we can’t figure out a healthy cigarette? Nonsense.


119 - Bigfoot Scat!

Bigfoot is REAL... apparently. Who says so? A SCIENTIST. Also minor Dune spoilers like: Paul Atreides does NOT have sex with his own mother, despite Sean's desires. "What are you doing step-kwisatz haderach?"


118 - Please Save My Fish, He’s My Best Friend!

Mike's normally bald, but today he's moreso somehow. Which is fun! Jingles are fun too, but poison isn't... But it can be! And we still don't know the SOAD song yet... :-(


117 - There‘s The Moon, and I‘m a Farmer

How will current-day movies be seen in 100 years? Did murder used to be more fun? Is Joe a serial killer? Just a few of the important questions on this week's episode!


116 - The Most Important Part of the Raisin Bran…Is the Bran!

This week, we give Rob Schneider and the Wayans brothers the Renaissance no one asked for. We also discuss the brands hardest hit by spokesperson cancelations, especially the criminal ones. Let’s just say the Jared diet hasn’t aged well. And finally, did Game of Thrones take place on an alien planet? Sean doesn’t care


115 - That’s a Space-Name, if I’ve Ever Heard One

Three men discuss assault! There's literally less Joe. Not in the episode though (Sorry, Joe-critics). Subrosa is the worst TNG ep


114 - Yes, I Am a Man of Many Desires

What happens in Vegas stays... immortalized in audio form in this podcast, apparently. We talk about Disney World, Game of Thrones, Star Wars Legends, and the absurdity of being an atheist in a fantasy setting.


Here Comes the Spooky Night (I am So Spooky Too)

Hot from ALN Studios is the scary-new scary-holiday single from Sean Keller!


113 - So Much of This Show is Grunting

This week we hit the 90's hard with talk about Tim Allen and JTT (Who is just like... a guy now). Remember Homestar Runner?


112 - Because of the Sand!

Mike's in good shape when compared to Sean. He's in GREAT shape when compared to Joe. Joe trimmed his beard though, so that's something. Robots are very effective at killing the elderly. And Children. STAR WARS!


111 - How Dare You Try to Make a Human Connection!

We ask the important questions like "Would Chris Farley have done drama?" and "Are introverts real?" (No, and yes respectively) Joe's audio craps out around 24 minutes, but he hangs on. It's been at least 2 episodes since we've had an audio issue, so we were overdue!


110 - You've Only Got So Much Time to Find That Shirt

The guys discuss the importance of exposition of porn, and breakdown the itinerary of the new Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser resort at Disney!