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Weekly comedy nerd podcast covering TV, video games, pop culture, and science with a unique spin: hilarious fake commercials.

Weekly comedy nerd podcast covering TV, video games, pop culture, and science with a unique spin: hilarious fake commercials.


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Weekly comedy nerd podcast covering TV, video games, pop culture, and science with a unique spin: hilarious fake commercials.




094 - Chode, My Fourth Favorite Mario Brothers Character

We talk about recasting, particularly in the case of Batwoman and Black Panther, the popularity of various superhero shows, and we finally delve into the Snyder Cut. Tensions are high, passions are burning, and words are slurring.


093 - Vince Vaughn Adjacent

The merits and demerits of Justin Long and Ace Ventura are both discussed at much too much length before we quickly devolve into a frank and serious talk about Superman's jizz.


092 - The Blalphabet

Heath Ledger: Sympathy Oscar, or performance of a lifetime? We also compare the travails of our favorite hobbits and address the hottest drugs in town: the COVID vaccines and WandaVision.


091 - AH! MY DICK!

Joe and Sean scheme to torture Mike for having interests, and a lot of dicks get blasted before an earnest discussion about business etiquette and movie franchises.


090 - A Birds**t in the Hand, Is Worth Two on the Minimoon

Sounds from space! Or IS it space? Mike disagrees. Can a moon have a moon? On the entertainment front, Sean has opinions on Tenet, we have man crushes (men crush?) on Michael Sheen, and de-aging technology still sucks.


089 - Joe-bba The Hutt / Mike Doesn't Respect The Bell

We talk about our college years, the heavily censored edition. We also discuss WandaVision, good shows, bad shows, and the value of ending a story on a high note.


088 - A Very Small Kraken

Aphantasia is about 14% as real as fibromyalgia. Having a twin is either great or horrible, depending on whether you’re Sean. Also, the late-night Jimmys are either made of teflon or there’s some kind of anti-cancel conspiracy going on there. We get edgy this week.


087 - Show Me Ya Badges

Sean gets his first gaming computer and, unrelated, becomes an important piece of a salacious criminal investigation. We also talk about beer nearly as much as we drink it.


086 - 1-800-FBI-BIBI

We investigate supernatural goings-on at Sean’s workplace via the testimony of one codename Madame Xanadu. Unrelated, we also discuss volcanoes and the unbearably slow rate of discovery in science.


085 - Who Waited for the Nipple?

The guys reminisce about being children of the ‘90s. What was the internet like during those early years? How did people get their fix of adult content? What the hell was Altavista? All answered.


084 - Where You Gonna Go, Sean? You're a Penguin!

Wayne’s World, pasties (the pies, pervert), an Indiana Jones video game, cheerleaders, marching band, John Philip Sousa, and, obviously, the sousaphone: AKA, the wearable tuba. We spend more time talking about tubas this week than any other podcast in history.


083 - Your Plane's Been Soiled

We ring in the New Year with a (literally) sober discussion about Among Us, Cyberpunk, failed video game launches, and jettisoning people from airlocks. Importantly, can you land a 747 in Greenland, and how much do spiders weigh? Ballpark.


082 - Ghost Loads

Here’s a surprise: We talk about Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and video games! Darth Vader’s only vulnerability, the surprise game of the year: Hades, and then obviously we talk about… prostates?


081 - The Uruk Hai Have a Sense of Pageantry

Directors who learn from their mistakes, the elaborate and ridiculous politics of the Star Wars prequels, neckbeards, simps, and Uruk-hai! Oh my!


Bonus - What Even Is Christmas Is to Me?

Endure the first Christmas single produced entirely by S.C. Keller, Biotic Warlord of Happy: "What Even Is Christmas Is to Me?" A Billboard Top 4,815 record. According to THIS IS SUPER DUPER REAL NEWS I PROMISE dot com


080 - Blood F*** Orgy

We discuss the art of language in fantasy and sci-fi (which is more interesting than it sounds), crappy local commercials and their perpetrators, animals that hate their owners, and of course [BABY YODA'S REAL NAME]! A lot of nonsense this week.


079 - Great Scotch, I Was Bit by a Fine Stone House!

The guys talk Star Wars movies and TV, go into considerable detail discussing video games from 2015, dive once again into the pros and cons of recasting, and teach you all about the threat of WEREhouses.


078 - Dial-up Zordon

Who is the Shockmaster? You’re welcome. We discuss the impending robot uprising, the Spielberg oft-overlooked gem Minority Report, and Sean tries to understand science yet again! Also, chinchillas are super soft and feel great on your FACE.


077 - No Raptor Looks Friendly

How did they mess up an open-world Avengers game? Also, what are the best depictions of aliens in film, who the hell is Captain N, what exactly is an MMO, and are space simulators actually fun? By Grabthar's Hammer, I sure hope you're a nerd for this one.


076 - Just Sittin’ There, Lookin’ All Blind and Stuff

The staggering beauty of an ancient voice, degrading side quests, Steve Urkel’s dueling personas, and let’s get real: paleontologists make stuff up.