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Ep. 23: Diff'rent Strokes - "The Bicycle Man - Part 1"

Diff'rent Strokes The Bicycle Man: Part 1 - February 5, 1983 We hemmed and hawed and dragged our feet until we could drag no longer. We watched The Bicycle Man: Part 1 and I think I need a drink. This "classic" episode of Diff'rent Strokes is one that we here at VSTV get asked about regularly so we reviewed it just for you. For the unfamiliar, Diff'rent Strokes follows Arnold (Gary Coleman) and Willis Jackson (Todd Bridges) - two brothers from Harlem taken in by wealthy Manhattan...


Ep. 22: The Drew Carey Show - "A Very Special Drew"

The Drew Carey Show A Very Special Drew - May 17, 2000 Remember The Drew Carey Show? It was like a less attractive, less glamorous Friends. Some would argue less funny. We here at VSTV would like to take this time to prove that hypothesis. In the year 2000 the folks over at The Drew Carey Show took it upon themselves to skewer this little theme of "very special" episodes with their own entry titled "A Very Special Drew." See the show had never won any Emmy's so they decided to throw in...


Ep. 21: Walker, Texas Ranger - "Lucas - Part 2" with very special guest Jennifer Mrazek

Walker Texas Ranger Lucas Part 2 - October 18, 1997 We’re finally back with part two of this wack-job of an episode. We’re joined by our favorite Texan Jennifer Mrazek to review the second half of Walker Texas Ranger episode Lucas - otherwise known as the one where the kid from Sixth Sense has AIDS. In case you were wondering, this episode is just as full of child endangerment as the last - more so! Lucas is still having night terrors about the people that tortured him his entire life and...


Ep. 22: Rosetan Barnold (Roseanne - A Stash from the Past)

Roseanne “A Stash from the Past” (5 October, 1993) Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) finds a stash in David’s (Johnny Galecki) room and confronts him about it. The hidden stash turns out to be Roseanne’s weed they hid and forgot about oh so long ago. Roseanne, Dan (John Goodman), and Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) decide to partake in the forgotten stash and proceed to make us laugh… and make us think. On this episode of Very Special Television we find out if 41 is too old to get high, we wax nostalgic...


Ep. 21: A Colombian Slater (Saved ByThe Bell - No Hope With Dope)

Saved by the Bell “No Hope With Dope” (30 November, 1991) Hollywood Hunk Johnny Dakota (Eddie Garcia) drops by Bayside scouting a location for an anti-drug PSA… starring himself! Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and the gang horn their way into the PSA because Bayside only has 20 students and let’s face it – these kids are the best looking in the bunch. At a Hollywood showbiz party Johnny turns out to be a major hypocrite and offers Kelly (Tiffani Thiessen) a stick of marijuana!! Listen as we...


Ep. 20: Annie are you OK? (Punky Brewster - Cherie Lifesaver)

Punky Brewster “Cherie Lifesaver” (19, January 1986) It’s Episode TWENTY of Very Special Television and we couldn’t have made it this far without you our loyal listeners!! To say thanks we decided to tackle one of the most requested episodes in our brief history. You asked for it and you got it - we tackled the most specialist of episodes with Punky Brewster “Cherie Lifesaver.” Need I say more? During an ill-fated game of hide and seek, Cherie (Cherie Johnson) makes the worst decision of...


Ep. 19: She Was Born a Rhea... (Cheers - Cliff's Rocky Moment)

Cheers "Cliff's Rocky Moment” (26, January 1984) It's bad news for loudmouth-mailman and Pixar Lucky Charm Cliff (John Ratzenberger) when a barfly Victor (Peter Iacangelo) takes a diskliking to him. Carla (Rhea Perlman) and the gang egg Cliffy on to standup to the Adult-Onset bullying even though no one stands behind their buddy when push comes to shove. Meanwhile Sam (Ted Danson) is upset at Diane (Shelley Long) for using inane (intellectual) methods for picking winners in the football...


Ep. 18: Mary Cake (Full House - Shape Up)

Full House “Shape Up” (09, August 1990) It’s Bikini Season as Kimmy Gibble’rs (Andrea Barber) 14th Birthday approaches and the festivities are scheduled to be a Pool Party! D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) is stressed to the max to look her best and takes on a radical diet of starving herself. Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) being a concerned sister has a heart-to-heart making D.J. promise to continue eating. D.J. being frustrated with her measly weight loss of half a pound in 2 days leads to a...


Ep. 17: Pizza II (Blossom - Hunger)

Blossom "Hunger” (10, May 1993) Original Quirky Girl and Patron Saint of Coachella, Blossom (Mayim Bialik) is a little worried about the excessive workout habits of her best friend and stalwart hanger-on Six (Jenna von Oy). Blossom takes it upon herself to teach Six a lesson by arranging a hangout with local bulimic Julie (T.C. Warner). Meanwhile Joey (Joey Lawrence) gets a job delivering pizza and gets seduced by local cougar "Mrs. Robinson" (Stephanie Beacham) and yes, they named the...


Ep. 16: Recruit the Toot (The Facts of Life - Runaway)

The Facts of Life "Runaway” (24, February 1982) Things aren't looking too good for Tootie (Kim Fields) when she finds herself lost in NYC without her wallet and smack in the middle of Mike the Pimp's (Darrell Fetty) hos-den. Would-be Good Samaritan Kristy (Tammy Lauren) tries to lure Tootie home with promises of leg warmers as far as the eye can see and plentiful lycra body suits. It's a good thing Mrs. Garrett (Charlotte Rae) and the Girls, Girls GIIIIIIIRLS arrive just in time to take...


Ep. 15: Night Corn at Bite Court (Night Court - Best of Friends)

Night Court “Best of Friends” (7, November 1985) We watched Night Court and I don’t think you will OBJECT to the hilariousness that ensues. Dan (John Larroquette) is stoked because his best buddy from college is coming to visit. But Dan gets more (or less?) than he bargained for when former ladykiller Chip arrives as none other than Charlene (Jim Bailey)! Dan spends the rest of the episode making dick jokes while Charlene attempts to keep her cool and save their friendship. It's episode 14...


Ep. 3: Gerbil Jammin (California Dreams - Tiffani's Gold)

California Dreams “Tiffani’s Gold” (7, January 1995) In this episode of A Very Special Podcast, we catch up with the Surf Dudes with Attitude (not the Ninja Turtles) and watch California Dreams episode Tiffani’s Gold! The surf band with way too many members puts a ton of unnecessary pressure on their tiny bassist Tiffani (Kelly Packard) to get on the National Beach Volleyball Team so naturally she turns to steroids. In other news the sexless boys of the band hold a “Stud Contest” to be...