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Ep. 23: Diff'rent Strokes - "The Bicycle Man - Part 1"

Diff'rent Strokes The Bicycle Man: Part 1 - February 5, 1983 We hemmed and hawed and dragged our feet until we could drag no longer. We watched The Bicycle Man: Part 1 and I think I need a drink. This "classic" episode of Diff'rent Strokes is one that we here at VSTV get asked about regularly so we reviewed it just for you. For the unfamiliar, Diff'rent Strokes follows Arnold (Gary Coleman) and Willis Jackson (Todd Bridges) - two brothers from Harlem taken in by wealthy Manhattan...


Ep. 22: The Drew Carey Show - "A Very Special Drew"

The Drew Carey Show A Very Special Drew - May 17, 2000 Remember The Drew Carey Show? It was like a less attractive, less glamorous Friends. Some would argue less funny. We here at VSTV would like to take this time to prove that hypothesis. In the year 2000 the folks over at The Drew Carey Show took it upon themselves to skewer this little theme of "very special" episodes with their own entry titled "A Very Special Drew." See the show had never won any Emmy's so they decided to throw in...