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Each week on The Absolute Worst Podcast, Dana Powell (Successful Comedian/Actor/Writer, Adequate Mom) and Alison Royer (Fledgling Comedian/Actor/Writer, Terrible Wife) seek and give free therapy by telling you their problems, asking you to tell them your problems, and then they just pray to God that any of it works out. They're basically the opposite of Oprah.

Each week on The Absolute Worst Podcast, Dana Powell (Successful Comedian/Actor/Writer, Adequate Mom) and Alison Royer (Fledgling Comedian/Actor/Writer, Terrible Wife) seek and give free therapy by telling you their problems, asking you to tell them your problems, and then they just pray to God that any of it works out. They're basically the opposite of Oprah.
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Each week on The Absolute Worst Podcast, Dana Powell (Successful Comedian/Actor/Writer, Adequate Mom) and Alison Royer (Fledgling Comedian/Actor/Writer, Terrible Wife) seek and give free therapy by telling you their problems, asking you to tell them your problems, and then they just pray to God that any of it works out. They're basically the opposite of Oprah.




Goodbye AWP!

Hello AWP Interns! This is just a quick announcement to let you all know that we've decided to bring this podcast to a close. We love you and are so grateful that you have helped us make this podcast the amazing thing that it is. We hope that you will stay in touch with each other in the AWP Interns Facebook group and that you'll join us when we embark on new projects. Our podcast will be up until June 1, so if you want to keep any episodes, download them before that time!...


**Holiday Hiatus Announcement**

Happy Holidays!! We are taking a brief hiatus, but we wanted to wish you all the best, and we hope everyone continues being 'the worst'. We love you and couldn't be more grateful for all of your support. Don't be a d*ck this holiday season!!! Xoxo, DP, Royer, & Sarah the Intern


Episode 82: Nat Strawn

Our guest this week is Nat Strawn. You may remember her as Alison’s mean, Pakistani Pilates Teacher. Nat is also a very funny comedian and social media goddess. You can check her out here, here, here, and here. During the Absolute Worst Therapy section, Nat helps us answer some listener questions and we begin by helping a woman who wants what she can’t have. We also try to set boundaries in an apartment dwelling and then try to convince another listener to go to a wedding. We end this...


Episode 81: A Cauldron of Crazy

As usual, we’re off to a rocky start. After a harrowing beginning, we hear from a listener who’s crying through her homework, but she claims this is a good thing. We also hear back from the woman whose show we fixed via dialect coaching. She tells us all about her show in NY and you can learn more about her at her website: www.therachelstern.com. We also fan-girl over a woman who fan-girled over Tim Gunn and one of our listeners gives Alison a tip for cheaper pregnancy tests. We end the...


Episode 80: The Angel & The Devil

Alison begins Episode 80 by begging Dana to go to couple’s counseling. We also discuss baby shower etiquette and financial resentment. The Absolute Worst Feedback section begins with a podcast suggestion for Dana and this reminds Dana that her life is falling apart. We also hear back from the woman who was nervous about vacationing with her estranged father’s immediate family and turns out, she didn’t get murdered!!! We then hear from another woman with an absentee father and realize that...


Episode 79: Follow Your Dreams?

We start Episode 79 by discussing babies, AWP merchandise and the new network that our podcast is a part of, Utter Clarity. We then jump over to the feedback section to get some more information about CBD oil and then Dana gets complimented on her birdcall. We also hear back from a woman regarding her mommy issues and another woman confirms that the name Weenie is pretty common. We end the feedback section by discussing our favorite topic — foreskins. Our first question is from a woman who...


Episode 78: Finding Our Families & Avoiding Politics

In Episode 78, several listeners beg us to share our thoughts on the current political climate — no. After we get that bullshit out of the way, we’re able to turn our attention to the bigger world topics like why it’s important to use Monistat chafing gel as a makeup primer and whether or not work slippers are appropriate. We also meet yet another listener who is reconnecting with previously unknown family members. We also meet a CysterSister and Alison once again attempts to start a dating...


Episode 77: The Return Of Big Pee Pee

Episode 77 is entirely dedicated to feedback we received in response to Episode 65: Anxiety, Depression and a Buttwiper. We begin with an email from a woman who just wants to connect. We also hear back from our new favorite Missouri listener, a woman who was struggling with anxiety and also, BIG PEE PEE!!! We get a lot of helpful resources in Episode 77 which I’ve listed below: If you are struggling with your weight, please follow Ryan Woodall on Facebook or follow the hashtag...


Episode 76: Ayden Mayeri

Our guest this week is Ayden Mayeri! You may recognize Ayden from New Girl, Workaholics, or Life in Pieces. Starting on November 2nd, you can watch her in Amazon’s Homecoming alongside Julia Roberts. In Episode 76 we discuss getting through college, marriage counseling and EMDR. During the Absolute Worst Therapy segment, Ayden helps our listeners lose weight for their weddings. She also helps us try to determine if our sexual partners are taking pictures of us and if it’s appropriate to live...


Episode 75: I Literally Do

Dana is now a professional singer and Alison records this episode from deep REM sleep. As usual, WE GOT PRESENTS — this time in the form of candles. Please check out Burned Candles on Instagram @burned_candles or check out the Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/burnedcandlesco. Alison is in a dark place so we kick Episode 75 off with “Just Some Love” from an amazing AWP listener. We also hear from one of our Interns who points out that a massage parlor is impersonating us and we meet a woman who...


Episode 74: Steve Hytner

Steve Hytner is famously known for playing Kenny Bania on Seinfeld. His podcast, “That’s Gold with Steve Hytner” covers everything from sports betting to pop culture (thatsgold.gold). Before we begin, Steve shares a little bit about his 13-year-old son Jack’s fight against cancer. Steve has recently relocated from Reno, NV to Los Angeles in order to be nearer Children’s Hospital. You can donate to Jack at jackscavalry.com which is also where you can find Jack’s GoFundMe page. During the...


Episode 73: Molly Hawkey

Our guest this week is Molly Hawkey! Molly is famously known for editing herself into The Bachelor. She is also the creator/host of one of our favorite podcasts, Spermcast, which is Molly’s very personal quest to find a sperm donor. Spermcast was featured in both The Washington Post as well as The Huffington Post. You can listen to Spermcast here. In Episode 73, we discuss The Bachelor, getting older, and facing our fears. Molly also helps us answer some listener questions and we begin by...


Episode 72: Sound Off!

Episode 72 starts off casually enough as we discuss the positive benefits of butter, hear some very pleasant listener feedback and find out we’re the heroes of an AA meeting. Afterwards, things take a turn when Alison accuses Dana of being from St. Louis. This episode continues to unravel when we read an email from our Virginia Intern. She has a lot of thoughts but Dana loses her mind upon receiving a few notes about our sound quality. In an attempt to calm her down, Alison reads additional...


Episode 71: It Started Coming Out...

EPISODE 71 – IT STARTED COMING OUT… In Episode 71, Republic Rob demands that everyone give us money, and who are we to argue? If you’d like to contribute to AWP, you can do so via the following links: https://www.patreon.com/absoluteworstpodcast or https://www.gofundme.com/absolute-worst-crowdfunding. During the Absolute Worst Feedback section, we meet a woman who helped Alison escape from the cops and another woman who hates coughers. We also again ask, “Why Me?” Afterwards, in the Absolute...


Episode 70: Absolute Worst Feedback- Part II

In Episode 70, we focus on helping others by dedicating our entire episode to feedback! We kick it off with some gifts we received from Lanae at Medical Monkeys! Every time you send a Medical Monkey to a loved one, a $10 donation gets made to a charity. Find out more at medicalmonkeys.com. We then do a series of shout-outs per our listener demands and Alison realizes that she’s single-handedly keeping The Public Theater afloat. We also get some feedback about apps Dana will like, crafting...


Episode 69: Molly Erdman

Today’s special guest is Molly Erdman! You may recognize Molly from her hilarious BreakWomb videos on YouTube or perhaps you’re familiar with her blog/book, Catalog Living. You can find out more about Molly on her website: mollyerdman.com. Since Molly is an OG listener, we kick off Episode 69 with some listener feedback. Our first listener demands that Alison literally stop talking. NO CHANCE, YOU WITCH! We also read the results of a very prestigious Instagram poll regarding gift giving. And...


Episode 68: The Dana Episode

In Episode 68, we celebrate Dana Powell. We also celebrate Intern Sarah by giving her a microphone! We start by answering a listener question about Dana’s bumper problem. We also hear from Alison’s boyfriend, Republican Rob, who offers Dana some insurance advice. We then head over to Dana’s Book Corner where she re-counts the array of books she’s suggested to people over the course of our show (You Are A Badass, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck, The Antidote). Afterwards, we diagnose a...


Episode 67: Belly Button Fishing

We start the Absolute Feedback section with an email from a new listener who has joined us on our emotional rollercoaster. Buckle up, bitch! We also hear from an overthinking mama and a woman who diagnoses Alison with Empathy Deficiency. The feedback continues when we hear back from a woman who previously wrote in about all the drifters in her home and then another listener reveals that her running game has been ruined by Dana’s sex life. During the Absolute Worst Therapy section, we try to...


Episode 66: Unsolicited Advice & Sexting

In Episode 66, we have a literal breakthrough while living vicariously through one of our favorite listeners, “Desperately Seeking Dick.” We’re so happy for you!!! We also hear from an actual licensed professional therapist who’s responsible for most of Alison’s food porn obsessions. And we get to hear back from the woman whose story about her brother’s battle with mental illness has garnered tons of feedback. Afterwards, we hear from our “bored” listener and she essentially takes back...


Episode 65: Anxiety, Depression, and a Buttwiper

EPISODE 65 – ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, AND A BUTTWIPER In Episode 65, we address a lot of the emails we’ve received regarding anxiety and depression. We start with some feedback from Alison’s boyfriend, Republican Rob. We also hear from Dana’s best friend and an amazing powerhouse mother of three. In response to the Irish mom from Episode 53, another listener suggests the FB group Grown and Flown Parents, a community for parents of 15-25 year olds. We end the feedback section with a powerful...