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Each week on The Absolute Worst Podcast, Dana Powell (Successful Comedian/Actor/Writer, Adequate Mom) and Alison Royer (Fledgling Comedian/Actor/Writer, Terrible Wife) seek and give free therapy by telling you their problems, asking you to tell them your problems, and then they just pray to God that any of it works out. They're basically the opposite of Oprah.

Each week on The Absolute Worst Podcast, Dana Powell (Successful Comedian/Actor/Writer, Adequate Mom) and Alison Royer (Fledgling Comedian/Actor/Writer, Terrible Wife) seek and give free therapy by telling you their problems, asking you to tell them your problems, and then they just pray to God that any of it works out. They're basically the opposite of Oprah.
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Each week on The Absolute Worst Podcast, Dana Powell (Successful Comedian/Actor/Writer, Adequate Mom) and Alison Royer (Fledgling Comedian/Actor/Writer, Terrible Wife) seek and give free therapy by telling you their problems, asking you to tell them your problems, and then they just pray to God that any of it works out. They're basically the opposite of Oprah.




Episode 76: Ayden Mayeri

Our guest this week is Ayden Mayeri! You may recognize Ayden from New Girl, Workaholics, or Life in Pieces. Starting on November 2nd, you can watch her in Amazon’s Homecoming alongside Julia Roberts. In Episode 76 we discuss getting through college, marriage counseling and EMDR. During the Absolute Worst Therapy segment, Ayden helps our listeners lose weight for their weddings. She also helps us try to determine if our sexual partners are taking pictures of us and if it’s appropriate to...


Episode 75: I Literally Do

Dana is now a professional singer and Alison records this episode from deep REM sleep. As usual, WE GOT PRESENTS — this time in the form of candles. Please check out Burned Candles on Instagram @burned_candles or check out the Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/burnedcandlesco. Alison is in a dark place so we kick Episode 75 off with “Just Some Love” from an amazing AWP listener. We also hear from one of our Interns who points out that a massage parlor is impersonating us and we meet a woman who...


Episode 74: Steve Hytner

Steve Hytner is famously known for playing Kenny Bania on Seinfeld. His podcast, “That’s Gold with Steve Hytner” covers everything from sports betting to pop culture (thatsgold.gold). Before we begin, Steve shares a little bit about his 13-year-old son Jack’s fight against cancer. Steve has recently relocated from Reno, NV to Los Angeles in order to be nearer Children’s Hospital. You can donate to Jack at jackscavalry.com which is also where you can find Jack’s GoFundMe page. During the...


Episode 73: Molly Hawkey

Our guest this week is Molly Hawkey! Molly is famously known for editing herself into The Bachelor. She is also the creator/host of one of our favorite podcasts, Spermcast, which is Molly’s very personal quest to find a sperm donor. Spermcast was featured in both The Washington Post as well as The Huffington Post. You can listen to Spermcast here. In Episode 73, we discuss The Bachelor, getting older, and facing our fears. Molly also helps us answer some listener questions and we begin by...


Episode 72: Sound Off!

Episode 72 starts off casually enough as we discuss the positive benefits of butter, hear some very pleasant listener feedback and find out we’re the heroes of an AA meeting. Afterwards, things take a turn when Alison accuses Dana of being from St. Louis. This episode continues to unravel when we read an email from our Virginia Intern. She has a lot of thoughts but Dana loses her mind upon receiving a few notes about our sound quality. In an attempt to calm her down, Alison reads...


Episode 71: It Started Coming Out...

EPISODE 71 – IT STARTED COMING OUT… In Episode 71, Republic Rob demands that everyone give us money, and who are we to argue? If you’d like to contribute to AWP, you can do so via the following links: https://www.patreon.com/absoluteworstpodcast or https://www.gofundme.com/absolute-worst-crowdfunding. During the Absolute Worst Feedback section, we meet a woman who helped Alison escape from the cops and another woman who hates coughers. We also again ask, “Why Me?” Afterwards, in the...


Episode 70: Absolute Worst Feedback- Part II

In Episode 70, we focus on helping others by dedicating our entire episode to feedback! We kick it off with some gifts we received from Lanae at Medical Monkeys! Every time you send a Medical Monkey to a loved one, a $10 donation gets made to a charity. Find out more at medicalmonkeys.com. We then do a series of shout-outs per our listener demands and Alison realizes that she’s single-handedly keeping The Public Theater afloat. We also get some feedback about apps Dana will like, crafting...


Episode 57: Absolute Yoursts (Part II)

Episode 57 is entirely dedicated to Absolute Yoursts and we being by discussing Alison’s inability to send appropriate gifts. We then hear back from a woman who thought she was in love but turns out she narrowly avoided death. We also hear from several people who, like Dana, have puking problems and then we realize we ruined some nice woman’s vacation. Halfway through the episode we meet an incredible woman whose drinking is spiraling out of control…but in like a fun way. This is followed by...


Episode 56: A Pulley System Of Gratitude

We begin Episode 56 by attempting to be kind to one another by showing our gratitude. We also hear back from a listener who is making her dreams come true! She had a deep desire to start a dog rescue and NOW SHE’S DOING IT! Find out more about Scout’s Sanctuary here: https://www.facebook.com/scoutssanctuary/. She is looking for fosters in the bay area and in the central valley as well as anyone who is interested in donating land! Please reach out to her here: steph@haddadtraining.com....


Episode 55: Jillian Bell

This week our guest is Jillian Bell! You may recognize Jillian from her role alongside Scarlett Johansson in Rough Night or Jonah Hill in 22 Jump Street or maybe you noticed her in Curb Your Enthusiasm or perhaps you remember when she was a writer on SNL. Most importantly, you may have heard of her company, Neon Witch which creates t-shirts for girls and guys who want to own their anxiety or depression. Go get a shirt at neonwitch.com and don’t forget to use your promo code (AWP20) to...


Episode 54: Absolute Worst Feedback (Part 1)

Episode 54 is entirely dedicated to listener feedback. We meet an Australian who finally got married, an OG listener who’s bored, and a woman who’s sick of everyone being objectified. We also celebrate other incredible women who are creating cool stuff. Be sure to check out Fat Girls Dance!!! Facebook: @fatgirlsdance Instagram: @fatgirlsdancemovement A year of dance: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1zJz-nKVhjdAgOUmWMYLJg, Podcast: https://thenakedpodcast.splashthat.com/ Then we meet a...


Episode 53: Periods, More Milk Bags, & a Scared Hippo

EPISODE 53 – PERIODS, MORE MILKBAGS AND A SCARED HIPPO Alison and Dana really feel like Oprah this week as they once again discuss their fancy Swedish Sudio headphones. They also offer everyone a 15% off promo code!!! (www.sudio.com Promo Code: ABSOLUTEWORST) During our feedback section, we meet a hateful listener who demands we free our intern, Sarah. NOT A CHANCE, WITCHWOMAN! We then receive a lot of accolades for removing a woman from her boyfriend’s asshole and are re-visited by the...


Episode 52: Attitudes and Platitudes

In Episode 52, Alison makes the huge announcement that she’s now a Twinkling Star! During the feedback section, we meet a listener who wants to hear more about our Absolute Yourst segment. We also meet a lovely woman who offers some heartfelt feedback and then slips in a period reference…RUDE! Then, as usual, one of our listeners does some vagina research that we’re too lazy to do. We also meet a man who sends some feedback but we’re mostly just obsessed with his email signature line. We are...


Episode 51: Ryan Gaul

EPISODE 51 – RYAN GAUL This week’s guest is Ryan Gaul!!! Ryan can currently be seen on the new TBS show, The Last OG where he plays Tiffany Haddish’s husband! The Last OG is produced by Jordan Peele and stars Tracy Morgan. It is so funny, go watch it! Ryan helps us navigate some listener problems in Episode 51 and we begin by helping a listener determine whether or not she needs to tell on her co-worker. We also try to help a woman be more selfish and another woman remove a man from her...


Episode 50: Where is Scandinavia?

This week Alison seeks help and Dana rips on her for previously-chosen Halloween costumes. Seems reasonable. We start Episode 50 by reading some listener feedback and Dana gets real excited because she gets to meet one of her applebuddys. She also gets a suggestion of something that goes great with a Cunt Waffle pencil and then she gets to meet one of our male listeners! Our feedback section ends with another listener who is very upset about AWP’S previous guest Ben Jamison’s thoughts on...


Episode 49: Highs & Lows

Alison and Dana are depressed…obviously. They spend Episode 49 recounting some of their recent highs and lows. This ends with everyone receiving a 15% off promo code for some incredible Swedish headphones!!! (www.sudio.com Promo Code: ABSOLUTEWORST) To cheer ourselves up, we decide to read some listener feedback! One person says we’re helping and then several other listeners explain how we’ve inadvertently embarrassed them in social settings. SORRY! During the Absolute Worst Therapy section,...


Episode 48: Dave Razowsky

This week’s guest is improv guru, Dave Razowsky! Dave is an alumni of Second City Chicago where he performed with an all-star cast including Steve Carrell, Stephen Colbert and Amy Sedaris. He teaches and performs improv all over the world. You can follow his whereabouts and also hear his therapy-adjacent podcast, ADD Podcast, at his website, http://www.davidrazowsky.com/. In Dave’s episode we discuss making mistakes, being honest, and why we don’t like it when people yuck our yums. We also...


Episode 47: The Deep South Strikes Back

We begin Episode 47 by honoring our interns…all of them. We then hear some listener feedback regarding the Deep South — turns out this is a very divisive topic. Afterwards, Alison continues her quest to convince Dana that their podcast is secretly a matchmaking site. During the Absolute Worst Therapy section, we immediately debunk the theory that absence makes the heart grow fonder while providing some advice to a woman who’s struggling in her marriage. We also try to figure out how to tell...


Episode 46: Freaky Friday/Bang Our Intern

EPISODE 46 – FREAKY FRIDAY/BANG OUR INTERN We begin Episode 46 reading text messages between our Absolute Worst Intern and her youthful friend. We also get an update from our dead-tongue listener. We first meet her in Episode 12 and she’s been sending us updates ever since. If you would like to donate to her GoFundMe page, it is here: https://www.gofundme.com/6mffn3-help-amanda-beat-cancer. During the Absolute Worst Therapy section, we meet a listener who is trying to help people but failing...


Episode 45: Alison's Not Doing Well

In Episode 45, Alison falls apart and dreams of checking into a hotel. Instead, Dana makes her march in a protest. Not helpful, Dana! During the Absolute Worst Feedback section, we finally meet the one listener who LOVES our website. We also hear back from the perfume lady, Dana gets yelled at for telling people not to drink, and the woman we stalk shares an update on her house/albatross. The Absolute Worst Therapy section begins with a question from a woman who is missing her childhood and...