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Jaclyn Marfuggi

Annabelle & her best friend comedian & host of What's Your Jersey podcast Jaclyn Marfuggi talk about their disastrous birthday celebration for their friend Haley that involved meth, bikers & worst of all-having to go to North Hollywood.


Erin Darling

Annabelle has comedian & podcast host Erin Darling on to talk about her podcast Ghosted Hunters where she confronts men who have ghosted on her friends. She talks about awful breakups, dealbreakers & terrible excuses fuck boys have tried to pull on her.


Danny Pellegrino - Life Smize 2

Annabelle & Danny Pellegrino (host of Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino) have a hilariously tipsy Kiki recapping their thoughts on the Life Size 2 with Tyra Banks, Danny's feud with Melissa Joan Heart, Christmas original TV movies, problems with The Grinch & more.


Lawn Sex & the City with Haley Hanson

Annabelle has one of her bfs writer/producer/comedian Haley Hanson on & she tells us how to have confidence in yourself when it comes to dating & shares some incredibly honest & hilarious sex stories that involves a hose & a moose. IT GETS VERY INTIMATE IN THIS EPISODE!


Hitting on girls & Capes

Annabelle is solo & recaps her week of going to Spencer Pratt's crystal party where she kept flirting with female models & scaring them, going to an event where she embarrassed herself in front of two Real Housewives of Beverly Hills & stalking a celeb baby daddy at Universal Studios


Virginia Lang

Annabelle is joined by one of her best friends radio show host Virginia Lang. They first met when Annabelle was a fan girl at 13 & then she later became an intern for their show when she was in college. They talk about her intern experience with Pauly Shore, her bad blood with Harland Williams, meeting Texas Oil Granpapa in Palm Beach & how they were almost kicked out of The Colony Hotel way before Countess Luanne did it. Virginia also gives confidence lessons on how to be your most...


Love, Sex & Aliens

Annabelle has her friend & brilliant comedian/Sirius XM host John Fugelsang on to be her token straight male friend to answer all the relationship questions submitted by the kittens from a mans POV. John is a unicorn among men & will make you a believer again that funny, kind, sensitive, men do exist. He will make you feel inspired, empowered & reminds you that you're the smart, beautiful, sex kitten that ANYONE would be lucky to be with! We also talk about politics towards the very end so...


EP 163 - Bachelors, Bracelets & Pigs

Annabelle and everyone's favorite stoner (her mom Nancy) recap going to a convention over the weekend where Annabelle tried to hit on MSNBC hosts. SHe also met Ben Higgins from the Bachelor & proceeded to word vomit all over him with one of the most embarrassing pickup lines ever.


Episode 162 - Hummers & Slim Fast

Annabelle sits down with the mega-talented Danny Pellegrino


Episode 161 - The MILF of Mental Health

Annabelle has one of her bfs comedian, actress & representative for Postpartum Depression Angelina Spicer @angelinaspicer they talk about the event they went to where Angelina performed conversation magic-she teaches us how to work the room & be social when you have anxiety, pickup tips for meeting new people, intentions & she updates us on how her documentary is going. Follow @angelinaspicer on all platforms!


The Most Awesome Possum

Annabelle has her favorite instagram celebrity influencer @itsmesesame & her owner Ally Burguieres, not only is Ally the owner of one of the most famous animals on Instagram, she also owns 3 art galleries in New Orleans! They talk about everything from how her IG went viral, to how she opened up her own galleries, what to do when people try to shut down your dreams, the crazy lengths they go for animals & how to come up with the perfect IG caption. Follow the sweetest account ever on IG...


Social Interaction Week!

Annabelle is solo this episode because her schedule was too busy with social events to coordinate a podcast with someone else, yeah that's not a joke. She tells us about her record breaking week of going out every night this week to a different event. Her attempts at flirting, showing up being the only person dressed in costume & meeting her favorite instagram celebrity. THANK YOU to the sponsors who are helping feed her cats & possums CARBON38.COM-get your Tacara leggings & other clothing...


Episode 158 - Dolly Parton & Danny Pellegrino these are a few of my favorite things

Annabelle & the hilarious Danny Pellegrino (host of the podcast Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino) have a verbal junk drawer of nostalgia. Instead of talking regular Housewives, it diverted into their obsessions from the 90's & 00's, including a Rosie O'Donnell item that Danny bought on eBay that turned out to be a scam, beanie babies, The OC, Planet Hollywood, Dolly Parton, the Cracker Barell & more. THANK YOU TO THE SPONSORS Harry's Razors- Redeem your trial offer worth $13 for just...


Episode 157 - Cat Calling

Annabelle answers kitten voicemails & talks with Taylor O’Connor, the only straight guy she’s been out on a date within the past 2 years. Go to to sign up and receive 50% off your first order! Go to and use my code ADDERALL to receive 10$ off your first box! That gives you $200 worth of product for only $39.99!


Episode 156 - Pratt Daddy

Annabelle & Spencer Pratt (Host of the Make Speidi Famous Again podcast, The Hills, Let Spencer Pratt Heal You) they talk about the new season of The Hills, his celebrity run ins,crystals,hummingbirds,fatherhood & conspiracy theories. Go follow Spencer @prattdaddy & go to his store! THANK YOU to the sponsors supporting a single, cat mom of 3. Ritual - For 15% off your first order RITUAL.COM/ADDERALL for the best vitamins ROBINHOOD.COM-Robinhood is giving kittens a FREE stock like Apple,...


Episode 155 - Pandora Boxx

Annabelle & her guest Pandora Boxx (from RuPaul's Drag Race season 2 & RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars) talk about her journey in starting drag, makeup,dragshow etiquette,what it's like behind the scenes of Drag Race. She also tells us about her new single! Go follow Pandora on @PandoraBoxx & get her music! *THANK YOU TO THESE FABULOUS SPONSORS FOR PUTTING CATFOOD ON THE TABLE* CARBON 38- Get fashionable & comfortable workout clothes that transition from workout class to street style. The...


Episode 154 - "The Late Show with Annabelle DeSisto

Annabelle is solo & recording at 1am....she talks about the Nicki vs Cardi B fight, thoughts on the RHONY reunion, plus gives us a possum therapy update. Go see Annabelle September 22nd in Washington DC at her solo show with meet & greet! Go to HANK YOU TO OUR LOVELY SPONSORS SCENTBIRD.COM- Get new,designer perfumes right to your door every use ADDERALL for 50% off your first month,That’s only $7.50 for your first month Free shipping!...


Episode 153 - Bipolar Bear with Lisa Sunstedt

Annabelle has her bf,mentor & creator of "Pretty Funny Women" Lisa Sunstedt back to talk about mental illness,90 Day Fiance, manifestation and how Lisa has used it to get what she wants & awkward conversations with psychiatrists... go to to learn more about her class & listen to Lisa's podcast Pretty Funny Women on iTunes. This single cat mom of 3 would like to thank the sponsors putting cat food on the table: FAB FIT FUN box-get the perfect gift for yourself or...


Episode 152 - "RHONY Reunion with Danny Pellegrino

Annabelle has the hilarious host of Everything Iconic podcast Danny Pellegrino on to recap Real Housewives of New York reunion, they also talk about their campaign for Katherine Heigl,Y2K & Josh Hartnettes mortifying 911 call. THANK YOU to the sponsors supporting a single, cat mom of 3 FABFITFUN go to use code ADDERALL for your box for just $39.99 MEUNDIES.COM/ADDERALL for 15% off your first order RITUAL.COM/ADDERALL for the best vitamins "


Episode 151 - French Lessons with Jaclyn Marfuggi

Annabelle has one of her best friends, comedian & host of the podcast "What's Your Jersey" Jaclyn Marfuggi on & she teaches us how easy it is to speak French, prom dress controversies, awful auditions & what not to do with toothpaste. THANK YOU to our sponsors for supporting a single cat mom of 3 SCENTBIRD.COM/ADDERALL for 50% off your first month, get designer fragrance for just $7.50 free S&H BEACHBODYONDEMAND.COM get FREE TRIAL membership to hundreds of workout & nutritional programs...