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Lindsay Cockburn & Her Jeremy Piven Apartment Tour

Annabelle & her bff of 10 years Lindsay Cockburn creator of blog talk about Annabelle's moms elaborate plan she came up with for Lindsay to meet a man. They talk about unsuccessfully stalking Seth Macfarlane & how a trip to the Jay Leno show ended in Jeremy Piven's apartment. Thank you to our sponsor for keeping us dehydrated use code ADDERALL at checkout to get 20% your entire order!


Real Panic Attacks of New York City

Annabelle & Jaclyn Marfuggi (host of What's Your Jersey podcast) talk all about Annabelle's trip to NYC to attend the Real Housewives of New York premiere party & what bravolebrities she embarrassed herself in front of. Thank you to our sponsors use code Adderall for $10 off Thank you to Harrys Razors for giving me the best shave ever go to Thank you Ritual vitamins for giving me the energy I need


Episode 124 - Bitch Bible Study

Annabelle & Jackie Schimmel host of The Bitch Bible podcast talk about everything from plastic surgery,creepy teachers,peeps candy & dissect every Real Housewives franchise


Episode 123 -BFF/Blogger Lindsay Cockburn - High School Rumors about Annabelle and dates with Texas Billionaires

Annabelle & her best friend of 10 years Lindsay Cockburn talk about how they first became friends, Annabelle's HUGE news about NYC & how they ended up dating the same grandfather. Go follow Lindsay's blog blushinginhollywood & thank you to our sponsors BEACHBODYONDEMAND get a free trial by texting adderall to 303030. To get the best jeans visit TRUERELIGION.COM & use code adderall to get 20% off your entire order. Get the energy & health boost we all need by using RITUAL VITAMINS go to...


Episode 122 - Feminism & Farmers Only

Annabelle & one of her best friends queen feminist/sex worker/pet pig owner Rachel Swimmer talk about everything from getting banned from certain aps, why you should stay away from Florida, Chelsea Handler, & how hard it is to find love on Farmers Only. Come meet Annabelle & Rachel at the live Adderall & Compliments show in NYC for Annabelle's birthday Saturday April 14th at 12pm at the Slipper Room tickets available now! "


Episode 121 - Accidentally Wetting Your Pants, Inappropriate Touching, And An Airport Romance With A Waiter

Annabelle & Meagan Grainger talk about wetting your pants, inappropriate touching, falling in love with a Chili's waiter at the airport & psychics on RHOBH. Get tickets to the live NYC show April 14th at The Slipper Room "


Episode 120 - Mental Illness & Naked Cat Fights with Dana Moon

Annabelle has one of her best friends, standup comedian Dana Moon on to talk about the filming of her Netflix episode of "Nailed It". They talk about the behind the scenes secrets, mental illness, & naked screaming fights with roommates. Thank you to our sponsor RITUAL VITAMINS, Get your body on fleek "


Episode 119 - with Meagan Grainger

Meagan Grainger Annabelle & Meagan have their first podcast from Meagan's new apartment! They talk about the move, Annabelle's terrible weekend, Meagan tells a lovely story of a guy jerking off on her window & they recap Real Housewives of Beverly Beach, oops I mean Hills. Thank you to our sponsors use code ADDERALL to get 20% your entire order. Thank you to for the best vitamins ever & thank you to for making all of my manifesting dreams...


Episode 118- with Jaclyn Marfuggi

Annabelle & her bf & host of "What's Your Jersey" Jaclyn Marfuggi. They talk about Hooters, their upcoming bday trip to NYC, Real Housewives MMA, work outs & Jaclyn being asked out by a Yankees player bc of her True Religion jeans. THANK YOU to our sponsors True Religion, use code ADDERALL to get $50 on & THANK YOU BeachBody on Demand, text ADDERALL to 303030 for your 2 week free trial


Episode 117- Annabelle's psychiatrist Dr. Mamaya

Annabelle & Meagan take a trip to the Amen Clinic in Costa Mesa to visit Annabelle's psychiatrist Dr. Larry Mamaya. He's been her doctor for 2 years & saved her from the darkest period in her life. He has done another episode (#64) & he's back today to answer more questions about depression, mood disorders, what to look for in a therapist, what is shown on brain scans of people who murder & what it was like sitting down with Larry King. He also graces us with some impressions.


Episode 116- with RJ

Annabelle & her investor/father /world famous comedian RJ sit down to talk about why he passed out at the live San Francisco show, cats, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills & dieting.


Episode 115- with Fancy Nancy

Annabelle is joined by 1/2 of her investment team, Fancy Nancy. They talk about Nancy turning 58, she answers Kitten questions about being a kick ass female, we talk about Valentines Day & we talk about how I'm going to get into amazing, visionboard body shape with the help of our amazing new sponsor TEXT CODE ADDERALL TO 303030 & you get 2 free weeks of over 600 workout videos & nutrition plans FOR FREE!


Episode 114- with Meagan Grainger

Annabelle & Megan talk about their upcoming live show in San Francisco on Feb 17th at the Shelton Theater (tix available on Meagan gets caught in a LIE LIKE A LIAR, we talk about her embarrassing night of being a spy, Annabelle talks about her medical intuitive session & they recap RHOBH. Thank you to our sponsors use code Kittens for 20% the softest clothes you will ever feel in your life, thank you to Fab Fit Fun use code ADDERALL to get $10 off...


Episode 113- with Meagan Grainger

Annabelle & Meagan talk about how Tyra Banks is the best tv host of all time, Meagan's ideas for her Hallmark Christmas movie she was going to write & where it went wrong & recap RHOBH. THANK YOU TO OUR AMAZING SPONSOR TANIUSA.COM WHO HAVE THE SOFTEST UNDERWEAR,LEGGINGS & SHIRTS EVER! USE CODE KITTENS FOR 20% I SWEAR ON ALL MY CATS LIVES IT'S THE BEST THING EVER


Episode 112- With Meagan Grainger

Annabelle & Meagan are finally back & talk about their trip to Seattle where almost everything went wrong including Annabelle looking like she had 2 black eyes to Meagan being asked to leave a tattoo shop for being drunk. They talk about the Women's March, Pasadena, Meagan's vagina doctor & recap RHOBH!


Episode 111- with Fancy Nancy

Annabelle is in Seattle for the live show so her & Fancy Nancy sit down to talk about why Annabelle freaks out before live shows, their weird obsessions, Golden Globes, Oprah & a million other things. Thank you to for sponsoring this podcast & being the softest most incredible underwear & clothing in the universe. Use the code KITTENS to get 20%!


Episode 110- with Meagan Grainger

Annabelle & Meagan are FINALLY reunited for the first time in 2018. They're so excited about their live show in Seattle at the Comedy Underground January 13th at 1 pm & they talk about everything-gynos with ponytails, their New Years Eve celebrations( Meagan's as much more interesting & it involved getting pulled over & someone getting naked) Meagan had an encounter with her famous ex lover & his now pregnant fiancé, they talk about vision boards & make fun of Annabelles, recap RHOBH &...


Episode 109- with Chris Medina

Annabelle's guest is one of her best friends & the most amazing psychic/medium you will ever meet Chris Medina. .They answer Kitten questions about ghosts, aliens, how loved ones from the other side communicate, Justin Beiber's future, serial killers & a ton more. Chris Medina is the real deal & we can't recommend him enough, Annabelle swears on all her cats lives so you know it's true!


Episode 108- with RJ

Annabelle & her investor/national headlining comedian RJ sit down to get his thoughts on Luanne's arrest, RHONJ, life advice, movie impressions & his goals for the New Year. *RJ had some of Nancy's devil lettuce prior to recording*


Episode 107- with Fancy Nancy

Annabelle & her investor Fancy Nancy answer questions from the Kittens, they talk about having to deal with the divo that is RJ & recap RHOBH!


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