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Going Over Episode 3

On this week’s episode of Going Over, we discuss this past Sunday’s Hell in a Cell #HIAC, #NXT, and what the #WWE might have in store for the upcoming events. Join us every week as we stream live every Thursday 7:30pm EST / 4:30pm PST on YouTube ( or tune in to whichever #podcast service you listen to FOLLOW US Watch the video format here:


Going Over Episode 2

The most exciting thing to happen this week in sports entertainment is Monday Night RAW, and that’s exactly what Cruz & Vance discuss on this week’s episode of Going Over. Is HBK coming back? Will the Undertaker last more than 2 min in the ring against Triple H? Did Brie Bella take the Suicide Dive literally? FOLLOW US Watch the video format of this podcast here:


Going Over Episode 1

From the creators of Advanced Cruz Control, it's the return of Cruz and Vance, but this time, they're back with something new: Going Over. Cruz the Crusher and Vance the Violator bring to you the baddest fake sports podcast on the planet. Join them every week as they break down your weekly sports entertainment news, rumors, and predictions. Stick with us, and you will never lose your smile like Shawn Michaels did back in '97. If you don't get that reference, we got two words for ya: SUCK...


WWE Survivor Series and NXT War Games

Cruz and Vance discuss their thoughts on this past weekend's WWE Survivor Series and NXT's War Games. Share what you thought! Watch the video format of this podcast here:


WWE Hell in a Cell, Halloween Costumes and “Gerald’s Game” Movie Review

Cruz and Vance discuss the latest Star Wars trailer, recap last Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell, and talk about their past Halloween costumes as well as what they should do this year. What/who do you think they should go as? Which one of them would be Rick, and who would be Morty? What about Doc Brown/Marty? Following the podcast, they review “Gerald’s Game” for week 5 of “7 Weeks of Deadly Sins Before Halloween.” For the video format of this podcast, visit Subscribe to our...


Comic Book & Video Game On-Screen Adaptations and Mother! Movie Review

Cruz and Vance discuss their favorite on-screen adaptations of comic books and video games as well as their thoughts on the upcoming Punisher series on Netflix and the reboot of Tomb Raider. Also, if Affleck is out, who do you think should play Batman? Lastly, it’s week 3 of “7 Weeks of Deadly Sins Before Halloween” (we need a new name for that, seriously), and this week’s film review is for “Mother!” Watch the video format of this episode and subscribe to our YouTube channel –...


Toxicity in Gaming, WWE Mae Young Classic Finals, & IT Film Review

It's Episode 4, and the first ever video format! Cruz and Vance recap the WWE Mae Young Classic finals and talk about the latest WWE 2K18 game. Things turn slightly serious when they discuss toxicity in online gaming and finally go into week 2 of "7 Weeks of Deadly Sins" with this week's film review of "IT." Watch the video format of this episode - Subscribe to our YouTube channel - Theme music by Damien Rainaud


WWE Mae Young Classic & The Belko Experiment

Cruz and Vance discuss what's new in video games, reveal the results from last week's Joker poll on Twitter, and recap WWE's Mae Young Classic. Also, in celebration of 7 weeks before Halloween, they've decided to do 7 weeks of deadly sins by watching a horror film each week. Will Vance survive? Do the movies relate to each sin? Tune in to find out! This week's film: The Belko Experiment. Tweet or write us if you have an amazing title for our Halloween segment! Follow Advanced Cruz...


Resident Evil 7 & WWE SummerSlam

Cruz and Vance review Resident Evil 7 as well as recap NXT Takeover and WWE SummerSlam. Find out who they think should play the Joker in the upcoming origin film as they discuss the latest in pop culture news and answer listener questions. Follow Advanced Cruz Control on Twitter and answer their current poll on who you think should play the Joker. Send your questions to Theme music by Damien Rainaud


The Long Road to Comic Con

In the inaugural episode of Advanced Cruz Control, hosts Annie Cruz & Steve Vance take you on a journey to the San Diego Comic Con. It's Vance's first time, and Cruz's 500,000th. Get to know these two nerds as they take the podcast on the road and answer questions on Instagram LIVE, discuss video games, review Spider-Man: Homecoming, and recap SDCC. Intro/outro music by Damien Rainaud