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Bryan* The TruTV Show Finder

Brian interviews Bryan Terry, VP of original programming and development at TruTV, which means he finds and develops all sorts of comedic shows for the “Funny Because It’s Tru” network. Hear all the ways pitches for new shows get heard and filtered in this episode on basically how TV ideas get made. Universal Brian Questions at (1:04:26) *This podcast is forging an alliance between Brians and Bryans


Brian The Dodgeball World Cup Dodgeballer

Brian interviews Brian Warring, a dodgeballer for the Canadian National team competing at the Dodgeball World Cup at Madison Square Garden. Find out everything you’re probably wondering about the world of elite dodgeball as we go much further than Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge in this episode from MSG. Universal Brian Questions at (44:43)


Brian The Pun Champion

Brian interviews Brian Agler, aka Punda Express, a 13-time pun champion or finalist in the biggest pun competitions like Punderdome 3000 in Brooklyn and The O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships in Austin. And when Brian’s not dominating forms of “low” humor, he dominates “high” humor in pieces for McSweeneys, The New Yorker, Splitsider and in speeches for all sorts of politicians for his day job as a speechwriter. We cover all the goofs and spoofs, plus Universal Brian Questions at (45:00)


Brian The Moulin Rouge Dancer

Brian interviews Brian Michael Hinds, a dancer at the legendary Moulin Rouge who’s probably more flexible than most Brians. Find out what it takes to make it through the audition process, what daily life is like behind the scenes, and what happens when you accidentally kick a shoe or throw a knife into the audience in this episode from Montmartre in Paris. Universal Brian Questions at (38:40)


Brian The Barcelona Street Art Capturer

Brian interviews Brian Tsutomu Reedy, a street art documenter who catches all the fleeting local scenery via his site, Barcelona Street Scraps. Hear how the heated political environment in Barcelona serves as a backdrop for some of these artists and his process for capturing everything before it’s gone in this episode from Sarrià-Sant Gervasi in Barcelona. Universal Brian Questions at (28:45)


Brian And Brian The Animated Filmmakers

Brian interviews Brian Padilla and Brian Baxter, the Brians behind animated films like Despicable Me and The Grinch from the French studio Illumination Mac Guff. Hear how they work as compositors and surfacing artists to bring these films to life in the very first 3-Brian, “Briangle” episode from Celtic Corner Pub in Paris. Universal Brian Questions at (31:25) Note: The mic setting for 3 Brians let in more background noise than usual, so hopefully you're the type that enjoys some "ambient"...


Brian The Election Rigging Expert

Brian interviews Brian Klaas, the author of “How to Rig an Election”, Washington Post columnist, and fellow at the London School of Economics. Find out all the ways a Brian can rig various types of governments and become The Ultimate Authoritarian Dictator of Briantopia, formerly known as Earth in this episode recorded at the London School of Economics. Universal Brian questions at (23:18)


Brian The Beer

Brian interviews Monty Python’s “Brian” in beer form in the form of an interview with Black Sheep Brewery's head brewer, Phil Douglas. Hear about the creation and character of Brian, and how the collaboration with Monty Python came about in this very naughty episode from the brewery in North Yorkshire, UK. End track taken from the album Monty Python Sings, Track 15. I don’t own the copyright.


Brian The Jibo Robot Designer

Brian interviews Brian Skuse, a UX designer in Boston for Jibo, the home robot companion. Hear his Rochester accent, his non-robotics background with Brian and Brian going way back as Brian comrades, and what really dumb name Brians should be glad they don’t have to respond to… from Mugs Ale House in Brooklyn. Universal Brian questions at (20:30)


Brian The Wrigley Field DJ

Brian interviews Brian Hlavacek, the ballpark DJ at infamous Wrigley Field for the Chicago Cubs home baseball games. He plays all the player walk-up music, along with whatever gets the crowd going during inning breaks. Hear the crazy reason he got this job and find out which superstitious player only enters the batters box on a specific beat in this episode from Happy Camper in Chicago. Universal Brian questions at (22:45)


Brian The MTV Promo Guy

Brian interviews Brian Havig, a brand writer/director at MTV and comedian who makes all sort of offbeat promos for his job and funny social experiments for himself. They include being a Comic-Con man on the really wrong street and seriously committing to a Thunderstruck dance routine around NYC while wearing a “Brian” shirt. Universal Brian questions at (25:45)


Bryan* The Beer Writer

Brian interviews Bryan Roth, the director of the North American Guild of Beer Writers and writer for publications like All About Beer, Beer Advocate, etc. and his own site, Find out which beer would most represent a Brian in this episode from Fullsteam Brewery in Raleigh, NC. *This podcast is forging an alliance between Brians and Bryans


Brian The Turtle Caller

Brian interviews Brian Spaeth, the proprietor of, a business where he gets paid to call people and pretend to be a turtle.


Brian The Public High School Teacher

Brian interviews Brian Cohen, a Brooklyn public high school math teacher who’d give up pie before pi. He’s also an avid travel hacker so after he gives us a lesson on the New York public school system, he tells us how to beat the system when it comes to travel.


Brian The Novelist

Brian interviews Brian Olsen, an author of hard-to-label novels who details what you need to know about the business of self publishing, and how to stop naming every character “Brian” by using a random name generator.


Bryan* The Construction Manager

Brian interviews Bryan Sapan, a construction company project manager who knows all too well the changes on the ground in Brooklyn, plus the craziness of The Diamond District from a past working life. He just happened to be walking down Bedford avenue when Brian was set up with a microphone and a sign that read, “If your name is Brian, get interviewed for a podcast.” Despite the chance encounter, it turned into a fuller interview. *This podcast is forging an alliance between Brians and Bryans...


All ­The Brians On Bedford Avenue

Brian interviews all the Brians on Bedford Avenue who just happened to be walking by where he was set up at a table with a microphone and a sign that read, “If your name is Brian, get interviewed for a podcast.” Over a couple hours, there were 8 Brians — 5 Brians and 3 Bryans. And a Brian Wolff and a Bryan Wolf. Crazy. This is all those Brians edited together into one compilation interview with Brian-tastic results.


Brian The Wushu Practitioner

Brian interviews Brian Hutchinson, a Wushu practitioner and systems admin for Major League Baseball. What is Wushu? It’s why Jet Li and Cung Le would kick your ass, but in the fanciest way possible.


Bryan* The Beverage Director

Brian interviews Bryan Schneider, the beverage director for Quality Branded restaurant group in New York. He has created inventive cocktails on menus across the city since 2005, from Michelin-starred Daniel to Brooklyn’s Clover Club, including the maybe-way-too-inventive “California Chardonnay.” *This podcast is forging an alliance between Brians and Bryans for the betterment of BRY-uhns everywhere


Brian The Perfumer Technician

Brian interviews Brian Snyder, a fine fragrance perfumer technician at one of the “big four” perfume companies who knows way more about smells than the average Brian.