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Astrology Roast is about hatin' on all star signs equally. Each episode we'll explore the best and worst qualities of the signs. Your hosts Keren (Gemini) and Etai (Aries) will interview local members of their community and take the piss out of each of the twelve signs who make the zodiac wheel turn.

Astrology Roast is about hatin' on all star signs equally. Each episode we'll explore the best and worst qualities of the signs. Your hosts Keren (Gemini) and Etai (Aries) will interview local members of their community and take the piss out of each of the twelve signs who make the zodiac wheel turn.
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Astrology Roast is about hatin' on all star signs equally. Each episode we'll explore the best and worst qualities of the signs. Your hosts Keren (Gemini) and Etai (Aries) will interview local members of their community and take the piss out of each of the twelve signs who make the zodiac wheel turn.






Episode 36: Age of Aquarius

There are very few topics we have't discussed on this episode. Very few. We spoke about last week's live roast, we read some star signs confessions, we discovered we are charting in surprising countries, and most importantly, we learned so much from some Dolly Parton and Jennifer Aniston quotes. We also played a new game called "hi babes, what's my sign". Tune in to listen to all of the above, and more!


Episode 35: LIVE ROAST

January 12th is the day on which we had a live event and recorded a live episode. We apologize in advance for the recording quality, we did our best. Still waiting for that Adidas sponsorship so we can buy more equipment. Anyways, it was an incredible experience with amazing people and we are so proud to share this. Thank you to everyone that came, and everyone that's tuning in every single week, we love you!


Episode 34: Releasing The Ghost

2019 is here and we are back on the couch! This week we are talking about letting go of the ghosts in our lives. Should we release ghosts or should we embrace them? and what can we learn from Carrie Bradshaw and Astrology on the matter? ALSO this week we are introducing a new segment on the podcast "Story Time With Lori Time", at the end of each episode you can listen to a story by Lauren, our dear Leo friend. Check her bags on @kaparadesigns on Insta


Episode 33: Greatest Hits: Our Prerogative

We are taking a quick end of the year mini break, but in the meantime, we made you this compilation of some of our favourite moments from the past year on the podcast. We named it after Britney's first greatest hits album, because she made a greatest hits album and then made a lot of other great hits and had to release another greatest hits album. Maybe we will too. COME TO OUR LIVE EVENT JANUARY 12th 2019 All the details are on our Instagram and Facebook Happy new year x


Episode 32: Christmas Roast

Christmas is here ya'll! Yes, we are two Jews. But we have opinions! This week is extra special, because we are bringing you a filmed episode which is available for listening here and for watching on our IGTV. Was Jesus a Capricorn? Why do people in Melbourne piss in jars during Christmas time? Did Mariah Carey really not know who Jennifer Lopez was? Is Christmas better than Hanukkah? These, and so many more questions will be answered!!! Listen here, or head over to our Insta page, and join...


Bonus Episode: Deep Soulful Sweats

We went to an incredible Astrological experience. Basically a dance party where you're split into star signs. It was so good we had to record and share it with you right after it, so here it is. Check out Deep Soulful Sweats on Instagram and Facebook @deepsoulfulsweats And on their website


Episode 31: Astrology Roast Wrapped 2018

WHAT A YEAR. Inspired by everyone's Spotify end-of-year charts, we decided to astrologically reflect on the star signs that made this year what it was. For better and for worse. We're also talking about how Lindsay Lohan is living the best Cancerian life (working from home) Why Tupac and Paul McCartney are still alive (both Geminis) and why Geminis lie all the time. We also reveal Etai's Aquarius dad-related news. Only if you can be fucked, take a second to rate/review our podcast xx Follow...


Episode 30: It's Britney's Birthday, Bitch!!!

Our 30th episode is going live on Britney Spears' birthday! coincidence or astrological divine fate? don't answer that. On this episode we are celebrating anything and everything Sagittarius, and the one and only, Britney. Tune in to learn about the wonders of Britney's Instagram, how to survive a breakdown, and how to slay life like a bad ass Sagittarius. We also talk about beautiful Capricorn minds, Keren's stalking abilities and Etai's addiction to Tasty videos. LIVE EVENT JANUARY 12th...


Episode 29: I'm just a maid!

Mercury is retrograding again, it's a full on in Gemini and as you can already guess, we are going CRAZY! Join us to see if getting spray tans, doing some yoga, and watching Jlo's movies can help at these times of energetic mess. We also talk about lucid dreaming and cusps. Feel free (only if you wish) to rate and review our podcast! Follow us on Insta @astrologyroast


Episode 28: Family Feud

The Spice Girls once sang "Mama I love you, Mama I care, Mama I love you, Mama my friend, You're my friend" and we want to ask: are you, mama, my friend? This week on Astrology Roast we are joined once again by Max (Sagittarius) to discuss the intricacies of the relationship we have with the women who gave us life, but at what cost? When is it time to cut the metaphorical (and actual) ambylical cord? Is it OK to hide your truth in order to keep your family at peace? And what does it mean to...


Episode 27: thank u, next

What a trans-formative time this Scorpio season has been. With all this Scorpionic energy around, Ariana Grande (Cancer) released the ultimate break up song the world was waiting for since the invention of music. Join us as we discuss unhealthy Scorpio behaviours, the biggest fears of each sign, and the star signs of the characters from the critically acclaimed movie and Uber-pool most discussed topic: A Star Is Born. If you feel like it, Rate, Review, Subscribe. And follow us on Insta...


Episode 26: Can I Be Me?

This week on Astrology Roast we are discussing some big topics. Joined by the wonderful Max (Sagittarius) we ask the question which is also the title of the Whitney Huston (Leo) documentary, Can I Be Me? It is hard to stay true to yourself in a world of Astrology skeptics, STI's and people who are constantly questioning your identity. Also and more importantly, is it possible that we are living in a world in which some people don't know who Britney Spears is?!?! We apologize in advance for...


Episode 25: Witches Can Have It All

With Halloween at the door step, we invited Romy (Aries) who is a real modern-day boss ass witch. Romy has graced us with her magical presence to shed some light on the myths and misconceptions that come with the job while discussing the struggles of planning a wedding with your ancestors whispering in your ear. She also gave us some practical tools on how to deal with a haunted house, and some tips on how to survive Halloween. Tune in for a spiritual roller-coaster ride. Follow Romy on...


Episode 24: You Can't Choose Your Roommates

This week Keren (Gemini) and Etai (Aries) are taking a walk down memory lane and are revisiting their past roommates. Which star sign nourished their soul? Which made them fake-clean the house? And which star sign is the worst to have as a landlord? Other than these important questions, this episode we are also discussing how Ariana and Pitt's break up affected our lives and the importance of babkas. Follow us on Insta @astrologyroast


Episode 23: Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

EVERYONE IS GETTING ENGAGED!!! Why do people go crazy when they get married? Can we blame Venus retrograde for it or are humans just fucking annoying? Join us this episode to discuss Etai breaking up with his Iphone, Keren's Bat Mitzvah memories, and Astrology Roasts debut on the podcast charts at number 282. DM us on insta for a FREE sticker! @astrologyroast


Episode 22: Into The Wild

This week we stepped out of our comfort zone and went camping in nature! Did magic happen? we basically got attacked by a wombat and had no reception, but you can be the judge of that. Also, one of us almost got bitten by a snake, which has lead us to discuss the idea of spirit animals and the animals that represents different star signs. Check out our Instagram some people think it's funny @astrologyroast


Episode 21: Living On The Fringe

It's Libra month, Pluto is coming forward, Melbourne Fringe Festival is on, and we have a Pisces living with us in the house. In other words, what a time to be alive! Join us this episode as we are exploring the idea of never judging a book by its cover and answering some of society's most pressing questions. Does the world need another Poetry Slam night? Can business women let their hair down? and will we ever get a morning-after-pill for hooking up with a star sign? Follow us on insta...


Episode 20: Trauma with a capital T

On this episode of Astrology Roast we are going DEEP. Just like the planets, our grandparents and the ones who came before them, leave their mark on our lives. Joined by Lauren Glezer (leo) we are diving right into the topic of inter-generational trauma. Sounds fun, right? Tune in to hear us trying to figure out the consequences of being a part of a story that started way before us, and maybe you can find a little bit of yourself in it too. Follow us on Insta @astrologyroast


Episode 19: New Year New Me

It's Jewish New Year and we are reflecting like there is no tomorrow. Tune in to this episode to discover what life lessons Etai learned from an 81 year old wise Virgo woman, what Keren learned from spending 4 hours at the holocaust museum and what the hell is Venus retrograde all about? Wishing you a happy new Jewish year, or as we like to say - Shana Tova bitches! Follow us on Insta @astrologyroast


Episode 18: Family, Body Love and Leos

We wanted to make an episode about families and Astrology, so we brought an amazing, funny and smart guest! Lauren Glezer is a singer, business owner, a teacher and what not! She is also a Leo, which can explain why we ended up talking about lots of other topics, and family probably got the least air time out of all of them. Having said that, this episode is full of life advice from Lauren's eye doctor, friends from weight watchers and herself. Check our her bags business @kaparadesigns and...