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Aussie PomCast #94 - Another One Bites The Dust

Aussie PomCast #94 - Another One Bites The Dust by Aussie And The Pom


Aussie PomCast # 92 - The Returning Top 5

Aussie PomCast # 92 - The Returning Top 5 by Aussie And The Pom


Aussie PomCast #91 - Conquering Rome

The International House Of Podcast Network launches this week and so the Aussie & The Pom release their latest edition........ This weeks HOT TOPICS: - Aussie's Euro Tours - Daredevil Season 3 Update - A Star is Born Review - Gladiator 2 in the works - Usain Bolt the footballer? - Todd LaTourette - oh dear......... As always LISTEN, LIKE and SHARE the episode


Aussie PomCast #90 - Sponsored By Copper Blush

It's the Halloween Special with absolutely no mention of Halloween!!! The Aussie & The Pom grab the mic as we count down to our 100th episode! On this weeks edition: - Aussie continues his Euro Tour Review with his view's on Paris - IHOP Network introduction - Copper Blush - a Mrs Pom production - TV Non Spoiler review's for Making a Murderer 2 and Daredevil Season 3 - Body Modification horrors - Milking the father...... As always have a LISTEN, LIKE it and then spread the word and share it


Aussie PomCast #89 - We're Back Baby!!!!!

The return that no one asked for............ But The Aussie & The Pom return to the airwaves and we have an action packed show in store for you! This Weeks Hot Topics🔥: ✈️ Aussie’s Euro Tour 👰🏼 The Pom’s Wedding 🤧 #Mansize Controversy 🧜‍♀️ #KeiraKnightly Nonsense 🍪 Cookie Cremation Get LIKING and SHARING and give us a LISTEN.You never knov, you might like it..........


Lets Get To Know Ya #1 - Steve, Dinner And A Podcast

The Aussie tries to fill in some time with a new podcast. This time sitting down and talking to people in the podcasting world. So check out this weeks episode as I talk to Steve from dinner and Podcast


Aussie PomCast #88 - The Meg's Alive.....

The final episode before The Aussie embarks on his trip to Europe and the final show before The Pom ties the knot! The Aussie adds extra entertainment this week as he watches his AFL team in action during recording - watch out for the random shouts at the umpire! Getting the AP Posse treatment this week: - The Pom reviews the summer blockbuster The Meg - Then goes onto look into the Conspiracy Theory that The Meg is still alive and well - Ruby Rose gets the backing from the team in the...


Aussie PomCast #87 - A Spooky Courtship

Episode 87 rolls into town and the Aussie & The Pom dish up this weeks Hot Topics: - Mission Impossible Fallout Review (Non Spoiler) - James Gunn Update - Is Luigi dead? - President Winnie the Pooh - Online Dating - A story of a Spooky Courtship


Aussie PomCast # 86 - The Aussie & The Snip

**PRESS PLAY** Thats right, just hit play for your dose of Aussie & the Pom. This week we give the AP treatment to: - The Aussie has the snip!!! - The Pom Reviews #Amsterdam - yep, the City! - Mayor Kane - Starving mobs of kangaroos - Final Destination style death


Aussie PomCast #85 - Dumb Happens

Aussie PomCast #85 - Dumb Happens by Aussie And The Pom


Aussie PomCast #84 - Donald Strikes Again

Drop it like its late, drop it like its late............... Well they always say, better late than never and that is right on the money here as we have a great show lined up for you. The HOT TOPICS getting the AP Treatment this week are: - The Donald (including the Putin Incident and Protests galore) - Who is America Review - Skyscraper Non-Spoiler Review - The Best Coffin Ever - Horse Shenanigans - The Illustrated Man - The Choking Game Have a listen and just share to a friend or on social...


Aussie PomCast #83 - The Kinder Surprise

After we decided that it's still coming home, just not yet, we get into this weeks Hot Topics! This week the AP Posse has an absolute treat in store as we cover: - Thai Football Team Rescue Mission - A 13 year old, USB cable and curiosity...... - The Aussie reviews Kevin Smiths new show #Hollyweed - The worst Kinder Surprise of all time - We preview the best SUMMER BLOCKBUSTERS Play it, like it and share it - thats all we ask and we will love you forever


Aussie PomCast #82 - It's Coming Home

In the midst of World Cup Fever in England, the team return to give you THEIR take on the weeks Hot Topics. Getting the AP Treatment this week: - It's Coming Home - Aussie Basketball Brawl - Hayfever Cure - The War on Men - Celebrity Breakup Nonsense - Morgue Nightmares - The Pom Names Names Have a listen, drop us a message and say hi and just recommend the show to just one person this week. We will love you long time......


Aussie PomCast #81 - Celebrity Death Pool

Getting the AP Posse treatment this week: - We wade in on the Sad Steve Smith Saga - Can a head fit in a truck exhaust? - NBA Rookie Of The Year - Dog Urine & Acne??? - Jacko is still alive? - How is Maradona still alive? - The AP Celebrity Death Pool


Aussie PomCast #80 - Golden Ticket To Heaven

After a week off due to The Pom's Stag Do - the boys are back and ready to give this weeks Hot Topics, the AP treatment! On this weeks show: Trump & Kim talk but this time it's Kim Kardashian We look at the banned Burger King WC Advert Have our reaction to the brand new Creed 2 trailer The Aussie touches on one of his favourite sporting days - the NBA Draft No more standalone Star Wars movies??? We finish with potentially the greatest business idea of all time, involving Jesus, gold and an...


Aussie PomCast#79 - Drinking Down Those Hot Topics

Season 2 of The Aussie & The Pom Show rolls on with some more of this weeks hot topics! We react to the Bumblebee trailer as The Pom excitedly gets ready for the return of Transformers. We have our say on the Kirstie Allsopp Twitter debate before opening up on our Phone Addictions! The Aussie asks, Where is Melania Trump? Before The Pom gets annoyed with #FakeNews Time Travel edition! We finish off with a bit of a Religion Rant all starting with some good old Twitter Beef! It's two guys...


Aussie PomCast#78 - Roseanne Barred

After the fun of Facebook LIVE last week, we get back to reality with THE BEST show we have recorded in this new format! Lots of great Hot Topics this week as we start off with our standard weekly catch up and find out why Mrs Pom is a secret Gangsta...... The Aussie then gives us a SPOILER FREE Review of Solo whilst we also look into the Box Office Performance. Up next, The Pom shares with you the new mental craze of Bluetoothing in South Africa!!! Before the guys take aim at religion and...


Aussie PomCast #76 - Season 2 Premiere

Season 2 you say??? I know, we didn't realise we were doing seasons either until we started recording! Anyway, after a short break - your favourite Aussie & Pom combination returns for your listening pleasure. Just a conversational podcast covering a bit of everything: We do have a catch up to see what's been going on Next we discuss what we have been watching - Deadpool 2, Rough Night and Cobra Kai are all discussed The Royal Wedding then gets dissected Whats Trending on Twitter finishes...


Aussie PomCast #75 - The Top 5 Bonanza

Baby Aussie has arrived and so Nate 'The Aussie' Appleby is on his podcasting sabbatical! But never fear as the Aussie & The Pom Show continues!! This week we have a special Top 5 edition. Up first we have The Pom's - that's right, Mrs Pom makes her return to the show - they take us through the top 5 tips to consider when moving in with your partner! Up next, a massive thank you to the Dinner and a Podcast team as they record a special for us! The New Yorkers, give us their top 5 tips on...


Aussie PomCast #74 - It's A Boy!!!

What a show we have in store for you this week! We cover a range of topics on this weeks chin wag: Intro & Welcome - 00:00 Alien Day 2018 - 07:57 The Royal Baby - 19:25 North Korea Shenanigans - 25:00 Baby Ellis Arrives - 37:01 The Aussie signs off on his podcasting sabbatical by sharing what an emotional week it has been as Baby Aussie arrived earlier this week! You do not want to miss this...........