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Episode 57

In this episode the boys are back after a week hiatus. Marc talks a little bit about his Christmas party from work. Bob talks a lot about his upcoming performance, Saturday December 1st at 12 North Sports Bar. Then they come up with an idea for a contest for Miss BM talk, or something like that, listen as it unfolds live on the air. All opinions expressed in this podcast our our own and do not express the views or opinions of our employer, past, present or future, or any establishment or...


Episode 56

It's been two weeks since their last live show. And this week's show Marc, clarifies more than he apologizes for some comments made two weeks ago. Then the guys catch you up on what you missed over the past two weeks. They talk about their adventures and Bob almost being raped/ sexually assaulted at the MnO Halloween party. They also talked some politics, some election results, and the importance of voting and why Marc should vote even though he's a nudnik and don't. They also talked about...


Episode 55

In this live show the guys add a disclaimer before the show. Just to cover their ass from the shit that comes out of their mouth. Mark rants about the yentas in New York Mills and how they have nothing better to do than bitch on Facebook about things they don't fully have information about. Mainly the school system, the bus, the way their kids act on the bus. Bob will be having his own segment called Bob's politics, and will be getting his own jingle and time to talk about politics or...


Episode 54

In this live political BM the guys talk politics. From Trump memes to the him too movement. They rip apart an old friend of Bob's who seems to have a problem with Bob's latest Trump post. Where a female artistically used Trump quotes in a meme.. also long time fan of the show, Evan, spoke publicaly for the first time at a meeting about the legalization of cannabis. All this more Give us your thoughts. We will be going Faceboook Live every Friday at 7PM est on the BM TALK Facebook page:...


Episode 53

In this surprise BM the guys rip apart the gentlemen's Corner barber shop and Cooperstown connection for their Dennis Rodman scam. They talked about how when these two companies get together and have an event they overcharge you for a VIP ticket that gets you nothing extra than a regular ticket. They also questioned how the place can still stay in business when they're losing money on these events even though they're overcharging for fake VIP tickets. They talk about past shows and even the...


Episode 52

In this live show, Marc is in another foul mood. Annoyed at everything from pajama day to politics to wrestling. Marc reveals a new found power to depress people, just by his presence. Chaos breaks out when the kids start dancing in camera. All this and more Give us your thoughts. We will be going Faceboook Live every Friday at 7PM est on the BM TALK Facebook page: Visit the website Call the pipeline and leave a message,...


Episode 51

In this Facebook live episode The Boys discuss some technical problems and other issues with Switcher. The program they were testing out to use for their live broadcasts. Marc actually does a little bit of work and finds a couple poop stories to talk about, but forgets the first main page of the report. He also forgets his cellphone at home. But they talk about some stranded poop in Alabama and people in Massachusetts pooping off a bridge onto trains. Bob brings up a story about Ticketmaster...


Episode 50 - We did it! LIVE PIZZA PARTY

The Utica Observer Dispatch and how they neglected a 9/11 cover story and opted for an opinion peace about it. The DWI GUY, Tom Anelli being arrested for DWAI in Liverpool. NY State police said Stephanie L. Sampson, 30, of Utica, provided alcohol to the inmate and engaged in a sexual relationship after getting hired at the prison in early March. Following an investigation, Sampson was taken into custody on Sept. 8. Give us your thoughts. We will be going Faceboook Live every Friday at...


Episode 49

I this live to tape show, the guys talk about a female Marcy corrections officer accused of rape. Bob goes to his cousin's wedding and while flirting and dancing with a hot chick gets "mom blocked". Marc, in a foul mood discusses his disdain and annoyance for the WWE women's evolution and his thoughts on Rene Young becoming the first woman to commentate on Monday Night Raw. Give us your thoughts. We will be going Faceboook Live every Friday at 7PM est on the BM TALK Facebook page:...


Episode 48 9-7 Facebook Live

In this live show the guys talk about some technical difficulties. Marc has his kids and puts them on the air. They talk about school and daycare. Then they pray to Howard Stern and talk about the nudniks burning their Nike apparel because of the recent campaign with former NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kapernick. Give us your thoughts. We will be going Faceboook Live every Friday at 7PM est on the BM TALK Facebook page:...



In this episode the guys attempt a Facebook live show. It is almost an hour long with a few audio issues but for the most part one of the funniest shows they've done. Eminem dropping a surprise album on Spotify and All Digital retailers. They take a phone call from one of their shit heads, ahat sounding broad name Meg. Who evidently has nice big boobs, as Bob mentioned. They talk to other Facebook fans as they come in and out of the show, all 5 or 6 of them. Marc also mentions his plans to...


Episode 46

After a couple weeks the boys try to get back into the swing of things. They talk about various topics from Steven Seagal in Russia, Trump coming to Utica, Marc's son's memory, no. 1 fan Dar, and a few other topics I can't remember. Marc polls the listeners about a relationship question. They promo the upcoming 50th episode where they will be eating pizza and doing the show live from Facebook. Give us your thoughts. Visit the website, call the pipeline and leave a...


Episode 45

In this show the guys talk more about Bob's ex and the hell it was living with her obnoxious, loud, disgusting mother. Talk about getting a friend on the air who would have an opposing view on being friends after a relationship. They also talk about how Alex Jones is getting banned from....well, everywhere. The fact that there is no free speech per say. And Bob tells a story about how he didn't fuck a hooker but came on her tits. Give us your thoughts. Visit the website...


Episode 44 - Reggie Jackson

The Reggie Jackson episode. Not that it has anything to do with Reggie Jackson except it was his jersey number. In this show Bob tells a funny story about his newspaper lady and a restaurant called mothers. And how an old lady waitress one of her saggy tits droops onto his friend John Paul's toast. Bob also mentions how his upstairs neighbors are very loud and it sounds like elephants walking around upstairs. The guys discuss how to annoy the anti-italian Oxford apartment people. Bob forgets...


Episode 43

In this episode the guys talk about giving some feed back about the new song by B-cide, "Our Song". Marc talks about the history of his first tattoo. The boys discuss a topless show, where they don't wear shirts. Also the innocence of Bob's mom, and a possible game show around it. The computer stops recording. Probably because of Bob's MS. (But he'll fix it in post) Bob gives Marc a gift from Graceland. Finally they talk about getting Bob's dad on to talk about socialism and other various...


Episode 42

The guys are back after almost 2 weeks Bob's MS was acting up in the heat. They talk about Bob's new song called "Our Song". It's being released August 3rd on all the digital music Outlets. Bob discusses the story behind the song. A little about the relationship and where it is now. They also mentioned their biggest fan Dar on getting her first tattoo. Give us your thoughts. Visit the website, call the pipeline and leave a message, 315-293-2999. And check out the...


Episode 41 The Return from MS

In this episode the guys talk about Bob's MS acting up and them not doing a show in awhile. Bob plans on contacting Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) to see if he'll help him with exercise. DDP has a new yoga program for people with disabilities and over 55. Bob plans on doing it and documenting his progress. Hopefully with DDP. Marc talks about a 24 hour drive in horror movie marathon on shudder tv. Hosted by Joe Bob Briggs. Who used to host TNT Monstervision in the 90s. Also Marc's new tattoo...


Episode 40

In this show the guys talk about a 92 year old woman in Arizona who shot her 72 year old son, dead. All because he wanted to put her in an assisted living home. A bridge in Syracuse collapses, closed all traffic. Also Bob has an idea to make Hulk Hogan's old theme song, real american our national anthem. Marc disputes this idea by going through the lyrics. And finally, marc farts and makes a face and Bob educates Marc on the thizz dance by Mac Dre. Give us your thoughts. Visit the website...


Episode 39

In this episode the guys talk about Marc's 3 days off and his penis. Yes that's right, a whole show around Marc's man meat, and what he had to go through with a chafed helmet. Bob's rivalry with west coast rapper Mars is squashed. Next, peace in the middle east. Give us your thoughts. Visit the website, call the pipeline and leave a message, 315-293-2999. And check out the video of the show on YouTube. And don't forget to like, share, subscribe, and help spread the...


Episode 38

n this show the guys talk about Marc not having kids for the weekend. LeBron James chasing rings. What Marc would do if he were president. Then they speak ill of the dead. Marc tells the truth about what an asshole his mother's boyfriend Tom was. Bob talk about Mario Delgado a west coast rapper who goes by the name, Mars. Yes like the planet. Although still alive, he would do the rap community and the world a favor by being dead. Then Bob spills his soda on the desk in an MS moment ending...