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We Drink. We Laugh. We Drink.






BYOCB Show 120 - Eggbots

Ever gone to a kids' bounce house party and see a bunch of drunk parents hanging out talking into microphones and singing poor renditions of Cyndi Lauper's Time after Time? Well, we attempted this on our latest episode live from the Tervis Twins birthday party. Lots of friends hung out with us on this one. On this episode, we discuss - Bounce house party - The 2018 Great Egg Debate - Fisher and Logic Man actually agree on something - FCK Panera - More BYOCB Brown Bag Karaoke -...


BYOCB Show 119 - Guinness McStuffyFace

We're always happy to support local businesses and local podcasts and on this episode, we checked out McGinnty's Irish Pub, which happens to be a sponsor of our friends at the Samantics Podcast. Alex has a new job (sorta) and The Intern has HUGE news. On this episode, we discuss - Orlando City/World Cup - Rooting for crappy sports franchises - BYOCB was invited to the Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co press event - Fast Food Jesus for Mayor - Rover pet sitting for Alex - New advertiser on our...


BYOCB Show 118 - Hung Like a Big Duck

We had a blast with our buddy Garrick, who made our delicious Chowda Juice that we gave you for FREE at #BYOCB3. We debut a few new bits on this one from Beer Rev, and talked some soccer plus recapped the three year and how Fisher should have never sat at Table 1 for Alex's wedding. On this episode, we discuss - Fisher's revelation two years after attending Alex's wedding - Garrick's first Orlando City match AND tailgate - World Cup soccer - Domino's pizza app and wings from pizza...


Beers with Fisher Volume 3

Thank you for downloading this special edition of Beers with Fisher with my good friend from one of my absolute favorite podcasts, Peter von Taborsky of Scotch and "good" Conversation. Click that link and be sure to subscribe to his show, cause it's great. So what we do on Beers with Fisher is I sit down with a friend in an attempt to drink beers with them and learn more about their lives. Peter and I were all over the place with this one, and I think you will find it highly enjoyable....


BYOCB Show 117 - Hashtag BYOCB3

This one is all about what you need to know about our big Three Year Anniversary Party. #BYOCB3 We had to do something a tad different for this one, but it's all about the diapers and it's all about giving back to you all who are such a huge part of this Central Florida Community. #BYOCB3 Big thanks to our friends at Mason Danger Beard Co. who hook us up with some AWESOME beard products! Enter BYOCB at checkout for 15% off your order. Big thanks to our BYOCB sponsors - Lauren Tewson...


BYOCB Show 116 - Perching Dat Cow

LIVE FROM THE BACK PORCH OF CASA DE FAST FOOD JESUS. Whats ups SHEEPLE?! Nah, just kidding we love you all. On this episode the Intern and Alex take the wheel and are greeted by arguably the most pure person to ever sit in on our show, the one and only beautiful Cat, aka Mrs. FFJ. On this episode we discuss: -Info for the 3 year throwdown at Tuffy’s -Summertime sadness (time for OCSC to suck) -Favorite Summers -Cats racist karaoke -Interns daytona drink fest AKA Slammin...


BYOCB Show 115 - Scooch on the Ferris Wheel

It was a fantastic tailgate filled with crawfish and a brand new BYOCB episode. Unfortunately, Orlando City didn't pick up a win, but we still had a great time on this episode where we brought in a lot of our friends including Tailgate Mike, T-Rock, Joe Cool, who saved the show, and Nick Saban. Catch up on all of our latest adventures and be sure to join us for the BYOCB Three-Year Anniversary at Tuffy's Bottle Shop & Lounge in Sanford. On this show, we discuss - Intern went to Ohio and...


BYOCB Bonus - Goop Tube Hot Hands

BYOCB Bonus - It's Alex, Intern, and Vegeta starting this one. Do you want to hear Alex have a full blwon existential crisis? Do you want to hear the most insane story about three men and a woman trying to make a dildo? Do you want to hear nerd talk about video game tournaments? If you said yes to at least two out of the three questions, then this bonus episode is for you. In the first half of the show we wait for the Intern's penis pill to take effect and discuss our weekends. We discuss...


BYOCB Show 114 - Clone a Willy Cast

It was time for it to happen and the day arrived for us to clone the Intern's willy. Could he get it up? Find out in this latest BYOCB episode where we also celebrate Fisher's birthday. Three f'n points! On this episode, we discuss - Intern can't perform - Prepping for the Orlando City tailgate - Dom Dwyer's fat uncle - Intern's willy for Orlando's Best Local Big Shot - Fisher's birthday - Taco chicken dip - Favorite fruits - Brewing our BYOCB beer for the three-year anniversary at...


BYOCB Show 113 - Poon Criminal

The day has finally come for Swan Brewing to be open and we sat outside at their awesome outdoor patio area to bring you this latest episode of BYOCB. We had Fisher, Alex, and The Intern all together for this one. The Intern had BIG news for us on this one. Enjoy. On this episode, we discuss - Swan Brewing is officially OPEN - Intern has a girlfriend - Kiosks at restaurants - Bagel crime - Restaurant GMs - Tom Green versus Jackass - BYOCB Club - Please go buy our hats - Our...


BYOCB Show 112 - Gooey Pepperoni Discs

Man, we had an absolute blast recording at our newest sponsor, Tuffy's Bottle Shop and Lounge in Sanford! This place is HEAVEN!! Alex and Fisher had some great friends hang out. Big thanks to Justin, Director Fury, and Smooth Nipples (who made his return back to the show) for hanging out, along with all of our other friends who made it out. We even featured a Tervis baby on the close of the show. This one went off the rails a bit as Fisher was still recovering from Samantics Shot Patrol....


BYOCB Bonus - Who the F are You?

What’s up people?! It’s Alex. No really Alex is writing show notes!!!! As you all may or may not know, T-Rock recently invested in a second rig for us so now Fisher and myself can record without having to hot potato equipment. Although my XLR cords are shit so I apologize now for the clicking. Our goal is to record more content so that way when life gets nuts and we can't all get together to record you crazy animals still have stuff to laugh at. On this show, I do my drunk, punk rock...


BYOCB Show 111 - Tongue Deep in My Fun Dip

Well, we had a blast on this one from Beer Rev on a Sunday morning. We typically say that each episode is our favorite, but we really mean it this time. Through our CRAZY March, we had a lot to catch up on. The band was back together and we were happy to be joined by our friend Garrick, and the legend himself, T-Rock on this sing-songy episode. Thanks so much for all of your support of all of the content we're providing for free at BYOCB. We think you're going to enjoy this super-sized...


Beers with Fisher Volume 2

This is our second edition of Beers with Fisher. In this episode, Fisher hangs out with his friend Dan Thumberg and Swan Brewing. Dan is the owner/proprietor of the brand new Swan Brewing, who opens their doors on 4/20/18 From Catholic boarding school, to growing up with carnies, to the beer industry, to having one kid, Fisher and Dan go through a wide array of topics and Fisher curses A LOT. We hope you enjoy this new concept. Big thanks to our new friends at Mason Danger Beard Co. who...


BYOCB Cruisecast 2018

Every year Fisher goes on the Tom and Dan cruise and records cruisecasts. This year he welcomed new friends and old as he is joined by Mr. Tervis, Janine Beans, and Fisher's new best friend, Angry Dan. We recorded on the Norwegian Epic and griped a lot about our Norwegian experiences, BUT, we always have a GREAT time with our friends on the cruise. We're pretty much all over the place on this special cruisecast. We hope you enjoy! Thanks so much to our guests and the friends who hung out...


Beers with Fisher Volume 1

This is a brand new venture that we're doing at BYOCB and in this first episode of Beers with Fisher, Fisher hangs out with his friend Alex McLendon at Beer Rev. From being homeschooled, to living in Iceland, to working in a BBQ joint, to playing music in a youth group, Fisher and Alex cover a lot in this first ever attempt at Beers with Fisher. We hope you enjoy this new concept. Big thanks to our new friends at Mason Danger Beard Co. who hook us up with some AWESOME beard products!...


BYOCB Show 110 - Don't Boil My Loon

From Vanbarry's Public House in Orlando, we had a bunch of friends join us on this episode before we checked out some Melodic Dissent. Our good friends Vegeta, Mr. Tervis, and Samantha from Samantics gathered around the fire pit to basically make fun of Fisher the ENTIRE episode. On this episode, we discuss - Orlando Indie Comedy Fest - Valentine's Day recap - Sous Vide that meat - Lingerie Night at wing restaurants - The great Tervis vs Yeti debate - Congratulations to the...


BYOCB Show 109 - Clam Tram

We got together on a Saturday morning for some round soccer ball match stuff at Beer Rev. Big thanks to Garrick for the donuts. Fisher, Alex, The Intern, and Logic man share some coffee, donuts, beers, and laughs on this off the wall episode. On this episode, we discuss - Orlando Indie Comedy Fest - #BYOCBonACT - Cosby versus Garrett - Intern gets propositioned - Drunk Samantics call - Office etiquette - Jacking off at work - Sad Nick Lachey - Male contraceptions - Cuckolding -...


BYOCB Show 108 - The Hole and the Twacker

Alex AKA Fast Food Jesus went on a road trip with his good buddy, Vegeta. Along the way, they stopped off to meet their other good buddy, Logic Man. What kind of trouble can they possibly get into with Fisher and The Intern not with them? This is what you call making up show notes when Alex doesn't send them to you. Enjoy! Big thanks to our new friends at Mason Danger Beard Co. who hook us up with some AWESOME beard products! Enter BYOCB at checkout for 10% off your order. Big thanks to...


BYOCB Bonus - Backpack Social

There's really not a lot we can say about our friend RJ Welsh from Backpack Social, except the man is so fun to be around and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to living your life and traveling this great planet that we live on. From his beer adventures to his massage adventures, there is nothing that RJ has not experienced. We, at BYOCB, highly encourage you to like the Backpack Social Facebook page and contact RJ if you need to become more informed on traveling and experiencing...