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We Drink. We Laugh. We Drink.






BYOCB Show 157 - Mindfreak In My Sheets

From Beer Rev, Fisher, Intern, Garrick, and Brian joined the show to go as much old school BYOCB as we could. This one got pretty crazy as we struggled to decipher what the Intern has been up to including all of his Vegas shenanigans. On this show, we discuss - Intern left straight from BYOCB4 and started drinking - Brian is now a podcaster Check out his show here - Garrick's BYOCB4 beer was received well - Intern and his Vegas adventures - Father's Day recaps - Alex's baby shower -...


BYOCB Bonus - Fisher Recaps BYOCB4

Thank you for checking out this episode. Fisher sat down behind the mic and talked about all of the behind the scenes stuff that went on to plan and pull off BYOCB4. We greatly appreciate all of you who donated, helped, supported, etc. It's only because of you that we were able to pull off such an amazing event. #YouAreBYOCB Big thanks to our friends at Mason Danger Beard Co. who hook us up with some AWESOME beard products! Enter BYOCB at checkout for 15% off your order. Our 2019...


BYOCB Show 156 - Pegasaurus Rex

Fisher, Alex, and Garrick went to Beer Rev on a Saturday morning and had a blast listening to the latest track from MC Fisher. We shared a lot of laughs and get you all geared up for BYOCB4. On this show, we discuss - MC Fisher - Jailbirds and Are you the One? - Kat's birthday at the beach - Cooter's Seafood Shack - Voicemails, the Ghost of Naughty Garrett, and Not John Fogerty - Alex builds a crib - Final BYOCB4 details - Fox News Fisher News - Pizza Hut is changing - Rocketman...


BYOCB Show 155 - Throat Tickle

Fisher, Intern, and Garrick hung out at Beer Rev on this latest and it was a blast. Almost two hours of fun PLUS Samantha from Samantics joins us over the phone. On this show, we discuss - A man tries to break in Fisher's truck during the show - Russian back door - All the BYOCB4 details - Show gets hacked by Elder Incarcerated - Fisher's new Peloton - Thoughtful gifts you've received - Old man on a bike - Podcast genres and true crime podcasts - Intern misses his five dollar...


BYOCB Show 154 - One Sleeve of Ritz

It's always fun getting together at Tactical Brewing to enjoy some delicious craft beer. Fisher and Alex were joined by some good friends on this one. Enjoy. On this show, we discuss - Intern and Sigourney Weaver - Spoiling movies - BYOCB4 details - Mother's Day recaps - New Fast Food Jesus Song - Orlando City struggles - Beaches - Cabana Sour dials in from the hospital - We need your school supplies - Alex's passion episode and baby dream - One snip of the balls Go vote for...


BYOCB Bonus - Alex and Three Bands

SUP? You up? I am and man am I nervous about sharing this show. Its me everybody, Fast Food Jesus. Fisher challenged me and the intern to do a passion show and man....a challenge it was. First off, I’m all alone and I hate being alone lolz. Second, music is as personal to me as spirituality. It is my religion. Its my safe space, and all though I love talking about it, sitting down and diving into this topic was one hell of a vulnerable experience. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to...


BYOCB Show 153 - Hand Wrapped Loin

When friends get together to celebrate Fisher's birthday at a fabulous vacation home and get ridiculously drunk, this is what happens. On this show, we discuss - Recapping of the birthday fun - Cabana Sour brings a loin - Pastrami on rye - Fat Fisher goes goodbye - Always encourage the butt stuff - Fisher buys a Peloton - Fisher shaves Cabana Sweet - Socialist Cards Against Humanity - Intern gets lost - Cabana Sour Airbnb stories - That Orlando Weekly stuff - Cabana Giveaway -...


BYOCB Show 152 - Goopy Lube

Fisher, Alex, and the Intern got together at Beer Rev on a Sunday morning. There's another Fast Food Jesus song by the band Fishasis that we debut on this episode while Alex and The Intern nerd out over the new Avengers movie. On this show, we discuss - Fishasis Fast Food Jesus song - Goldfish poo poo - Fisher recaps the Asheville breweries - Alex and The Intern recap Avengers (without spoilers) - Alex explains wrasslin - Rover mental breakdowns - Intern's Easter porn - Fisher...


BYOCB Bonus - Uinta Scott

It's awesome catching up with our good friend Scott, from Uinta Brewing. Scott has been on BYOCB before and Fisher sat down with him at Beer Rev and had a good discussion of beer and the craft beer industry while enjoying a few delicious Uinta beers. Enjoy. Big thanks to our friends at Mason Danger Beard Co. who hook us up with some AWESOME beard products! Enter BYOCB at checkout for 15% off your order. Our 2019 official brewery sponsor is Tactical Brewing Company. Check out Tuffy's...


BYOCB Show 151 - Nuggy By Nature

Before our BYOCB NXT Takeover in Sanford, we stopped by our sponsor Tuffy's Bottle Shop & Lounge to record our latest. We had the whole band together and welcomed on our buddy JC, and Cabana Sour, plus we debuted a new Iron Sheik bit. On this show, we discuss - Intern and porn stars - Not John Fogerty calls again - Intern auditions for dating apps - Orlando Magic bandwagon - Alex and his Facebook censorship issue - Your own Fast Food Jesus - Defishe Mode - Emails and Voicemails -...


Beers with Fisher Volume Six

On this Beers with Fisher, from Tactical Brewing Company in Orlando, Fisher sits down with his good friend Daniel Dennis of A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan. In this episode, you may learn some new things about Daniel, including stories about his time in radio, his passion for podcasting and his audience, plus his relationships with family. Enjoy. You can catch live streams of A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan on their Twitch page. Big thanks to our friends at Mason Danger Beard Co. who...


BYOCB Show 150 - Hedoo Turkeyglue

We were so happy to record on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Tactical Brewing Company with our friends Peter and Dede from the new podcast DINNER and "good" CONVERSATION, which is linked right there, so click it. We had such a great time and laughed so hard we almost peed ourselves...but not in a Yeti. On this show, we discuss - Central Florida podcasting/beer community - Pee pee Yeti - 30 day lunge challenge - DDP Yoga and burpees - Match the socks - Fisher and Peter are penis...


BYOCB Show 149 - Gobbler Guillotine

Fisher, Alex, and The Intern debut the brand new BYOCB intro song courtesy of the very talented Pariah Mike from We drank some beers on a Sunday at Beer Rev and talk gender reveals, buffets, big beer lawsuits, poo poo screens and fleshlight upgrades. On this show, we discuss - Orlando City wins - Alex is having a........... - Gender reveals - Guessing the sex of Alex's baby - Alex's house is taken over by dogs - Boma juice and buffets - Bachelor Party - Last...


BYOCB Show 148 - Post Mamomo

Fisher and The Intern announce our new sponsor for 2019 live from Beer Rev. We talk beer trends and intellectual property theft, plus lots of podcast discussion and public intoxication stories. On this show, we discuss - Montreal poutine - Fisher's daughters are torturing him - Donkeys and Gordon Ramsay - Welcome Beer Rev as our new 2019 sponsor - Gimmicky beers and intellectual property - Podcast saturation - Podcast Movement is not the Fyre Festival - We call Fast Food Jesus -...


BYOCB Bonus - Fisher and Craft Beer

Something different on this BYOCB, and it's a bonus from Fisher talking about where his passion and love of craft beer and its community come from. Fisher tells you specific examples of how big beer is trying to illegally and corruptly keep craft beer out of your hands. Fisher also addresses how folks interpret what it means to be a craft beer drinker and why it may not be accurate when things may be said directly about him. Hope you enjoy it. Big thanks to our friends at Mason Danger...


BYOCB Show 147 - Fat and Tuesday

Fast Food Jesus and The Intern lead the way on this latest episdoe celebrating Mardi Gras by getting tacos. Check out Alex and The Intern catching up on each others lives and talking anything from Russian tigers to female orgasms. Ya its cool we go off the rails a bit no big deal. On this show, we discuss - Intern quit his job..... again - Brick by Brick - The Anthology of the Death Bed - Who has slept in the death bed - Jack off couch - PODCASTMAFIA Tour - Fisher and Alex podcast...


BYOCB Show 146 - Cabana Cast 2.0

The Cabana Crew reunites for Cabana Cast 2.0 as we gather to drink delicious and extremely reasonably priced craft beers at Beer Rev. On this show, we discuss - Fisher's hosting skills and trivia - Static in the Tritt truck - It's craft beer festival season - Spring training and it's hot - I-4 traffic is unreal - Orlando Apollos and Orlando City's first match - The red hat social club - Cabana Sweet gets into it with a business owner - Chef Juan talks Gordon Ramsay, food automation,...


BYOCB Show 145 - No Ragu on My Wagyu

On a beautiful Sunday in Baldwin Park, Florida at Tactical Brewing Company, the entire band got together with our buddy Ballsack, Cabana Sour, and Joe Cool to record this latest episode of BYOCB. Alex drops some MAJOR news on this one and it's our first show using our brand new equipment that is going to make our lives much easier. On this show, we discuss - Alex's BIG news - APO versus nPo - Recapping our Valentine's Day - Craft beer trends leading into 2020 - What are the Kids...


BYOCB Show 144 - Spider Porn

The Intern Club rides again! That's right people, the Intern, the Intern’s Intern, and Milo are hanging out for some official movie making stuff at Casa De FFJ. THIS SHOW IS HILARIOUS. Right after the break I have to bleep a little kid.... no seriously, listen. Any how we are also joined by King Arthur and good times were had by all. On this show, we discuss - Welcome back Tuffy's Bottle Shop & Lounge as a 2019 sponsor - Babraham Lincoln - USA-1400’s - King Arthur - Intern's Intern...


BYOCB Show 143 - Teardrops on Your Guitar

Fisher welcomes his friends Garrick and Chad AKA Cabana Sweet on this Super Bowl pre-party extravaganza right after watching Garrick brew his delicious Chowda Juice. While we record this show, Alex, and The Intern and Intern's Intern were recording another show. We recap our latest events and then jump into our football-ish topics. On this show, we discuss - Welcome back Tuffy's Bottle Shop & Lounge as a 2019 sponsor - Slinging tacos at Pigfest - Peeing in a Yeti - Drinking delicious...