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BYOCB is a show that brings you into the environment of friends having everyday conversations while enjoying some cool beers. We drink. We laugh. We drink.

BYOCB is a show that brings you into the environment of friends having everyday conversations while enjoying some cool beers. We drink. We laugh. We drink.


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BYOCB is a show that brings you into the environment of friends having everyday conversations while enjoying some cool beers. We drink. We laugh. We drink.






BYOCB Show 211 - Willy Wonka's Candy Tube

Fisher and The Intern are back with this brand new episode and he's got some big news for everyone. It was good to get some vacation and spend time with friends and family, but we're back with your regularly scheduled BYOCB. Say hi to the Milkman. On this show, we discuss - Class Action Park and the new social media Netflix doc - Fisher's vacation - Intern is your Milkman - New gig for The Intern - Cody makes Fisher's ass sore - Not Cee Lo calls in - Universal haunted maze updates -...


BYOCB Show 210 - Gotta Let it Poof

Fisher and The Intern on the beginning of a holiday weekend talking all about Intern's new gig, and the adventures Fisher had to go through to just get a new mattress. How caught up on popular music is The Intern? Find out on this one. On this show, we discuss - CBD Seltzer water - The new mattress adventure - Intern and Scream n Stream - Central Florida Boo cocky - Fisher is addicted to Bar Rescue - Intern and the VMAs - Alex is high - Fantasy football Become a BYOCB Club member...


BYOCB Show 209 - Roly Poly Brother

Fisher and The Intern on this latest episode as we catch up on Intern's adventures from Pennsylvania, plus Fisher finally invests in a good mattress and Intern tells his doo doo Roomba story. Enjoy our latest. On this show, we discuss -Intern goes to PA - Hershey Park - Hollywood Studios visit - Not Cee Lo Green has gripes - Fisher and the King mattress - Foot fetishes - Intern's doo doo Roomba - Big Brother and Love Island - Intern got a gig at a drive thru haunt Become a BYOCB...


BYOCB Show 208 - Yeast Roll, Mofo

Big shout out to a special guest who helped out on this show...that's right, it's Alex!! While Intern is doing family time, Fisher and Alex catch up on what has been going on in his world and ours. Enjoy our latest. On this show, we discuss - Alex puppy training - Baby birthdays and kitchen toys - Orlando City home matches - Breads of the chain restaurants - Sir Ernest Hemingay's gay club Spotify playlist - The Quincy's, Ponderosa, and Bonanza memories - Fantasy football drafting...


BYOCB Show 207 - Crumpets Not Trumpets

Fisher and the Intern coming to you right after a giant with for the purple of Orlando City. Intern brings back his news and we teach you about the proper Philly Cheesteak. Enjoy our latest. On this show, we discuss - Cancel culture got Alex - John Cena Yabadoo - Orlando City advances to the MLS is Back Finals - The Disney Bubble - Tom Brady is really playing for Tampa - The real Philly Cheesteak - The great rye debate - Big Brother is back - Love Island and Mulan - What's up with...


BYOCB Show 206 - Good Riddance, Alex

On his last official show with BYOCB, we weren't going to let Alex go out without letting him know how we feel about him in a way that only this BYOCB community can pull off. Words can't express how much we appreciate Alex's contribution to the podcast, but we tried our best to convey it in this episode. Enjoy our latest. On this show, we discuss - Orlando City versus LAFC coming up! - Halloween Horror Nights not happening in 2020 - Cody Rigsby, Alex's favorite Peloton Instructor -...


BYOCB Bonus - Tactical Brewing & FL Craft Beer Crisis

Florida Craft Breweries are facing a crisis with no end in sight. From shutdowns to changing guidelines to an unlevel playing field, it's time to seek solutions. While the state is not providing much of an option for breweries, Fisher sits down with Doug and Kreis of Tactical Brewing Company, and Brie, The Pint Sized Traveler to talk about what 2020 has looked like for their business, the changes they've had to implement, and their only option to try and re-open their small business. It's...


BYOCB Show 205 - Breakfast Pube Sandwich

As we celebrate FCK ATL being eliminated from the MLS is Back tournament, we also solve the Hereditary versus Midsommar debate with our good friend, Pariah Mike. Enjoy our latest. On this show, we discuss - Orlando City and MLS is Back tournament - Fisher is the new roundball expert - Old school Jeopardy - Pariah Mike joins to discuss Hereditary versus Midsommar - The Wendy's Pube Sandwich - Jacking it in the shower Check out Fort Arawak Podcast and their Patreon Become a BYOCB Club...


BYOCB Show 204 - Unsolicited Sauce

We're back again for another socially distant BYOCB episode as the MLS sorta is back and Fisher has been watching a lot of movies with the breweries closed again. Enjoy our latest. On this show, we discuss - The Taco Bell Grilled Cheese Burrito - The Fast Food Swing - MLS is back (sorta) - Orlando City soccer - Tweets from The Iron Sheik - Not Neil Diamond calls in - Alex get into it with Midsommar versus Hereditary - Harry Potter Goblet of Long Hair - The recommended movie "The...


BYOCB Show 203 - MC Puffy Veins

As Alex delayed his trip to the emergency room, we got together just for you good people of BYOCB world to bring you our latest, including some PSAs from our good friend Not Marky Ramone and a very special and possibly best song ever from Not Cee Lo Green. Enjoy, baby. On this show, we discuss - Rent sex - Not Marky Ramone PSAs - Details about the MLS tournament - Fisher watches Hereditary and Harry Potter - Brand new Not Cee Lo Green - Bonefish confrontation - Asking your hero one...


BYOCB Show 202 - Dadbone

Making Alex cry laugh on a show is typically a sign that it's going to be a good one. Listen, friends...things are crazy right now. Please enjoy some laughs courtesy of Fisher, Alex, and The Intern. On this show, we discuss - Alex's first official out of the womb Father's Day - Post Commode - Marky Ramone demon - Alex's new geeeeeetar - White lightning at a wedding - Watermelon crawlin - Fisher broke a streak - Cody Rigsby stole our bit - Yay Peter and punk rock! - Ari Aster and...


BYOCB Show 201 - Game of Fuller Thrones

We had a lot of laughs and fun on this episode of BYOCB. It was definitely needed. Alex witnessed a Buffalo Wild Wings fight and Fisher is clearly cursed on expensive purchases, plus the Intern makes the news. On this show, we discuss - MLS is coming back - Big Dick Ghandi - Subtitles - Fisher ruins Fuller House - Fight at the B Dubs - Cody Rigsby Alert - Never trust a woman with a ferret - Not Cee Lo Green - Cameo and Chevy Chase Become a BYOCB Club member and get exclusive access...


BYOCB Show 200 - DJ Fudgy Floppers

It's show 200, friends, even though we've put out much more content, sometimes we just didn't count. On this show, you'll get your typical BYOCB fun conversation with Fisher, Alex, and The Intern. We also use our platform for some more serious and open dialogue regarding some things going on. We always hope you're open to conversation. On this show, we discuss - Tank top life - The Yokozuna stinkface - InBev Poster Boy - Kids in the pool - Alex and The Muppets - Cancel Culture - White...


BYOCB Show 199 - Sequin Fedora Man

Hope you're having a great week, BYOCB friends. Within birthdays, anniversaries, and other events, Fisher, Alex, and The Intern get you caught up on this latest BYOCB episode where Alex encounters the man in the sequin fedora. On this show, we discuss - Fireworks and fedoras - Intern's trivia - Did Alex get a new dog? - Theme parks opening and The Intern - Cheesesteaks and the griddle - KFC launches a chicken sandwich - Checkers may surprise - Wendy's and Fast Food Jesus...


BYOCB Show 198 - Artificial Butter Sauce

Hey there, BYOCB Friends. Fisher, Alex, and The Intern bringing you our latest episode. Intern is all set up in his new place and finally has working internet. Thanks for supporting everything we do and hope you continue to stay safe. On this show, we discuss - Intern's move - Closet broken internet - Having a second child - DDP Yoga - Woodsman and the giant trampoline - Carole Baskin's lawyer - Voicemails - Pet my parrot - More Ballsack Become a BYOCB Club member and get exclusive...


BYOCB Show 197 - Tourettes Battle Rap

Hey there, BYOCB Friends. Fisher, Alex, and The Intern bringing you our latest episode right before Intern's big move. Thanks for supporting everything we do and hope you continue to stay safe. On this show, we discuss - BYOCB5 postponed - Intern's Twitch trivia - Alex's obsession with Sweet Anita - Being a SIMP - Mediocre poon - Fisher doing a Wendy's versus Chick Fil A challenge - Underground battle rappers - One hit wonder virtual benefit show - Waiting until May 4 to watch Star...


BYOCB Show 196 - Stuffing Farts

Hello to our BYOCB Flock of Misfits. Fisher, Alex, and The Intern recapping how Alex spent his anniversary and how a bot put Intern out of work, plus Fisher is now an official Fox News Contributor On this show, we discuss - Alex's failed bit - Wedding anniversary - BYOCB Club Zoom happy hour - Still going at Trapt - Intern's trivia - Bots and Instacart - Cody Rigsby Chipotle salad - Wendy's breakfast versus other fast food breakfast options - Fox News is stealing Fisher's...


BYOCB Show 195 - Trolls Against Trapt

Happy social distancing, BYOCB friends. We had a lot of fun recording virtually again and included Miss Peggy for the first time on this show, plus 18 minutes of Ballsack voicemail. What could go wrong? On this show, we discuss - Drinking before shows - Entertainment worker parties - Miss Peggy's pesto project - Intern's peanut butter and jelly sandwich construction - Alex teams up with Ice T - So many Ballsack voicemails - Support Intern's Intern Become a BYOCB Club member and get...


BYOCB Show 194 - Quarantine Secret Santa

It's not our norm, but we continue to try and pump out content via social distancing and we do enjoy getting the band together each week to not prepare, drink, and just see what happens. On this show, we discuss - Zoom power hours - A quarantine secret Santa - Intern virtually hosts that trivia - Shipt vs Instacart - Tiger King tribute video - Widow f'ing - Peanut butter jelly and banana hot dog bun concoctions - Facebook adds - Wendy's breakfast - Panda peens - Musician virtual...


BYOCB Bonus - The State of Podcasting with T&D Media

With the amount of podcasts out there and available for everyone, BYOCB wanted to invite some local Central Florida podcasters to share their stories and talk about the current state of the podcasting industry. On this first bonus feature, we've got the full cast of T&D media, including Daniel Dennis, Tom Vann, and Samantha Haar. Please check out their content via the links below and support local podcasts. Enjoy! A Mediocre Time with Time and Dan Samantics Become a BYOCB Club member and...