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We Drink. We Laugh. We Drink.
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We Drink. We Laugh. We Drink.






BYOCB Show 135 - Champion of Soft Tippers

On this show we discuss What's up my punk rock mother f'ers?! No one reads these but Fisher and I do them anyway because we love you. This week as we prepare for the first annual BYOCB Cabana Crawl, it's a late night at Casa De Fast Food Jesus. Alex sits down with Logic Man and Vegeta and give you a glimpse of what a normal hang out night would be for us....and...we slowly get more and more drunk as the night goes on. On this show we talk about: - Friends don’t listen to the show -...


BYOCB Show 134 - Amish Roadkill

What a great event that Bad As's Sandwich threw for their first ever Sandwich Eating Competition. We had five friends represent #TeamBYOCB as they shoved 26 inches of meat in their mouth, plus we had a lot of great friends come out and support. Lots of friends joined us on this one. On this show we discuss - The Bad As's Sandwich eating competition and #TeamBYOCB - Fisher went truck shopping - Rocket Man's car drives himself - Being car poor or house poor - Little things make Fisher...


BYOCB Show 133 - My Favorite Video Game Is Tinder

IT’S A WEEK DAY STP PARTAY. On this episode, we are joined by the one and only T-ROCK as well as the ever effervescent JOE COOL. The intern and Alex take the helm on this one. Be sure to listen to hear about our upcoming events. Also, a couple of questions come up that will need some input on the Facebook group so be sure to jump in on the fun. On this show we ramble on about - Pre-show poops - Interns still at it - T rock is the adult supervision - We got explicit last show - Handsome...


BYOCB Show 132 - No More Maloney Bologna

What a great day we had at Beer Rev with Fisher, Alex, The Intern, and our good buddy Handsome Metal Mike, along with his wife, Lara Croft. We have a major announcement to make as BYOCB is officially enforcing a no more Maloney Bologna on the BYOCB Facebook group. While we love all of our listeners, it's time to move away from the Malone. On this episode, we discuss - Nair in the butthole - Working on your feet - Fisher nears a breakdown - Getting telemarketers off the phone - Tattoos...


BYOCB Show 131 - Not John Fogerty

Before we headed to the BYOCB Intern Club Halloween Horror Nights event, we all got together to record a pre-show and then Alex and Fisher got back together the following morning to struggle through the second half of the show. We greatly appreciate all of our friends who made it out to the event. It means more than you know. On this episode, we discuss: - Prepping for the HHN event - Jager Bombs - Fresh haircuts and shaves for men - Revisiting the NFL football overtime discussion -...


BYOCB Show 130 - Never Poke the Fury Eye

WHAT IT IS AND WHAT IT DO MY NON GENDER BINARY MULTI RACIAL BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS. It’s Alex. Man oh man, I wanna get better at this stuff but this show was a mess to pull off. After losing the SD Card and forgetting batteries, sitting in sauce soaked pants , The Intern, Vegeta, and I sat down at our home away from home and had some fun. This is our last show before the HHN meet up and we couldn’t resist heading up a few days early to check it out for you. Fisher was being a kick ass dad but he...


BYOCB Show 129 - My Buddy Balls*ck

While we typically don't publish shows on a Monday, this was a very special, but also bittersweet episode as we say goodbye, for now, to our good friend Alex 2.0, who has been a huge part of what we do on BYOCB. 2.0 is heading to Wisconsin with his family, and we felt it fitting to record a show with him from Beer Rev on a beautiful Sunday morning. On this episode we discuss - Goodbye to Alex 2.0 - High school graduation songs - Fisher is bartending again - Intern's life is falling...


BYOCB Show 128 - Cabana Cast

We had so many friends join us on this one for the special BYOCB Cabana Cast from the Beer Rev 4th Anniversary party, which then moved on to the Cabana Sleepover. This one turned into a mess very early, but that's what you get when you drink so many delicious craft beers. On this episode we discuss - Beer Rev turns 4 - Cabana defect shirt problems - Fisher goes to an Indian/American birthday party - Luscious B returns - Delicious beers from Hidden Springs - Cabana Brown Bag Karaoke -...


BYOCB Bonus - Intern's HHN Event - Prepare your Nips

MUAHHAHHAHA, IT IS I, Virgil the Demon from Fast Food Hell. Oh, my greasy degenerates, my little morsels of unfried meat, what a treat we have for you on this special bonus episode of BYOCB. On this show, Alex and The Intern prepare your pathetic souls for the upcoming BYOCB HHN Intern Club Meet Up. Don't worry, it's not all business. That bumbling fire pubed breathing maniac and his big dicked companion make sure to dig into some history about the Intern before giving you all of the nitty...


BYOCB Show 127 - Pops & Pudding

Live from Kitty O'Sheas, Fisher is back leading the gang of Misfits with Alex, The Intern, and our good buddy Joe Cool. We learned that Fisher is having a problem with lactose in his delicious craft beers, but is on this beta pilot for the new PintPass app and is super excited to drink even more craft beer. On this episode we discuss - Get on the gravy train - New sponsor is Tin and Taco! - Fisher is on that PintPass app - Internet trolls - Pumpkin beers - Banning dogs from...


BYOCB Show 126 - Oh Look, a Tanuki

Live from CASA DE Fast Food Jesus it's the YOUTH CREW. No not the 1980’s hardcore punk movement, its the youngins tonight with Alex, The Intern, Vegeta, and the Intern’s Intern! After a crazy couple weeks, we find ourselves needing to record to make sure we get some stuff to you guys before, you guessed it.... another crazy couple weeks. The gang orders some pizza, sits down, and drinks laughs and drinks and as you might have guessed....this one gets sloppy fast. On this episode we...


BYOCB Show 125 - Red Bull and Cigarettes

From the Sunshine State Summerfest at the World of Beer in Downtown Orlando comes your latest episode of BYOCB. Fisher, Alex, Vegeta, and Logic Man are on this one, along with some of the friendly staff from WOB, Cabana Freddy, and our buddy Brian who talks about beer distributing in the state of Florida. Lots of fun on this one as the entire place was decked out in Cabana wear. Enjoy! On this episode, we discuss - Poo poo on Post Malone - Vegeta's taste in music - Freddy's cabana wear...


BYOCB Show 124 - Queso D on Your Car Handle

We are hanging out and Swan Brewing and the band is back together, plus we welcome our great friend, Garrick on this super long episode of BYOCB, where we introduce a BRAND NEW segment called, "What the Hell Did Post Malone Just Say?". On this episode, we discuss - Fisher eats eggs - Queso d*ck - Polk County Bonfire - Free Wendy's - Alex's cheesesteaks - Men's soccer in the US - Big Brother Live Feeds - John Cena as an actor - Alex's Rover updates - What the Hell Did Post Malone...


BYOCB Show 123 - Choo Choo Dread Chair

Fisher is on vacation, so Alex is running the show with his lovely wife Cat, and the Intern as they do a brand new show from one of our favorite spots in Orlando, Sloppy Taco Palace. Check out this latest episode recapping all of the Intern's latest crazy adventures. On this we, we discuss: -Intern is alcohol -Alex and Cat Forensic Investigation -Orlando City Match -Interns Birthday -Zombie Stephen -TOO MANY SHOTZ -Is this your friend and does he do DRUGS? -Facebook Slurred...


BYOCB Show 122 - My Car Smells Like GWAR

On this very special episode of BYOCB, the band is on tour again, and once again the Moreheads invade Asheville, North Carolina! The last time that Alex and T-Rock awent on trip to Philly, they brought you along for Cheesesteaks and Mistakes. This time the car smells like GWAR! On this show, we discuss - The Drive Up to Asheville - Savannah Stop - Eat where the uniforms are - Black Ass in a McDonald’s bathroom - Out the car and onto the mountain - Dupont Falls - Cat tries to kill...


BYOCB Show 121 - Idris Elbows

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, INTERN! A big thank you to the Downtown Orlando World of Beer for hosting us as we recorded before the Intern's Big Birthday weekend culminating in an Orlando City Cheesesteak tailgate. On this show, we were joined by our friends Cabana Man Freddy AKA "Freaky" Freddy AKA Hipster Beard and our buddy Joe Cool. We tangent crazy on this one, but it's a fun one. On this episode, we discuss - Intern's birthday - Homeless and jobless - Fisher falls off a mountain - Intern heads...


BYOCB Show 120 - Eggbots

Ever gone to a kids' bounce house party and see a bunch of drunk parents hanging out talking into microphones and singing poor renditions of Cyndi Lauper's Time after Time? Well, we attempted this on our latest episode live from the Tervis Twins birthday party. Lots of friends hung out with us on this one. On this episode, we discuss - Bounce house party - The 2018 Great Egg Debate - Fisher and Logic Man actually agree on something - FCK Panera - More BYOCB Brown Bag Karaoke -...


BYOCB Show 119 - Guinness McStuffyFace

We're always happy to support local businesses and local podcasts and on this episode, we checked out McGinnty's Irish Pub, which happens to be a sponsor of our friends at the Samantics Podcast. Alex has a new job (sorta) and The Intern has HUGE news. On this episode, we discuss - Orlando City/World Cup - Rooting for crappy sports franchises - BYOCB was invited to the Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co press event - Fast Food Jesus for Mayor - Rover pet sitting for Alex - New advertiser on our...


BYOCB Show 118 - Hung Like a Big Duck

We had a blast with our buddy Garrick, who made our delicious Chowda Juice that we gave you for FREE at #BYOCB3. We debut a few new bits on this one from Beer Rev, and talked some soccer plus recapped the three year and how Fisher should have never sat at Table 1 for Alex's wedding. On this episode, we discuss - Fisher's revelation two years after attending Alex's wedding - Garrick's first Orlando City match AND tailgate - World Cup soccer - Domino's pizza app and wings from pizza...


Beers with Fisher Volume 3

Thank you for downloading this special edition of Beers with Fisher with my good friend from one of my absolute favorite podcasts, Peter von Taborsky of Scotch and "good" Conversation. Click that link and be sure to subscribe to his show, cause it's great. So what we do on Beers with Fisher is I sit down with a friend in an attempt to drink beers with them and learn more about their lives. Peter and I were all over the place with this one, and I think you will find it highly enjoyable....