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Episode 36 - A Very Bafflegab Clipmas

Join the crew as they relive the best segments of 2018, plus all-new content—including a special rendition of the holiday classic “A Christmas Carol”!


Episode 35 – One Dead Neighbor

Join us for a very special episode, as Bafflegab remembers George “Herbie-Walker” Bush, featuring condolences from some unexpected guests. PLUS: “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” gets a PC re-boot, and our own Bill Morgan chimes in with his own, totally offensive rendition of the classic Christmas song.


Episode 34 - Big Dog Congress

The crew dissects the midterms, including the worst/best ads of the cycle. PLUS: A hate crime against...Tucker Carlson? AND a field report about Dog hiking services designed to alleviate rich Manhattanites from the guilt of leaving their furry friends inside cramped apartments all day. Sponsored by THE ONE-UPPERS.


Episode 33 - HELP! My Girlfriend Hates Jordan Peterson!

The boys attend Politicon 2018, talk with an actual phrenologist about Senator Elizabeth Warren's claims to Native American ancestry, and discover a new dating website just for MAGA chuds. PLUS: Bafflegab investigates a Jordan Peterson fan who's girlfriend left him after being dragged to see Peterson speak.


Episode 32 – Mad as Hex

SPECIAL SPOOKY 'SODE: A coven of witches near our Brooklyn studio will soon cast a hex on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. PLUS: Half of millennials identify as socialists, Flat Earthers are back, and fascist street gang/broadway musical THE PROUD BOYS cowardly gang up on some Antifa protestors in Manhattan. @bafflegabpod


Episode 31 - Total Sex War

Bad men are hiding in their trenches this week on account of the ALL-OUT SEX WAR engulfing our nation (as Bill Cosby’s lawyer put it.) We dig into Brett Kavanaugh’s lie-filled testimony before the judiciary committee and the sexist treatment of his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. PLUS: Right-wing scam school PragerU thinks toxic masculinity is actually good, and Donald Trump finally finds “boys’ love.” @bafflegabpod


Episode 30 - The Op-Ed Is Coming From Inside The White House

The White House is on a mole hunt after a scandalous, anonymous op-ed was published in The New York Times, Obama breaks with the tradition of ex-Presidents *not* openly criticizing their successor, AND Elon Musk steps in it after smoking the weed with Joe Rogan. PLUS: Alex Jones is not handling his banishment from social media well at all, just ask Marco Rubio. 00:00 – The mole hunt is on 13:10 – Montage of right-wing media freaking out over said mole 17:10 – We speak with a real live...


Episode 29 - Podcast Promo Parodies [Special]

Listeners seem to love our absurd, subversive parodies of ubiquitous podcast sponsors (e.g. Quip, LegalZoom) included in every episode of BAFFLEGAB. So, in lieu of a new episode this week, we present a supercut of EVERY fake ad from episodes 1-28.


Episode 28 - Sarah Palin’s Running Mate Dead at 81

We talk about John McCain’s departure from this world, Manafort/Cohen found guilty, and how vaping will make the GOP cool with kids. PLUS: Jimmy Carter is a prole, “Help A Cop,” major DNC reforms and the Trump-approved conspiracy of “white genocide” in South Africa. 00:00 – Sarah Palin’s running mate dead at 81 09:00 – Paul Manafort/Michael Cohen found guilty 19:00 – Duncan Hunter spent $600 on an airline ticket for his pet rabbit 24:40 – Vaping will make the GOP cool again 29:00 – This...


Episode 27 - Pac-Man and Capitalism

Author Alex Wade joins us to discuss his new book “The Pac-Man Principle: A User’s Guide to Capitalism.” Dr. Wade is a senior research fellow at Birmingham City University whose focus is on British video game histories. PLUS: We dissect the failed “Unite The Right 2” Neo-Nazi rally which took place in Washington D.C. last week, and Ralph awards “heroes” honors to a landlord going on hunger strike against a new homeless shelter in his Queens neighborhood. 00:00 - CLIP: Neo-Nazi douche and...


Episode 26 - The Secret History of Marxist Alien Hunters

Author A.M. Gittlitz (@spaceprole) joins us to discuss his recent article in The Outline, "The Secret History of Marxist Alien Hunters." PLUS: We talk about Alex Jones' banishment from the internet, Melania Trump's parents and "chain-migration," Green Party ratfuckery and Omarosa's secret Trump tapes. READ "The Secret History of Marxist Alien Hunters:" 00:00 – Alex Jones is banned from the...


Episode 25 - "When Journalism Was a Thing" featuring Alexandra Kitty

Author Alexandra Kitty joins us to discuss her new book, When Journalism Was a Thing, PLUS Meghan McCain has a meltdown over scary socialism, AND ... is cat feces the secret to becoming a better entrepreneur? BUY "When Journalism Was A Thing" by Alexandra Kitty! Out now from Zero Books 00:00 – Meghan McCain freaks out on The View 12:45 – A Daily Caller reporter recounts the horrors of a Bernie Sanders rally on Fox News 20:00 -...


Episode 24 - "¿Quién es América?"

Sacha Baron Cohen kills satire dead with his new series, “Who Is America?” PLUS: Why is Bernie Sanders dissing resistance hero Jeff Bezos? Should Amazon replace public libraries? AND we hear from frequent guest and current Rikers Island inmate, Bill Morgan. 00:00 – Sacha Baron Cohen stole our bit! 14:00 – Team Reality can’t beat Team Fake News 26:00 – Bill Morgan calls in from the clink 30:00 – Trump Helsinki Summit 38:00 – Is Bernie Sanders a Russian agent? 44:00 – Bill Morgan calls...


Episode 23 - "ABOLISH NICE"

WHO IS ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ??? This show will provide very little answers. BUT we do have Bill Morgan giving out Free Ice, Ralph pulling a Permit Patty, Lenny comes to terms with socialism and we start a Podcast WAR!! 0:00 ABOLISH ICE 1:00 Lenny is at the Families Belong Together March so the show belongs to RALPH! 6:30 We celebrate the 6th month anniversary of Trump's Tax Cuts! 11:00 Who is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and what does she want with America? 12:45 Ralph is scared...


Episode 22 - "Mr. Un, Tear Down Those Nukes"

HOLY SH*T!! HISTORY WAS MADE!!! You've probably already forgot it happened! But we didn't!! We're talking Trump and Kim Jung-un meeting in Singapore! If you love the complexity of international relations you're gonna love this episode! Check out: 0:00 2018 North Korea–United States summit 11:30 Ralph gives his nod to award President Trump the Nobel Peace Prize 17:30 We listen to that crazy propaganda video Trump made to impress Kim...


Episode 21 - "Alex Jones Watches 10 Guys Have Sex with His Wife"

For the past 2 years Alex Jones has been watching his wife sleep with 10 guys as they filmed it for Pornhub.....and that is what Spygate is all about!....according to Alex Jones. Don't worry, we're just as confused as you are! ALL THAT PLUS: The NFL takes a stand against taking a knee! Time to get back to the concussions! Mike Pence praises Garfield! And Bill Morgan runs for Dogcatcher! twitter: @BaffleGabpod @lennythompsonBG @_BillMorgan Facebook:


Episode 20 - "Dogs ruff Capitalism"

What an episode!! Bill Morgan speaks at the NRA Convention (he wouldn't leave his gun outside the convention hall so he gave his speech in the parking lot) (9:57), Kayne West is welcomed into the Republican Party!! and OF COURSE we're outraged by Michelle Wolf so we give you OUR audition tape for next year's White House Correspondents Dinner (41:00)all that plus a DOG who understands capitalism!! twitter: @BaffleGabpod @lennythompsonBG @_BillMorgan Facebook:


Episode 19 - "Pee Against the Machine"

ADULTS ONLY! This week we're talking PEE-PEE!! We start things off with talking about James Comey and the Pee-Pee Tape! and then go head to head with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerbeg PLUS the world premiere of the NEW Rage Against the Machine song "Free the Markets" - AND a Hillary Clinton Sex Tape? Could you ask for anything more? Sure you could, you greedy capitalist swine! twitter: @BaffleGabpod @lennythompsonBG @_BillMorgan Facebook:


Episode 18 - "You're the Nazi Now, Dog"

A Scottish man teaches his dog to salute Hitler so Bill Morgan tries to teach his dog, General Lee, that the Civil War was about States' Rights! Trump faces off against Crazy Joe Biden at WRESTLEMANIA 2020! And a firefighter foresaw that Trump would become President - and Bill Morgan sees who will be the next President!!...hint: it's Herman Cain. Check out The Bafflery's other podcasts: Dick of DC: The Anthony Scaramucci Show Murder in Murdertown: A True Crime...


Episode 17 - "NRA-holes"

Gun-Free Schools? What we need are Free-Gun Schools!! ARM THE STUDENTS!!! OR POLICE THE STUDENTS!!!* *there is no other option What an episode!! Bill Morgan DESTROYS HIS AR-15 (he could never afford so he opts for sawing his granpappy's ol' luger in half instead) There's SPERM on the Barack Obama Presidential painting??? We have a spermologist give us the full scoop! and Bill Morgan gets attacked! Where was his gun? 0:00 Your daily fear from Wayne LaPierre THEN we get right into...