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EPISODE 22 - "Mr. Un, Tear Down Those Nukes"

HOLY SH*T!! HISTORY WAS MADE!!! You've probably already forgot it happened! But we didn't!! We're talking Trump and Kim Jung-un meeting in Singapore! If you love the complexity of international relations you're gonna love this episode! Check out: 0:00 2018 North Korea–United States summit 11:30 Ralph gives his nod to award President Trump the Nobel Peace Prize 17:30 We listen to that crazy propaganda video Trump made to impress Kim...


Episode 21 - "Alex Jones Watches 10 Guys Have Sex with His Wife"

For the past 2 years Alex Jones has been watching his wife sleep with 10 guys as they filmed it for Pornhub.....and that is what Spygate is all about!....according to Alex Jones. Don't worry, we're just as confused as you are! ALL THAT PLUS: The NFL takes a stand against taking a knee! Time to get back to the concussions! Mike Pence praises Garfield! And Bill Morgan runs for Dogcatcher! twitter: @BaffleGabpod @lennythompsonBG @_BillMorgan Facebook:


Episode 20 - "Dogs ruff Capitalism"

What an episode!! Bill Morgan speaks at the NRA Convention (he wouldn't leave his gun outside the convention hall so he gave his speech in the parking lot) (9:57), Kayne West is welcomed into the Republican Party!! and OF COURSE we're outraged by Michelle Wolf so we give you OUR audition tape for next year's White House Correspondents Dinner (41:00)all that plus a DOG who understands capitalism!! twitter: @BaffleGabpod @lennythompsonBG @_BillMorgan Facebook:


Episode 19 - "Pee Against the Machine"

ADULTS ONLY! This week we're talking PEE-PEE!! We start things off with talking about James Comey and the Pee-Pee Tape! and then go head to head with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerbeg PLUS the world premiere of the NEW Rage Against the Machine song "Free the Markets" - AND a Hillary Clinton Sex Tape? Could you ask for anything more? Sure you could, you greedy capitalist swine! twitter: @BaffleGabpod @lennythompsonBG @_BillMorgan Facebook:


Episode 18 - "You're the Nazi Now, Dog"

A Scottish man teaches his dog to salute Hitler so Bill Morgan tries to teach his dog, General Lee, that the Civil War was about States' Rights! Trump faces off against Crazy Joe Biden at WRESTLEMANIA 2020! And a firefighter foresaw that Trump would become President - and Bill Morgan sees who will be the next President!!...hint: it's Herman Cain. Check out The Bafflery's other podcasts: Dick of DC: The Anthony Scaramucci Show Murder in Murdertown: A True Crime...


Episode 17 - "NRA-holes"

Gun-Free Schools? What we need are Free-Gun Schools!! ARM THE STUDENTS!!! OR POLICE THE STUDENTS!!!* *there is no other option What an episode!! Bill Morgan DESTROYS HIS AR-15 (he could never afford so he opts for sawing his granpappy's ol' luger in half instead) There's SPERM on the Barack Obama Presidential painting??? We have a spermologist give us the full scoop! and Bill Morgan gets attacked! Where was his gun? 0:00 Your daily fear from Wayne LaPierre THEN we get right into...


Episode 16 - "Choose Your Own Reality: The Nunes Memo"

THE MEMO! THE MEMMMO! DA MAAMMMOOO!! The Nunes Memo is out and we have the OFFICIAL BAFFLEGAB REACTION!! Ralph gets a hot mixtape from a kid at his church! The gang pivots to terrestrial radio and does a show on WKGB in Moscow, Idaho. Bill Morgan disavows Donald Trump for claiming to be the "least racist person in the world"- He's got one week to do something racist and win back Bill Morgan! All that PLUS JOE KENNEDY EATS A CHAPSTICK! You don't wanna miss this!


Episode 15 - "BaffleGab's Non-denominational Intersectional Winter Time Holiday Extravaganza"

It's the first annual BaffleGab Non-denominational Intersectional Winter Time Holiday Extravaganza!! The crew exchange gifts and relives old memories from the year including: 13:30 Lenny's visit to Left Forum 23:00 Bill Morgan unboxes his Trump box! 26:00 Bill Morgan auditions for HBO's Confederate 31:30 Bill Morgan's statue of Confederate solider Chester Hibbins is vandalized 38:00 Bill Morgan sings "Take A Knee (From My Cold Dead Ass)" 46:00 Ralph learns who the Juggalos...


Episode 14 - "Corporate Tax Cuts are People, My Friend"

The boys dive into Trump's Tax Plan....only it's too confusing so a Republican Donor steps in to tell them why it's a good thing!! Plus the debate of the century as the Republican Donor goes head to head with a grad student! Then Bill Morgan shows up with a dirty tube-sock to celebrate the Tax Plan's "Unborn Children" deduction! All that and DENTUREGATE!! This episode is brought to you by Sherri's Berries! The best dingleberries on the market!


Episode 13 - "Grand Old Pedophile"

Does being a pedophile mean you don't stand for the same values as the good people of Alabama? Well, only Alabama can decide that! We're talking Roy Moore, Lenny apologies for using harmful language, Bill Morgan releases his song "Take A Knee, From My Cold Dead Ass", and an exclusive interview with real-life Washington Post reporter Bernie Bernstein!! 19:30 - Bernie Bernstein Interview 30:00 Lenny Apologizes 34:00 Bill Morgan's song "Take A Knee, From My Cold Dead Ass" This episode is...


Episode 12 - "Bush v. Bannon"

Bill Morgan releases an Eminem diss track, Bannon goes after Bush, and we answer the age-old question...would Jesus do heroin? He sure looks like someone who would. All that PLUS the war on Christmas! What are you waiting for!??? This episode is brought to you by Dollar Shave Club and Fresh Books. twitter: @BaffleGabpod


Episode 11 - "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of McDonald's Szechuan Sauce"

Mike Pence leaves a Colts game and football fans applaud him as they continue to sit in their recliners, we try to discuss gun rights and Bill Morgan gets his dirty hands on a packet of McDonald's Szechuan Sauce. Funding for this episode is brought to you by Stitch-Fix, McDonalds and DIY Fleshlights twitter: @BaffleGabpod


Episode 10 - "Orange You Glad I'm Provoking North Korea"

Trump goes to the U.N., Ralph reads between the lines on an Orange Custard recipe and Bill Morgan gets shot in the stomach on his summer vacation!! Funding for this episode is brought to you by Great Horses Plus! Check out their Great Horses Courses! twitter: @BaffleGabpod


Episode 9 - "Hurricane Donnie"

Antifa can't throw a punch but are somehow still violent terrorists - Hurricane Harvey sounds innocent but it turns out to be very dangerous - and the Insane Clown Posse aren't the moral leaders we thought they were!! All that PLUS Trump goes to Houston but forgets his checkbook!


Episode 8 - "Let Them Eat Sheetcake"

Lenny is too busy eating sheet cake and hiding from Nazis to be in this one! Ralph takes a look at the history we get from Statues. Trump cares so much about Civil War memorials he has a plaque for a fake event at one of his golf courses. Bill Morgan stops by with tragic news: Someone spray-painted "The blacks are cool" and "the Civil War was only about Slavery" right on the statue of his grandpappy! Get outraged! Get angry! Swallow that cake, don't look at the sun and let's go kick some...


Episode 7 - "Goodnight Alt-Right"

We take a deep, dark look at those stupid Nazi assholes and the violence they incited in Charlottesville. We mock their stupid posts on Daily Stormer about how they're all gonna get laid, we listen to their dumb, terrible parodies of pop-music, we laugh as they try to blame the left for violence (including a story shared by Mike Cernovich and Alex Jones while this was happening about a Trump supporter who was KICKED OUT of EQUINOX for recording a podcast in a utility closet!), We listen...


Episode 6 - "A Song of Ice and Northern Aggression"

Things in this episode: - Yakov Smirnoff is back!! - Exclusive interview with SEAN SPICER! - Bill Morgan auditions for the role of Vice President Nathan Bedford Forrest on the new HBO show from the creators of Game of Thrones entitled 'Confederate' - We take a look at the only private citizens Donald Trump follows on Twitter (Diamond and Silk) and uncover a new brand of conservative comedy and so much more! Funding for this week's episode is brought to by Adopt Russia. We just want a...


Episode 5 - "Trumpworld Wrestling Federation"

We're live at SummerSlam watching Trump take on #FakeNews! This week Lenny and Ralph watch a frightening music video from Morning Joe, learn about Bill Morgan's roots and talk about how the poor always have the option to start a Ferrari Fund. Follow along by checking out Scarborough's music video:…912698789005771/ twitter: @BaffleGabpod


Episode 4 - "The Gang goes to Left Forum"

Lenny goes to Left Forum 2017, Bill Morgan opens up an official President Trump Big League Box, and our Message to the President has some harsh words over Covfefe. Whose more sexist: The Beatles or the Marines? We'll decide on this episode of BAFFLEGAB!


Episode 3 - "**Tim Allen grunt**"

This week we're joined by the ghost of Fred Trump and a Woman who watches the sitcom "Last Man Standing" Fred Trump reveals the identity of the Zodiac Killer, Tim Allen only loves 1 of his 3 daughters and Bill reveals that the only child he needs is his dog, General Lee. Plus an EXCLUSIVE listen to President Trump performing an excerpt from the Richard Nixon Tapes. All this AND about 40 minutes more in Episode 3: **Tim Allen grunt** (Very special thanks to Jackie Levin!) (Follow...