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2 Bronx Dominicans (*ahem* afro-latinas) just tryna be better and make you better too, join ussssss as we try to get rid of our baggage cuz deadass that shit is heavy af.

2 Bronx Dominicans (*ahem* afro-latinas) just tryna be better and make you better too, join ussssss as we try to get rid of our baggage cuz deadass that shit is heavy af.
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2 Bronx Dominicans (*ahem* afro-latinas) just tryna be better and make you better too, join ussssss as we try to get rid of our baggage cuz deadass that shit is heavy af.






JK, It's Just Sexism

Another week, another bag! We have some announcements for you all! There are some lit events coming up and we share them with you all! We’ve also just launched a Patreon! We’ve gotten messages about how to support us and now you can donate on paypal or sign up to be a monthly patron here: Then for “Currento Eventos” we discuss the continued separation of immigrant children from their parents by the current administration and the incredible violence being...


Stay Alive Y'all

It’s a dark week in America and we’re fed up. For “Currento Eventos” we’re talking about the many different ways systemic racism is attacking Black women first by talking about Crystal Mason’s prison sentence for voting, the horrible racist harassment that Kia Morris had to endure as Vermont’s only Black woman rep, the murder of 17 year old Lashonda Childs, and allyship in action. In “What’s Your Baggage” we discuss the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and how we’re trying to survive these...


We not scared, but we concerned.

This week on Bag Ladiez we’re talking about Kavanaugh, rape culture and 80s movies. We also discuss how nice it must be to be rich af and privileged af when following your dreams and we discuss Amazon’s superrrr aggressive anti-union leaked videos. In ‘What’s your Baggage” we discuss being a bitch and what happens when you second guess your needs. For “Put it in your bag” we’re talking about the very real rewards of play-doh and Estephanie brings you some healthy wholesome snack...


Do Not Google King Rat

This week on Bag Ladiez America is a dumpster fire pero what else is new? We’re discussing Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, the terrible conditions in Philadelphia public schools, and 1 year after Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico is still struggling and being deprived of aid. In ‘What’s your Baggage’ we’re talking about emotion/feelings fueled logic. How do we validate our emotions and understand where they’re coming from without letting them dictate all of our actions? Why is that...


Serena Let Us Know if We Should Pull Up

This week on Bag Ladiez we’re talking about aaaall the things! We start Currento Eventos by discussing prison conditions and Hurricane Florence, the racist woman who murdered Botham Shem Jean says she’s not a racist (dique), and we discuss the US Open and the terrible treatment of both Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka. In What’s your Baggage we talk about being fake, why we do it, and do we actually gain something from it? For Put it in your Bag Lina talks about NoName’s debut album Room 25...


Capitalism, We Coming For Ya

This week on the BAG LADIEZ PODCAST, we talk about how Louis C.K went away for a couple of months after being involved in #metoo movement and decided to come back on tour like it’s nothing (bro, we see you. stop it) without doing any pro justice work for the folks that he affected, then we discuss Cardi- B playing Corretta Scott King and the idea of canceling people(when do we know when to cancel people) and last and not less, USA is STILL denying passports to US citizen who happened to be...


Put Your Money Where Your Edges Are!

This week on Bag Ladiez we still in these bags pero what else is new?! For “Currento Eventos” we discuss Katy Perry continuing on her tour of trashness and forcing a 19 year old kid into unwanted sexual contact (AKA assault), Rihanna calls outs Snapchat and it fucks up their money (as it should!), and we mourn the death of Afro-Brasileira Marielle Franco assassinated for her political and racial activism. “What’s Your Baggage?” this week was inspired by Ev’Yan Whitney’s...


AMERICA Is Good In Theory But Not In Practice

This week on Bag Ladiez we’re ready to take on the fuckery that’s in full effect out in these American streets! In “Currento Eventos” we discuss the “surprising” discovery of a white Florida teacher’s white supremacist views and racist ass podcast. (Wow you mean no one knew that most of our schools are full of both blatant and “well intentioned” white supremacist??) We also discuss how the immigration crackdown has begun to affect farmers and crops in California and finally we talk about...


You Lose Money When You A Racist

Welcome ya’ll to another week of Bag Ladiez! This week in “Currento Eventos” we discuss just how dumb racists really look by discussing two incidents of racial profiling, one in a Target in Minnesota and another by a racist cop in Boston. We also talk about a cool youth led campaign to remix famous movie posters with Black characters in England led by youth activists from Brixton. In “What’s Your Baggage” we discuss the word “NO” and why we don’t say it enough. We discuss the politics of...


Black Panther Making Dreams Come True

Another week another Bag Ladiez episode! This week we kick off “Currento Eventos” by discussing the political action coming from the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman shooting in Parkland, Florida including the activism of Latinx teen Emma Gonzalez, why arming teachers is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE idea, and we talk Black Panther sales and numbers! Black Panther Spoilers from 19:55- 37:00!! In “What’s Your Baggage” we discuss Black Panther and what it meant for us to see all that...


Woke Foods!

This week on Bag Ladiez we have an All Baggage All the Time episode! We talked with the duo behind Woke Foods! Merelis and Ysanet are two Afro-Indigenous Dominican women who believe food is medicine and are on a mission to decolonize diets and put people on to their delicious plant-based Dominican recipes. Woke Foods uses a cooperative business model and taps into the healing traditions of Dominican food to create recipes, host cooking classes, offer meal planning, and cater events. We...


Get On Bessie Coleman's Level

TW: discussion of suicide and MH from 4:30-7:30 This week for “Currento Eventos” we’re discussing the growing number of suicide among women doctors/residents and especially at Mt. Sinai St. Luke’s hospital here in NYC, the flu is hitting hella hard this year #GetUrFluShot, and the tumblr famous anime ‘Yuri On Ice’ makes an appearance at the Olympics! In “What’s Your Baggage” we talk about the NYC grind and what it feels like when the city you love doesn’t love you back? Does NYC or the...


This Really Can't Be It!

Welcome! We all made it to another week of Bag Ladiez! This week for “Currento Eventos” we talk about 16 year old Bresha Meadows FINALLY being released (but she shouldn’t have been incarcerated ANYWAYS), the Superbowl and the implications on sex trafficking, and how a DHS employee (and our whole government) really sucks at his job *insert eyeroll here* For “What’s Your Baggage” we’re talking about Process Fatigue. Do you ever get overwhelmed by the idea that you’ll be working on being...


Claim Your Space

This week with ya fave bag ladiez we talk for “Currento Eventos” about the Olympic and the symbolic gesture of peace between North and South Korea, the Latinx boyband CNCO shows their anti-Asian racism by being petty and dumb, and a book prize is launched to award thrillers that DON’T have sexual assault as a plot point. In “What’s your Baggage” we answer some baggage mail! We talk about what it feels like when a white person introduces you to some dope shit in your own culture or in...


America Is A Scam

This week on Bag Ladiezzzzz we start off by talking a bit about our guest episode on #InnerHoeUprising who invited us to talk about our experiences as Afrolatinx womxn! For “Currento Eventos” we talk about the speculation going around about Tracee Ellis Ross pay gap, the imminent government shutdown (which is over now but still no Dream Act?! #DREAMACTNOW), the Women’s march, and Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman confronts her abuser at trial of the USA Olympic doctor who abused hundreds of...


Your Handshake Should Not Define You

This week on Bag Ladiez In “Currento Eventos” we discuss H&M whole dumbass decision making process and plain old racism, Kentucky (and America) continues to hate poor people and imposes a work requirement for medicaid, and Dump is an asshole (of course). For “What’s Your Baggage” we discuss Trauma. What does it mean to have trauma? How do we know we have it and how do we each deal with it? In “Put it in your bag” Estephanie brings in NYX makeup an affordable and great quality makeup brand...


Take Your Compliment And Go!!!

Another week, another bag! We start off with prayers for the victims of the Bronx Fire, the deadliest fire in 25 years in NYC. We also talk about Bruno Mars and Cardi B bringing Bronx Boogie and New Jack Swing backkkkk ayyyy! #bardigang This week on Bag Ladiez for "Currento Eventos" we’re talking about Dump’s policies targetting those living with HIV/AIDS and the disproportionate effect on Black and Brown communities, the new Black Panther toy commercial gave us warm and fuzzy feelings...


My Flirting Is Just Talking

It’s the first episode of 2018! This week we felt a little weird about talking about news the regular way so for “Currento Eventos” we did a little recap of some of the most powerful moments and movements of 2017! We talked about #Metoo, punching Nazis, the 2017 elections, what it means to resist, and the growing number of Black people being represented in the media! 2017 was a whole mess but there was power to be found there. For “What’s Your Baggage” we talk about hierarchies in...


Baggage Recap: Hope 2018 Embarrasses Them

WE BACK! This is our LAST episode of 2017! We’re happy to end the year with you all! This episode we did an All Baggage All the Time where we recap some of the topics we’ve talked about over the past TWO YEARS! We talk about some notable all baggage episodes like our relationships with our moms, anti-Blackness in Latinx culture, self love aka TRULY fucking with yourself, natural hair, mental health, using your voice, allyship and our hopes for the next year for Bag Ladiez and beyond! Thank...


The Only Lina We Acknowledge

Welcome to another week of Bag Ladiez! Don’t forget to check out our Teespring here:! It’s the first time we’ve sold things and just in time for the holiday season! Support your favorite Bag Ladiez! This week for “Currento Eventos” we’re talking about trash white people with too much power and not enough sense (aka Lena Dunham and a self hating Ohio politician), we discuss the #NYCStripperStrike, and Jordan Peele’s response to the why is Get Out in the...