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2 Bronx Dominicans (*ahem* afro-latinas) just tryna be better and make you better too, join ussssss as we try to get rid of our baggage cuz deadass that shit is heavy af.

2 Bronx Dominicans (*ahem* afro-latinas) just tryna be better and make you better too, join ussssss as we try to get rid of our baggage cuz deadass that shit is heavy af.
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2 Bronx Dominicans (*ahem* afro-latinas) just tryna be better and make you better too, join ussssss as we try to get rid of our baggage cuz deadass that shit is heavy af.






Talking Astrology with Mecca Woods

It’s here! Our season finale “All Baggage All the Time” episode features our fave astrologist Mecca Woods! Mecca is a New York City-based Astrologer and Author. Her featured appearances include Bustle, Essence, Refinery 29,, and Cocoa Butter (BuzzFeed). In addition to her astrology features and beloved horoscopes, Mecca also hosts TLC's Stargazing (Facebook Watch) and teaches workshops around the world on astrology and personal development. Her first book, Astrology for Happiness...


RIP Baby Ancestor Nigel Shelby

This week we’re back with some bagz! In “Currento Eventos” we’re discussing the tragic death of Nigel Shelby a gay 15 year old teen who took his own life, a mass shooting at a California synagogue, and the criminal case being brought against a Massachusetts judge for helping an undocumented man avoid ICE. In “What’s your baggage” we discuss commitment, how we make them, how we keep them, and why. For “Put it in your bag” Lina talks about the Netflix show The Umbrella Academy and Estephanie...


Homecoming Edition

This week the #Beyhive jumped out! Starting with “Currento Eventos” we discuss a new immigration policy meant to deter asylum seekers from coming to the US by locking them up, sex workers and the protection they deserve, and Colombian town Cajamarca is trying to stop a 35 billion dollar mine from destroying their environment. In “What’s Your Baggage” we discuss all things #Homecoming! We appreciate the artistry of Beyonce and discuss some of the things we took away from the film! Use...


Being Lawful ft. Yvette & Cynthia from Cerebronas Podcast

This week we have a special crosscast with the ladiez from Cerebronas: Yvette and Cynthia! This duo brings us their analysis of the law “from the perspective of two working class, immigrants navigating law school while bringing y’all raw, critical analysis of law, current events, and personal politics. Their podcast was meant to increase access to the law how it works, what it is (currently and historically), and how it impacts our lives.” We talk about law school, racism in the legal...


CGI Titties Backlash

This week we’re back with the bags, como siempre. We start off with “Currento Eventos” during which we discuss the rising threat of domestic terrorism and why no one wants to do anything about (hint hint: it definitely has to do with racism), and we discuss an upcoming tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou! In “What’s your baggage” we discuss being from a transient city, where your city is just a phase for some but there are real questions of survival when you’re poor, Black, or Brown and from there....


You're a Problematic Patty

This week we got bags on bags on bags, ya welcome! We start off with Currento Eventos where we discuss a recent fire at the historic Highlander Center that trained historic civil rights and movement leaders, Dump’s 40th environmental law loss this time in Alaska, and we uplift the efforts of Philly youth and Philly Student Union who this past week organized to protest the installation of metal detectors at their high schools. For “What’s Your Baggage” we discuss cancel culture and the recent...


Write Dem Checks Please

This week we’re doing a Special Listener Appreciation episode!! We start off by THANKING ALL OUR PATRONS!!! We appreciate all of you so much! This week’s “Currento Eventos” is a little different and we read some listener letters! We discuss our relationship with police based on our experiences in the Bronx and we interpret one deep ass dream. If you'd like to be featured on an episode send us an email at! We love hearing from you all! For “What’s Your Baggage” we discuss...


These Systems Are Made For You

This week we got bags on bags on bags (como siempre). First off don’t forget to check out our teespring store! Patrons get a special discount!! We start “Currento Eventos” talking about two incidents of terrorism a school shooting in Sao Paulo and the mass killing of 51 innocent people at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. We end with a discussion about the #collegeadmissionscandal and white mediocrity. In “What’s Your Baggage” we talk about the...


People Love a Good Gas Lighting Feat. Locatora Radio

This week on Bag Ladiez we have a special All Baggage All the Time featuring the ladies from Locatora Radio! Locatora Radio is a Radiophonic Novela hosted by Diosa and Mala also known as "Las Mamis of Myth & Bullshit". Together, they conceptualized Locatora Radio, A Radiophonic Novela that celebrates the experiences, brilliance, creativity, and legacies of femmes and womxn of color. We discuss body image, surviving the trauma of sexual assault, #Metoo, and how we make sure we're always...


I Hope You Get Supported Like Savage Fenty Support Me

Trigger Warning: during Currento Eventos we discuss sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church This week on Bag Ladiez we got the bag if you wanna hear! For Currento Eventos we discuss the Jussie Smollet debacle, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s haters and the Green New Deal, and we talk about the rampant sexual abuse in the Catholic church. For “What’s Your Baggage” we talk about DEBT! The feelings debt brings, how it can be managed and we share our ongoing relationship with managing debt as it...


Stay Black with Tea with Queen and J

Welcome back to another week of Bag Ladiez! And this week, the final week of Black History Month, we have our two fave womanist race nerds who usually talk liberation, politics & pop culture over tea and dismantle white supremacist patriarchal capitalism one episode at a time. QUEEN AND J FROM Teawithqueenj. We are too excited to finally have them on the show! We talk about banking while black, Viola Davis giving us a Shirley Chisholm Movie, white people pretending to discover something...


Healing Is Not Linear

This week we’re talking baggage and more! In “Currento Eventos” we discuss Ilhan Omar’s questioning of Elliot Abrams about the violence carried out by American backed military groups in Central America during the 1980s, Queens wins and keeps Amazon OUT of their borough, and we talk about the protests going on in Haiti. In “What’s Your Baggage” we talk about one of the topics from way way back in our live show! One of our attendees wrote about how her “daddy issues” resurface when she’s...



TW: in today's episode there are discussions of disordered eating In "Currento Eventos" we’re discussing the unfortunate death of Malaysia Goodson after she fell down the stairs in a NYC subway stop and the MTA’s plan to make the subway more accessible. White/light skin latinx are at it again! This time Michelle Rodriguez felt the need to add her two cents to a conversation about racism she has no place in and we discuss blogger Stephanie Yeboah’s dating experience as a plus size Black woman...



ICYMI! This week is a little throwback to our live show at WNYC'S Greene Space last week! We had a blast doing this! For "Currento Eventos" we discussed the disturbing allegations that a school strip searched 4 12-year old black girls for seeming "hyper" and "giddy", the passing of the NY Dream Act, and Gina Rodriguez CONTINUED anti-blackness. We try to call her in but she making it hard. In "Put it in your Bag" Estephanie puts in her bag soothing ocean sounds, Lina talks about therapy, and...


Music can be healing Feat. Radio Menea

This week on Bag Ladiez we have a special All Baggage All the Time episode with the dope folks of Radio Menea! We talk all things music! We discuss our cultural music histories, how music makes up part of our identities, what it means to us, and how our music tastes have evolved. Check out Radio Menea to be put on some dope Latinx artist every week! Check out to subscribe and listen to their show! Radio Menea Twitter: Radio Menea on...


So Now We Gotta Raise Your Kids Too!

This week we’re taking all the bags! Don’t forget we have our live show at WNYC featuring Veronica Agard creator of #WhoHealstheHealer Conference coming up on Jan. 28th Buy your tickets here: Congrats to our instagram giveaway winners Ashawithans_ and Madwerqologist! In “Currento Eventos” we’re discussing the arrest of Bronx activist and restaurant owner Yajaira Saveedra at her family’s restaurant La Morada, the...


Mrs. Rosa, You Lowkey a B*tch

We’re back for 2019! HAPPY NEW YEAR BG FAM! First off we have our first live show of 2019 at WNYC’s Greene Space so if you’re in NYC come through we’ll be having a dope conversation with Veronica Agard creator of the #WhoHealstheHealer Conference! Buy your tickets here and support ya girls! Now to the good stuff! This week for “Currento Eventos” we’re discussing the government shutdown, how it works and what it...


Holiday Special: Rotating Themes

Holiday Special: Rotating Themes!!! For all your love this year, here is a bonus episode with our favorite rotating themes. Enjoy! See you next year!!!


Anxiety Should Wife Me Up

This week we bring you our last episode of of 2018! We’re taking a short break for law school finals and the upcoming holidays but we’ll be back January 2019! This week for “Currento Eventos” we talk about the legacy of colonialism and museums, “blackfishing” on Instagram, the recent incident of violence against Central American migrants at the Tijuana, MX border by ICE, and Payless playing err’ body showing just how gullible we are when we see “expensive” things. In “What’s Your Baggage”...


The Best Time To Buy A TV Is After Christmas

This week we got bags chock full of BS! In “Currento Eventos” we’re discussing a racist attack against some Black Somali Muslim teens in a Minnesota McDonalds, the death of 13 year old Sandra Parks in Milwaukee due to gun violence, and the inhumane treatment of California farm workers during these wildfires. In “What’s Your Baggage” we’re talking about how to deal when uninformed people want to make hella uninformed statements. How do we call them out? Should we call them in? And do we all...