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Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show S1E19

Balls interviews Tattoo Artist Scott Witt at 402 Studio in Bentleyville. PA/ Balls plays a track from Scattered Hamlet called "Shelter"/ Balls talks exploding Ants!?/ Plugs and XTinas Depravity Corner/ Balls pissed Ash Vs. Evil Dead cancelled!?/ Andy Dick is just that/ Balls plays another Scattered Hamlet track called "Outlaw Anthem" and talks exciting future interviews/ Closing Theme​


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show S1E18

This is a really special treat, as Balls is not only live and on video, he's got Speech with him at his house! These two funny guys tell us about meeting Alice Cooper, Gary Busey, and much more!


Special Sour Shoes Voicemails to GPN

Special Episode: Sour Shoes Voicemails to GPN


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show S1E17

Balls opens show with a kidnap story/ Balls thinks baths are bullshit/ Balls vents about people who show pics of their kids/ Balls hates people in line/ Balls plays Against Me doing a live cover of Tom Petty/ Balls Brings in XTina in for Depravity Corner/ Balls and XTIna review Best Friends and A Quiet Place/ Show closing


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show S1E16

Balls explains his love for all things Troma!/ Balls interviews Lloyd Kaufman! Director and creator of The Toxic Avenger and head of Troma Entertainment!/ Balls plays a Troma song from The Killer Barbys/ Balls plays a bumper for a documentary called "Greetings from Tromaville"/ Balls plays a list of the best Troma films of all time and shares his picks with the audience/Balls plays a clip of him asking Lloyd a question at the premiere of Return To Return To Nukem High Volume 2!/ Balls...


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show Episode 15

On this special LIVE episode, Balls and XTina start off with a quick update as to why David Arquette hasn't been on Stern in awhile then Speech calls in and shocks us all with an alarmingly descriptive fantasy about being dommed by a female. We also learn that Balls was a virgin in his 20's! Casey Black from Not Mr. White calls in and discusses a few movies with Balls. Speech decides putting sausage in his pants will help him score chicks!


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show Episode 14

Balls opens the show by talking about all the great stuff coming up on the Gonzo Podcast Network/ Balls does a quick review of Strangers 2 and My Friend Dahmer/Balls talks about an upcoming trip to Horror Hound Weekend in Cincinatti/ Balls shares two of his favorite fart stories!/ Balls lashes out on mouthy waiters/ XTina's Depravity Corner/ XTina and Balls debut a new ongoing show segment called "Exes & Ohs"/ Balls closes the show & apologizes for the first half of the show sounding...


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show Episode 13

Balls opens the show with a discussion about fear/ Balls talks about how subjective fear can be/ Balls gives a comprehensive list of his favorite "Diamond in the rough" horror films and a brief synopsis on all/ Balls gives an audience update to future things to come and closes show”


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show Episode 12

Balls interviews up and coming Metal band Klaymore/ XTinas Depravity Corner with special guests Klaymore!


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show Episode 11

Balls talks about the Show at The Smiling Moose/ Balls tells a funny Speech Impediment Man story/ Balls “reviews” Tragedy Girls/ Balls briefly talks Gun violence/ Balls talks respect/ Balls talks about his experience at a well known fast food place/ Balls shares his “inner monologue” with the audience/ Balls plays a live version of Social Distortion “Don’t Take Me For Granted”/ XTina’s Depravity Corner/ Taylor Swift Fart caught on Tape!!/ Sugar Shack Sessions explained/ Balls plays live...


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show Episode 10

Balls does the show from The Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh, PA!/ Balls talks to Scarfo, owner of The Smiling Moose as well as Medicated Pete, Speech Impediment Man, Fred The Elephant Boy, O.J and some staff and fans as well as sharing crazy stories that has happened at the bar!/Speech Impediment Man asks the audience and XTina a pressing question about a tub of Jizz/ High Pitch Eric stops in to chat with us with our good friend Niki/ High Pitch and Speech bury the Hatchet and end our show!


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show Episode 9

Balls talks Pink at the Super Bowl and Tom Brady’s’ creepy kid kissing/ Balls shares a funny work story about a friend face banging a dog/ Balls talks Child’s Play Tv series as well as Critters and Killer Klowns from Outer Space Tv Series/ Balls reviews horror film “Mom and Dad”/ Balls Talks about Dreams/ XTinas’ Depravity Corner/ A MF’in Samuel L Jackson Tribute/ Balls talks about his love of Andrew McMahon and plays a live concert version of “Cecilia and the Satellite”/ Balls shares some...


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show Episode 8

Balls talks about Barney the Dinosaurs’ new occupation/ Balls doesn’t understand Gluten Free and expresses annoyance at being a fat guy/ Balls reviews “Scented” Toilet Paper!/ The return of XTinas’ Depravity Corner/ XTina and Balls rant about School Bullying/ Balls debuts a new Show segment “Shop Talk” which sparks a Penis debate/ Balls asks Ass Napkin Ed for his opinion/ Balls asks Speech Impediment Man his opinion/ Balls asks Impressionist Anniel Hernandez his thoughts on the great...


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show Episode 7

Balls Rants about the Tide Pod challenge/ Balls plays a song by The Put Downs called “Troma”/ Balls discusses the Sex Doll craze/ Balls reviews a plethora of movies and reads some listener mail!/ Balls shares his excitement for a new Bosstones album and tour this year and plays “Picture to Prove It by them/ Xtina returns with a big F-You to winter and does a new Depravity Corner/ Balls plays The Dildo Song/ Balls discusses the upcoming Gary The Retard interview and asks the audience for...


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show Episode 6

HIGH SICK ERIK: High Pitch Erik cancels his GSPN sponsored trip to broadcast from Vegas due to illness and loses us money. Balls from Ellwood fills in with Gonzo and Serial Killer Jack for a sick HPE and shares a story about titty-fucking a popular porn star. Ass Napkin Ed is heartbroken. Gonzo's friend and intersex porn star Taylor Lianne Chandler calls in to share her Top 5 Most Fuckable People with the boys. Brain is trying to fuck Elisa Jordana and Gonzo is jealous. Erik briefly calls...


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show Episode 5

Balls opens the show in LA and introduces special guests X-Tina and Speech Impediment Man! / The gang rants about “Close Poopers”/ The gang shares there worst Shit stories/ Balls shares a story about a Celeb clogging his toilet/ Balls plays clips of dirty jokes hidden in kids shows/ Balls and Xtina share their ups an downs from their vacation in LA and talk a bit about The Original Misfits concert they attended/ Balls talks about the pressure of proposing/ Balls ends with a Danzig song


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show Episode 4

Balls opens the show by bitching about a reindeer boob trend/ Balls plays some holiday clips featuring Randy Macho Man Savage and Eddie Murphy/ Balls blasts Facebook Prayers/ Balls plays some dirty Christmas songs by John Valby (Dr.Dirty)/ Balls plays a clip about Consentual Sex with Santa/ Balls riffs about an article he read condemning porn and gets the male and female opinion/ Balls plays a Christmas song by Rancid/ Balls bitches about Christmas lights/ Balls talks about Wondering...


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show Episode 2

Balls Thanks the Fans for returning and plays the worst recorded song in history/Balls shares a prank call from Sour Shoes to the back office at THSS as Medicated Pete and shares a prank call that Ass Napkin Ed and him did to Bigfoot/ Balls plays a song from Punk band “Fat by the Gallon”/ Balls recommends a horse fucking documntary called “Zoo” and talks the reboot of The Twilight Zone/ Balls shares guest news and talks porn parodies/ Balls rants about hating the handshake and a song that...


Balls from Ellwood Podcast Show Episode 1

In the premier episode of “Hangin” with Balls”, Balls gives a brief intro of what he likes and what he’s into as well as his origin story. Shares thoughts on the new Punisher Netflix series, debuts Xtinas Depravity Corner and gushes about the best worst film ever! He also, reviews a new horror film and plays a song from a band he digs as well as a clip of Speech Impediment Man at Karaoke, rants about Black Friday and Jason Mamoa playing The Crow and a quick story followed by a quick...