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Because Nerd is the most amazing podcast to have ever graced the internet. Consider yourself blessed to be one of the lucky listeners!

Because Nerd is the most amazing podcast to have ever graced the internet. Consider yourself blessed to be one of the lucky listeners!


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Because Nerd is the most amazing podcast to have ever graced the internet. Consider yourself blessed to be one of the lucky listeners!




A Mighty Robot (Because Nerd #24)

On this episode of Because Nerd, we’re talking about a mighty robot who is loved by Good and feared by Evil! That’s right! We’re talking about the Legendary Defender, Voltron!!! And we’re asking the question, “Why does Voltron have an Interlock, anyway??” Like seriously, did someone get a DUI while driving Voltron?! But first, we kick things off with a discussion about ofter notable Mechs that hold a sweet spot in hearts. So, Activate Interlocks and connect Dynotherms because it’s time to...


I’m never gonna call you (Because Nerd #23)

Hey there, you. We don't talk enough anymore. You know what I mean?? We should change that. In fact, here, we just finished a new episode of Because Nerd! You should totally check it out! In it, we take time to ponder the merits of Mac-n-Cheese ice cream, like, "are there any merits to Mac-n-Cheese ice cream?". We also spend time remembering the 90s cartoon show, Pirates of Dark Water and its disappointing inability to finish. We even ring the bell on a Super BeatOff that goes down between...


Killing Batman: The Answer (Because Nerd #22)

This week on Because Nerd, listeners requested and we answered... about The Answer! After we mentioned him for a moment in BN#18 about Ruby Thursday, we were inundated with requests to explain just who The Answer is and what the hell is the question!! Well you asked, and we answered! So just who is The Answer, what are his powers, and can he kill Batman?? There is only one way to get the answer, and that is to listen to this amazing episode of Because Nerd!!


Super Beat Off: JLA v The Seven (Because Nerd #21)

This week on Because Nerd, the Beating Off continues! In one corner, we have the Justice league of America! And in the other corner, we have The Seven! We separate each team's members into tiers and get to the bottom of just who will be the ultimate Beat Off champions! Is Batman craftier than Black Noir? Who is faster, A Train or The Flash? Who has more serious mommy issues, Superman or Homelander? Take a seat and let the Sea Monarch tell you a tale who will get off and who will go down in...


Super Beat Off: JLA v Boys (Because Nerd #20)

In this 1st episode of a two-parter Because Nerd, things start out with the delirium of pandemic isolation setting in causing the Nerds to fantasize about what if Dog the Bounty Hunter and Steven Seagal teamed up for the ultimate reality TV show! Then, Mike sets the stage for an epic Super Beat Off! This time it's the Justice League of America vs The Seven from The Boys! Yes, the JLA may have god-like power, but is that enough to deal with the absolute depravity that The Seven are capable...


The Pantyhoser: Lynne Griffin (Because Nerd #19)

This week on Because Nerd we have a very special treat for you! Two of the Nerds, Ckrysze and Mike, sit down for a very lovely interview with the extremely talented actress, Lynne Griffin. She tells us all about her time during the filming of the cult classics Strange Brew, Black Christmas, and plenty of other experiences she's had along the way! You won't find many others with such charm and charisma as Lynne, so you might as well kick back, relax, and get cozy with some very delightful...


Killing Batman: Ruby Thursday (Because Nerd #18)

It is that time again, and Because Nerd is here to deliver! This week the Nerds take a deep dive into the confusingly sexy character of Ruby Thursday and ask the proverbial question, "Can she kill Batman?" We also take a detour to the left side of the highway to uncover just how the Wayne family made all of their millions (or is it billions??). There is also a brief discussion about how well of a restaurant greeter Bull's Eye would have been, and we explore what sort of bullshit Alfred has...


Rainbow Party (Because Nerd #17)

This week on Because Nerd, the Nerds delve deep into the inner workings of the Umbrella Academy! Season 2 in on the horizon, and we give the utmost thorough review of Season 1! Does Luther suck or not?! Is Diego better at targeting than Hawkeye?! Did #5 fuck up the time travel equations intentionally?? Find out, on this week's action packed episode of Because Nerd!!!


You don’t look well (Because Nerd #16)

ZOMBIES! with SUPER POWERS!!! Hank Pim chews on Tchala for years, Wasp is just a head, the Avengers dine on Galactus like an all you can eat buffet! WHAT IS GOING ON?! The Nerds aim to get to the bottom of it! Bonus: The Nerds unravel what’s up with nuisance of New York City, Spiderman. […]


What if your friends were assholes: Robert Bevan (Because Nerd #15)

This week the Because Nerd sits down with Robert Bevan, the author of the Critical Failures series! He tells us all about the perils of finding a DnD group in Korea, how he channels his inner asshole to write his characters, and he adamantly disagrees with Clint's characterization of good guys and bad guys! Finally, Clint takes us on another action filled thrill ride for Killing Batman! Let's just say, don't do drugs kids! So get ready, and smoke'em if you got'em, cause it's time for Because...


Cursed Swamp Box: Jay Fotos (Because Nerd #14)

Oh boy! This week the Nerds talk with famed comic book artist Jay Fotos (it's pronounced FODOS!), and he has a list of accomplishments as long as our nerd-sticks. From Spawn and TMNT to GODZILLA and Transformers, he’s done it all. Jay gives us rundown on his new Kickstarter for the graphic novel Rising Rebels, an 80s VHS-horror themed thrill ride about the ghoulishly resurrected Colonel Knox and his hunt for blood! In addition to all that, we learn about how Clint’s distain for Batman once...


Go Back to Bed (Because Nerd #13)

This week on Because Nerd we discuss life under quarantine and our ridiculous tendencies to hoard. Logan laments the lack of barber shops, and Clint nearly loses it and almost goes full MacGyver over a lack of toilet paper! Then Clint tells us about his crush on Joe Exotic and about how CoronaVirus is all really just the fault of Carole Baskin! Finally, we discuss what is the best pandemic movie, except that we get cut short and don’t really discuss that, so hold tight!!! This clearly is...


Draw More & Finish: Christopher Burdett (Because Nerd #12)

This week Because Nerd sits down with fantasy artist Christopher Burdett as we discuss his long and storied art career. Chris begins by taking us on an exploration of his newest creation, The Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia, which is a surreal world of monstrous civilizations that manage to coexist with each other through trade […]


Obsession for Men (Because Nerd #11)

Because Nerd is doing it again! This week the Nerds put on their food critic hats and take a heaping helping of Green Arrow’s chili, a.k.a. THE HOTTEST CHILI IN THE DC UNIVERSE! We probe deep within Superman’s super gastrointestinal system to explore just how sensitive is his super sense of taste?! We then ask what's up with Joaquin Phoenix’s name being so damn hard to say and discuss why OJ Simpson couldn’t quite cut it as a Terminator. Finally Clint takes us on a fantastic thrill ride in...


The Good and the Magic (Because Nerd #10)

Because Nerd is back and better than ever! This week we start things off with our newest nerd, Brad, telling us about how Rambo, Last Blood has taken things to the next level! Then we ask the age old question, if Mike Tyson was going to beat you senseless, would you really care if he did it while wearing pink boxing gloves? After that, nerd-Mike reads to us from his journal about finally finishing watching Stranger Things 3. We then all have a good old Master Debate to decide, if you had to...


Harry Pooper & the Chamber Pot of Secrets (Because Nerd #9)

Prepare yourself for Because Nerd's 9th episode!!! This is by far the best one yet, and this episode is notably funny for how stupid it is! In this episode we explore what life was like at Hogwarts prior to their addition of a sewage system and why Professor Albus Dumbledore was so hesitant to install one! Then we take some time to appreciate the majestic post apocalyptic waste land that was Thundarr the Barbarian, and we question the interpersonal dynamics of Thundarr's, Ookla's, and...


Stick it in your Endgame – No Spoilers (Because Nerd #8)

Welcome to Because Nerd's 8th episode! This one is all about the Avengers and asking important questions like what if Dr. Strange was into glory-holes, is Hulk a nymphomaniac, and why won't Tony let anyone else use one of his Ironman suits? We ponder whether Nick Fury and Hawkeye are actually secret Scrulls in disguise, and we consider the possibility that Thanos is really just acting out over a childhood trauma of being nicknamed The Anus! The Nerds are all assembled (except Logon, who...


Do you need assistance?!: Erik Stolhanske (Because Nerd #7)

Welcome to Because Nerd's 7th episode, and the beginning of our 2nd Season! We are kicking off this new season with an especially nice treat... an interview with the syrup chuggin', bear-fuckin' Super Trooper, Rabbit, a.k.a., Erik Stolhanske! We probe deep within him to find out what effect maple syrup had on his bowels, does his Super Trooper fame give him a "get out of jail free" card, how strong is Willie Nelson's weed, and what are the chances that the world will see Super Troopers 3? We...


Enter the Cyclops Verse (Because Nerd #6)

Welcome to the Because Nerd Season 1 Finale! Yes, it was one whole year ago that three old friends (+1 more that joined along the way) sat down together to discuss comics and pop culture while trying to fit as many dick and fart jokes into one hour of listening as humanly possible! In this action packed season finale, Chris tells us about his harrowing experience of having to test his might in a showdown with an aggressive pit bull, we explore what happens when a Vorpal Sword meets a...


Don’t be Negative (Because Nerd #5)

Welcome to another episode of Because Nerd! In this episode, we talk about some of the perils of domestic life with the Flintstones and the Jetsons, then we discuss whether the Moon Landing was actually fake or not (spoiler alert: It wasn't fake!), and then we explore the mind altering powers of Ayahuasca Master and how no one wins when they fight him! Then we take a moment to pay a most respectable tribute to the memory of Burt Reynolds, and after that we play a round of our newest trivia...