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Behind The Funny Scott Higgins an Ace Aceto discuss comedy and life with incredibly talented people in comedy and entertainment.

Behind The Funny Scott Higgins an Ace Aceto discuss comedy and life with incredibly talented people in comedy and entertainment.
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Danielson, CT


Behind The Funny Scott Higgins an Ace Aceto discuss comedy and life with incredibly talented people in comedy and entertainment.








Red Peters "Ballad Of A Man Called Red"

What an awesome conversation we had with the legendary Red Peters. He has had an amazing career and his songs are known by comedy fans everywhere. He is a musician and a songwriter who has made 5 CDs. After appearing on the Howard Stern show, Red had his own show on SiriusXM called the Red Peters Comedy Music Hour. Ace and I love hearing peoples wow moments and funny bad gig stories and Red had some of the best.


Dave Decker "Too Clever For His Own Good"

Ace and I traveled up to Salisbury MA to meet with Dave Decker at the Winners Circle. Dave Decker is regular in the comedy scene from Boston to NY. Dave and I have been Facebook friends for awhile by this is the first time we had a chance to talk. The conversation started with a funny moment when the loud speaker blasted the next order number that was ready and we were off and running after that.


Billy Winn "No Time For Achy Breaky Hearts"

Ace and I travel to Hartford CT to meet this weeks guest Billy Winn. We met at City Steam Brewery Cafe in the Brew Ha Ha comedy club green room. Billy is not only a veteran comic, he has had a great career as a radio dj. Billy's 30 plus years provided a lot of great stories for this episode.


"The Bitch Undersold It" w/ John Morris & Jay Burns

Ace and I enjoy getting to know comedians but it is always a blast when we invite a couple friends in for a discussion. John Morris and Jay Burns join us this week. We started talking about health and John's recent health scare and from there we discussed SNL, working through jokes, and on. When comedians get together we tend to throw shots at each other and this one was no different.


100th Pt 2

Ace and I are proud to put out our 100th show Pt 2. We discuss and play clips from our first three seasons. Order of clips and discussions are: 1) COMEDY SCENES w/ Tony V, Bill Campbell, Charlie Hall & Frank O'Donnell, Mike McDonald 2) META w/ Derek Furtado, Sue Costello 3) FAMILY Cathy Murray, John Morris 4) PARANORMAL w/ Mike Murray, Tom Stewart 5) FUNNY STORIES w/ Tony V, Mike McDonald 6) ONE LINERS w/ Frank Santorelli, Jay Burns, Brian Vincent, John Perotta, Mike McCarthy


100th Show Pt 1

Ace and I are proud to put out our 100th show. We discuss and play clips from our first three seasons. Order of discussions and clips are: 1) 100th show w/ Scott Higgins 2) Diverse backgrounds w/ Joe Hebert, Steve Donovan, Matty Blake, Chris Zito 3) Heartfelt stories w/ Amy Tee, Phillip Anthony, Sue Costello, Poppy Champlin, Jess Miller 4) Controlling comics w/ Mike McCarthy, Charlie Hall, Frank O'Donnell, Stephanie Peters 5) Festivals w/ Jim McCue, Doug Key 6) Recording Environment w/ Mark...


Ken Rogerson "The Funniest Man You Never Heard Of"

Ken Rogerson is literally the Funniest Man You Never Heard Of. Ace and I have always enjoyed working with Ken. A CT native like myself, he started comedy in Chicago before migrating to Boston during the comedy boom. He was featured in the documentary "When Stand Up Stood Out" which was about the Boston comedy explosion. He has appeared in the show Rescue Me as well as movies like Something About Mary and Fever Pitch. Ken has spent his life making people laugh, and still does it as well as...


Chance Langton "Still Crazy After All These Years"

Chance Langton is a Boston comedy original. He was part of the original comedy boom and is still entertaining crowds today. He worked with Rodney Dangerfield and Eddie Murphy, you know, just to mention a few. One of Adam Sandler's favorite comics. In fact, Adam had Chance sing in his movie Eight Crazy Nights. He has had an amazing career and Ace and I were thrilled to go along with him as he reminisced about it.


Alan Fitzgerald "I Knew I Wanted To Say Offensive Things"

Alan is a very interesting case study to say the least. He lives life like he does comedy, on his own terms. He does not possess a filter on stage and yet finds the funny in situations others would not talk about out loud. Armed with a quick wit and biting sense of humor, he is a lot of fun.


Mike Flynn “Flynzo”

Mike “Flynzo” Flynn was integral part of the start of my comedy career. His open mics were where I first built my act. He’s had quite a comedy career himself. I met Ace at one of Flynzo’s open mics. This one was close to home for me.


What Is A Comic Genius?

What is a comic genius? Many people have been called a comic genius but what makes somebody one. Ace and I are joined by Roman Pierce (Chatty Charlie), Derrick Fonseca (The Fonz), and Tom Stewart ( My Paranormal Podcast ). We discuss what qualities a comic genius has and who we consider one. The conversation then turns towards local comics who have these qualities and who we admire. It was a fun conversation and these three brought a lot to it.


Chris D "Because Who Can Pronounce Dimitrakopoulos"

I remember the first time I worked with Chris D, I did not want to follow him. Off stage he is quiet and reserved, onstage he takes on several personas. He has a quick with and he is a great story teller. Ace and I enjoyed getting to know more about Chris.


Kristine Blinn "The Funniest Teach I Never Had"

Ace and I both have worked with Kristine Blinn before, and always enjoy watching her perform. She's very funny and delivers a great performance. But who is Kristine off stage, that's what we wanted to know. What drew her to comedy? Is it hard being a high school teacher and comedian. These questions were asked during this conversation. PLUS, the original Mango dropped in, and he brought snacks.


Comedian G Funny "The Undercover Brother"

This week Ace and Scott talk to Greg Howell aka Comedian G Funny. He is a long time friend and accomplished comedian. Hailing from North Carolina, he made his way to Boston and started his comedy career. He is such a naturally funny story teller. He is one of the funniest comedians you haven't heard of yet.


Sue Costello "It's On Like Donkey Kong"

Wow, that's all I can say about this episode. Sue Costello was an amazingly open and honest guest. Ace and I were hanging on every word. She really shed some light on the entertainment industry from a woman's point of view.


Rogue Island Comedy Festival Pt 2

This week is Pt 2 of our conversations with comedians performing at the Rogue Island Comedy Festival. This episode includes conversations with Sam Evans, Miguel Perez, Alan Fitzgerald, KC Arora, Nore Davis, and finally Rogue Island Comedy Festival founder Doug Key. Ace and I cannot thank Doug Key and Katie Latimer enough for allowing us to be part of this amazing festival and for treating us so well.


The 2018 Rogue Island Comedy Festival PT 1

Ace reached out to Rogue Island Comedy Festival co-founders Katie Latimer and Doug Key and asked if we can come down one night of the festival and talk to some of the comics. What a blast! We made some new friends, talked with some old friends and watch a lot of great comedy. We talked to enough interesting people we had to divide this episode into 2 parts. Enjoy Part 1 with John O'Conner, Dave Neal, Dylan Krasinski, J Smitty, George Civeris, and Chrissie Mayr.


Brian Beaudoin "I Like Pranks, But I'm Not Paying For Them"

This week we have a RI orignal, the original mango, Brian Beaudoin joining us. We discuss pranks, Saved By The Bell, working the road, celebrity friends and hell gigs. Ace and I could not stop laughing. Brian's a great story teller and a lot of fun.


Steve Donovan "We Found Waldo"

Probably best known for his morning radio show, but Steve Donovan is an accomplished stand-up comedian and television show host. He has a quick rapid fire wit, so Ace and I needed to be on our A game to keep up. Steve told a few of the funniest stories I've heard since starting Behind The Funny. Enjoy!


Matty Blake - An Entertainment Renaissance Man

Matty Blake has done stand up comedy, improv, voiceover, acting, hosting Drilling Down: The Curse Of Oak Island, and radio DJ, just to name a few. Matty started comedy shortly after Ace and they come through the ranks together. Friends ever since, they told a lot of stories. I did not know Matty like Ace did so I really enjoyed getting to know him. Considering this was our second attempt at recording this episode, I got to know him well. This week's episode is brought to you by Amazon...