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Scott Higgins an Ace Aceto discuss comedy and life with incredibly talented people in comedy and entertainment.

Scott Higgins an Ace Aceto discuss comedy and life with incredibly talented people in comedy and entertainment.


Danielson, CT


Scott Higgins an Ace Aceto discuss comedy and life with incredibly talented people in comedy and entertainment.








Episode 159 - Marty Caproni "We Do A Weird Job"

Marty Caproni is a comic that likes to take chances. As he says he swings hard so we he connects its big but when he doesn't, he'll corkscrew in the ground. Pushing limits has helped become a favorite of audiences and comics alike. Marty is not afraid to take a deep dive into a subject. Check out Marty at . Support BTF at


Episode 158 - Dan Crohn "It's Enough Already"

This week we talk to Dan Crohn, a Boston based comedian that rose quickly in the comedy scene. So much so, he left his full time day job to pursue comedy full-time. He now has one CD out, ready to record another, and is featured on the CD "Best Of Boston Stand-Up, Vol. 1" along with some Boston heavyweight comedians. Check out Dan at To support the podcast go to


Episode 157 - Bobby Collins "You Never Forget Your First"

Bobby Collins is well known and well accomplished in stand up comedy. Performing regularly all over the country for the past 40 years. He's worked with performers such as Cher and Frank Sinatra. Bobby Collins was also the first national headliner Scott and Ace got to open up for. This was an amazing episode as Bobby has no lack of stories. To support BTF go to


Episode 156 - Carolyn Plummer "F***ed Twice, Not In A Good Way"

Carolyn Plummer is one of the funniest comics you may not have heard of. We talk about her career and about her script idea, which is hilarious. No surprise there, she is a brilliant joke writer. Find out why Carolyn's Bad Gig Story includes her getting f***ed twice, and not in a good way. Support Behind The Funny at


Episode 155 - Dave Rattigan "Cause I'm An Idiot"

Dave Rattigan works as hard as any performer we know. Accomplished comedian and show producer, he has the resume and the stories to show for it. Check out Dave's production company at . Support Behind The Funny at


Episode 154 - Mike Prior "Teaching Lessons Thru Comedy"

Mike Prior is an accomplished comedian and eighth grade educator. You wouldn't think these careers overlap, but they do. Mike uses lessons he's learned in comedy to teach valuable life lessons to his eighth grade class. He is passionate about comedy and teaching. To support BTF podcast


Episode 153 Max Dolcelli "Comedy Legends, Race, and Pornstars"

Max Dolcelli has had quite a career. Started and worked with some of the all time greats. Grew up in the 50s and 60s in a neighborhood where he witnessed racism first hand. Max has traveled the world making people laugh. His story was unique and really interesting. Go to for info on Max. Support BTF at:


Episode 152 Dr Jay Sutay "Tribute To A Comediatrician & Stand Up Guy"

Dr Jay Sutay was not only a hilarious comedian, he was voted a "Top Doc" by CT Magazine. His goal was to win Funniest Comic in CT and be voted a Top Doc in the same year. Not only funny, he was humble and a great friend as you will hear in this episode. Marty Caproni, Max Dolcelli, Philip Anthony, and Linda Belt join Ace and Scott to reflect on Dr Jay. Listen to Jay's original podcast at: Support BTF at:


Episode 151 Jody Sloane - "Should You Nuzzle It Or Just Stick It In"

Should you nuzzle it or just stick it in, this question is answered in this episode with today's guest Jody Sloane and its not what you think. Ace and Scott discuss her experience from serving her country, to Boston Duck Tours, to making people laugh everywhere she performs. There was even blood spilled her first time on stage. Check Jody out at: To support BTF podcast go to:





Episode 150 PJ Thibodeau "I'm Dead Inside"

PJ Thibodeau is a well liked, well established New England headliner. He rose up the comedy ranks quickly. PJ's fast wit helped his quick start but once he developed his patented story telling, he was an instant crowd favorite. As with a lot of comics, the extremely likable PJ has a dark side. Ace and Scott have known PJ awhile and enjoyed finding out what drive's him.


Episode 149 - Ed "The Machine" Regine

What does Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Al Pacino have in common with today's guest? Ed Regine was in Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood" with all of them. Ed came from pretty simple beginnings in RI and built quite a comedy and acting career. Ed was a mentor Ace back in the day and the two of them shared some great stories. Support the podcast at


Episode 148 - Dana Nathanson "Our Comedy Big Sister"

Dana Nathanson managed the Comedy Connection and Stitches Komedy Kafe in RI as well as countless other shows. She has seen countless comics before they became big. Dana has seen it all. Her influence on countless comedians is unimaginable. Ace and Scott both consider her a big sister and were honored to have her on this episode. Support the podcast at


Episode 147 - Al Del Bene "The Sphincter Of An Albino Bunny"

Al Del Bene's comedy career has brought him from Boston to LA to Sydney Australia. He started off his career not only as a stand up comic but part of the popular improv group Al and The Monkeys including comedy greats Dane Cook and Bobby Kelly. We had several choices of names for the episode, find out how and why we came up with the one we did. . Support the podcast at .


Episode 146 - Paul Barclay "Genesis: The Big Bang Of Boston Comedy"

You cannot have a conversation about the genesis of Boston comedy or the Boston comedy boom without talking about Paul Barclay, today's guest. Starting the famous Comedy Connection in 1978, who knew it would become one of the biggest clubs in the country. Paul's phone contact list is a who's who of stand up. Paul's is thought of fondly by everyone in the comedy community, it's easy to see why. Support the podcast at


Episode 145 - Jim Lauletta "Haven't Answered My Phone Since 2012"

Jim Lauletta rose up the comedy scene quickly, moved to LA, was handed a card by one of the biggest agencies in the country, and ..... Ace and Scott talk to Jim about his incredible career of highs and lows, what it's cost him, and what he has overcome. Follow Jim at . To support the podcast


Episode 144 - Tracy Locke "Flippin' Lids & Losin' Wigs"

Where do you go as a comedian when your first couple years you spend on tour with Lisa Lampanelli? That's how this weeks guest, Tracy Locke, started in comedy. Ace and Scott talked to her about that, her time in LA, and her experience as a warm up comic on some of the biggest talk shows. Which stars where nice, which were not, who wears a wig? Listen and find out. Check out Tracy at . To support the podcast...


Episode 143 Johnny Pizzi "Always Delivers The Laughs"

Johnny Pizzi is a long time Boston comedy favorite and Scott and Ace really were looking forward to this episode. Johnny started during the Boston comedy boom and worked with some of the biggest names in comedy including Sam Kinison and his long time friend Lenny Clarke. Topics include Johnny's time in the post office, magic, entertaining troops over seas and running comedy clubs. Check Johnny out at . To support BTF


Episode 142 - Kelly MacFarland "What Are You Guys Watchin"

This week Ace and Scott talk to Kelly MacFarland, she started entertaining people at two years old. Her love of performing brought Kelly to the stage and stand up comedy is better for it. You definitely want to be in the room when Kelly comes in and asks "What are you guys watchin", ask her college roommates. Check Kelly out at . You can support the podcast at .


Episode 141 - Rick D'Elia "AKA The Fat Anderson Cooper"

This week is Viva D'Elia as we talk to comedian Rick D'Elia. A comic whose roots are in the Boston comedy scene. He now resides in Reno NV after spending time in LA. Ace and Rick reminisce and we discuss the current state of comedy. . You can support the podcast at .