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Scott Higgins an Ace Aceto discuss comedy and life with incredibly talented people in comedy and entertainment.

Scott Higgins an Ace Aceto discuss comedy and life with incredibly talented people in comedy and entertainment.


Danielson, CT


Scott Higgins an Ace Aceto discuss comedy and life with incredibly talented people in comedy and entertainment.








Ep 246 Rodney Norman "Tik Tok Star Leonard McCruntsky"

Comedian Rodney Norman is in the Acement this week to discuss the huge success of his alter ego, Tik Tok star Leonard McCruntsky. Check out Rodney at


Ep 245 John Moses "Second Try Conversation"

This week in the Acement we pick up where we never left off. Our previous episode fell through so Ace and Scott were excited to have John Moses. John started in Canada before moving to Boston and making a name for himself. Now out of New York he has had several successful CDs. Known for pushing the envelope, we wanted to know with the current climate has he every been attacked by an audience member.


Ep 244 Reunited And It Feels So Good

This week in the Acement, Scott is back from his Covid quarrantine and our guest couldn't make it. So Ace and Scott take this opportunity to talk about losing heroes and writing and rewriting jokes.


Ep 243 Mike Murray "Finally Hearing The Laughs"

Mike Murray subs into the Acement this week for a conversation with Ace. They discuss Mike getting his hearing as an adult, becoming a comedian, and the many stories that have come since. Get BTF merch at


Ep 242 Stacy Kendro "That's The Cosmo Talkin"

Stacy Kendro joins us live in the Acement. Stacy started comedy in New England and eventually made the move to New York. She's traveled the country performing at some of the top clubs. Stacy definitely shared some great stories. Check out


Ep 241 Slappin' Around Some Bad Crowd Stories

This week Roman Pierce, Derrick Fonseca, and Brian Vincent join Scott in the Acement for a discussion about unruly crowds. We started talking about the Will Smith/Chris Rock slap and went from there. Problem is the first 25 minutes, the mic was on mute. We pick up from there.


Ep 240 Steve Bjork "2nd Time Will Work For Sure...Maybe"

After equipment failure let us down the first time Steve Bjork was on, we had to have him back. Steve joins us live in the Acement to discuss his career, movie role decisions, and bad gigs. What could go wrong this time? Internet go down, mics not set up correctly...Maybe. Go to


Ep 239 Carolyn Fox "Radio Royalty"

Carolyn Fox stops by the Acement, virtual-ly, and didn't have a lot of time but definitely made the most of it. She was a female shock jock on 94HJY in RI and was one of the biggest in the country. We definitely need to have her back on.


Ep 238 Eric Hofer "Riding The Wave Of Life, Up and Down"

We were so excited to have Eric Hofer in the Acement this week. He started at Periwinkle's and instantly became a crowd favorite. Besides being a comic he became the owner of a comedy club, which he did not have long due to mishandling. He was very candid and open, he's just riding the wave of life.


Ep 237 Steve Halligan "An Open Book, A Happy Ending"

Steve Halligan joins us in the Acement this week. Winner of the Beantown Comedy Riots, featured on the Headliner for Recovery Comedy and on the Addicts Comedy Tour. What turning point when he became a father led him to where he is today?


Ep 236 Corey Gee "You Can't Keep A Good Comic Down"

Corey Gee joins us in the Acement to talk about his quick rise in comedy and having to stop due to a conflict at his day job. Corey made a tough choice but after biding his time he made his return to the stage to pursue his passion.


BONUS Bill Simas "The Comedy Park"

Bill Simas joins Ace and Scott in the Acement to talk about his new comedy venture. Coming April 2022.


Ep 235 James Firth "Spice Up The P**$y"

Ace and Scott are excited to have James Firth in the Acement. James has been doing comedy 5 years, he has an odd perspective and very dry delivery which crowds love. He also graduated nursing school on the doorstep of a pandemic so we are excited to learn how he's navigated being a nurse and comedian the past few years.


Ep 234 BONUS Kody Brunet "Standing Up & Standing Tall"

Kody Brunet is an up-and-coming comic who is getting himself noticed in the CT comedy scene. He talks about overcoming obstacles and the ones that have made him stronger.


Ep 233 Ed Regine "Welcome To The Stage"

Ed "The Machine" Regine joins Ace and Scott in the Acement to talk about his acting and comedy career, starting his own comedy club, quitting cruise ships, and writing his book "Welcome To The Stage: How A Forgotten Dream Became A Reality"


Ep 232 Eddie Brill "Emerson Man To Letterman"

Eddie Brill joins us in the Acement this week. Eddie is a well respected, very funny and talented stand up comedian. He talks about his start while attending Emerson College thru his years working on The Late Show with David Letterman as the warm up comic and Stand Up Comedy Talent Coordinator. Go to for info


Ep 231 Justin Michael Morales "An Old Fashioned Renaissance Man"

Justin Michael Morales stops by the Acement this week to discuss filming documentaries, attempting stand up, becoming an award winning mixologist and restauranteur, and developing his own incredible bourbon. Check out Justin's bourbon at


Ep 230 Jimmy Dunn "From Yapper To Comic To Sitcom Star"

Jimmy Dunn is in the Acement with Scott and Ace this week. Jimmy's comedy start was unconventional but effective. He definitely had talent but he also had a work ethic which brought him to a late night show where he met his hero and to the CBS sitcom "The McCarthy's" Check out Jimmy at or his podcast with Tony V


Ep 229 Sister Imogene & Grandma Martha EPISODE REVISITED

We recently had Jay Burns and Brian Vincent join us for an episode to catch up on comedy and Jay's new podcast "Kill Smarter". It was such a blast Ace and Scott wanted to revisit the episode their alter egos Sister Imogene and Grandma Martha came to the studio for a visit.


Ep 228 Art Bell "The Start Of Comedy Central"

What does an economist, working for HBO, who loves comedy, do in his spare time. Come up with the idea for Comedy Central. Art Bell was in the Acement this week and shared his story with Scott and Ace on how he came up with the idea for Comedy Central and how it came to be. You can read about it in his book Constant Comedy: How I Started Comedy Central and Lost My Sense of Humor. .