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Scott Higgins an Ace Aceto discuss comedy and life with incredibly talented people in comedy and entertainment.

Scott Higgins an Ace Aceto discuss comedy and life with incredibly talented people in comedy and entertainment.


Danielson, CT


Scott Higgins an Ace Aceto discuss comedy and life with incredibly talented people in comedy and entertainment.








Ep 187 Pryor and Murphy "Groundbreaking Comedy Specials"

John Morris and Derrick Fonseca join us in the Acement to discuss groundbreaking comedy specials. There are so many comics we could talk about but we settled on two, Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy. BTF merch available at



Ace and Scott wanted to say thanks and talk about upcoming podcast news.... Wed nights join us live from 8:30-9:30 at . BTF merch available at


Ep 186 Kevin Mulhern "You Can Now Call Him Stunt Man"

Kevin Mulhern, WHJY radio's stunt boy now stunt man, is our guest in the Acement. A very accomplished comedy writer who spent time in LA performing stand up and writing. He has written on award shows and with the legendary Phil Hartman. BTF merch available at


Ep 185 Mike Murray & Brad Pierce "Chaotic Covid Check In"

Our episode "Comedy and Coronavirus" on 03/24/20 included comedian and friend of the podcast Brad Pierce having a meltdown about his comedy career and its direction with the pandemic starting. We decided to check in with him one year later. Brad's partner Mike Murray from the online Mike and Brad show joins us. The drinks were flowing and so were the stories, we were kind of all over the place but we had a lot of fun. BTF merch available at


Ep 184 Greg Boggis "Nothing Boggis About This Guy"

Greg Boggis is a guest we've wanted in the Acement for awhile. A chance text to Ace finally got him here. Stand-up, writer, actor, producer, he has done a lot in his 27 years as a performer. What makes a history/communications major try stand up comedy for the first time? You find out in this episode. BTF merch available at


Ep 183 "A Wild And Crazy Conversation"

What happens when four comedians get together to discuss some of their all time favorite comedy movies. It turns into a Steve Martin tribute of course. Comedians John Morris and Derrick Fonseca join us in the Acement for a discussion of comic genius, Steve Martin. Support BTF at or


Ep 182 Wes Martens "The New Old Guy"

Wes Martens is in the Acement for this episode of Behind The Funny. Wes waited until 50 to try comedy and it paid off. He quickly made a name for himself on the west coast with major acts and booked his own shows. Relocating to the east coast has not slowed Wes down. When you see Wes perform, you think "Why don't I know this guy?" After this episode, you will. Check Wes Martens out at Support BTF at or


Ep 181 Chris McGuire "From Boston Stages To Comedy Central"

You may not know Chris McGuire at first glance but you know his work. As a writer on several Comedy Central roasts and shows to executive producing Martha and Snoop's Potluck Party Challenge, his work is well known. Did you know he started as a stand up comic? Listen to his journey from stage to page. Follow Chris at Support BTF at or


Ep 180 Angel Rentas "Laughter Is The Best Medicine"

How does a bilingual nursing student pay for college? Stand up comedy of course. Angel Rentas joins us in the Acement this week, from doing stand up in college for chicken wings to becoming a nurse practitioner in cardiology while building a comedy career. Angel is an essential superhero on and off the stage, raising thousands for charity through comedy. Check out Angel at Support BTF at or...


Ep 179 Dwayne Perkins "Yeah, Like Wayne with a D"

Dwayne Perkins joins us in the Acement this week. Ace and Dwayne talk about performing together in the 90s before Dwayne moved to LA. We talk about about TV appearances, commercials, and the differences between NY and LA comedy. Dwayne is an eductated man that took a different path and engineered and great comedy career for himself. Check him out at Support the podcast at or


Ep 178 Tyler Hittner "Get Yourself A Cane & Start F***ing"

Tyler Hittner is a stand up comedian that takes the stand part out of it, not by choice. He has used humor his whole life to overcome obstacles and that led him to rolling onto the stage for his first time. Tyler's quick wit has served him well and led to the episode title. Check out Tyler at Support the podcast at or


Ep 177 Tom Anzalone "A Night At The (Comedy) Opera"

Tom Anzalone is one of Ace's all time favorite headliners he worked with. As Ace says he was silly and a lot of fun. Started in Pittsburgh working with the likes of Dennis Miller and Jay Leno he quickly became a headliner of his own. He used is training as an opera singer to perform comedy and music in a very different way, and it was a hit. Check out Tom at Support the podcast at or


Ep 176 Judy Carter "The Comedy Gospel According To Judy"

Judy Carter is a name everyone in comedy knows. Author of several books including "Standup The Book", "The Comedy Bible", and recently "The New Comedy Bible". A sought after public speaker, coach and mentor to many famous comedians, she has an amazing resume. It was honor to have her in the Acement and pass on some of her history and wisdom. Look up Judy at Support the podcast at or


Ep 175 The Mulherns "The Woman Behind The Man Who Thinks He's Funny"

Our good friend Brian Mulhern from Cat Country 98.1 joins us this week, but we also invited Carla Mulhern for some behind the scenes info. What's it like living with someone who thinks he's funny? Is he always funny and laughing? What practical joke got him in serious hot water with Carla's parents? Brian and Carla snort and sneer their way thru some great stories. BTF merch Support BTF at


Ep 174 Behind The Funny 2020 Best Moments Part 2

This week we continue our look back on 2020. The episode starts with Ace and Scott and few of their bourbon moments, we also share some unconventional and uncomfortable moments, we remember the genesis of Boston and Rhode Island comedy, we remember two special friends lost this year, and we wrap up with an epic melt down by a very good friend of the podcast. What an awesome year its been ..... for the podcast. Support BTF at


Ep 173 Behind The Funny 2020 Best Moments Part 1

As 2020 comes to an end, finally, we look back at a year of great podcasts on Behind The Funny. In Part 1 we share some great one liners, some of which become show titles. We listen back to some of the great national headliners we talked to and hear some amazing wow moments. What an awesome year its been ..... for the podcast. Support BTF at


Ep 172 Best Of The Funny Bad Gigs 2020 Edition

As 2020 comes to a close, thankfully, we look back at all the great Funny Bad Gig stories our guest shared with us. From Max Dolcelli's Sam Kinison story to Tom Cotter's infamous retired jersey story, this is a collection of some of the stories that made us laugh or cringe the most. To support Behind The Funny podcast go to


Ep 171 Darren LaCroix "Corporate Clunker To World Champion Speaker"

Darren LaCroix is a World Champion Winning Public Speaker, Author, and Trainer. Plus at one time, as Darren said, he was Ace's b***h when he started comedy. He took lessons learned in comedy and became one of the most successful public speakers working today. How did a man who says he wasn't funny and failed at one of his first businesses become a success. He explains it in this episode. Check out Support BTF podcast at


Ep 170 Myq Kaplan "The Bill Burr of Happiness"

A masters in linguistics is not a prerequisite for comedy, but Myq Kaplan uses it masterfully. Saying he has a quick wit is way underselling it. He is a wordsmith. Myq has multiple comedian albums out, a Comedy Central & Amazon special, 2 podcasts, and has appeared on just about every late night show there is. Ace and Scott just try to keep up in this episode. Check out Myq Kaplan at Support BTF podcast at


Ep 169 Gene Trifilo "Fun Hangs, Food Comps, & One Sh***y Gig"

Gene Trifilo joins us in the Acement this week. Gene's passion for performing is one step above his love of good food comp. We discuss green room hangs, best food gigs, and one of the shi**iest gigs we have ever heard. Check out Gene at Support BTF podcast at