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#45 Stay with us [S4E13]

The group talks about how the production pulled out all the stops on this final episode. Chris reveals that Germany will make two new episodes of Beyond Belief for the twentieth anniversary of the original. This is also the last chance for Chris to get all the stories correct. We will also find out who … Read More Read More


#44 Frakes and geeks [S4E12 with Samm Levine]

Kyle is sitting out but we have guest-host actor and podcaster Samm Levine. Samm has watched the show before, and also had a neighbor who bragged about acting in an episode of Beyond Belief. Samm is a hardline skeptic of all things supernatural. A big believer of known skeptic James Randy and the million-dollar challenge. … Read More Read More


#43 A good first draft [S4E11 with Jonathan Kite]

Kyle is out, but joining us is the comedian, actor, and writer Jonathan Kite. Who has a new movie out – All The Creatures Are Stirring. Jonathan is familiar with the show, but hasn’t seen it until now. Jonathan talks about Nightmare on Elm Street’s origins, and how he’s seen a ghost in a girlfriend’s video. … Read More Read More


#42 Futzing with the wrong drivers [S4E10]

Jesse pitches his Beyond Beliefe App which would randomize BB stories from all four seasons. This way you would get a fresh mix bag of stories each time. This leads to a discussion of each host’s voting strategy and meta-game. Story 1: Moonstruck Beach – An aspiring writer moves to a secluded town and finds herself the target … Read More Read More


#41 Into the spider closet [S4E9 with Will Hines]

Kyle is out this episode, but in his place we have guest host Will Hines! Will Hines is a comedian who performs at UCB LA and co-hosted the podcast “Don’t Get Me Started.” Will hasn’t seen the original show before and is a hardline skeptic. Story 1: The Wealthy Widow – A man marries a widow and … Read More Read More


#B06 Our original unaired pilot

This week we’re bringing you a special bonus episode: our original unaired pilot. No one outside of the five of us has ever heard this before. And in fact, we hadn’t even listened to it in over a year. So, we gathered around the campfire (living room) and marveled at our genius (inexperience). Take a … Read More Read More


#40 Leafing the witness [S4E8]

We’ve returned with the back half of our fourth and final season. And if something feels oddly familiar about this week’s batch of stories… it’s because we watched this episode in the past and recorded an unreleased episode as a test pilot. And as a bonus, we will be releasing the pilot episode this Thursday … Read More Read More


#B05 Chris’s Highbrow Reviews podcast checks out Beyond Belief

Chris has gone rogue and started his own podcast: Highbrow Reviews. With some pretty spectacular co-hosts, I might add: Claire Berger and Max La Bella, both previous Beyond Beyond Belief guests. In this new podcast, Chris and his co-hosts get high and review things… movies, TV shows, video games, and a whole lot more. We’d … Read More Read More


#39 Car trouble [S4E7]

This is the season 4 mid-season break…and Jesse has karaoke voice. Story 1: The Wreath – A detective investigating a hit and run case gets a break when another accident mysteriously occurs. It’s very believable that city officials could get confused with their paperwork. This could be a case of the complicated theory. The parents of the … Read More Read More


#38 Black belt ghost [S4E6 with Jamie Gaul & Joe Dolce]

This episode we welcome two guest hosts: comedian Jamie Gaul from Upright Citizens Brigade and friend-of-the-podcast Joe Dolce. Regarding the world of supernatural, Joe is a skeptic while Jamie is a “boo-liever.” That’s not actually said in the show. I just thought of that right now. Story 1: The Dorm – A girl in college finds that … Read More Read More


#B04 Uncut interview with modern sage, Ian Sneed

On this week’s episode, we interviewed modern sage Ian Sneed and asked: what are some tips and tricks for conducting a Oujia board night? Those of you who listened to the interview were probably as shocked to discover as we were that Ian believes there is no such thing as a safe Ouija board experience. … Read More Read More


#37 Critical hit [S4E5]

The group compares Don Lafontaine and Campbell Lane’s voice over work on the show. Story 1: House Of Shadows – A house sitter finds a strange video on the TV that seems to be coming from inside the house. Everyone agrees this one was really creepy. Tiffany feels it’s too trope’y. They debate why the murder went … Read More Read More


#36 Pickle [S4E4]

The group discusses how great the all-female episode was. Tiffany realizes how hard it is to host the podcast (but is it really? Try doing these show-notes every week). Story 1: Second Sight – A blind woman who received a corneal transplant can’t help but stare at a certain suspicious looking man. No one believes this story. … Read More Read More


#B03 Guest stories: Close Call & Midnight Dog

Misty Stinnett and Kelly Perron share their own beyond belief stories from our all-female panel of guests from Tuesday’s episode. These stories were fantastic and we didn’t want to edit them down, so we decided to release them as a bonus episode… enjoy!


#35 Girls just wanna have puns [S4E3 with Misty Monroe, Claire Berger, Misty Stinnett, & Kelly Perron]

Prepare for an all-female takeover of Beyond Beyond Belief! Along with Tiffany, our guest hosts this week are: Misty Monroe, Claire Berger, Misty Stinnett, and Kelly Perron. The hosts dive into their relationship with the show and the supernatural. And Misty Monroe regales us with her amazing and frightening Ouija experiences. Story 1: Out Of Service … Read More Read More


#34 Uncomplicated playtime [S4E2]

The group discusses Frake’s use of illusions in the intro. Does he come up with them himself? They reminisce about Fox’s Breaking The Magician’s Code. And discover it was Valentino all along! Story 1: Writer’s Agent—a slimy literature agent is haunted by a deceased client after he publishes her book. Tiffany thinks maybe the whole thing was … Read More Read More


#33 The journey of the ouija [S4E1]

This is the season 4 premiere! And apparently it’s already Chris’s favorite season… Kyle’s loving it too. The stories this season look like they’re shot with more cinematic direction. The group misses Don Lafontaine’s opening voiceover. There’s now a new voice to Beyond Belief, and that man’s name is Campbell Lane. There’s also so much … Read More Read More


#B02 Drunk Q&A

We recently solicited phone numbers from our listeners. Then we started drinking and dialing. Our callers could ask us anything or share a story of their own that was Beyond Belief… and the results were fantastic!


#32 The anomaly [S3E13]

This is the season 3 finale! Will Mark win season three as he has with the previous two seasons? Will Chris get all five stories correct, as he’s never done in the history of this show? Story 1: The Dealer—a shady blackjack dealer discovers the cards are stacked against him when a soldier sits down … Read More Read More


#31 Why would you say no to the guac? [S3E12 with James Mastraieni]

This week comedian James Mastraieni joins us in the studio. He performs regularly at The Upright Citizens Brigade and has a podcast called I’m Too Effing High. He’s not really a believer in the supernatural but shares a story about a maybe haunted drum set? Story 1: The Handyman—after a cheating husband kills his wife, her spirit … Read More Read More