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A comedy podcast from two friends who are just about over it. Bitter Coffey is the musings and mutterings of Kelly Coffey and Darek Fanton.

A comedy podcast from two friends who are just about over it. Bitter Coffey is the musings and mutterings of Kelly Coffey and Darek Fanton.
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A comedy podcast from two friends who are just about over it. Bitter Coffey is the musings and mutterings of Kelly Coffey and Darek Fanton.




Bitter Coffey Episode 9 - Hibiscus Cloudberry

Bitter Coffey is back from its holiday hiatus and Kelly and Darek are firing into the new year hopped up on Hibiscus Cloudberry Polar seltzer. On this episode Kelly gets stuck in an elevator, has a useless conversation with Comcast and shares some incredible Christmas gifts from Boredwalk T-Shirts. There’s also talk of cars that sound like trombones and the reality of supposed Facebook “hacking”. The Random Question this week finds our hosts sharing their top three “desert island” musical...


Bitter Coffey Episode 8 - Juice Box of Wine

On this very special, injury free, episode of Bitter Coffey, we’re in the Christmas spirit, we’re making major life announcements and we’re experimenting with our first ever cold close. Is that even a thing? Find out after the outro music! Also, the subscriber mugs have arrived and Kelly has a new Twitter handle. There’s also talk about the different versions of the Winnie the Pooh theme song, green candy flavors, the horror of company Christmas parties, what your Christmas lights say about...


Bitter Coffey Episode 7 - Jackpot That B

Another episode, another unfortunate injury. Kelly tells the origin story of her hurt shoulder (spoiler, it has to do with Fox News). She also shares the story of meeting her friend Cedric (AKA iTunes reviewer ced0882). Kelly and Darek send a special shout out to Kelly’s neighbor, and fan of the show Devon, discuss their beloved pets, their shared mall employment experience, the perils of locker room nudity and the ways nicknames happen.


Bitter Coffey Episode 6 - Grease Job

On this episode of Bitter Coffey it’s officially Snow Couch Season! Kelly suffers a “debilitating” hot tea injury, and points out that giving blood is a perfect excuse to take a nap. Continuing the healthcare theme, it turns out that cold and flu season is accurately named and that a gluten free lifestyle is about as much fun as you’d expect. Kelly makes an exciting new purchase and shares the scintillating tale of her Aunt’s special affinity for her mechanic and his skills at a number of...


Bitter Coffey Episode 5 - Laugh Yourself Into Better

On this episode of Bitter Coffey, Kelly and Darek talk about the challenges of eating healthier, reminisce about their respective drivers ed experiences, discuss names that shouldn't be applied to children, develop an exciting new game show inspired by repetitious streaming television commercials, draw parallels between raking leaves and nuclear proliferation and read some of your iTunes reviews.


Bitter Coffey Episode 4 - They Call it 'Merch'

On episode 4 of Bitter Coffey, Darek and Kelly talk about the launch of the pod, read some listener email, make a surprise discovery about house balls, talk about Kelly's passion for demonstrations and share their love for the Great British Baking Show. We also make an announcement about a special giveaway!


Bitter Coffey Episode 3 - House Balls & Crickets

In episode 3 of this freshly-dubbed "comedy" podcast, Kelly and Darek re-vist the concept of "thirsty", workshop alternative podcast concepts, discuss the unfortunate affliction of verbal diarrhea, touch on Hulu's "The First" and go deep to examine The Sutherland Dilemma.


Bitter Coffey Episode 2 - Rutabaga Knowledge

It’s the second episode and the audio is a bit there’s that at least. Kelly and Darek look back at the first episode, identify a scourge upon both Kelly and the podcast itself, reflect on the worst jobs they’ve ever had, the trials of adulting, talk Top Chef and Darek tells a story about a guy, his house, and the guy’s balls.


Bitter Coffey Episode 1 - Swords of Destiny

On the first episode of the Bitter Coffey Podcast, Kelly and Darek welcome you to the show, talk about how this whole thing got started, discuss being the favorite patient, the TV show Forged in Fire and an unfortunate email mix-up.