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Blokes Backyard - Episode 4 - The Return

Join our intrepited hosts as they rejoin the fold after some time in the wilderness. Thats right folks itunes issues, raising kids and just the normal cycle of life cycled against us, but we fouhgt back to return to the lolz and work on some more experiments. Plus some surprising results in the battledome.


Blokes Backyard - Episode 3 - The Asparagus Tests

Join the team this week as they discuss Jon “Bones’ Jones popping hot for a second time, the BattleDome results and launch of a second series (Battle of the Bands) Also of course who could miss the Hilarious and Whacky Aspagus Experiments. So settle in and join us as Mark takes you thru a sceintific journey into saving the world one urine test at a time.


Blokes Backyard - Episode 1 - Welcome to the BattleDome

Welcome to the first Blokes Backyard Podcast Join us as we make history and launch the podcast, talking all things lead up to the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Fight, Jon Jones Suspension, Goats and of course Round 1 of the Battle Dome. Round One - Gorrila Vs Tiger Who do you think takes it?? Make sure to vote while you can at out facebook page