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Bloody Murder 77 - Spree Killer Carl Brown and the Murder of Joseph Durrant

Spree Killer Carl Brown and the Murder of Joseph Durrant… 51 year old Carl Robert Brown was a High School teacher who refused to seek help for his deteriorating mental health. After being put on forced leave to seek psychiatric counselling, he massacred eight people in a Miami, Florida welding shop and headed towards the school, loaded with guns and ammo. In 2007, a Western Sydney Australia Day party went horribly wrong for Joseph Durrant after an argument with his short-tempered neighbour...


Bloody Murder 76 - The Murders of Sophie Lionnet and Senior Constable David Rixon

The Murders of Sophie Lionnet and Senior Constable David Rixon… 21 year old Sophie Lionnet was a shy and reserved French woman working as a nanny in the UK. Her delusional employer Sabrina Kouider, believed Sophie was colluding with her ex Mark Walton, a founding member of Irish boyband Boyzone, to drug and sexually assault her family, so they tortured her to death. On an overcast morning in March 2003, Senior Constable David Rixon pulled over ice addicted knucklehead Michael Allen...


Bloody Murder 74 - Sick Ripper William Howell and The murders of Michelle Lewis and Kenny Harris

Sick Ripper William Howell and The murders of Michelle Lewis and Kenny Harris… William Devin Howell is the most prolific serial killer in Connecticut history. He murdered 7 people in his van “the murder mobile” and buried them behind a shopping centre in a marshy woodland area he called “his garden.” Cheeky tomboy Michelle Lewis and disabled teenager Kenny Harris were two unlikely best friends from the wrong side of the tracks. They had the good fortune to find each other and experience...


Bloody Murder 73 - Rakesh Bhayani and Nicholas Vernage

Rakesh Bhayani and Nicholas Vernage… Rakesh Bhayani claims he started gambling when he was 8 years old, playing the slot machines at fairgrounds. By the time he was in his late 30’s his epic gambling addiction was dangerously out of control and he would go to any length to support it - even murder. Nicholas Vernage was a career criminal who specialised in violent robbery and burglaries. After his release from Prison in 1991, he embarked on a orgy of burglary and murder, driven by his...


Bloody Murder 72 - William Beggs and Rodney Collins

William Beggs and Rodney Collins… William Beggs is the so called “limbs in the loch murderer.” This case became one of Scotland’s most high profile and gruesome murder investigations after a police diver on a routine training exercise found a bin bag containing a severed forearm and leg. Rodney Collins was one of Australia’s most prolific hitmen, a mean hearted little man, who mostly killed for greed but was known to commit brutal and vicious crimes for pleasure as well. He was involved...


Bloody Murder 70 - Pierre Basson and Dennis Bagwell

Pierre Basson and Dennis Bagwell… Pierre Basson was South Africa’s first documented serial killer. His lack of empathy made him a very dangerous man. He was described by police as ‘a scoundrel from infancy’ due to his violence towards animals and later graduated to murdering innocent people for insurance money. Former meat salesman Dennis Bagwell was a cocaine addicted, rage-monster with a violent criminal past. When his mother would only give him $20 to buy drugs with, his barely...


Bloody Murder 69 - Lenny McPherson Special Edition with Cambo from True Crime Island

Lenny McPherson Special Edition with Cambo from True Crime Island… Cambo from True Crime Island joins forces with Tara and Barney to discuss one of the most powerful and scary Australian career criminals of all time; Lenny McPherson. Lenny controlled much of Sydney’s organised crime activity from the 1950’s right into the mid 1990’s and has been described as “More cunning than a shithouse rat.” Nicknamed Sydney’s “Mr Big” of organised crime, he was feared by his competition and green lit...


Bloody Murder 68 - Judy Buenoano and Donald Webb

Judy Buenoano and Donald Webb… Judy Buenoano was a stone cold, psychopathic serial killer who murdered her son and several lovers for insurance money. Although she favoured poison as a weapon, she wasn’t afraid to branch out and try other rather dramatic methods. Donald Webb was a mob connected, slippery bastard. Police described him as “an itinerant burglar well versed in the art of criminal impersonation”. Webb liked to steal shit, murder cops, make it onto FBI lists and hide for years...


Bloody Murder 66 - Richard Beasley and Daniel Camargo Barbosa

Richard Beasley and Daniel Camargo Barbosa… Serial killer Richard Beasley always had a racket going on, including selling drugs, making moonshine or pimping out down on their luck women. He came up with the idea to use Craigslist to lure unemployed, middle aged men to him by promising them the job of a lifetime. Then he’d kill them, rob them and bury them with the help of his gigantic 16 year old accomplice. Known as The Mangrove Monster, The Colombian Sadist and The Beast of the Andes,...


Bloody Murder 65 - Dorothea Kraft and The Berrima Axe Murderer John Lynch

Dorothea Kraft and The Berrima Axe Murderer John Lynch… Widow Dorothea Kraft had a tough time trying to raise her daughter on a failing farm in the early 1900’s in South Africa. After relying on the kindness of strangers backfired horribly and threatened to leave her homeless she felt she had no choice but to turn to murder. John Lynch, nasty convict, shitfull farmer, wannabe robber was Australia’s first and possibly worst serial killer. One hundred and fifty years before the term serial...


Bloody Murder 64 - Cleophus Prince Jr and Bold Jack Donohue

Cleophus Prince Jr and Bold Jack Donohue… Cleophus Prince Jr. raped and killed 6 women in San Diego in 1990. Most of the attacks took place in or around the apartment complex in Clairemont where he and his girlfriend lived. He would stalk the women - usually after seeing them at the gym, break in to their homes during the day and attack them when they were showering with knives from their own kitchens.. Bold Jack Donohue was a prancing dandy Irish Bushranger who terrified country New...


Bloody Murder 62 - Harold Landry and Ann Marie Anastasi

Harold Landry and Ann Marie Anastasi… Cajun millionaire Harold Landry murdered his much-younger wife by stabbing her 23 times outside their English manor. He claimed it wasn’t murder because she had been provoking him but a violent incident in his past proved he always felt his brutality was justified. A strange living arrangement saw Ann Marie Anastasi living with her husband and his mistress under the one roof. But this bizarre love triangle led to tragedy when she coerced her 13 year...


Bloody Murder 61 - Dean Faiello and Peter Shoobridge

Dean Faiello and Peter Shoobridge… New Yorker Dean Faiello was a self-obsessed laser hair removalist who liked to big-note himself and increase his income by pretending to be a doctor. Despite being prosecuted and having to stop treating people as a condition of his parole, he secretly continued to do so and the consequences were devastating. Weird Poet and furniture restorer Peter Shoobridge lived a lovely life in Tasmania. But everything was not as it seemed, after the Port Arthur...


Bloody Murder 60 - Gary Evans and Malcolm Clarke

Gary Evans and Malcolm Clarke… Gary Charles Evans was a serial killer, escape artist and burglar who specialised in stealing antique furniture and jewellery. His accomplices on the robberies were his closest friends but they had a nasty habit of “going to California” never to be seen again. For over twenty years police believed the death of six year old Bonny Clarke was committed by her mother Marion. It took the dogged determination of a dedicated detective, a re-interpretation of...


Bloody Murder 59 - The Maurizio Gucci Murder and The Kane Brothers

The Maurizio Gucci Murder and The Kane Brothers… When former head of the Gucci fashion empire, Maurizio Gucci was gunned down on a spring morning in 1997, suspicions initially fell on his volatile and litigious family whom he’d out manoeuvred to get control of the company. However his bitter and dramatic ex-wife Patrizia was also a suspect. She and her personal psychic were known to delve into the black arts and it was no secret she wanted Maurizio dead. The Three Kane brothers, Les,...


Bloody Murder 58 - Rosie Batty Special Edition

Rosie Batty Special Edition… Rosie Batty never thought she’d have children. The death of her mother when she was 6 years old left her feeling traumatised and hesitant to be close to people. Having her son Luke changed everything for the better, but her relationship with his father Greg Anderson, turned violent and very dangerous. What ensued was a decade of terrifying family violence and failure after failure by the authorities in Australia who were meant to be protecting them from it....


Bloody Murder 57 - The Strawberry Milkshake Murder and Alexander MacDonald

The Strawberry Milkshake Murder and Alexander MacDonald… In 1993 in Hong Kong, American citizen Nancy Kissel bludgeoned her husband Robert to death after subduing him with a strawberry milkshake laced with sedatives. Were her claims of spousal abuse true or did she do it to inherit her husband’s 18 million dollar fortune and run off with her trailer park dwelling lover? Alexander MacDonald, bank robber extraordinare, had deviously and meticulously planned the con of a life time. His idea...


Bloody Murder 55 - Moses Sithole, Raymond Brooks and Gary Plauche

Moses Sithole, Raymond Brooks and Gary Plauche… Moses Sithole became South Africa’s worst serial killer after a year long rape and murder spree that claimed the lives of 38 innocent victims. He preyed on his victims attempts to support their families by offering them jobs in a humanitarian foundation that didn’t exist, before torturing and murdering them in broad daylight. The crimes were nicknamed the ‘ABC Murders’ because they began in Atteridgeville, continued in Boksburg and ended in...


Bloody Murder 54 - Fred Andros, Dawn Silvernail and The Strathfield Massacre

Fred Andros, Dawn Silvernail and The Strathfield Massacre… Fred Andros was a corrupt official for the Town of Poughkeepsie. He carried on numerous affairs and used his standing in the community and shrewd nature to manipulate part-time lover Dawn Silvernail into murdering a former lover for him in a church parking lot. On a sunny afternoon in August 1997, taxi driver Wade Frankum decided to go full Travis Bickle in The Coffee Pot Cafe in Western Sydney. The bloody event would be named...


Bloody Murder 53 - Carl Williams Special Edition

Carl Willams… Tara and Barney have joined forces for an hour long special edition on Carl Williams! Crime boss, serial killer, prison snitch, loving father and husband, gutless coward and scum-cleansing hero - there are many ways to describe Carl Williams. The Australian public’s regard for Carl vacillates between Melbourne underworld cult legend and merciless, simpering, dumbass criminal. By the end of the self-proclaimed “Premier’s” reign he participated in, or ordered, somewhere...