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Ep. 29 - The Warrens Pt. 1

This week, Ivy and Lacey discuss one of the most controversial couples in the paranormal world. Known for investigating cases like The Amityville House, Annabelle, and The Enfield Poltergeist (among many MANY others) some hail them as the most accomplished paranormalists while others think they're completely full of it. This week, Ivy and Lacey discuss Ed and Lorraine's origin story as well as one of their most controversial cases, the haunting in Connecticut. Enjoy, Y'all! Contact us at...


Ep. 28 - Crescent Hotel

There's definitely something in the water when it comes to Eureka Springs and something in the air at the Crescent Hotel. This week, Ivy and Lacey head to Arkansas to explore the haunted history of the Crescent Hotel. They discuss a handsy poltergeist, a haunted hotel morgue and a potential portal to another realm. There's plenty of ghosts to around this week -- enjoy, Y'all! Contact us at Visit us at Follow us on: Instagram @booyallpodcast...


Ep. 27 - That's Showbooz, Baby - Haunted Hollywood

And the award for this week's episode subject goes to...Hollywood! Ivy and Lacey would like to thank the ghosts at the Chateau Marmont and The Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard for giving them such great material to work with. They would also like to apologize for starting the rumor that Jim Morrison ever pooped his pants. They'd also like to say hello and thank you to The Nostalgic Front Podcast - where NYC Comedians Brandon Ream and Patrick Hastie are joined by AMAZING guests and talk about...


Ep. 26 - Dams Pt. 2 - Hales Bar and Devil's Gate

Hales bells, there are more dams! This week we open the floodgates on the Hales Bar Dam on the Tennessee River and Devil's Gate Dam in Pasadena California. These dams hold more Serial Killers, more satanic activity, and THE SUCK. Don't know what that means? Guess you'll just have to listen. Enjoy, Y'all!


Ep. 25 Damzels in Distress pt. 1 - Hoover Dam

Hot dam, there's a lot going on this episode. This week, Ivy and Lacey cover the Hoover Dam and things get weird in a hurry. There's a swirling vortex, fallen Illuminati angels, a serial killer and a wormhole for Satan just to name a few. Enjoy, Y'all!


Ep. 24 - Waynechester House

It's Wayne's house, we're all just living in it. This week, Ivy and Lacey have a special guest to help them discuss the Winchester House. Producer Wayne pops by to share some of his own ghost stories and give a first-hand account of his visit to the supposedly haunted, absolutely mysterious mansion of the widowed billionaire heiress Sarah Winchester. Listen up and party on, Y'all.


Ep. 23 - Wed Dead Redemption

There's been a murdah! This week, Ivy and Lacey are talking about murderers whose actions have come back to haunt them, literally. Lacey tackles The Greenbrier Ghost of West Virginia and Ivy heads across the pond for the Red Barn Murder. Yes, there were attempts at English accents. No, they were not particularly successful. Cheerio, Y'all!


Ep. 22 - Holiday Spooktacular

Haunty Holidays, Y'all! This week, Ivy and Lacey indulge in the long-lost Christmas tradition of sharing ghost stories around the fire* and things got weird, just the way we like them. *microphone


Ep. 21 McRaven Home

Once upon a midnight dreary, we pondered GHOSTS. This week Ivy and Lacey are McRaving about one of the most haunted houses in the south - the Mcraven Home of Vicksburg, Missippi. They discuss the ghosts of murderous marauders, the untimely death of a young bride and the secrets of two reclusive sisters. Abraham Lincoln's beard gets a shout out as well, because it's about time it got the respect it deserves. Enjoy, Y'all!


Ep. 20 - Salem Witch Trials

Forget the west, it's the witchy witchy wild wild New England colonies we're interested in. This week, Ivy and Lacey explore the history behind the Salem Witch Trials and find ghosts aplenty left behind in the aftermath. They also find a moldy culprit, the curse of Giles Corey and the recipe for witch cake. Hint -- it involves a lot of pee. So broom up and let's go, Y'all! Research Hat Tips:


Ep. 19 - Disney Ghosts

It's the happiest, hauntiest place on Earth! This week, Ivy and Lacey discuss the dark side of Disney parks. There's untimely deaths, skeleton pirates, dolls that move on their own and much much more. So be sure keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times and enjoy the wild ride, Y'all!


Ep. 18 - Lighthouses!

This week, Lacey and Ivy are shining a light on the creepy, unexplainable and surprisingly sultry goings-on of America's most haunted lighthouses. In this episode, you'll learn everything from how to make a ghost in a basement, the origin of the word parrot, and that you've REALLY got to know more than one song on the piano. Also, we discuss our good friend Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures episode of Point Sur lighthouse.


Ep. 17 - Getting Weird in the Woods

Thoreau may have found peace in the woods, but all we found was scary stuff. This week, Ivy and Lacey explore the Freetown-Fall River State Forest, known for its mythical creatures and very real murders, and more than likely solved a cold case on the Isle of the Dolls. Lacey learns how to pronounce Pukwedgies and Ivy learns that she would do damn near anything to survive the apocalypse. So grab a flashlight and head on in, Y'all.


Ep. 16 - Know Your Ghost

Know yourself, know your worth, know your ghosts. We're heeeeeeeeere. This week we are back with a brand new episode full of all sorts of ghosts. Every sort of ghost, in fact. We're talking about the eight types of ghosts, from doppelgängers to demons, poltergeists to.... previous pet pugs. So listen up and learn your ghosts, y'all!


Ep. 15 - Mercer-Williams House

Built in 1860 for General Hugh Weedon Mercer, The Mercer house has long been a staple in Savannah’s historic district. Tall and stately, it’s numerous rooms have seen many owners and hold many stories. It’s history is rich, but dark. Haunting these halls are tragic deaths, notorious murders, and some even think they’re cursed with deep south hoodoo. Today, we’re taking you down to Savannah Georgia for the story of the infamous Mercer House.


Ep. 14 - LaLaurie Mansion

Nicolas Cage was fed fox meat by nuns. That’s not pertinent, but now that we have your attention, he also lived in one of the most haunted houses in America, where one of the most highly regarded socialites in New Orleans watched her house and reputation go up in flames in 1834. When the ashes settled, she would be regarded as one of the most evil, infamous women in United States History. This is the story of Delphine LaLaurie, Y'all!


Ep. 13 - Marie Laveau

In the heart of New Orleans charms, dolls and Mardi Gras beads lay at the foot of a vandalized tomb. But these markings - dozens and dozens of X’s drawn on the tomb’s face - aren’t an expression of disrespect. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. They represent the gratitude of hundreds who have come to put their hope in hope in the power of the most prolific Voodoo Queen in history -- this is the story of Marie Catherine Laveau. Voo, Y'all!


Ep. 12 - Lavinia Fisher

A beautiful young woman gets led from her room down to where her beloved awaits. She looks stunning, dressed in her wedding gown. She’s hopeful but underneath, she’s terrified. As she gets closer, she starts to kick and scream - she isn’t going down without a fight. Waiting for her isn’t the altar, but the gallows. This is the story of Lavinia Fisher, y'all.


Ep. 11 - Sloss Furnaces

Boo, Y'all's back, Y'all! Our first stop in the deep south is the "Magic City" of Birmingham, Alabama to visit the haunted Sloss Furnaces. We've got a fire-wielding poltergeist, a slew of mysterious deaths and the legend of James "Slag" Wormwood, a formidable ex-foreman. By the end of this podcast, you'll want a lower back tattoo of your own.


Season 2 Teaser

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