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Scary Stories from Camp Roanoke EP 54. Kindred Spirits in New Florida

Morgan takes us to Florida where we meet a couple who have been terrorized by growling and flute music for years. At their wits end, they’ve called on a paranormal group to figure out the origin of the strange haunting. Will the activity end up being a non-threatening family member? Or something %100 darker and creepier? Find out!


Nightmare Junkhead EP 135: Friday the 13th Part 5 Commentary

Greg and Jenius are joined by Josh Berwanger as he helps them celebrate Friday the 13th with a fan commentary track for the controversial and sleazy part 5: A New Beginning. They talk their love of Roy, Demon, Vernon Washington, and of course, those damn enchiladas! Check out Josh Berwanger on soundcloud:


Media Rewind - AMC's Into the Badlands - Sherman Augustus Interview

Dustin P. & Jenius McGee sit down and talk shop with the most kick ass clipper in the Badlands, Sherman Augustus. The conversation ranges from his portrayal of Nathaniel Moon on AMC's Into the Badlands, to his career before the show and even veers into Dustin & Jenius starting a petition for him to be in Black Dynamite 3.


Scary Stories from Camp Roanoke EP 53. A Haunted Home in Portsmouth, England

Katy has returned from her New England road trip with a tale from ye olde England! Using Haunted Homes as her guide, she tells of the plight of the Perkiss family who have been experiencing phenomena for two decades. Sometimes comforting and nice, other times downright demonic, what will the show’s medium, Mia Dolan, have to say? Find out!


Nightmare Junkhead EP 134: Alone in the Dark

Greg and Jenius go mad as they welcome The Final Girls Horrorcast and talk the 1982 classic, Alone in the Dark! Much is discussed in the episode including the menacing aspect of old people, hippy dippy psychology, diddling Dynamo and of course, chopping up your mother.


Cinemaland EP 68. The Incredibles 2

or: "Be Better Than Denny's" This week we return to the beautiful, retro futuristic world of the Incredibles. We use our podcasting gifts with impunity and no shame, in a utopian world where we're finally allowed to be as great as we really are. Brad Bird would be so proud. Also we talk about The Breakfast Club and Game Night when we catch up on what we've been watching. Intro/What We've Been Watching - 0:00 Featured Review: The Incredibles 2 - 9:44 Spoilers - 22:10


Cinemaland EP 67. First Reformed and Hereditary

or: "A Plane To Spain" We've got an A24 double feature this week! We bring back the Spotlight segment and so we can talk about First Reformed and Hereditary. Rachael covers First Reformed, a film about the priest of a small church who is slowly slipping into a state of horrible despair. And Isaac covers Hereditary, a film about a family experiencing horrific and strange events following the death of their matriarch. Not a lot of levity in this episode. Plus, we had a plethora of trailers...


Scary Stories from Camp Roanoke EP 52. The Legend of Catherine's Hill

Katy and Morgan are travelling so we’re reposting a wonderful episode from November about a legend in Maine, where Katy went! So tune in for this hilarious and spooky time. It’s time Morgan and Katy addressed a truly fascinating and long dismissed element of paranormal activity: the weather. Namely, fog. Lifted from an episode of American Supernatural featured on the Weather Channel, Katy takes us through the legend of Catherine’s Hill, the story of a forlorn and possibly nefarious lady...


Nightmare Junkhead EP 133: Iron Maiden

Greg and Jenius close out the month of June by upping the irons and take a visit to the wonderful world of Iron Maiden. They talk/listen to some of the horror inspired tunes from Maiden including The Wicker Man, Phantom of the Opera and many more!


Scary Stories from Camp Roanoke EP 51. Man or Demon?

Morgan cleanses our palates with a story courtesy of the Rescue Mediums. We join a family at their wits end, unable to tolerate the constant, dark activity that plagues their home. Is the darkness merely a disgruntled spirit, or something much more dangerous?


Nightmare Junkhead EP 132: The Litch

Greg and Jenius summon up not a witch but The Litch and are joined by the producer, writer, director, actor, and special effects creator, James Balsamo! They talk character actors, zombie/witches, and what its like to have EG Daily grab your butt!


Media Rewind - AMC's Into the Badlands - Chapter XXIV - "Leopard Catches Cloud"

Dustin P. & Jenius McGee wrap the first half of season 3 of AMC's Into the Badlands as they discuss Chapter XXIV entitled "Leopard Catches Cloud." The war wages between the Widow and Baroness Chau as we get an up close and personal vantage to the intense killer instinct of Nathaniel Moon on the front lines! Have we figured out why Pilgrim and Cressida have such a relentless interest in Sunny? Where exactly do Lydia's loyalties REALLY lie? SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!! Explicit Content


Scary Stories from Camp Roanoke EP 50. Evil in a Virginia Plantation

Taken from The Dead Files, Katy tells of a family driven out of their ancestral home by something dark and dangerous. But when a detective and a medium investigate, that something comes into focus as being even more dark, dangerous, and powerful than anyone imagined. It leaves you wondering, after the history is revealed, if the home should even continue to stand at all.


Nightmare Junkhead EP 131: Hereditary

Greg and Jenius sit down for some therapy as they discuss the horrifically divisive Hereditary! They talk grief, miniature furniture, and the wonder that is old naked people.


Media Rewind - AMC's Into the Badlands - Chapter XXIII - "Dragonfly's Last Dance"

Dustin P. & Jenius McGee break down Chapter XXIII of AMC's Into the Badlands! Will the war between the Widow and Baron Chau finally come to an end? Did Sunny finally discover his true "boat origins?" Will Jenius' buddy Bajie finally get some sweet wasteland loving? SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!! Explicit Content


Scary Stories from Camp Roanoke EP 49. Poltergeists! I'll Leave it at That

Morgan is buzzed and Katy is tired and that means that this episode is especially ridiculous and fun so it's perfect that Morgan should choose to revisit a ridiculous and fun show, Portal to the Unknown. She talks mostly of the Dagg family, a charming little clan, who in the 1890s had some very strange, and frankly smelly, paranormal trouble.


Nightmare Junkhead EP 130: Upgrade

Greg and Jenius welcome special guest Dustin Pryor from the Media Rewind podcast to talk technology and horror with the new released Upgrade! They also go into various body horror and revenge related movies that you may dig if you enjoy Upgrade!


Cinemaland EP 66: Upgrade

or: "You're Every Movie's Mom" This week we're reviewing Upgrade, the new sci-fi action revenge movie. To optimize our podcasting abilities we installed microphones in our voice boxes, recording devices in our frontal lobes, and of course, guns in our arms. Also, we discuss Fahrenheit 451, Cargo, and Event Horizon for what we've been watching this week. Intro/What We've Been Watching - 0:00 Featured Review: Upgrade - 11:37 Spoilers - 24:13


Media Rewind - AMC's Into the Badlands - Chapter XXII - "Black Wind Howls"

Dustin P. & Jenius McGee traverse the perils of the wasteland alongside Sunny and Baije in this week's recap of AMC's Into the Badlands Chapter XXII entitled "Black Wind Howls." What has the Widow up her perfectly tailored sleeve? Is Pilgrim still finding converts to drink the Azra Kool-Aid? Has Cressida started to hatch her plan to subvert the Pilgrim's plans? Tune in and find out! SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!! Explicit Content


Scary Stories from Camp Roanoke EP 48. The Abandoned Wing of Saltmarshe Hall

Katy recalls Most Haunted's journey through the abandoned wing of Yorkshire's Saltmarshe Hall, a massive regency manor home with extremely active spirits. Listen as the Most Haunted team unseals a floor of the abandoned wing that hasn't been touched since it was closed in the 1930s, and the terror and hilarity that ensues.