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Delivering your regular dose of beer and pop-culture!

Delivering your regular dose of beer and pop-culture!
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Delivering your regular dose of beer and pop-culture!






Episode #19 - It’s DC Not Marvel!

Chris rejoins the crew to regale us with his story of bathtub woe before we launch into a range of video games, all the good comic book movie trailers being sprayed onto the Internet lately, how crap we felt the returning episodes of all the CW comic-based TV series’ were, and Pete continuously misplaces characters from one comic book company into the other… Beers reviewed this episode: 1) Hop Nation Brewing Co. – Jedi Juice – NEIPA – 7.1% 2) Moon Dog Craft Brewery – Curtly Ambrosia –...


Episode #17 - Mike Myers Wasn’t in Bill & Ted!

With Chris slumbering away in his bed-chamber after a late night working, Dan and Pete tackle the World 8 Grand Prix wrap-up, the new Punisher trailer, the Superman comic arc that almost lost a subscription, the Discovery of a new Star Trek series and an Expanse of other pop-culture topics. Beers reviewed this episode: 1) Hop Nation Brewing Co. – The Damned – Pilsner – 4.8% 2) Omnipollo & Buxton Brewery – Original Ice Cream Pale Ale – American Pale – 5.6% 3) Buxton Brewery –...


Episode #16 - High on Golden Mushrooms

In a very special episode, we record live from Pumphouse Sydney in the midst of the Pumphouse World 8 Grand Prix, a Mario Kart tournament to celebrate the launch of Bounty Hunter Brewing’s latest concoction, the World 8 Raspberry & Peach Sour. Kidnapping various passers-by throughout the tournament, we’re honoured to have a chat with friends of the show and previous guests Alistair and James, along with Tom Pigott from Uncle Hops, Brad Bishop and his friend Mitchell, Justin from the Craft...


Episode #15 - A box full of yeast

Kicking us off, Chris launches into the Lego Batman Movie before we cover Alien Covenant, the Nintendo Wii U, Overwatch, Divinity and TV series Hannibal and American Gods. We end up deep into (pun intended) a conversation about alternative sources of lactobacillus to create sour beers, before Chris regales us with his sad story of vehicular woe. Oh, and we review five massive beers throughout! Beers reviewed this episode: 1) Hop Nation Brewing Co. – The Heart – American Pale Ale –...


Episode #13 - Teenage Mutant Paranormal Eliminators

We launch into this episode with some video game discussion, including Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Crash Bandicoot and a little Arkham Knight before moving into movies and TV shows such as the Hellboy reboot, the latest Justice League trailer, Stargate Origins and Tales from the Crypt. We also talk about a couple of awesome comics including a crossover between Ghostbusters and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and finish with some more serious beer-related issues. Shout out to our...


Episode #12 - Zombie Sheep in La La Land

A big episode recorded from within the bowels of the Australian Brewery in the midst of a brew, this episode spans movies including Spiderman: Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy 2, to Doctor Who (again), Ghost Rider comics and our shared journey through beer exploration. We also cut to a very special interview recorded live from Wayward Brewery with our friend Tim Davies: orchestrator, composer and conductor for some huge Hollywood movies and some of our favourite video games! If you...


Episode #4 - Friendly Neighbourhood What’s-his-name?

Donning a leotard, cape and skirt, Dan flies into this episode with his initial thoughts on Supergirl, then solves a crime, kills a bad guy and throws away some content. We go back to 1999, enter the Matrix and leave Iron Fist inside it, come home to find spiders everywhere and conclude that maybe colour-blind people shouldn’t read comics and then make movies or TV shows. Chris floats his idea for Disney’s next big investment, we take a much needed breath of wild air and determine that low...


Episode #1 - I’ve got a bad feeling about this!

In this inaugural episode, we revisit John Wick and his poor dog or car depending on your perspective, follow an “incomplete” man through multiple movies, ponder the origins of Savitar, cover all thirty-seven Assassins Creed games, determine that catching a cold can save you from the zombie apocalypse, discuss the therapeutic benefits of virtual reality, and much, much more. Beers reviewed this episode: 1) Moa Brewing Co. - Session Pale Ale - Pale Ale - 4.3% ABV 2) Bear Republic Brewing...


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