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Brad’s Cactus Shack Episode 17 – AT&T 1310 Answering Machine

In yet another episode of Brad Plays With Old Crap, I decide to see what messages are on an old answering machine that Devon gave to me. This is guaranteed to be at least as interesting as when I played my Dad’s old echoplex tape. Not only will you hear old messages, but I manage to contact one of the


Brad’s Cactus Shack Episode 16 – Microwave Milkshakes

After spending the past couple of months ripping old 1990’s underground indie punk rock prank call cassette tapes into the computer to add to the biggest archive on the internet and finally finishing with that project, I decided to rip some old cassette tapes I found in my parent’s attic last year to see exactly what’s on them. Between church


Brad’s Cactus Shack Episode 15 – Calling Pay Phones In The 1980s

In the mid-to-late 1980’s I wrote a program for my TRS-80 Color Computer 2 that allowed me to easily talk to people on the phone using the computer’s speech cartridge. The program consisted of a screen full of commonly used phrases like “How Are You” and “I am doing okay” and “Malfunction, Need Input.” I used the computer to call


Brad’s Cactus Shack Episode 14 – Sara and the Echoplex

Here’s another episode where I activate old man story mode and tell you a thing or two about how the 1980’s were. Part One involves a machine called an Echoplex, which I used for all kinds of fun and shenanigans as a kid. The Echoplex segment isn’t quite as exciting as I’d hoped it would be, but it’s still fun


Brad’s Cactus Shack Episode 13 – Drugs Are Bad Mkay

These BCS episodes have reached the level of boring to where I’m going through PAPERWORK for 90 minutes. In this one I peruse the notes written about me by counselors in my drug abuse classes. Apparently I stare at the floor a lot. For more information about my six month stint in the drug and alcohol classes, listen to episode


Brad’s Cactus Shack Episode 12 – Dial-A-Pay-Phone – The Couch Gang

Here’s another hour of listeners calling my pay phone in a contest I like to call Who Can Saying The Weirdest Shit Possible To Me. During post editing I solved the mystery of daylight savings in Indiana. It wasn’t the Mandella effect after all. “From 1970 until 2006, most of Indiana in the Eastern Time Zone did not observe daylight


Brad’s Cactus Shack Episode 11 – TRS-80 Color Computer 2

After playing a few random sound clips I found on my hard drive last night, we jump into the mysterious world of 1986 where we jam out to the Neutron Dance, where I say everything I type into the computer for the listening audience just like I was taught in movies, where I torment the teenagers that hang out in


Brad’s Cactus Shack Episode 10b – Addiction Counseling

Back in February I was surprised to find out that I was sentenced to 12 weeks of a drug and alcohol abuse class, even though I’ve never had an issue with drugs or alcohol. I know you guys think I pound the 4lokos 24/7, but really I might drink a couple beers per week, usually on separate nights with my


Brad’s Cactus Shack Episode 10 – Small Talk in Celina Ohio

In this show we get to know residents of Celina, Ohio on a very personal level with some hard-hitting questions. Here’s a video of some destruction from Celina’s tornado, then a guy filming his television like a hobo Stealth camping in Celina More tornado footage Holy crap, Dollar General was actually destroyed Look at this guy acting like Wal-Mart should


Brad’s Cactus Shack Episode 9 – Dino and OCI

This episode of Brad’s Cactus Shack activates my old man story mode so I can tell stories about old men. Then I play some old 90’s Dino audio that can barely be heard, but it’s okay because I tell you small parts of what he probably said, then drone on and on about OCI for a bit. We wrap it


Brad’s Cactus Shack Episode 8 – Skunkworks Conspiracy

Cody NoName sent me a link to a conspiracy video that I really want to watch, but I’m too afraid to watch it by myself because conspiracy videos are scary, so I’m bringing you guys along to watch it with me. This is a conspiracy theory about the Skunkworks situation and what those underground tunnels really mean. Don’t worry, there’s


Brad’s Cactus Shack Episode 7 – Take The Money And Run

Mike sent me my arrest report from 1993, which details my crimes against the 7-Eleven I worked for, so this entire episode is me reading the report. Music is Take The Monkey And Run by Steve Miller, and Dizz Knee Land by Dada.


Brad’s Cactus Shack Episode 6 – Dial-A-Payphone

On Wednesday night I sat in my moderately comfortable chair and took calls from viewers for about an hour, who all seemed to think it’s funny to make prank calls to me. This is a serious show, people, and if the prank calls don’t stop I will end it. The song in this one is called Rocking Chair by Dean


Brad’s Cactus Shack Episode 5 – I Think I Broke A Nail

This episode gets back to the business of clearing out my hard drive and playing a few of the interesting things I find along the way. You’ll hear some transfer files I made to more effectively trick phone company employees, some stuff I’m pretty sure came from my good pal Legend, a weird method of getting free calls and hiding