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A weekly, millennial-focused news podcast for aspiring fact-knowers! Each week we take you through the news in politics...with plenty of comedic digressions.

A weekly, millennial-focused news podcast for aspiring fact-knowers! Each week we take you through the news in politics...with plenty of comedic digressions.
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A weekly, millennial-focused news podcast for aspiring fact-knowers! Each week we take you through the news in politics...with plenty of comedic digressions.




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BTL #299 - White House Cosplay - 10/15/18

In Which We Discuss: 1. Donald Trump is one of the many Americans who doesn’t really understand what Medicare is 2. Apparently Democrats are taking literally anybody these days 3. If Georgia’s governor can’t win by getting more votes, he’ll win by purging his opponent’s voters. Democracy! 4. Kanye armed only with a MAGA hat and a dream, discusses the infinite universe with Donald Trump 5. Jared Kushner paid less in taxes than you did last year 6. Melania cosplays her way around Africa...


BTL #298 - CAPACITY FOR EVIL - 10/10/18

In Which We Discuss: 1. Puerto Rico apparently held the key to the ongoing GOP dry mouth epidemic, but nobody from their party was there to look for it 2. Nikki Haley is now free to use as many private jets and basketball tickets as her little heart desires 3. Susan Collins proves that unassuming old slow-talkers have the same capacity for evil as the rest of us 4. California isn’t the only state that can force you to vote on too many props 5. Finally time to dig into our favorite...


BTL #297 - WHACK-A-MOLE - 10/1/18

In Which We Discuss: 1. We interrupt our regularly scheduled Puerto Rico coverage to report on those immigrant children we seem to have forgotten about 2. Rod Rosenstein avoided being wacked in this week’s White House HR Whack-A-Mole 3. Senate holds hearings to conclusively determine whether men are shit 4. Jeff Flake’s has his Mr. Smith Goes to Washington moment 5. The internet does some boofing sleuthing Brain Trust Live is Lila Nordstrom and Brent Thornburg's look at the week in...


BTL #296 - RANTS - 9/24/18

In Which We Discuss: Well...we've been away for a month so it’s mostly rants! We’ll be ranting Kavanaugh, primaries, hurricanes and everything you need to know before next week, when we go back to our covering one week of news at a time. * * * Brain Trust Live is Lila Nordstrom and Brent Thornburg's look at the week in political news. Join the millions of sirens and helicopters who love our podcast and tell your friends about BTL! Then rate us on iTunes or find us Facebook, Twitter,...


BTL #295 - WATERGATE PT II - 8/20/18

In Which We Discuss: 1. The truth is not the truth when it comes to Puerto Rico. 2. Your first official correct reading of the recent primary results. 3. Donald Trump gave Omarosa the power to destroy him. But lucky him, it’s good for ratings! 4. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Don’t go to war with the deep state. 5. We found our generation’s John Dean. 6. The truth is the truth when it comes to Donald Trump, he just doesn’t know how to find it. Brain Trust Live is Lila...


BTL #294 - BRENT'S RETURN - 8/6/18

In Which We Discuss: *Brent is back! Yay!* 1. The Trump White House is the only place in government where quitting means staying put 2. Rev up your car elevator and head to your nearest stockbroker! More tax breaks are on the way. 3. Don Jr. is definitely innocent of not having a meeting about adoptions with Russian officials. That much we know. 4. Donald Trump doesn’t need an invite to your stupid GOP rally. Also he doesn’t know who you are or what district he’s currently standing...


BTL #293 - BALLOON BABY [w/ guest host Grant Sloss] - 7/16/18

In Which We Discuss: 1. We tuned in for “Bachelorette: The SCOTUS Edition’s” finale 2. Note to head-in-hands, NATO-meeting-era John Kelly: you are literally the problem here. 3. Trump gets a taste of his own medicine from royals and regular people alike 4. Dianne Feinstein can’t even take a hint and now it’s kind of like...sad 5. Paul Ryan apparently knows more about the destructive nature of woodchucks than his constitutional powers Brain Trust Live is Lila Nordstrom and Brent...


BTL #292 - NEW SOCIALIST IN TOWN [w/ guest host Carla Nordstrom] - 7/3/18

In Which We Discuss: *w/ Special guest Carla Nordstrom and vital help from Andy Bobrow* 1. Puerto Rico is going to be an election issue in 2020. Maybe that will finally get them some assistance? 2. There’s a new socialist in town. Also a new unemployed millionaire… 3. SCOTUS rulings were relased so…break out the Xanax! 4. If you’re wondering why Facebook said it was the end of the world this week, it had to do with somebody other than Trump this time. 5. Two options for immigrant...


BTL #291 - 1950s TODDLER - 6/18/18

In Which We Discuss: 1. Trump administration finds new depths of cruelty. Blames notable cruel person, Jesus. 2. Brain Trust Live won the California primaries 3. Donald Trump at the G7 is a cartoon toddler from the 50s 4. White House tries their hand at North Korea-style propaganda films. Does a passable job at authoritarian propaganda art. 5. Want to visit Paul Manafort in VIP jail? We’ve got the deets! Brain Trust Live is Lila Nordstrom and Brent Thornburg's look at the week in...


BTL #290 - PRIMARY DAY IN CA - 6/4/18

In Which We Discuss: 1. Puerto Rico is even more fucked than we told you they were 2. Tuesday is primary day in California! Don’t get the answers wrong. 3. Tom Perez apparently has learned a lot from the Trump era, like that promises made of words don’t mean anything 4. Scientific proof that electing Democrats will lower your uninsured rate 5. Donald Trump will always forgive for the price of one giant novelty envelope 6. Roseanne Barr will now continue her nervous breakdown without...


BTL #289 - HAPPINESS FROM AFAR - 5/21/18

In Which We Discuss: 1. Americans are never more charmed than when a monarchy we fought a long deadly war against experiences joy 2. Still fresh out of witty comments about school shootings. Check back with us in...a hundred years 3. Let’s just start the immigration conversation from a place of agreement that all of Donald Trump’s words are the wrong words 4. Sheldon Adelson’s personal happiness from afar is more important that thousands of innocent lives 5. Remember when we had net...


BTL #288 - HOW TO KILL AT DYING - 5/14/18

In Which We Discuss: 1. Apparently in this reality, a porn star’s lawyer can outsmart the presidential legal team without breaking much of a sweat. America! 2. Still waiting with baited breath for that Big Beautiful shiny new Iran Deal. 3. Eric Schneiderman aimed to ruin Trump’s life, but ruined ours instead 4. John McCain is giving us all a lesson in how to really kill at dying 5. In a surprise turn, “china people” is not a prefered term in West Virginia. Progress? 6. Trump’s least...



In Which We Discuss: 1. Puerto Rico is the Greece of America, and not because they both have beaches 2. Yes, America, Rudy Giuliani is an actual idiot. We weren’t lying about that. 3. McCain intends to survive just long enough to get one final Trump diss in, even if that means meticulously planning his own funeral. 4. Trump’s unending love for contentious confirmation hearings has led him to beg and plead with torture-lover Gina Haspel not to withdraw as CIA nominee. 5. Melania’s...


BTL 286 - THE LONGEST HANDSHAKE [w/ Carla Nordstrom] - 4/30/18

In Which We Discuss (w/ Special Guest Carla Nordstrom): 1. North and South Korea met in the middle to stare into each other’s eyes and hold hands 2. The downside of approaching your female staffers about being a surrogate is that your district might lose a 16 point margin so…you know...think twice 3. Rand Paul always has 8 filibuster hours worth of convictions until he decides he doesn’t have convictions anyway 4. Ronny Jackson: Don’t be that guy 5. Teachers in six states now demanding...


BTL #285 - GUARD YOUR SECRETS - 4/23/18

In Which We Discuss: 1. Puerto Rico seeks to answer the age old question: if a tree falls in the forest, does an entire country lose electricity? 2. Unsurprisingly, Kim Jong-Un and Mike Pompeo get along famously 3. Michael Cohen will guard your secrets until it no longer serves him 4. Not content to screw over America with just one tax bill, Paul Ryan looks to pass another before going to spend more time with his kids. Right… 5. Don’t worry Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. Just...



In Which We Discuss: 1. Easter: Miracle or confusing pagan tradition? We investigate. 2. Trump’s personal doctor now leads the government’s biggest bureaucracy. In other news, I’m now qualified to teach you to scuba dive. 3. The Census: now with new opportunities to #resist. 4. To police, being young, black, and holding a cellphone makes you more dangerous than being young, white, bonkerstown insane, and holding an AR-15. America! 5. Trump is angry Amazon uses the USPS to deliver mail...


BTL #283 - MUSTACHE UNKNOWNS - 3/27/18

In Which We Discuss: 1. Daring teenagers to do anything is your funeral, a PSA from Brain Trust Live 2. "60 Minutes" gets its ratings money shot with Stormy Daniels interview 3. Your info isn’t safe online. We knew it, and now we know it again. 4. H.R. McMaster is out, and the question on everyone’s mind is: Will we soon be seeing a new, mustache free John Bolton? 5. Trump’s new Russia investigation plan is apparently to just not worry about legal advice full stop 6. We may finally see...



In Which We Discuss: 1. Puerto Rico still has no power. But don’t worry, nobody died...right? Guys? Right? 2. Turns out Democrats can win when they bother running and talking about stuff 3. Republicans remain adept at finding the most singularly evil woman to be the token first to run an organization 4. Our reality TV star president gets the economic advisor he wants and deserves 5. Donald Trump’s mantra: Keep your enemies close, and your friends pissed off at you 6. An important BTL...


BTL #281 - GOT A TWEET - 3/14/18

In Which We Discuss: 1. Today in weird Trumpisms, Rex Tillerson “got a Tweet” and now the Kochs control the entire world 2. It’s better to just go ahead and double down on your random non-sequitur rant, right? 3. After a brutal two week stretch, nobody is left in the White House except the second tier idiots 4. The GOP has solved the Russia crisis by denying its existence so...more exciting elections to come? 5. Betsy Devos cannot remember if she knows what a school is, but she has...


BTL #280 - JUNGLE PREDATORS - 2/26/18

In Which We Discuss: 1. Random hip hop singers claim they too could have turned the lights on in Puerto Rico faster than the US government (we believe them) 2. If there’s one thing we’ve ever agreed with Trump on, it’s that the Dem memo is, in fact, too long. 3. Can we hand Donald Trump a cheat sheet for other natural human responses to events and things 4. Democrats become their own predators in the California jungle primaries 5. CPAC just out CPACed itself and is now an existential...