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Burn Out - 46

Host Erin Whitehead invites Evie King to the podcast for a late night conversation about the incredible Military Spouse Wellness Summit: Renew You, being hosted by InDependent! Visit to find out how you can register today! Is Angela Bassett the most bad ass woman in America today? How long shall the internet live? Can burn out hit you months or years AFTER an event happens? Are FB algorithms the bane of our existence? Is the Walking Dead about Zombies? Nope! To...


Marriage Ain't Unicorns and Rainbows - 45

The Tinder Club, performing at Radio City Music Hall and the power of arts and music education! Host Erin Whitehead invites Deanna DellaCioppa on the show for a discussion on the reality of marriage, why you should never give up on meeting the man/woman of your dreams, their shared experience being on America’s Got Talent, making memories with your spouse, her new single “I Am A Masterpiece”, and mental health issues in America. To download Deanna’s single and support the charity Write...


Total Douche Pickle - 44

Electronics that spy on your boring sex life (yikes), why you should never hitchhike in Australia (duh), chocolate wonder bread (WHAT?!) and Vegemite (Yuck)! Host Erin Whitehead invites Anna Blanch Rabe back to the podcast to talk about her trip across America to ask the question, “What does it mean to be an American?” Is Halloween a thing in Australia? Is there something off about a small child dressing as Moana? Shout outs in this episode include Not Too Much podcast, Moms and Murder...


Angel with a Huge Rack - 43

New trends for 2018, the angel that will send Hammond to hell, those crazy millennials, man yoga pants and why recording devices in your bedroom can be problematic. Host, Erin Whitehead, invites Hammond Chamberlain of the Climb Out Network to the podcast to discuss what they are looking forward to in 2018 and what Facebook thinks will be trending. Hammond also gives perhaps the best or worst Disney Vacation life hack, and Erin shares why her dog is embarrassed to be in the master bedroom...


The Year of Perspective - 42

Penis in the workplace, lessons of 2017 and some deep conversation with Phil Rood! Bring it on, 2018! Host Erin Whitehead invites Phil Rood of Brokebot Mountain back to the podcast to discuss their new really cool collaboration (listen to hear more), what the big negatives and positives of 2017 were, and perspectives gained. Internet justice, tragic weather, blue vs red in Alabama, #MeToo, letting go of toxic relationships and striving for equality. We get pretty deep in this episode....


Sister Murder Moms - 41

Sister Wives, Diet Coke Addiction, Home Schoolers and MURDER. Host Erin Whitehead invites Melissa from the Moms and Murder podcast to the show. We give Dancing with the Stars producers our new pick for a super duper star for next season, discuss Erin’s weird cereal eating habits and give shout outs to Varmints, Film Roast and Is This Adulting? (Listen, Steven. Come on the show!) Why is Erin scared of gold lemme? Will Melissa be Erin’s replacement in the zombie apocalypse? Should you drop...


Shit Happens - 40

Taking care of YOU, scary movies, delegation and the worst movie seen this year. Host Erin Whitehead invites fellow podcaster, Markitta Gaston of Markitta In Your Business to the show to discuss self care, gun control and reducing the stress in our lives. We talk about our favorite TV shows, about the tragedy in Vegas, and Erin shares when she was last really scared in her own home. To find Markitta you can visit her website or you can follow her on social at...


Scrapple of the South - 39

Oven toasted vienna sausages, popping a podcast cherry, beards that make you gag and coupon code: BACON. Host, Erin Whitehead, invites Andrea Freitas of A Measured Life to the podcast about a mouth watering discussion about all of our favorite foods, books we love and a fun game we played in the Braless Podcast Conversation group! Is Spam the scrapple of the South? Is Starbucks coffee the worst? Could an insta pot save Erin’s marriage? Are dogs better than people? Should you be able to...


Unicorns are REAL - 38

Unicorns don’t have beards! But what do they eat? Probably not little children, right? Host, Erin Whitehead, shares a hilarious (okay, so maybe only to her… but don’t we all think our kids are hilarious) dinner conversation with her littlest one where we explore if unicorns are real, how in the world Santa is gonna fulfill THIS wish list, why Daddy should NOT braid his beard and who wants to be an astronaut when they are older. Listen to the end for the part that this kid is gonna HATE to...


Marriage Condoms - 37

Exorcist toddlers, marriage condoms, nose-hair extensions and crazy Halloween costumes! Host, Erin Whitehead, invites Tia Johnson back to the podcast for a super non-serious conversation about toddlers who puke on everything (including Mom AS she is recording), Tia’s amazing idea for the best Halloween costume of 2017 and why husbands can’t find a damn thing in the house but know exactly how many days it has been since you’ve had “relations”. Are nose-hair extensions what is wrong with...


Deep Thoughts with Hammond - 36

An episode where we laugh and have some really cool deep conversations about #MeToo. Host, Erin Whitehead, invites Hammond Chamberlain from Beyond the Playlist, Soundography and Climb Out to Sobriety, for a meaningful conversation about an issue that is affecting many people and has been a big part of the conversation on social this week. We also talk about the subtleties of art and music, why so many podcasters are theatre folks (who are just sitting in a closet with no pants and a...


Karaoke Divas - 35

Karaoke, skinny mirrors and sex spreadsheets, oh my! Host, Erin Whitehead, invites Melissa DaSilva of the Pride Connections podcast to the show for a fun conversation about their Karaoke habits, intimacy advice from a robot guy and her work in the LGBTQ+ community. Who in the world gets excited about Monday?! Who wants to go back to high school years? Anyone? Does abstinence based sex-education work? (Spoiler: no) How many cringe-worthy words can we fit into one podcast? Did you know...


Stuck in the 80's -34

Toddlers who are jerks, honest Moms and free-range 80’s kids! Host, Erin Whitehead, invites her Twitter buddy, Kris Dersch, to the podcast to discuss why women judge each other, the truth about how much we enjoy our children, 80’s video games and her amazing podcast, No Extra Words! Should we enjoy every single moment of our children’s lives? (Spoiler: no) Will Erin lose her shit on some Mom who produces a professional art project that a kindergartener “supposedly” did all on their own?...


Ode to a Cantaloupe - 33

Glorious cantaloupe, Vegas comics, true crime and small towns celebrating their Super Walmart! Host, Erin Whitehead, drags stand-up comedian Jozalyn Sharp out of bed for an early morning fun conversation! Do all stand up comedians do cocaine, or just the Vegas ones? If you tell me I can’t, will I do it just to spite you? Do you cry at Christmas commercials? How cool is not learning how to play the piano? How much do we NOT want to be here? Are politics funny, or terrifying? Is Jozalyn...


#PodcastersUnite - 32

Special episode recorded for #PodcastersUnite, a relief effort for victims of Hurricane Irma, spear-headed by the incredible folks at Blazing Caribou Studios. Host, Erin Whitehead, talks candidly about her own struggles in preparing for this storm, and how we can help each other through the many storms we face in life. To donate to The American Red Cross as a part of this incredible pod-a-thon, please visit or visit them on Facebook...


Go Away, Irma! - 31

Special episode about hurricane prep, Uterus Roast delay, coming together as Americans and how Erin came into Brian’s life like Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball! Due to the looming storm, Hurricane Irma, and Erin’s pending hysterectomy (that we hope does NOT have to be rescheduled) this will be the last episode to drop until September 17th when we hope to bring you the much anticipated UTERUS ROAST! To everyone who may be affected by this storm, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay safe,...


Naughty Fidget Spinners - 30

Liberal snowflakes, satanic panic, Camp Lejeune barracks and naughty fidget spinners! Host, Erin Whitehead, invites Phil Rod; cartoonist, illustrator, veteran and podcaster, to the show for a fun conversation! Does Erin remember anything about movies? Is the new Unabomber series just horrible? Does Erin still love it? (Spoiler: oh yeah) Would the Satanic Panic of the 80’s have been better, or worse, with Facebook? Are we all harnessing the power of social media in a positive way? Tired of...


Not Qualified in the Least - 29

Scorpion hunting, Disney princesses, trailer park sharks, Ray-Bans, college football and Facebook comments. Host, Erin Whitehead, invites fellow Lady Pod Squad member, Hannah Ostic from Film Roast, to the podcast for a conversation filled with Disney Princesses, Netflix, TV shows and podcast recommendations, films that probably should be made into musicals and how neither one of us is qualified in the least to be doing this crazy podcast thing. Which Disney Princess would YOU want to be?...


Loose Meat Sandwich - 28

Losing your junk, Las Vegas strippers, lactose intolerance and loose meat sandwiches. Host, Erin Whitehead, invites Dan Hill from The Dan and Kody Podcast and The Melrose Place Podcast to the show for a fun, early morning conversation. Could Erin homeschool, or would she be in jail? What would life be like if a man lost his, ahem, private parts? Are Las Vegas strippers loyal? Is silencing hate the answer? Do you remember a time when eating cheese wasn’t the dumbest thing you have done...


Methsquitos - 27

Methsquitos, band nerds, uterine roasts, crazy Floridians, the zombie apocalypse and Alabama vs Auburn Football! Host, Erin Whitehead, invites Rhett Hall from The Braintrust Brothers Network to the show for a fun, meaningful conversation about YouTube, the crazy state of Florida, weird things we do, the benefits of music education, North Korea and much more. Is the biggest benefit of podcasting getting rid of the kids for a couple of hours? Can you sing and play guitar without a strap?...