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A podcast about the craft brewing industry. If you like beer, cider, meads, or any other kind of tasty beverage, chances are you'll love this! Join us each week, as we meet with someone from the industry and discuss their passion.

A podcast about the craft brewing industry. If you like beer, cider, meads, or any other kind of tasty beverage, chances are you'll love this! Join us each week, as we meet with someone from the industry and discuss their passion.
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A podcast about the craft brewing industry. If you like beer, cider, meads, or any other kind of tasty beverage, chances are you'll love this! Join us each week, as we meet with someone from the industry and discuss their passion.








Ep. 272 - The Brew Happy Show

At Rogue East we say goodbye to one of our favorite bartenders, Max. Plus we have some news about some of the most hopping events for you beer fans to get hopped up on. Hear about Beer Week, Portland International Beerfest, Homebrew Con, Brewers Choice Awards, GABF, and more. Max gets a gift, Ryan delves deeper into the ciderscape, John joins the Masters of IPAs, Bronwyn is excited about GABF, Damian gets breaking news about the demise of Uptown Market and the rise of Binary Brewing. Beer...

Ep. 269 - The Brew Happy Show

In June we kick off McMenamins Monday at the McMenamins 23rd Avenue Bottleshop on with returning guest Douglas Remington now representing Mother Earth Brew Co. From a brewery spanning the Pacific Northwest and beyond with an unbelievable seasonal line-up that includes beer fans of all tastes. Ryan reports in from the Fruit Beer & Wine Fest media preview, John is off to see a show, Bronwyn experiences peanutbutter bliss Colorful bottles and cans, and soaking wet soundboards on this episode...


Ep. 268 - The Brew Happy Show

The Upper Lip expands their menu and gets a new bar! Clay Staley is back with another “Staley Stance” on what food not to pair with your beer, as well as a collab event with the Def Tones. John is off for game seven, Ryan gets excited about pork and it brings out his inner demon, Bronwyn talks about Alesong, Cognitive Surplus, and Marriott commodities, Damian gets pleasantly surprised by a cider. Tacos, pizzas, ciders, and more taps on this episode of Brew Happy!


Ep. 267 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we talk about some product dynamics. Beer seller and Publican Sean Hiatt of The Proper Pint discusses supply, demand, and personal touch. Beer distributor Kolin Lieshman from Day One Distribution discusses how important relationships are to building a well balanced portfolio. Beer tech talk and catching up with Warren Wills as well as a long overdue “Warren Report”. Damian brings Florida treats from Cigar City, John enjoys some Bridge City Pizza, Ryan releases the Brew Happy...


Ep. 266 - The Brew Happy Show

Cigar Happy on this episode. John isn't the only cigar slinger that loves beer. This week, Terence Reilly and Jeremy Wolfson from Casa Fernandez Cigars, joins in to enlighten us with surprising parallels between tobacco and hop production. Ryan is astonished by tobacco guardians, John gets the best of both worlds, Bronwyn ciders down, Damian prepares to fly away. Cigar event discounts for Brew Happy promo's, Bridge City Pizza, and more on this episode of Brew Happy!


Ep. 265 - The Brew Happy Show

McMenamins Monday in May kicks off with some new awards, new cans, and new locations. Rich with banter the Brew Happy Crew shares in the successes of our local heroes of World Beer Cup, and gets their grub on at McMenamins Annex Bar. John wants to know what's up with Thirsty Sasquatch, Bronwyn is excited about World Beer Cup, Ryan has news from Molten Falls Cidery, Damian is hot for chicken. Hedgehog houses, Live Nudes, Nashville news and more on this episode of Brew Happy!


Ep. 264 - The Brew Happy Show

This week is Brew Happy Crew appreciation. Damian brings some tasty treats from work to share with you and the crew, plus some tasters from our Rogue bartender makes for a cornucopia of cans and one bottle. Ryan does trivia, John swoons over eclectic IPAs, Bronwyn becomes Thanos, and Damian tries out Facebook Live. Decadent, Monkless, Barbe, and more on this episode of Brew Happy!


Ep. 263 - The Brew Happy Show

Oregon's first CBD beers here at Coalition Brewing, and with a new patio to boot! Pioneering new beers can be hard. Philip Boyle returns to tell us the scoop on their new line up, and the back story on a new creation. Damian finds Waldo, Ryan brings word from Ben's, John's out this week with his back, and Bronwyn is excited about wold and bear. Hop sleep, dog biscuits, prosts and birthday wishes on this episode of Brew Happy! Drink up.


Ep. 262 - The Brew Happy Show

One of the Top 5 trending breweries in Portland Metro, Von Ebert Brewing hits the ground running after a revamp. Owner Tom Cook shares that some tough changes and settles rumors about a new location, while Head Brewer Sean Burke gets excited about which beers to come. Damian comes up with a new podcast, Ryan won't play polka, John loves Vancouver Brewfest, Bronwyn defends man-buns. Golf and beer dispensing sprinklers on this episode of Brew Happy!


Ep. 261 - The Brew Happy Show

Oregon Brew Crew is back with Brian Haslip to tell us about some tasteful events, recent brews, and OBC membership perks. Clay Staley is back for another “Staley Stance” on taproom employee etiquette. Ryan is far out with the music selection, John reveals some new beer finds, Bronwyn goes crazy for cookie monster, Clay has the word on hazy hops and Florida hi-jinx, Damian acquires his favorite beer. Lots of Hunahpu and catnip tea on this episode of Brew Happy!


Ep. 260 - The Brew Happy Show

McMenamin Mondays @ Ringlers Annex Bar with Drew Phillips from Crystal Brewery. Such fantastic samples and exclusive info. Not to mention kettle sours, and Irish enchantments. Drew introduces ancient music ettiquette, John misses out on Sabertooth Kush, Ryan enjoys Lankum, Bronwyn supports Fiso's, Damian discovers new beers, Nitch brings a Monkless Belgian. McMenamin passport stamp secrets and musical mayhem on this episode of Brew Happy!


Ep. 259 - The Brew Happy Show

We finally get back to Rogue East (Green Dragon) to talk home brew with Mark Gillette from Portland Brewers Collective (PBC). Also joining us our usual bartender Max takes the night off to spend some time with us as we find out all the haps on the hops, here in the Pac NW. Mark drops some knowledge about a hoppy yeast and metalt, Bronwyn discoovers the Hop Bank, Max shows us the hand gesture for pretzels, Ryan has a new job, John talks trade agreements, Damian gets a surprise Rogue whiskey...


Ep. 258 - The Brew Happy Show

After a week off (due to illness) we reconvene at Proper Pint Taproom with Lucas Banks from Running Man Distribution. Lucas gives us his top 5, and what's hot on the distribution docket. We relax in hand made custom furnishings, pizza pairings with beer, and more Brew News. John and Ryan compete for which Juicy IPA is best, Damian loves Special Brownies from Coalition, Nitch shares her art work, Bronwyn discovers Triple Stack by Great Notion. Bridge City Pizza and Baby Metal on this...


Ep, 257 - The Brew Happy Show

This week McMenamins Monday this month kicks off as the Edgfield's sprawling location invites the crew to hang with talented brewers Will Gather, Matt Bergfield, Dave Kosanke, and Shane Kono in the brewery, and discuss the some barrel aged beers for next year, us other goodies. Matt and the boys enlighten us on the collective efforts of McMenamins brewers as well as unique seasonals, one-offs with a cult following, and the advantages of having on-site bakery, winery, and distillery. Also,...


Ep. 256 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we talk about SheBrew at the McPolanders Taproom & Guesthouse with organizer Jenn McPoland, graphic guru Christine Garcia, and Human Rights Campaign coordinator Shannon Scott. There's a lot of talented ladies making beer, and SheBrew is having a party about it, so don't miss out on these beers. Bronwyn leads a great interview, Ryan picks out some great tunes for a music pairing, John reports on the Hilsdale Brewfest, Clay has a pop-up food event to share, SheBrew shares a Lyft...


Ep. 255 - The Brew Happy Show

This week in NW Portland, Sasquatch Brewing's newest location in conjunction with New West Ciders. Head Brewer Ryan Nicolai and Assistant Brewer Madeleine McCarthy lead us through their journey making great beer AND cider. Ryan N. has a new member of family, Maddy has a crush on Stevie Nicks, Damian drinks How Now, John wins a new trivia game, Bronwyn anticipates glitter in her beer, Ryan F. gets cancer from purple nurples. Discounts for mentioning us on this episode of Brew Happy!


Ep. 254 - The Brew Happy Show

This week, we head into SW Portland to John's Marketplace to meet up with Three Creeks Brewing's newest regional sales rep, Felicia Reninger. She brought us a bottle of Frontier Justice, a Rye Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee Stout. Ryan is over whelmed by beer, John wants a tin sign, Damian rebounds from Stout Bout. Dark beers and popular music pairings in this episode of Brew Happy!


Ep. 253 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we kick off McMenamin Monday for February. After last week's shocking news, we get our bearings straight for the rest of the month, and prepare for the 5th annual Stout Bout! Ryan laments the loss of a Fraiser cast member, John is bummed about a missing hoppy beer on the taplist, and Damian is excited to bring the crew out to Edgefield. Flp flop beers and Stout Bout near on this episode of Brew Happy!


Ep. 252 - The Brew Happy Show

This week Clay Staley fights traffic after a particularly disconcerting day working for General Distributors Inc. We are caught aloof by news of this long time champion of craft beer being asimilated by Columbia Distributors. Ryan eats his words and winds up buying Clay's beer after all, John recounts his coverage of the Coffee Beer Invitational, Bronwyn has to work late, and Damian spies Pliny the Elder on the tap list. Corporate takeovers and new delicious beers on this episode of Brew...


Ep. 251 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we visit Zoiglhaus and congratulate Alan Taylor on his big win at GABF for his Pils. We learn about yeast blending and water emulation, plus even more about one of Portland's most talented brewers and the 3 breweries he operates. Bronwyn has to work late, John enjoys a German beer, Damian falls for a WeizenDoppleBock. and Ryan can't wait to put a sausage in his mouth. German beers and technical terminology on this episode of Brew Happy!