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A podcast about the craft brewing industry. If you like beer, cider, meads, or any other kind of tasty beverage, chances are you'll love this! Join us each week, as we meet with someone from the industry and discuss their passion.

A podcast about the craft brewing industry. If you like beer, cider, meads, or any other kind of tasty beverage, chances are you'll love this! Join us each week, as we meet with someone from the industry and discuss their passion.
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A podcast about the craft brewing industry. If you like beer, cider, meads, or any other kind of tasty beverage, chances are you'll love this! Join us each week, as we meet with someone from the industry and discuss their passion.








Ep. 319 – McPolanders

Returning to the McPolanders Taproom and Guesthouse to check out their new Blichman homebrew system. This couple loves to home brew and collect delicious beers, we get to talk about some of their new brew gear while we try some of their best tap handles and bottles from their very full cooler. Funhouse Brews' Jason Rizos drops in on his neighbors to share events, beer releases and other things to know about coming up soon, as we roll with the season. Ryan recalls the raspberry bomb, Damian...


Ep. 318 – Headquarters

We decided to do the bottleshare at Brew Happy Headquarters this week while and invite some of our friends over for some Brew Happy times with Jason Rizos of Funhouse Brews. Jason enlightens us about a new distributor in town called High Road Distrbution, and give us some insight into his process. John brings a surprise from Great Notion Brewing, Damian stumbles through some production hurdles, Ryan wants to turn his garage into a brewery, Bronwyn gets excited about a certain collab beer by...


Ep. 317 – The Warren Report

McMenamins Mondays are back! Ringlers Annex Bar is one of our favorite spots, Jose is one of our favorite bartenders, and Warren Wills is one of our favorite guests, and he's back to give us another "Warren Report". He's got updates for us about Mad Cow Brewing, Leikam Brewing, Dirty Pretty Brewing, Back Pedal Brewing, Culmination Brewing, and Upper Lip and Tin Bucket Taproom have a joint anniversary. We also get to enjoy McMenamins Berlinerweisses traditionally presented by Jose with fruit...


Ep. 316 – The Labrewatory of Portland Kettle Works

Tank fabricators are essential to a growing industry, but not many have their own experimental brewhouse. Labrewatory is the playground that showcases what brewers can do when they buy from Portland Kettle Works. Owner, Thad Fisco met a need almost ten years ago and still loves making new systems and learning more way to innovate new designs. Head Brewer, Dr. Nick Herrera may be the new guy, but he is bringing keen insight and experience to the table, with his balanced Belgian styles and...


Ep. 315 – The Staley Stance

We return to Rogue East, and get the crew together for a recap. Also back by popular demand, Belching Beaver beer, tales of Omaha's craft beer goodness, and another Staley Stance by Clay Staley, this time on pub food. Ryan talks about his juicy goodness, Clay likes to bathe in yeast, John jumps at the Rogue's Rolling Thunder Whiskey, Bronwyn gets wistful about Backwoods' salmon spread, and Damian says farewell to his favorite Rogue cook. Nebraska love, peanut butter, pairings, and daring...


Ep. 314 – Von Ebert Brewing in Glendoveer

On the Eastside of Portland we head out to Von Ebert Brewing's Glendoveer location. Joined by Owner Tom Cook and brewers Sean Burke, Sam Pecoraro, and Cameron Murphy we discuss a reemrgence of lagers, steadfast interest in innovative IPAs, and differences in consumer demand on a local scale can tell us about beer. John is back with news from Vancouver Brewfest, Bronwyn has a sour for dessert, Ryan brings a Wayward treat, and Damian goes gaga for Grisettes. Dog treats, Lagers, and Llamas, oh...


Ep. 313 – Portland U-Brew and Unicorn Brewing

In the Sellwood district we return to Portland U-Brew and Unicorn Brewing to visit with new owner/brewer Zach Vestle. Joined by Civic Taproom's GM Peter Gordon, and our old friend Lenny Hoffman for some discussion on local impact of neighborhood pubs and changing beer styles. These guys discuss how interactions, events and finely curated selections are just the begining of how to stay ahead of the curve with local consumers and growing beers trends. John is working late, Ryan feels musically...


Ep. 312 – ExoBus tour of Vancouver

We kick off April in Vancouver, on the ExoBus touring Washington has to offer, from Final Draft to Grains of Wrath, joining us is Mike Bolt from Final Draft Taphouse, Michael Perozzo from Zzoom Media, Ben Davenport from Thirsty Sasquatch, Michael Hunsaker from Grains of Wrath, and driven by Ben Luca from ExoBus. We travel from Final Draft to Grains of Wrath on this intoxicating adventure of delicious delights. Learn about these fantastic folks and what their businesses are bringing ot the...


Ep. 311 – The Unipiper and Tasting Nitch

At Loyal Legion Beer Hall there is more to drink than you can imagine. The Unipiper brought a little something he made with his friends at Portland Brewing, and it's not his first collab. He's founded an organization of weirdos called Portland Weird United, to help Portland, and you can join him! Also joining us from her vlog 'Tasting Nitch' is Nichole and she brought some treats from Buffalo and stories from abroad. Plus John is back from Scotland, Bronwyn admires the plants, Ryan is out...


Ep. 310 – Hopworks Urban Brewery

In SE Portland, Hopworks Urban Brewery has been sustainable for over 10 years. We meet with visionary Christian Ettinger and Head Brewer Justin Miller to find out what that means, and the organic road they took to get there, and what being a B Corp means. Clay has a Staley Stance about employment. John is still in Scotland, Bronwyn is working late, Damian perks up with a Double Coffee Stout, and Ryan is triggered by milk. Reducing our carbon footprint with every whiskey and beer pairing, on...


Ep. 309 – Second Profession Brewery

We visit a thriving new spot, Second Profession from Charlie Goman to learn about his love of Saisons, German style pub and grub, and the challenges of growing a dream. This family friendly brewpub is waking up this sleepy neighborhood, one pint at a time. John is away in Scotland, Bronwyn admires the plant life, Ryan wants to be a cop, and Damian finds a new stout. Japanese Lagers with flaked rice and tea steeped ales coming soon, on this episode of Brew Happy!


Ep. 308 – Breakside Brewery in Slabtown

Back at Breakside Brewing's Slabtown location with Head Brewer/Owner Ben Edmunds from Breakside Brewing to discuss their distribution with Delta Pacific in Cali, and their 9 medals won at Oregon Brewer Awards. Ben tells you how to compete and how to stay relevant. Plus we speak with bonus guests, Ezra from talks about the changing market trends and how beers are judged, Portland's favortie Kiwi, John Lovegrove shares his lates beer odessey, and Clay Staley throws down the...


Ep. 307 – The Warren Report

At Rogue East (the old Green Dragon pub) the crew meets up with Warren Wills for another Warren Report on the latest closures, and rising stars on the recent taplist. Warren and John compare notes from their latest beer odesseys, fresh from a Pliny find. Plus a follow up on Stout Bout, a preamble on upcoming SheBrew, Oregon Beer Awards, and more. Ryan's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, Damian responds to a question from our audience, John sounds like a velociraptor, and some Q & A...


Ep. 306 – Laurelwood Brewing Co.

In NE Portland at Laurelwood Brewing & Public House we bask in the Brewer's Skylounge with Head Brewer Eric Ebel about their recent collab with Ninkasi Brewing. We talk about some of the recent closures, revivals, and where the market is heading. Ryan thinks Eric is registering on the board, Bronwyn enjoys a coffee stout, John recounts his latest beer odessey, and Damian learns about Monkey Shoulders. Corny pasties, speculations, and mic fails on this episode of Brew Happy!


Ep. 305 – Golden Valley Brewery

The crew hits the road again, this time to Beaverton to Golden Valley Brewery to hang with sales rep and coordinator, Dave Hauslein. Also an accomplished screenwriter, he clues us in on his latest projects, as well as some of the tastiest stouts this side of Portland. Ryan brings a Sasquatch plum, John misses out, Damian memorializes publican Jim Parker, and Bronwyn brings balance to the crew. Dark sexy panthers, a Nacho Mountain, and Tempura chicken wings on this episode of Brew Happy!


Ep. 304 – SheBrew talk @ Growler House

We go out to Sherwood to The Growler House to talk with Roy about his carefully currated cache of exclusives and find out what's pouring lately. SheBrew is gearing up for their 5th year, and Shannon Scott and Jenn McPoland are here to tell you about all the upgrades to this bodacious block party celebrating our sisters in craft beer. Ryan finds a cider to be fond of, Damian enjoys a Peruvian wood stout, and John Paul might make it. Girl power and testimonials from Dave, on this episode of...


Ep. 303 – Imperial Yeast

We tie up January with Casey Helwig from Imperial Yeast to find out how they help make brews organic. Their passion and dedication to quality is only rivalled by their cell counts. Imperial Yeast dares pro brewers to select their best in house strains to be refined by their lab as a new "Thor" strain to compliment their already popular "Loki" strain. Also returning guest Felicia Renniger pops in with the latest brew news about the Oregon Brew Crew. Ryan has a lot to say, John alludes to...


Ep. 302 – PDX Beer Girl

At The Upper Lip we meet up with the PDX Beer Girl, Holly Amlin to find out she has her very own collab with our local hidden gem Upright Brewing, teases about Cool Ships, upcoming Nano Beer Fest, and talks about some of her favorite beers, and breweries. Ryan gets excited about the Unipiper, Bronwyn informs you how to Getaround, John enlightens us about honeybush tea beer, and Damian shares his Sucaba. We celebrate Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and dark beers on this episode of Brew...


Ep. 301 – Stout Bout Coming Soon!

The Stout Bout is on the way and Mark Gillette and Jordan Folk from the Portland Brewers Collective are here to give you the low down. One of our favorite events, and it gets bigger every time, we can't wait for you to hear all about it home brewers! John's annual new beer tally is hard to beat, Ryan delves deeper into the Passport on Tap app, Bronwyn brings back the birthday wishes or some of our friends, and Damian can't wait to give the new commercial a shot. New Sponsors and the best...


Ep. 299 – Christmas Special

A Brew Happy Christmas at John's Marketplace with Damian and Ryan leading the prost, while Bronwyn and John research what season we're on. We discuss some past years highlights and some things to come. Holiday ales and warm hearths on this episode of Brew Happy!