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A podcast about the craft brewing industry. If you like beer, cider, meads, or any other kind of tasty beverage, chances are you'll love this! Join us each week, as we meet with someone from the industry and discuss their passion.

A podcast about the craft brewing industry. If you like beer, cider, meads, or any other kind of tasty beverage, chances are you'll love this! Join us each week, as we meet with someone from the industry and discuss their passion.
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A podcast about the craft brewing industry. If you like beer, cider, meads, or any other kind of tasty beverage, chances are you'll love this! Join us each week, as we meet with someone from the industry and discuss their passion.








Ep. 297 – Merchant du Vin @ Johns Marketplace

We return to the beer and wine mecca of Portland, Johns Marketplace. With Rick Nickerson from Merchant du Vin, an amazing importer that brings many of your favorite flavors from across the pond. Rick enlightens us about charitable Trappist ales, rarely found Samuel Smith of draft, multigenerational breweries, Framboise, and more! John has the perfect cigar pairing, Ryan brings a barrel aged rye, Bronwyn discovers a fantastic new blend, and Damian appreciates the new bar at Johns Marketplace....


Ep. 296 - The Warren Report

McMenamins Mondays this week warrants the return of The Warren Report with Warren Wills, plus we hear about how he got poached into a new job avenue. Damian bumps into Warren at the media preview of the St. Johns Winter Ale Fest & Record Show, and discover some big reveals (check out our Puff Piece). There has been a lot of holiday festivities to keep up with lately, and so many tasty seasonals to try out. John reports from Holiday Ale Fest, Damian helps out Three Creeks at Brew Lights,...


Ep. 295 - Ruse Brewing

We finish out the month strong at one of Portland's newest brewpubs, Ruse Brewing. Founder Shaun Kalis returns to the show to fill us in on all the new changes since his emergence 2 years ago, his new historic location, their collabs on the next 3-Way and other beers, and what lies ahead. Ryan misses out because we had to start early, John is excited to try the new imperial hazy, Damian gets poetic about the oatmeal stout, and Bronwyn loses her mind over a stroopwaffle zwickle pour of...


Bonus - Portland Podcast Festival

This BONUS episode of The Brew Happy Show is brought to you by the Portland Podcast Festival and the Funemployment Radio Network. We are joined by returning guest Philip Boyle from Coalition Brewing to talk about their CBD beers, pioneering a new facet of the industry. Phil explains how they are made and why they taste so good. Plus a 4th CBD beer you might not know about yet. We talked about it before, now hear the whole show. CBD beers and Brew Happy cheers at this Portland Podcast...


Ep. 294 - Holiday Ale Festival

We are at one of our favorite spots and joined by Preston Weesner to give us a heads up on Holiday Ale Fest. Preston tells us about this unique 5 day festival, celebrating some of the best exclusive seasonal ales this region has to offer, how drinking beer at this festival helps children, as well as insider information about what to expect at this family friendly event. Ryan finds out about Ale Fest App, John brings a surprise seasonal to share, Bronwyn looks forward to coconut beers, and...


Ep. 293 - The Big Legrowlski

Tonight we journey to the Pearl District of Portland at The Big Legrowlski beer bar, music venue, and growler fill station. Head Bartender Alexandra Schmittlein misses her bowling league to talk to us about how they've grown since 2014, trivia, beer, and music pairings coming up by local talent, and what's next. The crew follows up on a successful show at the Portland Podcast Festival. Ryan has a new segment, Damian gets to hear more about beer in Europe, John talks travel with Alex, Bronwyn...


Ep. 292 - McMenamins Monday

McMenamins Another McMenamins Mondays leads us back to our favorite Annex Bar to talk with local artist Jake Giddens about his latest work with the Portland Mercury as well as his recent design work for The Brew Happy Show. Not to mention his passion for cider, beer and helping us with our feature segment at the Portland Podcast Festival coming up this Saturday. Bronwyn bears a brazzberry beret, Ryan is only kidding, John speaks of his trip to London, and Damian talks art. Magazine covers...


Ep. 291 - McMenamins Monday at Edgefield

McMenamins Mondays come twice this month and this time Edgefield's history provides a spooktacular episode filled with fun stories and some tasty seasonals. The new Head Brewer Nathan Whitney, and returning guest Will Gather tell us about their latest creations, and give us an exclusive private tasting of their next releases, including the Lord Gourd, the new Bottleshop Birthday Beer #3, and the new Lord of Misrule. Damian learns about flaming barrels, Bronwyn gets excited about kettle...


Ep. 290 - Backwoods Brewing

In the Pearl District of Portland we are drawn to recent addition to Portland's Brewery Blocks outer rim, and Backwoods Brewing's newest location. This rustic pub's food menu is as delicious as their draft list, a full bar featuring their very own spirits, handcrafted furnishings, and other crafty things. Tom Waters tells us about his family and recent creations, Jason Ogden reminisces about the first time he met Tom, Ryan reminisces about the first time he met Jason, Damian needs to take...


Ep. 289 - Brewed by Gnomes

Here we are on Mt. Tabor looking for little folk, at Brewed by Gnomes to discover what magical herbs Shay Hosseinion uses to make beer. Gnomes on Tabor @ Tabor Bread is a magical way to spend your morning. With herbal and medicinal delights carefully curated by the mystical little people themselves. Damian's mind is blown with the Sno-Fo, fo' sho', Bronwyn goes To-Mo Arigato, John has a Huneysuckle Hazy, Ryan becomes a believer with the Hawt of Darkness. Doctor recommended, Gnome approved,...


Ep. 288 - Leikam Brewing

This week you will be enlightened by the humble and unique Leikam Brewing, a community supported brewery where Theo and Sonia Marie Leikam makes the only Kosher brews this side of the country. This darling little nanobrewery has some magnificent Maccabees beers made with love and cardamom available in crowlers. Ryan learns a lot about Judaism, John reports on a bunch of tasty festivals, Bronwyn gets her bonds over plant cuttings with our guests, Damian gets tongue tied over the Mob Barley...


Ep. 287 - Whitney Burnside from 10 Barrel

Kicking off the 1st we return to 23rd Avenue Bottleshop to chat with 10 Barrel Brewing's award winning Head Brewer, Whitney Burnside, whose instincts for beer came natural to her very early on. With hand picked Belgian beers and great stories to share with her fellow crewmen, Kevin Candelaria, Jared Maroni, and Gabe Lazard bringing up the rear with some knowledge bombs about the Cicerone program, some cocktail fun, and recent GABF wins! Bronwyn has to work, John almost misses the show too,...


Ep. 286 - Three Mugs Brewing

We gather this week at favorite Green Dragon/Rogue East to talk about festivals and other beertastic adventures. Josh Jennings comes out from Three Mugs Brewing out in Hillsboro to talk about what beer fans can expect at this year's Fresh Hops Fest at Oaks Park. Plus we get into some GABF review regarding some of our friends that brought home awards. John has news from his beer travels in the desert, Ryan catches us up on his Hawaiian beercation/honeymoon, Bronwyn spends her birthday chasing...


Ep. 285 - Grains of Wrath Brewing

In Camas, WA we trek to find Grains of Wrath Brewing. Returning guest Michael Hunsaker leads us on a tour of his brewery, as well as his taplist, and this metalhead doesn't mess around. Fresh Hop IPAs for their Simcoe EGA release, some of your favorite Lager styles, and their barrel aging has only just begun. Ryan is out on his honeymoon, Bronwyn is off at work, John has a mug of hops in his hand, Clay brings beers from the Midwest and Damian gives away a Cantillon. Heavy Metal, Vienna...


Ep. 284 - North Bank Beer Week

The Brew Happy Crew takes you across the Columbia River to Washington at Ben's Bottleshop to throw back brews with a full panel of Brewer/Owners to talk about about farmhouse ales, wild yeast, and family brewing; including Justin and Jocelyn Leigh from Dwinell Country Ales, and returning guests Alex Ganum from Upright Brewing, and Charles Porter from Little Beast Brewing. Ashley Jhaveri from Zzoom Media joins us for North Bank Beer Week and Brewing Bridges Collab. John Paul is so excited he...


Ep. 283 - McMenamins Monday

For September's McMenamin Monday we are back at the Annex Bar to catch up on all the latest Brew News and events coming up this month, they enjoy a new porter on nitro and a very rare blonde belgian ale! Plus we talk about the upcoming Brew Happy beer being brewed by Funhouse Brews with a little help from our friends. Ryan's getting hitched, Bronwyn gets down with some Brew Happy birthday wishes, John returns from the Festival of Dankness with a full report, and Damian gets a gift beer from...


Ep. 282 - Farewell Bill Murningham

Back at the Upper Lip the crew raises a glass to Bill Murningham, Co-Owner and Beer Buyer for both Bailey's Taproom and The Upper Lip. Bill is leaving with his wife for sunny California. Also present is Fred's Bottleshare, always a fun way to broaden your palate, the Brew Happy Crew chip in a couple of brews. An excited Damian and Bronwyn got to cover the Annual Brewer's Cup Cornhole Tournament in tandem with Funemployment Radio, Ryan raves about a stout, and John slides in at the tail end...


Ep. 281 - Deschutes Brewery

This week at Portland hot spot Deschutes Brewery to talk with Jake Harper and Joey Pleich about some collabs, new sours, Brut IPAs, hazy releases Known for their barrel aging Jake enlightens us on how sours are made and differences between Traditional and Kettle Sours. Bronwyn eyeballs a salmon safe beer, Damian falls in love with a rye maibock, Ryan brings an Alameda beer for Jake, John enjoys a new hazy IPA. Rye Maibocks, Trees of Doom, a new Hazy on the block, Vancouver BrewFest recaps,...


Ep. 280 - Allegory and Heater Allen

Field trip this week to McMinnville! On the heels of Vancouver BrewFest, the crew goes West, to speak with the best. Heater Allen's, Head Brewer Lisa Allen, and Allegory Brewing's, Charlie Van Meter are here to tell you that small towns can make big beer. Ryan takes a head healing hiatus, John comes back from California, Bronwyn meets a fan, and Damian is surprised by a sour. Collabs, Bruts, and Sandy Paws, on this episode of Brew Happy!


Ep. 279 - McMenamins Monday

We love hanging at McMenamins Annex Bar, and this week we have some special events coming up to talk about. With Vancouver Brewfest just around the corner, the crew talks about their plans for their booth and invite you to joing in the fun. Ryan gets impromtu interviewed by Damian, John has more adventures to tell, and Damian has some plans to rap about. Amazing music including G Love and Special sauce on this episode of Brew Happy!