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Ghosted after a first date? We call the person who isn't calling you find out the real reason why and get you a Second Date. Low success rate...high entertainment for the rest of us.

Ghosted after a first date? We call the person who isn't calling you find out the real reason why and get you a Second Date. Low success rate...high entertainment for the rest of us.


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Ghosted after a first date? We call the person who isn't calling you find out the real reason why and get you a Second Date. Low success rate...high entertainment for the rest of us.




Second Date Update: It Takes A Village

An instant turn-off we’ve never heard of before happened in today’s Second Date… and it happened while walking past a bank...


Second Date Update: Risky Joke

Showing your sense of humor on a first date is important... But one of our listeners took a risk and told a bad joke that ended him up in the dog house. Now he's begging for help with a Second Date!


Second Date Update: Double Date Double Ghost

Today’s Second Date isn’t just one bad date, but TWO MAJOR DOUBLE DATE FAILS at the same time. Will there be double the misery or double the redemption?


Second Date Update: Split Like A Banana

Always make sure you clean out your car before a date, or you might end up like the listener in today's Second Date...He forgot about something he had in his car and is worried that's what ruined his night!


Second Date Update: Spicy

The guy on the phone today admits that his date got “way too hot to handle” causing him to leave his date early. He's ready to tell us what made him bail and see if we can hep him recover from it.


Second Date Update: Exposing Justin

Yesterday we had an extremely Awkward Tuesday Phone Call…Where two girls, who are roommates, found out they were both hooking up with the SAME GUY. Today, both woman are on the phone to join forces and confront him!


Second Date Update: Pay For The Sex

We've all had a moment where you meant to say one thing and said another that was much worse. That's what happened to one listener and he has a lot of explaining to do to redeem himself!


Second Date Update: Missing Date

If you really want to get a man's attention take a lesson from the woman who called today, she has a trick that works like a charm!


Second Date Update: PETrifying Dinner Party

Today's Second Date left us completely speechless...Many mistakes were made, starting with a bad dinner date and ending with his mom showing up... But we're going to try our best to turn things around!


Second Date Update: Paint The Baby Room

The woman on the phone with us for today's Second Date said her night included someone going into LABOR, and it actually led to a fun night anyway?


Second Date Update: Roofer Madness

Meeting someone at a coffee shop in broad daylight should be a totally normal date... But for the guy on the phone, it was one he doesn't remember. He only has some recollection of what happened and needs our help figuring out if it was the best or worst date of his life!


Second Date Update: Dirty Baby Bowling

The guy on the phone for a Second Date actually met a nice girl out in the real world and all it took was for him to severely injure himself! If only it was this easy to get a date ALL the time!


Second Date Update: Bad Boy or Just Boy

If you're on a date and the guy says he has a surprise for you in his coat pocket...Do you immediately think weapon... or two pouches of warm liquid? Well, one of those was the right answer today...and it could be the reason he's not getting a call back...


Second Date Update: Long Distance Surprise

What do you do if your perfect match lives 500 miles away? You fly to meet them for your first date! At least, that's what one of our listeners did...He hopped on a plane… And now he's going to hop on the phone with us, because thing didn't go how he expected....


Second Date Update UPDATE: Drunkards and Dragons

We had a couple on the show a few months ago who met playing Dungeons and Dragons...It was a first for us, but they agreed to go out again and are back with updates for us!


Second Date Update: Adult Swim Lessons

It's a tale as old as time: Guy meets girl at adult swimming lessons, and they agree to go out on a date. But once the safety and security of water wings are out the window, can Jay keep the date on the rails?


Second Date Update: Standup Funny Man

Every once in a while we have someone on the show that is so unique they're unforgettable... And today is one of those days. We are so excited for you to meet Harold!


Second Date Update: Timing is Everything

In today's Second Date we learned that all you need is 57 minutes to either MAKE or BREAK a date...And we're helping our listener find out how his night went so wrong in under an hour!


Second Date Update: Fist Fight Mayhem

Wouldn’t it be nice if dating apps told you honestly just how weird your date actually is before meeting? The person in today’s Second Date thought she found a normal guy but as the night went on, the red flags started to wave!


Second Date Update: UnPop The Question

Leslie said "Yes" to Matt's proposal of marriage but hasn't committed to a second date. Sure, it was a sham proposal for free stuff from a restaurant but that's sweet too, right?