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Episode 11 Greener Pastures & Dirty Bastards

Mike's moving out, Jessie's daughter is moving up, and unfortunately loved family members have moved on. This episode dives deep into keeping the kids safe when they surf online and how to cope with change (Good or Bad). Do you have any good methods on coping with change when you lose a loved one or maybe your identity? Call A Brotha @ 440-744-5069 and let us know! **Show Notes** OpenDNS for Family Security Blokada for Ad-Blocking on your Android All Music in this episode comes from...


Episode 10 Creepy Talks & Car Alarms

In this episode we get into the Halloween mood with some Trick or treating tips, cutting down that scary cable bill, and remembering the scariest movie we first saw growing up. Jamal also leaves you with a frightening tale from his college days. Don't forget to subscribe and rate us on iTunes. Call A Brotha at 440-744-5069 for all of your spooky questions and comments. Music in this episode came from Ryan Little and Mr. Chase.


Episode 9 Living Our Best Lives

We waste no time in this podcast, jumping from topic to topic with no breaks in between! The fellas discuss education, license agreements, and if old rappers still have a place on today's top 10 billboard. Live your best life and subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, or where ever you get your podcasts! Music in this episode is done by Mr Chase and you can find him at


Episode 8 #MikeNotAngry

Right out the gate the brothas go at it about expectations when it comes to time commitment! Through the fussing and the feuding we talk about how to have fun during the summer, who (or what) vacuums your house, and can great artists make bad music? All music used in this episode is from the artist Ryan Little. Check him on soundcloud @


Episode 7 I Da Pappy

It's our Road Trip episode! In this episode we talk about fathers and go into detail about how we prepare for taking trips with our family. Jamal gives you a tech prep kit, Mike takes us down memory lane, and Jessie gives us some new tunes to keep us grooving on the road. We also have a number where you can actually Call A Brotha. Give us a call at (440) 744-5069 and ask us a question about what we may be able to help you with. We may air your question online.


Episode 6 Movie Dictatorship

We try something different this time with hearing what's on Mikes mind in the whopping time of 60 seconds. Join us as we discuss some startling statistics about fatherless homes, setting up your home theater space with a new 4K television, and discussing movie etiquette. All music for this podcast was composed by Ryan Little


Episode 5 Wakanda Til Tomorrow

On this episode we go into detail about keeping the fire alive in the bedroom. Depending on who you ask, that may or may not involve bringing a camera into the bedroom. We also get into a HEATED discussion about Black Panther and the new Logic album. Don't forget to subscribe to receive updates on when new episodes are released. Show notes: Amcrest Camera- All music was done by Ryan Little. Check out his page at...